Tuesday, March 17, 2015

REVIEW: Face Effects by Spa Sonic

Spa Sonic, makers of the Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher, has launched Face Effects by Spa Sonic, a new cleansing spin brush in gold, silver and three custom prints – polka dot, cheetah and zebra. This update on a classic offers two speed settings and comes with a new grooved silicone brush attachment that cleanses like exfoliating beads. Additional attachments include a classic face brush and a latex sponge for microdermabrasion and the application of skincare products.

Face Effects by Spa Sonic is the first patterned beauty device of its kind available at affordable mass retail. To-date, patterned spin brushes have only been offered by luxury brands due to the difficulty of printing patterns on a waterproof, curved device. Face Effects by Spa Sonic offers a full spa experience at a reasonable price with three custom prints – polka dot, cheetah and zebra – sold exclusively on

Face Effects by Spa Sonic ($59.95) are available in polka dot, cheetah and zebra prints exclusively via and in gold and silver via and

The Spa Sonic line offers beauty devices that outperform competitors at desirable price points. Prior to launching at Target stores nationwide, The Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher was exclusively sold in the finest spas and salons across North America. With four attachments for face and body and gentle, rotating bristles, the Spa Sonic brush provides a deeper clean without irritation. The brand has expanded the line with new cleansing brushes and beauty devices designed for individuals who want a full spa experience at home or while traveling.


I received the sensational Face Effects by Spa Sonic in the exotic cheetah print.  The couture print immediately caught my eye!  The device looks so chic sitting on my bathroom counter.  I have used similar devices to this before, so I have experience with which to compare this device to.  I am thrilled with the results!

Here are the details:

Spa Sonic Face Effects Face Perfecting Polisher 6 Piece Professional Kit Cheetah 

Price:  $59.99


Enjoy a spa quality experience at home

Spa Sonic Face Effects Face Perfecting Polisher 6 Piece Professional Kit includes:

  • Cleansing Unit
  • Facial Brush
  • Pore Minimizer
  • Facial Sponge
  • Storage Case
  • Battery 2-Pack

Gently exfoliates, cleanses and revitalizes entire face and smooths complexion. Helps tighten pores, and reduces appearance of fine lines. Promotes rapid absorption of skin care products for a youthful glow. Use with your favorite cleansers, moisturizers and anti-aging products.

  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • The cutting edge of cleansing technology
  • Starts improving skin's tone, look and feel immediately
  • Water resistant for use in the sink, shower and bath
  • 2 Speed power-cleansing brush
Removable rotating heads offer a variety of benefits:

  • Facial brush luxuriously cleanses entire face with ultra-soft bristles
  • Pore minimizer utilizes a beaded silicone surface to deep clean and tighten pores
  • Facial sponge with smooth latex aids in absorption of moisturizers to erase fine lines 


You name it, this device can do it when it comes to cleaning and improving the condition of your skin!  And, you do not have to change the skin care products you are currently using!  You can use this device in conjunction with them all.

I have mentioned many times before in my reviews that I have sensitive skin and some rosacea.  So, I must be very careful with the products I use on it and that includes the devices I use too!  I am so thankful and relieved that the Face Effects device is super gentle yet effective to use, even on the most sensitive of skins! 

It takes seconds to get the device going.  You receive 2 batteries in the kit so in as long as it takes you to unwrap the batteries and install them is all the time you need to do to get working with it.  It is that easy and fast.

I used the facial brush attachment first.  I used it last night with my Forever Flawless Cleanser {a cleanser which I am in the process or reviewing right now}.  I cannot express enough how soft and extremely gentle the Face Effects is.  There are 2 speeds you can use, one is a slower rotating speed, the second is a faster speed.  I did test out both speeds, I personally prefer the slower speed for extra gentle TLC on my skin.  I love the pampering relaxing feel of this facial brush as I lightly stroked my skin in circular motions.  It is just like giving yourself an at home spa experience!  It cleansed my skin very effectively and quickly.

This morning I used the Pore Minimizer Attachment on my face.  I was not sure how my skin was going to react to this attachment since the beaded silicone surface was not quite as soft as the facial brush.  The last thing I wanted to so was irritate my skin or cause any kind of skin issues as a result of it.  I decided to use the pore minimizer attachment only on the slow speed with just a touch of cleanser.  I ever so lightly used circular motions with the device and just went around my face twice.  I did not experience any adverse affects from it or its exfoliating, deep cleaning properties.  My skin felt soft and smooth and ready for my moisturizer and adequately exfoliated.  I plan to use this attachment 2-3 times a week.

Last, I used the Facial Sponge Attachment to assist me with applying my facial moisturizer.  A step I am going to look forward to doing morning and night!  I dabbed my daytime moisturizer on my forehead, cheeks and chin and then used the device with the facial sponge attachment to massage it into my skin.  Using circular motions and allowing the device to work its magic, the facial sponge massaged the moisturizer into my skin so quickly and effortlessly on my part.  It was a calming, soothing experience and my skin looked fresh and radiant when I was done.  It took less than 2 minutes to do and I can't wait to go through the entire routine tonight all over again!

The Face Effects Kit by Spa Sonic is worth every penny!  To be able to give yourself an at home spa experience twice a day is priceless!  I can honestly say using this device adds an entire new dimension to my skin care routine and makes it a routine I now look forward to instead of dreading........

Last I want to comment on the terrific storage case the device and its attachments come housed it.  It makes it a dream to store when you are not using it, and it makes it ideal for packing when you are traveling so you are never without your favorite cleansing assistant!

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received the Face Effects 6-Piece Kit from Spa Sonic for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Phyto-C, a market leader in natural skin and health care products backed by science, announces the launch of their product Phyto-C Signature.  I am already totally enamored with this innovative and truly divine brand.  I have had an opportunity to use a few of Phyto-C Skin Care's products and I am always impressed and pleased with the way they interact with my skin to improve its quality.  So, hear ye', hear ye' they have created a new product that is sure to capture your attention and peak your interest!  It has already won my heart and it is sure to win yours too if you give it a chance.  Here are the details:

Phyto-C Signature is available at estheticians and doctor's offices, as well as online via


When it comes to anti-aging treatments, women want quick results, but not all women are willing to go the needle route to get them. The natural alternative to botox, Phyto-C’s new Signature is a potent anti-aging cream that features IMPA™ Complex, which stimulates cell to cell interaction, assists in the formation of collagen and combats skin imperfections in just days. Applied twice daily, skin will appear more firm, radiant and youthful.

Price:  $240


This potent, anti-aging cream with IMPA Complex, is a unique blend of hexapeptides, glycoproteins and protein hydrolysate developed by Phyto-C founder, Dr. Mostafa Omar.  The proprietary formula stimulates cell-cell interaction, assistant in the formation of collagen and combats skin imperfections in just days.


  • Stimulates cell to cell interactions and accelerates cell renewal.
  • Helps to preserve cellular energy, assists in the formulation of collagen and strengthens in structural proteins.
  • Combats fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections.
  • Regenerates skin's ability to retain moisture, enhances skin elasticity, tightens and firms skin.
  • Brightens and improves skin tone.
  • Enhances skin smoothness and radiances.


I received several deluxe size samples of the new Phyto-C Signature Cream.  I have been using it twice a day for a week now and it is wonderful!  The cream is very lightweight, a pink color, that glides onto your skin like silk.  It take a split second for this marvelous cream to absorb into my skin.  When it does, it leaves no greasy or sticky residue.  My skin feels soft and moderately hydrated once the product is applied.

Many of the key benefits of using this product are not going to be visible to the naked eye.  Features of the product like cell to cell interaction, cell renewal and preserving cellular energy.  These processes cannot be seen, but as your skin begins to improve in condition, you will come to understand that these processes are taking place and collaboratively working to repair and improve your skin.

After using the Phyto-C Signature Cream for a week, I can tell that my skin does seem to thrive with it.  My skin feels softer and more luminous.  I have been using the product both morning and night on cleansed skin, and with continued use I believe my skin will appear more youthful and vibrant and it will help to banish my fine lines and wrinkles.  If I can see measurable improvement after just one week of use, I suspect over time the improvement will be dramatic!

This concludes my review.

You can learn more about the Phyto-C Brand by visiting their website HERE.

You can Follow Phyto-C on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

You can Follow Phyto-C on Twitter by CLICKING HERE

Disclosure: I received deluxe size samples of Phyto-C Signature from Phyto-C for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Phyto-C in any manner. Registered & Protected

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

REVIEW: RIDERS by LEE Heavenly Touch Jeans

Ever since I can remember, Riders by LEE has been a favorite brand of jeans for me.  I admit I am a bit of a jeans junkie since I live in them everyday.  No kidding, I must own over a 100 pairs of them.  I never get rid of a pair of jeans, they represent my past, present and future!!  And, I bet if I were to count, at least 2 dozen of my jeans are LEE jeans.  Why?   Because they always fit perfectly, they are durable and never fall apart, and the styles are hip and figure flattering!  I never want to give up a pair of LEE's and they last forever!  I am a loyal LEE brand customer because the jeans are comfortable in every aspect, from the way they feel and fit to the enhancing way they make me look!  There is indeed something to be said for jeans that make you feel confident about the way you look in them.

When I learned that Riders by LEE was introducing their new Heavenly Touch Jeans I was super excited.  I could not wait to see them and more importantly FEEL them!  So it is with such enthusiasm that I share with you my thoughts about the latest denim launch from LEE, the dreamy Heavenly Touch Jeans!


The folks over at Riders by LEE sent me a pair of Heavenly Touch Skinny jeans to review.  I cannot convey enough how luxuriously soft the denim is.  You will be shocked with you feel the ultra soft and lightweight denim, it is so fine!  Here are the details about the jeans:

Available at:  Walmart HERE, at Kmart HERE or visit the Riders by LEE website HERE and use the store locator link to find a store near you that carries the Heavenly Touch line.


Premium stretch denim is softer than ever! Heavenly Touch denim is brushed inside and out to be extra smooth and extra comfortable. With a touch of stretch, these will be your new favorite jeans! Mid-rise with a skinny leg opening. Pick from assorted colors.

Riders by Lee Women's Heavenly Touch Skinny Jeans:

  • 68% cotton/31% polyester/1% spandex
  • Scoop front pockets
  • Floating watch pocket
  • Spade hip pockets \
  • Skinny Leg opening
  • Heavenly Touch soft stretch denim
  • Full span pocketing for slimming effect
  • Zipper and button closure
  • Petite, medium, and long inseams
  • Machine wash cold


I received the Heavenly Touch Skinny Samantha Jeans in the chic color called RAIN.  It is a lighter shade of blue which is perfect for Spring and Summer.  The heavenly touch denim is thin, lightweight so I'll be able to wear these jeans Spring and Summer and they will compliment so many of my bright and colorful warm weather tops!

One thing that I love most about LEE jeans is that they consistently design jeans that are contemporary and posses elements that are up to date with current fashion trends, yet they are able to maintain classic details that make the jeans ageless and timeless as fashion trends change and evolve.  These Samantha Skinny Jeans are a keen example of what I am referring to.  You have the Skinny Jean style, cool stitching on the back pockets which gives the jeans a slight edgy street style look, yet you have the traditional LEE stitching elements that have remained the same over the years.   That is what makes LEE jeans so appealing to women of all ages, shapes and sizes!

Riders by LEE creates jeans for Petites, Misses and Woman sizes.  I have found that basically, for example,  if I wear a Size 6 in one style of LEE jeans and they fit nice, I can pretty much depend on being a size 6 throughout the brand.  I like that LEE jeans stays consistent with their sizing which makes finding the ideal pair of jeans easy and effortless.

As I mentioned in my introduction, I have LEE jeans in my closet dating back to over 10 years ago.  I still wear them, and they still are in great shape in spite of the fact they have been washed dozens of times over the years.  That is another definitive reason to love the LEE brand.  They use quality denim, they are masterfully rendered, and they truly can stand the test of time!  And, you get fine quality jeans that are affordable for everyone!  I can honestly say that the price of LEE jeans is the same today as they were over 10 years ago.  Walmart, Kmart and the other places that sell Riders by LEE offer competitive prices on the jeans.  You get ultra stylish, remarkably manufactured jeans at a price that won't break your wallet.  

I just received the jeans so I have only washed them once.  I always wash my jeans inside out and in cold water.  I sometimes put them in the dryer on low heat, and sometimes I line dry them.  It depends on how fast I want to wear them.  If you follow that rule you will get so much more mileage out of your jeans.  They will last longer, the color won't fade as fast, and they will maintain the fit you are used to having with them.  These jeans washed beautifully, I am very pleased with how they came out!

Everyone should have at least one pair of street chic skinny jeans in the fashion arsenal and if you ask me I'd say these Heavenly Touch Skinny Samantha jeans are the "IT" pair!  Blissfully soft, you won't even know you are wearing them they feel that good, style and comfort is the reason to get them.

Stay on top of the latest products offering from Riders by LEE by following them on the social networks!

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received a pair of Heavenly Touch Jeans from Riders by LEE for the purposes of this review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Riders by LEE in any manner. Registered & Protected

Friday, March 6, 2015

REVIEW: PIN ROSE Luxury Fragrances

What kinds of scents are you drawn to?  Is it the floral's or citrus notes?  Perhaps something more musky or spicy and exotic?  Or, do you have no preference and just select one each day based on your mood and vibe for the day.  Well, the search for a fresh, new fragrance for the New Year ends here.  I am super psyched to introduce you to PIN ROSE fragrances.  With 14 scents in their portfolio you are sure to discover some that are exactly what you find alluring and appealing.  And, to help you along you can take a Synesthesia Quiz on the Pin Rose website, which involves answering a few questions, to discover an ideal match of the top 3 fragrances that fit your personality.  To learn more about this most unique company and the theory behind it, let me briefly introduce PINROSE to you:

{Adapted from the PINROSE Press Release}

Pinrose is a luxury fragrance brand based in San Francisco, CA. In 2014, Erika Shumate and Christine Luby founded the company with the vision to make high quality fragrance an effortless and everyday experience for the modern millennial. They are on a mission to pull the fragrance industry out of the dark ages by delivering a brand that celebrates playful elegance through accessible luxury.

Pinrose eau de parfums are designed by the best Master Perfumers in the world. The founders work with Tom Ford and Jo Malone’s perfumers to create unique pieces of wearable art that are inspired by a mood boards, songs, and personas. The scents are manufactured in the United States with the highest quality and most sustainable ingredients collected from around the world. All Pinrose products are phthalate, paraben, cruelty, and gluten free.

The Pinrose 30ml bottles and Petal Packs were designed for on-the-go women. Petal Packs include 25 Petals - perfectly dosed single use fragrance sachets. Not only are Petal Packs great for travel, but also they are the perfect entry-level product for customers who are wary of the perfume counter.

The fragrance industry can be difficult to navigate without the necessary “scent vocabulary.” Most companies describe their scents based on fragrance notes alone, yet the average consumer may not know what ingredients like freesia, cardamom or patchouli actually smell like. The Pinrose team designed a science-based scent profiler to help women discover perfumes that work with their skin and lifestyle. Using synesthesia, visitors can connect their own preferences for certain colors, sounds, and textures and get mapped onto the olfactory spectrum. The Pinrose scent-mapping method allows consumers to describe their preferences in more grounded terms. They are then offered suggestions regarding which Pinrose scents to sample. Synesthesia itself is an old practice – first marked in history in 1812 – but Pinrose is truly the first consumer brand to utilize that science practice to help women find and test fragrances in the comfort of their own homes.

There are 14 scents in the Pinrose collection that span the olfactive preference spectrum. Made in the USA, each full size Pinrose bottle is 1 fluid Oz. and retails for $50. Petal Packs include 25 Petals for $24.


The fabulous folks over at PINROSE sent me a "blogger box" to review.  I received all 14 of the PINROSE fragrances in the form of one time use fragrance wipes or "petals", single dose fragrance sachets that are perfect for your on the go lifestyle.  They are wonderful!  Below is what a single dose "petal" looks like:

As you can imagine, testing out 14 fragrance samples was so much fun!  Each day for the past 2 weeks I had the opportunity to wear a new and different scent!  Each day I tried to select a scent that based on the description of it, fit my mood for that particular day.  I had the best time making those selections, and then seeing if my pick matched my initial instincts.  Below are my top 5 favorites and then descriptions of all the fascinating fragrances:
My Top 5 Favorites:



For pillow fights and love bites. Get cozy with this playful mashup of apricot and vanilla.


Top - Apricot, Cypress, Coconut
Mid – Tobacco, Jasmine, Mimosa
Base - Vanilla, Saffron, Patchouli

VIBE:  Playful Sexy Endearing
PERFECT FOR:  sexy cuddle marathons



What do you wear to a party in a forest? Create some mystery with the enchanting notes of cardamom, orange blossom, and patchouli.


Top - Cardamom, Mandarin, Cherry
Mid - Orange Blossom, Gaiac Wood, Praline
Base - Indonesian Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood

VIBE:  Captivating Hypnotic Strong
PERFECT FOR:  Twirling at a music festival



Dish out toothaches and heartaches. Vanilla, cedarwood, and white chocolate create the perfect combination of sweet and sexy.


Top - Caramel
Mid - White Chocolate
Base - Madagascan Vanilla, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

VIBE:  Trust Worthy Comforting Sexy
PERFECT FOR:  A heart to heart



I've got you and you've got me. The rich cocoa and pomegranate notes will make you fall head over heels for this brand new scent.


Top - Cocoa, Cardamom
Mid – Pomegranate, Mocha
Base - Amber, Vetiver, Cedar

VIBE:  Indulgent Sexy Luxurious
PERFECT FOR:  Getting married in Chicago on Valentine's Day



Nothing to wear is the perfect excuse for spending all day in bed. Slip into this fresh laundry mix of powder, ambergris, and musk.


Top - Powder, Geranium
Mid - Clove Leaf, Ambergris
Base - Musk, Amber, Sandalwood 

VIBE:  Magentic Vulnerable Soft
PERFECT FOR:  Cozying up with your favorite novel

The 5 scents listed above are my top 5 favorites!  Below are some of the other amazing, and intoxicatingly beautiful scents offered by Pin Rose that are equally alluring and truly lovely!



Stop and smell the roses. We proudly present our signature scent: A fresh rose with an edgy kick of leather.


Top - Bulgarian Rose, Anise, Elemi
Mid – Iris, Clove, Burnt Rose
Base - Labdanum, Ambergris, Vanilla

VIBE:  Confident, Magnetic, Unexpected
PERFECT FOR:  Blasting music in the boardroom



Pretty in pink and everything else. Make an entrance with this mix of gardenia, jasmine, and freesia.


Top - Tiare Flower, Bergamot, Freesia
Mid - Gardenia, Jasmine, Frangipani
Base - Vanilla Bean, Amber

VIBE:  Playful Sweet Confident
PERFECT FOR:  Date night



Who's the empress of the woods? Take on the day confidently with this elegant mix of fig, peony, and Haitian vetiver.


Top - Cassis, Pear, Fig
Mid - Jasmine, Violet, White Peony
Base - Vanilla Bourbon, Haitian Vetiver, Moss

VIBE:  Self-assured Ambitious Charming
PERFECT FOR:  Bringing out the boss



I dance therefore I am. Embrace this romantic mix of peony, mandarin petals, and creamy sandalwood. 


Top - Italian Bergamot, Lemon, Apple
Mid – Lavender, Peony, Mandarin Petals
Base - Creamy Sandalwood, Amber, Cedarwood

VIBE:  Intriguing Beautiful Smart
PERFECT FOR:  Dancing in the moonlight


For breaking hearts and sinking ships. Dive into this breezy blend of lavender and neroli.


Top - Lavender, Orange Oil
Mid - Basil, Petit Grain
Base - Neroli

VIBE:  Brave Alive Hopeful
PERFECT FOR:  Beach adventures



No better place to survey the scene than from the very top. Brighten the crowd with this fresh mix of Italian bergamot, lime, and mandarin.


Top - Lime, Italian Bergamot, Mandarin
Mid - Freesia, Hedione, Apple Blossom
Base - White Musk, Cedarwood

VIBE:  Electric Enthralling Chic
PERFECT FOR:  A night on the town



Bring on the bottomless brunch. Radiate sunshine with this refreshing blend of nectarine, rose, and plum.


Top - Nectarine, Grapefruit, Cassis
Mid - Violet, Rose, Plum
Base – Musk, Moss, Tonka

VIBE:  Happy Lovable Cool
PERFECT FOR:  Weekend brunch



Light up the world with melodies and mirth. Exude effortless elegance with this avant-garde bouquet of white lily and ylang ylang. 


Top - Lily of the Valley, Orange Blossom, Violet Leaves
Mid – Lemon Verbena, Musk, Jasmine Petals
Base - Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Peony 

Vibe:  Intriguing Beautiful Smart
Perfect For:  Meeting your in-laws



Perfect for sipping whiskey in the woods after the rest of the tent has gone to bed. Spice up any adventure with burning oud wood and vanilla bourbon.


Top - Whiskey, Raspberry
Mid - Burning Oud Wood
Base - Vetiver, Vanilla Bourbon

VIBE:  Confident Sexy Tough
PERFECT FOR:  A quiet tumble under the stars


My first comment is to say that each single dose "petal" of each scent was generously doused with the fragrance.  There was enough fragrance on each petal to more than adequately apply to every spot on me that I wanted to place it, and then some!  If I had really wanted to, I could have used half for one day and save some for later on in the day to refresh the aroma.

Next I want to say that there was not one scent that I did not like.  There were some that I liked more than others, but each scent had it own unique blend of aromas and I enjoyed them all!  I do tend to like the sweet, more exotic scents, but in this case of Pin Rose, each fragrance had some kind of allure for me.

Before I received my Blogger Box of petals, I did take the Synesthesia Quiz.  I can share my results with you here:

I was pleasantly surprised at how very close the quiz came in matching my ideal matches to my favorite fragrances!  I believe the science of it works!  Very cool.

I really like how Pin Rose has mads so many options available to you on their online website for purchasing their fragrances.  You can purchase single bottles, petal packs customized the way you want them, a variety of gift bags of scents, they will even gift wrap a set of fragrances for you for gift giving if you want!  You are only limited by your own imagination when you visit Pin Rose.  If you keep your mind open to the unique blends of scents that each fragrance has been created with, you will open your mind and senses to a whole wide range of aromas you never knew existed!

I cannot express enough how really cool Pin Rose's world of fragrances is.  I learned so much from experiencing all 14 of them.  I discovered scents I never knew existed and learned I like so many of them!  I highly recommend treating yourself to a sampler set of Pin Rose scents so you too can discover which one you like most and then make that your new signature scent.  Below is how you can order a Petal Pack of scents for yourself, and better yet for you and some of your friends, what an ideal and unique gift that will make!


You can visit the Pin Rose website to learn more about the truly delightful and enticing selection of fragrances offered there by CLICKING HERE.

Follow Pin Rose on all the Social Networks:

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received a Blogger Box from Pin Rose for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Pin Rose in any manner. Registered & Protected

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Purity of Elements is a most innovative line of skin care products that combines powerful ingredients from Mother Nature with cutting edge technologies.  The skin care products are rendered in Santa Fe, New Mexico and they are just as magical and enchanting as the land they are born in.  I am so impressed with this fascinating brand of products and I think you will be as well once you learn more about them. Let me briefly introduce Purity of Elements to you:

{Adapted from the Purity of Elements Website} 

At Purity of Elements, our artisan crafted skin care products are created with a distinct purpose: to help you look and feel your best. We are passionate about providing nourishing, result-oriented solutions to help you live your most beautiful, healthy life – at any age.

Our Products

Infused with a mindful selection of nature’s elements, and blended into high-tech, proven formulas, Purity of Elements offers women of all ages a restorative skin therapy for absolutely healthy, gorgeous skin at any age.

Our Heritage

Purity of Elements is inspired by the natural beauty and healing heritage of our home in the high desert oasis of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Our Promise

Purity of Elements products are free of Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates.


I received a full size bottle of the Purity of Elements Radiance Face Serum.  I am thrilled with the opportunity to try this splendid product because it contains the Copper 5 Complex that I had read so much about, as well as Rose Hips and Honey.  Imagine the divine experience of applying these glorious ingredients onto your skin.  The experience of using this product is just as pleasurable as the thought of it was!  Let me briefly share with you what the Copper 5 Complex is:

Introducing Copper 5 Complex™ 

{Adapted from the Purity of Elements Website}

Purity of Elements advanced skin care products feature our proprietary Copper 5 Complex™, an antioxidant rich cocktail of potent ingredients that is clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin radiance, luminosity, texture and smoothness and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This groundbreaking complex harnesses the latest advances in copper skincare science to address top aging skincare concerns. 

Five Powerful Ingredients

COPPER SALT:  Improves radiance while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

GREEN TEA LEAF EXTRACT:  Helps skin fight the effects of damaging free radicals.

WHITE TEA LEAF EXTRACT:  Helps to beautify and protect the skin from environmental toxins.

GRAPESEED EXTRACT:  Combats visible signs of premature aging while delivering hydration for soothed and nourished skin.

VITAMIN E:  Helps protect and repair skin. 

Price:  $60 
Size:  1.0 fl. oz. / 30 ml

NOTE:  Purity of Elements products are available at NORDSTROM'S and you can find them all by CLICKING HERE.


A balancing and hydrating serum that helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while restoring radiance for a luminous, even complexion.

A delicate blend of Rose Hips, Honey, and Sweet Almond Seed Extract improves skin radiance while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a brighter complexion.

Purity of Elements brings the ultimate elements to your skin with advanced restorative anti-aging ingredients.  Our skincare formulas are made with our proprietary Copper 5 Complex, an antioxidant rich cocktail of Copper Salt, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Vitamin E, White Tea Leaf Extract and Grapeseed Extract.  Free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates.


After cleansing, massage evenly over face, neck and chest.  Use daily.


The Radiance Face Serum arrived beautifully packaged in a shimmery copper box and the product itself is housed in a decorative glass pump style bottle.  I never let appearances sway my opinion, but I gotta say for a first impression, first class all the way.

The first thing I noticed when I pumped my first dose of the product is how wonderful the product smells.  That is important to me, a scent that is pleasing, it has to smell fresh and clean, and free of any chemical or unnatural aromas.  I can literally smell the honey and rose hips!  To apply this product is an aromatic experience.

The next factor I noticed was the texture of the serum.  Very lightweight, the product is opaque with an off white color.  It applies like a lotion and within a few seconds of massaging it in with circular motions, my skin absorbs it right in.

The product leaves no sticky or greasy residue on my skin and my skin feels instantly nourished and hydrated.  It definitely increases my skin smoothness.  I have been using the product for about a week now and I've noticed increased radiance to my skin.  The product is also calming and soothing the redness that my skin tends to have due to my mild rosacea.  I believe over time I am going to continue to see improvement to the clarity and condition of my skin and a diminishing of my fine lines and wrinkles.  For those of you who are passionate about using products that are natural and safe for your skin and body, this is the line for you!

This concludes my review.

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