Thursday, January 22, 2015


The New Year is in full swing and I am thrilled to be able to introduce some exciting new brands and products to you so you can look and feel your personal best in 2015.  With mother nature bringing many of us super cold frigid temps, we are all experiencing breathing in dry air that constantly running the furnace leaves us with.   How does a personal misting humidifier sound to you?  Not only is it small in size, but it is really chic and stylish!  And, don't let the small size turn you off, because it works just as effectively and efficiently as larger humidifiers, but it won't take up as much room and you can easily take it with you wherever you go!  Home, work, travel, you name it, it can fit perfectly in a tote bag so you can have enhanced air quality 24/7.  The complete ultrasonic humidifier that goes everywhere!

If you are not familiar with the Violife brand, here is a brief introduction to them:


VioLife started back in 2004 with one product, the Original Counterop Sanitizer. They asked the world famous designer Philippe Starck to collaborate with an iconic design which went on to win the coveted IDSA Gold Award in 2005. As VioLife’s product mix grew, they added more UV products for oral care: travel toothbrush holders, denture and mouthguard cleaners, and entertained dozens of other ideas along the way. With great design as their core value, they continue to delivery beautiful items across multiple product categories.


The cold winter is definitely wreaking havoc on my skin.  It is constantly dry and itchy! And, I hate breathing in the dry air everywhere I am.  I am constantly reaching for my water bottle trying to stay hydrated. So I am over the moon happy to discover this nifty little device!  You can literally change the climate in your own personal space!  I was apprehensive when I first saw the device, thinking it was more pretty and decorative than functional in appearance.  But in less than 5 minutes of set up time, I instantly saw how powerful it works to let out humidifying mist into the air.  Here are the details on this innovative product:

Violife Personal Misting Humidifier
Price:  $40


As the humidity level drops in the winter, the amount of moisture in the air and your skin also drops. By adding moisture back into the air, humidifiers help skin stay hydrated. While traditional humidifiers are usually large, bulky and confined to one space, the Personal Misting Humidifier from Violife travels from room to room.

Delivering the same ultra-fine mist found in large humidifiers, the Personal Misting Humidifier conveniently works with a standard size water bottle. Available in various colors and patterns, the Violife Personal Misting Humidifier uses ultrasonic vaporizing to moisturize the air, creating your own personal climate in almost any space.

Available online via


  • Add comfort to a personal space by reducing dryness in the air
  • Ultra-fine vapor mist moistens the air without soaking the unit or anything else around it
  • The 270 degree rotating nozzle can be re-positioned to provide a comfortable mist where needed without having to move the entire unit
  • Its adjustable "dimmer" knob delivers mists from 1 ounce per hour up to 3 ounces per hour.  At the highest setting you can achieve over 5 hours of powerful ultrasonic vapor using a standard 16 ounce water bottle or almost 7 hours if using a 20 ounce bottle
  • Low maintenance.  No filters or wicks to keep the unit working consistently
  • Universal power adapter can be used in areas of the world where 120-240V power included
  • Nylon carrying case and 27 ounce water bottle included
  • Available in 3 Patterns and 3 Colors


Everything you need to get this sensational personal misting humidifier up and running comes in the box.  If you have a place to plug it in, a standard electrical outlet, you are good to go.  It is that easy!  You receive a 27 oz. water bottle, I did not, but any water bottle will work.  Simply fill up your water bottle, place the white adapter that comes in the box over the top of the water bottle where the cap usually goes, turn the water bottle upside and down and pop it into the device.  Plug the power cord into the device and into your outlet and turn the power on.  You can adjust the level of mist that the device produces to what makes you feel most comfortable.

I am using a 16 oz. standard water bottle and that amount of water lasted all day long before I had to change it. I kept the mist level at the maximum amount, the highest level, and it delivered an ultra fine mist that one would expect to get from a much larger humidifier, that is what makes this device so exceptional and appealing to me.

You also receive a handy travel bag so you can have the convenience of bringing the device to work with you, or pack it in your bags when you are traveling.  This personal misting humidifier makes the air feel so comfortable that I highly recommend you put one in the bedrooms of everyone in your family so the air quality while they sleep is carefree comfort!  You can get up to 13 hours of mist if you use the 27 oz. water bottle.

Whether you place this personal misting humidifier at your bedside, your desk, a hotel room or even next to a baby's crib, you will be amazed at how fast you will feel the improvement in the air quality of the space you are in.  You can select the personal misting humidifier in a color and pattern that will blend right into your home decor so you will not only be over the moon happy with the functionality of the device, but also how it adds a touch of elegance to your room.

If you are not completely sold on this very cool device there is one more alluring feature to it.  It also offers a small light that changes colors and that adds that element of tranquility and peacefulness to the space you are in as the mist is being transported into the air.  It gives you that same feeling you get when you have candles lit, that sense of warmth and calm.  The light is supposed to change 3 different colors, I found mine changes several colors, including green, blue, orange, purple and sometimes a neat rainbow mixture.  This is even better than 3!  It is so pretty to see the mist being lit up as it is being dispersed from the humidifier.

I think this is a must have item for your home, and what an ideal gift this makes too!  Think about how hard it is to buy gifts for people because they seem to have everything.  Well, there you have it, something that is the gift that keeps on giving.  An easy and stylish solution to add comfort to the air of any space you are in that you can carry with you wherever you go.

This concludes my review.

You can visit Violife directly by CLICKING HERE to learn more about the state of the art innovative products that they have created.  I think you will be fascinated by them all!

Disclosure: I received the Personal Misting Humidifier from Violife for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliation with Violife in any manner. Registered & Protected

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The holidays may be over with, but you can still keep your skin holiday ready and glowing with the Limited Edition Jan Marini Skin Research Holiday Exfoliator.  With this dynamic and powerfully effective product, you can pamper and treat your skin by revealing a smoother, more glowing complexion in seconds!  Enjoy the aroma of the Cranberry Orange scented holiday exfoliator as it gently refines your skin texture and polishes the skin so it looks renewed and more youthful.  It is a super indulgent and easy way to bring new life to your skin and create a perfect, smooth canvas for make-up application.  Not only is it a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliator, but the festive cranberry orange aroma will give you such an energizing and rejuvenating aromatic experience.

If you are not familiar with the Jan Marini brand, here is a brief introduction:

{Adapted from the Jan Marini Website}

Founded in 1994, the San Jose, CA-based Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. (JMSR) is a recognized leader and innovator in skin care that is committed to continually expanding and improving the professional skin care market. JMSR's two primary focuses are to provide innovative technologies that deliver proven measurable results and an unwavering commitment to the ongoing success of our customers. 

President and CEO, Jan Marini, is a pioneer in the professional skin care market and the company has formed associations with some of the world's leading physicians and scientists.  Over the years, the company has established a portfolio of proprietary formulas and technological  firsts including, but not limited to, topical TGF beta-1, antioxidant sunscreen and topical resveratrol, that reflects its ongoing commitment to be the foremost developer of skin care products producing measurable results.  JMSR products and its award-winning Skin Care Management System are used and trusted by physicians and skin care professionals worldwide to ensure optimum results for their patients and clients.


Price:  $85
Available in:  Cranberry Orange or Sugar Cookie


Jan Marini Holiday Exfoliator is a clinical-strength resurfacer that immediately refines skin texture and follicle size and leaves the skin with a radiant, polished glow. Uniquely designed spherical dissolving bead technology, proteolytic enzymes and glycolic acid eliminate harsh abrasives (common within typical exfoliators) to gently and safely scrub and resurface the skin. Combined with potent antioxidants, the Marini Holiday Exfoliator combines a smooth, glowing complexion with significant anti-aging benefits. Available in a 2 oz. jar.


  • Glycolic Acid
  • Proteolytic Enzymes - Papain from Green Unripened Papaya, Bromelain from Pineapple
  • Spherical Bead Technology
  • Antioxidants 


  • Refines skin texture and follicle size
  • Unique spherical beads, proteolytic enzymes and glycolic acid control results and reduce excessive abrasion commonly associated with exfoliating scrubs
  • Creates a perfect, smooth canvas for make-up application
  • Polishes skin, revealing a smooth, glowing complexion
  • Fabulous cranberry orange scent
  • Paraben-free


After cleansing, gently apply an even layer to wet face using circular motions for approximately 15-30 seconds. Mild stinging or tingling may occur. Gently remove using a washcloth with tepid water and blot dry. May be used two to three times per week, AM or PM. Follow by applying your Jan Marini Skin Research product regimen.


This is going to be a long, harsh winter season, so why not take the time to give your skin some TLC while you are bundling up indoors.  In less than one minute you can instantly transform the condition of your skin with a delightful scented cranberry orange mild exfoliator that will add a little sugar and spice to your typical skin care routine and immediately give your skin that luminous dewy appearance.

I enjoy taking a few moments everyday to do something pampering and soothing for myself.  Whether it is Yoga, mediation, face masks, making a smoothie, etc. you get the idea, it is spiritually grounding for me to take a "me moment" even if only for a few fleeting seconds, so I can feel in touch with my inner self.  Using this ultra luxurious exfoliator does just that for me.  In moments I can give myself that at home spa like treatment that leaves me with immediate instant measurable results.  My skin seems to absolutely love this indulgent exfoliator and so do my senses!  It is uplifting to inhale and rids my skin of dead skin cells to reveal a more youthful appearance, now who doesn't want that?!

You receive a generous amount in the jar as you can see from my picture and I only used about a 2 inch wide dollop of the product to adequately cover my entire face.  I enjoy the experience so much, I ended up using the product on my neck as well.  I have been using this exfoliator twice a week now for the past 3 weeks and it is amazing!  Each time I use it, I have a happy positive "me" experience.  At the rate it is going, this 2 oz. jar is going to last me through the winter and into the spring season.  I highly recommend this product to keep your skin healthy, exfoliated and instantly looking radiant and glowing.

Without makeup your skin will look dramatically improved and with makeup your natural skin will shine through with more of a flawless appearance.  You won't need to use as much makeup because your skin will be in healthier condition.  That is why this product has quickly become my new favorite "must have" product in my skin care routine.  You can purchase the Cranberry Orange or Sugar Cookie Holiday Exfoliator at your nearest retailer that carries Jan Marini Skin Research Products, or you can order it directly from the Jan Marini Skin Research website by CLICKING HERE.

This concludes my review.

A very special thank you to Jan Marini Skin Research for providing me with the Cranberry Orange Exfoliator to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received the Cranberry Orange Exfoliator from Jan Marini Skin Research for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affilated with Jan Marini Skin Research in any manner. Registered & Protected

Thursday, December 18, 2014

REVIEW: LMN Luxe Me Now Luxury Slippers

Sometimes a brand will send me an item to review and when I receive it and open it I feel as though I have been given a gift.  That is precisely what it felt like when I received the two LMN Luxe Me Now slippers to review.  That is why it is without hesitation that I highly recommend purchasing a pair of gorgeous, truly unique, LMN Luxe Me Now slippers to give someone this holiday season. LMN slippers are the most ultra couture slippers I have ever had the chance to behold and if you are looking for that perfect gift to give a special woman in your life, like your Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, BFF, you get the idea, the search stops here because I have just the gift for you to consider.  And, while you are at it, remember just how special you are and treat yourself to a pair too!  Before I dive into my review, let me introduce the LMN Luxe Me Now brand to you:

{Adapted from the LMN Online Website}

LMN | Luxe Me Now was conceived out of Mary Ann Weisberg’s desire for slippers that were gorgeously feminine, impossibly chic, and extraordinarily versatile. As a woman with impeccable style and a distinct taste for luxury, she searched endlessly for the type of slippers that could take her from the bedroom to the boardroom, and every place in between.

With their glittering jewels, memory-foam footbed, embossed rubber outsole, and satin-lined quilted interior, LMN slippers are the perfect gift for mothers, daughters, and girlfriends alike who deserve a luxurious treat that will keep them feeling special long after the holiday season. Knowing other women would share her desire for comfort couture, Weisberg created the slipper of her dreams.

And it all started with the search for the perfect birthday gift.

One year, Mary Ann’s husband searched around the world for the simple gift his wife desired—the perfect slipper. Unable to find what she was looking for, but not wanting to come back empty-handed, he decided to take matters into his own hands…and put up the seed money for his wife to create her own line of luxury slippers. As a successful entrepreneur, her husband saw an opportunity to bring a niche product to the marketplace. In Mary Ann’s words, “He couldn’t find me the slippers I wanted, so like any good husband would do, he bought me a company!”

It was at this point in 2012 that Mary Ann met Frances You, a young and ambitious Princeton graduate who, after pursuing an acting career in New York, was looking for a change. Like all serendipitous encounters in life, Mary Ann and Frances clicked instantaneously upon meeting. Mary Ann knew she found the perfect partner to bring the company to life, and Frances knew she had found her calling as an entrepreneur. Together as co-founders of LMN, the two women embarked on the exciting journey of bringing the slippers to the marketplace.

LMN was proud to debut its first collection at premier luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue.


There are two collections within the LMN brand.  The European Collection and The Second Collection and both are insanely fabulous!  If you want to experience the most beautiful and comfortable slippers that are going to make your feet so happy, these are them.  These effortlessly chic luxury slippers are available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York, select luxury boutiques, and

Here are a few styles from The European Collection and to view the entire collection CLICK HERE:



I was sent the breathtakingly gorgeous BRONZE LUREX EUROPEAN Slippers to review.  Here are the details about them:

Item CTS-06
Price:  $178


Glistening Bronze metallic lurex is exquisitely embroidered with a band of hand-sewn beads and a sparkling domed jewel.

  • Hand-sewn beading
  • Satin-lined, quilted Memory Foam Footbed
  • Satin-lined quilted Interior
  • 1 inch Wedge Heel
  • Water-Resistant embossed Rubber Outsole with ridges for traction
  • Can be worn Indoors and Outdoors

Available in Sizes:

EU 36 = US 6
EU 37 = US 7
EU 38 = US 7.5
EU 39 = US 8
EU 40 = US 8.5
EU 41 = US 9
EU 42 = US 10


From the moment I laid eyes on these slippers from the images I saw on the LMN website, I fell in love with them.  I could not believe how much intricate hand-sewn work went into embellishing these Bronze Lurex slippers.  The bead work and the precise pattern of where the beads are placed is just splendid!  These slippers are remarkable in every aspect, so divine and perfectly rendered.

I cannot express enough the superior quality of these slippers.  You can see how every single detail of the slippers had been taken into consideration and every design element contributes to their comfort and beauty.  They are called slippers, and they feel like slippers when you wear them with your sleepwear, but if you decide you want to venture outdoors with them on, you feel the security of wearing a shoe.  You can go outdoors with them on without any hesitation, they will provide you with the comfort and support you expect from a shoe, but they will feel much more comfortable that you regular shoes, that you will discover!

If you are the kind of girl who loves bling, and you enjoy adding that touch of glitter and sparkle to your look, these are the slippers for you.  They make your feet feel so pampered and spoiled, and they can blend well with just about any kind of outfit!  I love mixing a dressier shoe with my more casual clothes, and I think this style is the perfect shoe to do that with.  So wear them as a slipper around the house, and wear them as shoes when you want to head out but want your feet to still feel comfortable.  These slippers are sure to please you and your feet!

Here are a few styles from The Second Collection and to view the entire collection CLICK HERE:

I was sent the very regal and fit for royalty pair of Versailles in Navy.  Here are the details about them:

Item CTS-07-02
Price:  $135


A regal brooch featuring a duo of pearls with accents of rhinestones and emerald gems shines brilliantly against richly hued navy velvet.

  • Satin-lined, quilted Memory Foam Footbed
  • Satin-lined quilted Interior
  • 1 inch Wedge Heel
  • Water-Resistant embossed Rubber Outsole with ridges for traction
  • Can be worn Indoors and Outdoors
  • Gold tone metal LMN Heel Plate
Available in Sizes:  US Only 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10


The slippers arrive in a lovely LMN shoebox and a satin slipper bag is included in the box along with the slippers.  This satin bag will keep your slippers protected and is also great for traveling because you won't want to leave home without your gorgeous slippers!  The initial presentation when you open your LMN slipper box for the first time is thrilling and memorable because you really can sense that you are receiving something special, something first class and extraordinary.  That is why these slippers make such exceptional gifts!

Every single inch of the slippers is meticulously crafted, the finest workmanship goes into creating these slippers which really are wearable works of art.  They are so very feminine, so luxurious, so glamorous and elegant, yet they are durable and designed so expertly that you can wear them outdoors for that ultimate foot comfort at work or to anywhere you want to go with them on your feet.

This pair of Versailles Slippers in Navy looks brilliant with dressy slacks, skirts, dresses, and even worn out jeans, oh yes I almost forgot, and of course your sleepwear!  I sometimes forget they are slippers!  They are so very comfortable that you will want to wear them around the house and around town!  The memory foam footbed makes these slippers feel right at home on your feet, the kind of comfort your high heels and regular shoes just don't quite provide for you.  

The rhinestone and pearl brooch that has been hand-sewn onto the tops of the slippers is magnificent!  So sparkling and couture and make the slippers so eye catching and dazzling.  If ever there was a pair of shoes that makes you feel like dancing, these are them!  The navy velvet is thick and plush and you will feel like royalty wearing them.

The design of the slippers is so ideal for the way your foot is shaped.  I have in the past had some issues with walking in slip-on style shoes, but that is not the case with these slippers.  They mold nice and snug to your foot and the curves are in such a place that once you have the slippers on, they don't slip off.  I think the quilted pattern and the memory foam are key to ensuring the slippers are easy to walk in.

This concludes my review.

You can learn so much more about this very fascinating brand by visiting the LMN Luxe Me Now Online Website by CLICKING HERE.

You can Follow LMN on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

You can Follow LMN on Twitter by CLICKING HERE.

You can Follow LMN on Instagram by CLICKING HERE.

You can Follow LMN on Pinterest by CLICKING HERE.

You can Follow LMN on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.

A very special thank you to the wonderful team at LMN for providing me with the samples to review.

Disclosure: I received the two pairs of slippers outlined in this review from LMN for the purposes of this review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with LMN Luxe Me Now in any manner. Registered & Protected

Monday, December 15, 2014

REVIEW: Mia Beauty Hair Accessories

The holidays are always a great time of year to change things up and have fun with your hair styles.  I tend to style my hair the same everyday, except for when I am going out at night or going somewhere special.  But after my discovering that Mia Beauty offers over 500 hair accessories, styling tools/appliances and hair care products, I am inspired to enjoy the versatility of my hair and I plan to experiment with some really enchanting hair accessories that I found at Mia Beauty.  It is fascinating to see how one simple hair accessory can instantly transform your ordinary hair to a style that makes you look extraordinary and totally different than without it.

This holiday season, adorn not only the tree, but your hair with accessories from Mia Beauty. From glitter to sparkles to metallics, Mia Beauty’s accessories will add some festive shimmer and shine to any holiday hair style.

Let me briefly introduce the Mia Beauty brand to you:

{Adapted from the Mia Beauty Website}

Welcome to Mia Hair Accessories
Home of the Tonytail®

The idea to create the Tonytail® ponytail wrap came to me because I often liked to wear my hair in a ponytail but didn't like to use trendy colored hair accessories or ugly rubber bands to hold it in place. With only a few options on the market, I would opt for a rubber band, but would take a piece of my hair and wrap it around the rubber band to hide it. This was far more chic (or "tony") but wasn't easy to style without a lot of hairpins or even a professional stylist. Also, having to sacrifice a piece of my own hair to achieve this look made my ponytail look less full. And, inevitably, the wrapped piece would pop out and my style would become a mess in a few hours.

I realized that Hollywood starlets have been wearing their hair like this for years. My first memory of someone famous wearing this style was of Jeanie in "I Dream of Jeanie." Barbie® has been wearing this hairstyle for decades. Recently, I even saw this look on a best actress nominee at the Academy Awards.

I wanted to give all women the ability to achieve this same "Hollywood" look — simply and easily without spending a lot of time or money. And that's how the Tonytail was created!

And while it all started with the Tonytail ponytail wrap, we didn't stop there! We now have over 300 hair accessories and are adding new products to our line about every six months. We hope you enjoy these fun and innovative hair accessories!


Mia Minnelli


Well, there you have it, the story of how Mia Beauty was created.  I have the opportunity to introduce to a couple of Mia Beauty's Braid Accessories.  This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the hundreds of hair accessories that are available from Mia Beauty, but I have to say, these braid inspired accessories are at the top of my favorite list of what I love most from the lin-up of Mia Beauty. hair accessories.  Here are the details about them:


Available in three Sizes:  $10 Jumbo Braidie, $9 Thick Braidie, $8 Thin Braidie

Available in:  Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Black

Available at:  Walgreens, ULTA, Harmon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and other Mass Market Retail, Specialty Retail, Chain Drug, Department Stores, Beauty Salons and Beauty Supply Stores across the nation.

Thick Braidie® - 1/2" - Dark Brown

Item #: 00053
Price: $9.00


Elegant, braided headband that offers the ultimate look when the occasion calls for style and grace. Easily pull it over your head and push it back up just like a headband Soft, braided headband. Made of synthetic hair and an elastic band. One size fits all. Comes in 5 natural hair colors and three sizes.


I received the 1/2" wide Dark Brown Thick Braidie.  It is an almost perfect match to my natural hair color!  I do have long dark brown hair with brown hightlights, so this very chic headband blends in expertly with my hair.  I have always liked the look of headbands, but had gotten away from wearing them for some reason.  Receiving this beautiful braided headband reminded me of how lovely that can look in your hair, and I have been wearing this several times a week now.

I cannot express how much this braided headband resembles real hair.  I have been asked a few times how I managed to braid my hair to look like a headband, seriously!  It is durable and very comfortable.  Not a flimsy headband by any means.  It is crafted very finely, and does not feel at all like it is going to ever become unraveled or stray from its near perfect braiding.  I think this 'braidie' is a very fashion forward feminine way to wisp your hair back away from your face and frame it with an elegant and stylish enhancement.

You can easily incorporate this headband into your daily accessories to spice up your look and it can be worn with long or short hair styles.  The braidie is available in a color that is sure to match just about any hair color you have!  I highly recommend running out to your retail drugstore or mass merchant store and pick one of these up!  At a price point of under $10 it is money well spent for a couture hair accessory like this.  How about a stocking stuffer?  I bet your daughter's will enjoy wearing one of these for sure.
Next I adore this Mia Beauty hair accessory:

Clip-n-Braid™ - Dark Brown

Item #: 05233
Price: $8.00 

Available in:  Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Electric Blue and Hot Pink

Braids are back in style! Get this look simply and easily with Clip-n-Braids™ braided hair extensions. Each braided extension is applied with a weft clip for easy application and removal. One 14" braided extension per package.


I received the Dark Brown Clip-n-Braid and again, it is an almost perfect match to my hair!  If you want to express a youthful, flirty, fun look, this is the ideal hair accessory to achieve just that.  A long 14" super think braid that blends in so seamlessly with your own hair that no one will know it is not your real hair.  The braid clips comfortably into your own hair and adds that element of carefree casual trendy attitude to your appearance, I love that!

The braid is very durable, very expertly crafted and is sure to last a very long time.  I think this is an especially fun gift to purchase for a young girl who enjoys playing with hair styles and loves being fashion forward.  Another hot item for this holiday season for stocking stuffers.

This concludes my review.

As I mentioned earlier, Mia Beauty offers hundreds of really glamorous hair accessories for people of all ages.  These two braid inspired hair accessories that I reviewed are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the wide variety of really beautiful hair accessories that you can find.  I highly recommend visiting Mia Beauty by CLICKING HERE to discover more!

Disclosure: I received the two items mentioned in my review from Mia Beauty for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Mia Beauty in any manner. Registered & Protected

Monday, December 8, 2014

REVIEW: Leader in French Market Polette Glasses and Sunglasses

I was recently contacted by Polette about featuring the brand on my blog.  Of course from the moment I learned Polette is one of the number one eyeglass and sunglass brands in the French marketplace, and Polette is opening up in North America, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to introduce you all to them.  I've always considered the French to be so sophisticated and ultra chic and couture in terms of their flair for style, so it is no wonder Polette is such a dynamic and popular stop for all types of eyewear by people from all over the world.

Polette is an online store that offers absolutely sensational French designer style eyeglasses and sunglasses.  You will be captivated and intrigued by the designs and styles of the eyeglasses and sunglasses.  They are some of the sleekest and most innovative designs I have ever seen, truly unique masterpieces in the world of eyewear.

Let me briefly introduce Polette to you all because I know you are going to be just as impressed and allured as I was when I first discovered them:

{Adapted from the Polette Website} is born from a man’s vision, a man who decided to put an end to the monopoly of optics. No more expensive eyeglasses. His idea? Break up the chain of intermediates and offer, using the internet, a massive selection of frames and lenses provided by his own factories.  The revolution is launched and upsets the field of French optic as we know it.

Meet Pierre Wizman, a young and one of a kind entrepreneur who decide to quit school and build his first company - bought up for a peppercorn rent - in France, at the age of 16. “Starting from scratch might have been the biggest chance life has offered me.” Quite determined to create and innovate, he invites all of his employees to improve their difference and follow a path no one has ever followed before.

With the help of Pauline Cousseau, his associate, he launches the first website in August 2011. They learn to do everything by themselves. In October of 2011, they make their first sale! As of today, they still remember the name of this very first customer.

Within a couple of months, the sales overshoot and the medias seize this social trend that is the inexpensive glasses.  Many television coverages on are aired on French channels.  Do it different - The office grows up under this motto. The advertisement campaigns are reflected by the founder: provocation, humor and humanity are evidently on the cards.


A new mean of distribution

Polette lies on a simple yet groundbreaking idea: being the only intermediate between the factory and the customer. The frames and lenses are provided straight from our workshops, there is no stock nor intermediates to high margins.

The lowest prices on the market

Factory prices! With such a business model, L’usine à lunettes by Polette offers highly-competitive prices- no compromise on the quality-. This concept allows an 80% discount on the usual optical invoices, offering frames from $9.99 to $49.99 and lenses from $9.99 to $89.99.

A range of original frames

Introducing frame glasses from our own workshops and no brands, we distinguish ourselves from the traditional pattern. With a huge variety of designs, the purpose is to allow anyone to afford style and quality (e.g the frames from ‘Collection’, exclusively made out of acetate and handpolished). The website is a journey through the highlights of the eyewear, with retro and vintage designs, from classic to eccentric.

The laboratory and the lenses

We offer a huge range of quality single-vision and progressive lenses, as well as transitional lenses for every possible corrections.  All of the lenses are anti-reflective and anti-scratching.  Some have very important RX for every strong corrections!  In our laboratory, our opticians take good care of your lenses from their conception to their shipment.  They work on assembling the lenses on your frames.


The awesome folks over at Polette sent me three different sunglasses to review.  They offered me the opportunity to choose between eye glasses and sunglasses and since I do not need eye glasses, I decided to select some really couture sunglasses to introduce you to.  I cannot say enough genuinely felt high praise about the sunglasses I received.  So without hesitation, I highly recommend you consider these three ultra hip styles as a new addition to your sunglasses collection, or better yet, surprise someone special with a new pair as a holiday gift!  They are sure to be amazed and wow'd by them as I surely have been.  

Price:  $22.99


Transparent / Plastic

NOTE:  if you order the pair with corrective lenses, there won't be the mirror effect ; the lenses will be tinted with an 85% brown shade. Reflection is the gaze of the summer. You cannot go through summer without your Coachella Brown. Thin lines, light as a feather, trendy as hell, the perfect accessory for the perfect summer. Go for those crazy shades !

Also available in these two colors:  


OK, these are my most favorite of all time sunglasses that I have ever worn! I think I have owned over a hundred pairs of sunglasses in my lifetime, so that is saying a lot!  From the moment I laid eyes on these Coachella Brown sunglasses online at the Polette website it was love at first sight!

With a price point of only $22.99 and a shipping cost from overseas to USA of only $4.99 you too can own them in 15 working days.  Yes, that is how affordable these ultra couture sunglasses are and with just a pinch of patience, give them a chance to cross the pond to America, you will be able to feel the vibe of coolness that I am experiencing from wearing them.  I have been grabbing for these sunglasses when my mood is lively, flirty, carefree and I want to be noticed!  They make me feel young and energized!

I cannot express the very fine quality that the sunglasses are rendered in.  They are not the tiny but flimsy, no sir.  If I did not know better, I would think they were a pair of $200 and up high end designer shades, that is for sure.

Each pair of sunglasses arrives housed in a soft microfiber bag and you also receive a very cool Polette lens cleaning cloth.  How fabulous is that?!

If this super hot pair of Coachella sunglasses has not impressed you, let's move on to another very sleek style that I want to make sure you discover:

Price:  $45.99


The Rubis B.S is gorgeous. Take a look at the thin details, we change the color this time for a different classic chic attitude.


Remember one of Tom Cruise's first movies Risky Business and he wore those Black Ray Ban sunglasses?  Well, that is what these sunglasses remind me of.  Inspired by the look, they are finely tuned and they are oh so distinctive and edgy.  I have been enjoying wearing these so much and they are equally as superior in terms of their meticulous construction as the Coachella Brown sunglasses.

I am wearing the women's version of the Rubis B.S and they fit so very comfortably on my nose, ears and face.  I cannot say enough positive praise about them.  I do change my sunglasses like I change my jewelry, shoes, handbags, because to me sunglasses are a vital fashion accessory.  So when my mood is to be calm, cool and collected, these are the pair of sunglasses I am going to grab to fit that feeling of the moment.

And finally, a very intriguing and unique pair of magnificent sunglasses:

Brown Wood
Price:  $45.99


Here comes the wooden trend ! Kanpai is 100% all made of walnut wood. Enjoy the polarized lenses for the maximum comfort possible. Careful : this pair cannot be conceived with corrective lenses.


Over the past several months I have seen some brands and styles of sunglasses that are crafted from real wood.  I have been drawn to them, thinking how unusual and different they look.  I had been considering getting a pair, I just had not gotten around to it yet.  So when I stumbled across these splendid Kanpai brown wood sunglasses from Polette, they really caught my eye!

First let me say that the wood is so soft, you almost cannot detect it is real wood.  But don't be fooled, it truly is real walnut!  These sunglasses are the mercedes benz of sunglasses, the creme de la creme so to speak.  They are superior, outstanding, truly fascinating sunglasses!

They are not heavy in spite of the fact they are created from wood.  They are lightweight and feel 'normal' on your nose and ears.  They are classy and stately and have that hint of mystery and intrigue to them.  When I feel inspired, like I want to go out and take on the world and accomplish something exceptional, these are my 'go to' sunglasses.  It is fun to have sunglasses to wear to match your frame of mind, to create an aura about your so you can feel great, protect your eyes, and add that element of style and pizzazz to your daily look.  

I hope my review has captured your attention and leads you to want to explore Polette further.  These 3 styles of sunglasses is only the tip of the iceberg,  They offer hundreds of styles and designs to choose from, for men and women.  And, they can guide you through the process of ordering eye glasses as well.  

I highly recommend considering Polette for your holiday gift giving this season, or as a gift for someone throughout the year.  And, why not choose a few new styles of sunglasses or glasses for yourself so your look never gets boring!  It is fun to wear glasses that are from another country that you know not everyone else is wearing.  You can be a trendsetter, a trail blazer and let everyone wonder where you got them, wink wink!

This concludes my review.

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A very special thank you to Polette for sending me the sunglasses to review.

Disclosure: I received the three pairs of sunglasses outlined in this review from Polette for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Polette in any manner. Registered & Protected