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REVIEW: UBU Urban Beauty United

Yes, I am UBU obsessed!  I am an admitted makeup junkie, a girly girl who enjoys experimenting with cosmetics and creating new looks for myself everyday, but you can resemble a clown if you do not have the right tools to apply it all with.  That is where UBU can come to your rescue.  Urban Beauty United, otherwise known as UBU, offers high end, professional quality at affordable prices, makeup brushes, sponges, applicators and tools for you to use to apply all your favorite cosmetics with.  You do not have to be a skilled makeup artist to achieve a flawless runway ready look, you just need the appropriate tools to use to get professional looking results.


Have you ever purchased a new blusher, eyeshadow or foundation and when you got home and tried it, it looked awful on you?  And, you opted for the more expensive brand than the drug store brand?  It does not matter how much money you spend on your makeup, if you do not have the proper tools to apply it with, it may never look good on you.  The applicators/brushes that come with the cosmetics you buy are adequate, but do you want to settle for just good enough when you can have the best?  With very little investment in some professional high quality makeup tools, you can get the most mileage out of your makeup and look gorgeous at the same time!!

The great staff over at UBU sent me the ultimate UBU tool bag full of makeup brushes, eye shadow applicators and a sponge for blending foundation and concealer with.  The cosmetic purse is perfect for carrying all my new UBU beauty booty in.  Here is a breakdown of all the very fine UBU tools I received and my thoughts on them:


#11 Angled Blusher Brush

Angled Blusher Brush - Carve yourself a sexy chiselled cheek. Sculptured bristles create gravity-defying angular cheekbones. 


I don't have high cheek bones, but this finely constructed angled blusher brush sure allows me to create the illusion that I do!  It is the ideal brush to bring out your cheekbones and add some drama and dimension to your face.  I love how easy the design of the brush makes it for me to add depth to my cheekbones in an instant!


#10 Powder Brush 

The ultimate multitasker, this clever brush powers through every application. Use for applying powder foundation and blusher, bronzer and shimmer.


I have been using this powder brush just for applying powder to my face.  It is an ultra soft bristle brush that feels like soft feathers sweeping across your face. I am very impressed with the very fine quality of the brush.   I apply a sheer powder as the last step of my makeup routine, to set my makeup, and this brush makes is a breeze to do in seconds.  But it feels so good against my skin, I almost wish the task took longer.


#35 Tapered Blending Brush 

Tapered Blending Brush This girl is everyone's best friend, she will bring the glitter and glam, you just need to bring the eyes! The most versatile and easy to use brush to be seen shimmying around the dance floor or wake up to her everyday for an effortless routine.


I love how this expertly designed brush enables me to apply my eyeshadow like a pro!  The tapered design allows me to apply eyeshadow in the crease of my eye when turned with the slant sideways, and when the brush is turned so the it lays flat, I can apply eyeshadow effortlessly to the lids of my eyes.  The brush is velvety soft and feels comfortable on my eyelids.

Whether you want to create a soft shadow look to your eyes, or a high definition dramatic look to your eyes, this is the brush you will want in your beauty arsenal to create them both.

UBU Blender Baby
Foundation Sponge

Sponge me sexy, this voluptuous, full-bodied sponge caresses every part of your face with gentle, streak-free motions. Latex-free foam doesn't drink your foundation and is built to last for thousands of applications. No latex, voluptuous, full-bodied sponge. Smooth, streak-free results. Washable and re-usable. 


This is the coolest foundation sponge I have ever used!  And, for some reason, wink wink, it makes me smile every time I use it!  I have a rather small face, so I was not sure right away if this plump size sponge going to feel awkward using it to get into all the places on my face I want to apply my foundation and concealer.  So how I make it work for me is I dot my face with foundation and then I let the sponge work its magic blending it all in.  I am amazed at how quick and efficiently the process is!  And, I've been using the small tip of the sponge to dab my concealer under my eyes, and it leaves a smooth streak free under-eye area free of dark circles.

As the description says, the sponge does not soak up all your foundation and waste it.  The foundation sits on the sponge until you blend it into your skin.  You are left with a picture perfect skin canvas, flawless I may add.  The sponge is a dream!  It is very easy to rinse out and wash too!  

UBU Eyescreams
6 Eyeshadow Applicators

6 Eyeshadow Applicators, Pack of 6 double-ended eyeshadow applicators. These shady ladies come with their own carry case. The wide end is perfect for applying lashings of lid colour while the pointy end smudges eyeliner and defines the crease. 


OK, not much to say here.  These eyeshadow applicators are expertly designed to give you quick and easy eyeshadow application.  I can say they are much better constructed than the applicators you receive when you purchase drug store eyeshadows and although I have not had to rinse any out as of yet, they seem as though they will be reusable after you rinse out the ends and let them dry.  I personally can never have enough of these, and so I highly recommend purchasing them for your beauty toolbox, they come in so handy when wanting to create smoky eye looks and applying all shades of eyeshadows to all areas of your eyes, top and bottom.

#34 Eyeliner Brush

This luxury liner sails across your eyes. The superfine tip defines the eye line with smooth strokes and works best with liquid or gel eyeliner. 


This is a must have tool is you want to line your eyes with precision and ease.  It is so expertly crafted that lining your eyes, top and bottom becomes mistake-proof.  
I have been using the luxury liner with my gel eyeliner.  I don't use gel eyeliner everyday, just for when I have a special event or gathering that I am attending.  So, I am not all that experienced applying gel eyeliner and often do not apply it very well.  I have ended up with crooked lines, uneven lines, and had to go through all kinds of creative strokes to try and correct my errors.  So I am thrilled to say that with this brush I can line my eyes like a pro!  No more uneven strokes, no more feathering, no crooked lines.  The tip of the brush is so fine, pointy, that it enables you to glide the gel liner easily without obstacles in the process.  You will love it and want to begin using eyeliner.

As a side note, I sometimes line my eyes using a grey or dark brown eyeshadow color.  I do this during the day when I want to enhance my eyes, but still keep a natural look.  This brush works terrific for doing that as well.


#30 Eyeshadow Brush

All eyes on you baby. Love your lids with this short synthetic bristle brush perfectly moulded to your eye shape. 


A great all around eyeshadow brush that makes it a delight to apply all your favorite eyeshadow colors with.  I personally like the feeling of soft bristles sweeping across my lids, than I do with most sponge applicators that come with the eyeshadows I buy, and this brush will be your favorite 'go-to' versatile eyeshadow brush.
This concludes my review.

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You can purchase UBU Urban Beauty United products at and ULTA stores nationwide, and at BEALLS and

Disclosure: I received the beauty tools outlined in my review from Urban Beauty United. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Urban Beauty United in any manner. Registered & Protected

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REVIEW: Achieve a Fresh-Faced Au Naturale Look

There are times when I want to look impeccably made-up and glamorous and then there are times, especially day-time, when I want my skin to look luminous, dewy, healthy, but natural.  Unfortunately I am not one of those women who can just run out of the house without makeup.  I was not gifted with naturally radiant skin, so I have to work a little harder at achieving it.  But thanks to a few hot new products, you can give your skin that au naturale look without having to put in much effort.  Now how wonderful does that sound?!

From Alexander Wang to Narciso Rodriguez, the natural makeup trend was all over the Fashion Week Spring 2015 runway. The below products will easily help you achieve the fresh-faced, glowing skin, au naturale look:


I received the following three items to review.  Using them together simultaneously has given me the opportunity to improve the look of my skin, giving it a more youthful healthy glow in a snap of a finger.  These products will awaken and perk up your face and skin and get you beauty ready for the day!

Price:  $48
Size:  1.5 oz.

Available at ULTA Stores nationwide and online via ,, and from the Miracle Skin Transformer website at


Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 Face Spotlight – A breakthrough 5-in-1 skin enhancer designed to Hydrate, Prime, Enhance, Illuminate and Protect your skin in one simple step, leaving your skin with a smooth, glowing, airbrushed finish in seconds.

Get Glowing! Beautiful pearlized mineral pigments naturally:

  •  Illuminate skin, while reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Minimize the appearance of pore size and uneven skin texture. 
  • Hydrate to provide long lasting nourishment and anti-aging benefits. 
  •  Help protect against future sun damage with UVA/UVB SPF 20.
This universal shade is infused with the same skin saving vitamins, antioxidants, and natural actives as Miracle Skin Transformer Face SPF20 to hydrate and nourish skin while also delivering powerful anti-aging benefits. 


Apply Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight SPF20 to clean skin. Use a pearl-sized amount and smooth onto face and neckline with fingertips. Apply more product to build coverage and to customize your look.


This one-step skin illumination product is one of the latest product launches from Miracle Skin Transformer.  I have already used a couple of their other products, which I love, so it is super exciting for me to review Spotlight with you.  Spotlight offers beautiful, light illuminating, pearlized pigments that instantly add a radiant glow to any skin tone.  This universal shade is infused with skin saving vitamins, antioxidants and natural actives to hydrate and nourish skin while also delivering anti-aging benefits.

There are so many reasons why I am totally smitten with this product.  When my skin looks dull it instantly adds a natural element of dewy, youthful glow to it, bringing it back to life!  I have said over and over again in past reviews that I try to only use products that multi-task, and Spotlight is a keeper!  It hydrates, soothes, protects with a 20 SPF, adds color and radiance to the appearance of your skin and so much more!

Everyone's skin is different, and each of us will have a slightly different experience with this product.  But universally we all will benefits from the anti-aging properties, the sun protection elements, the vitamin nourishment and the natural color and shimmer it brings to the appearance of your skin.  I think this product is lightweight, you only need a tiny amount of product, to achieve day long lasting benefits.

Next I recommend:
Size:  6 oz.
Price:  $20

Available via estheticians and online at


This ultimate hydrating skin gel calms, soothes and moisturizes dehydrated and irritated skin with natural organic botanical extracts. It is highly recommended as a comforting massage and ultrasound gel, combining the latest technology with organic natural ingredients which enhance a variety of biological functions resulting in added benefits. The calming gel immediately relieves burning, stinging, redness as well as irritated skin. It is also recommended as an excellent after shave gel that delivers instant and lasting comfort from shave irritation.


Apply on cleansed skin as needed. It is not necessary to rinse.  Can be used on all skin types.


When I first read about this product I was thinking it may not be a product I need because it is used a lot as an ultrasound gel.  But when I read on and learned that it also can be used to calm the skin, especially after shaving, I quickly discovered this is a product that I want to incorporate into my skin care and beauty routine.

The gel is lightweight and non-greasy and instantly is absorbed into your skin.  I am using this product on my legs, after I shave them, and it provides immediate hydration and relieves any irritation to my skin that results from shaving.  I have sensitive skin all over, so this calming gel really is ideal for me to use on any kind of irritated, dry, itchy or burning skin that is on my body.

The gel is comprised of all natural ingredients so I feel confident I can use it on just about any part of my body.  I was reading through some reviews about the product and one individual offered a tip that she added a drop of the gel and mixed it in with her foundation to add moisture and calming properties to her foundation.  I found that tip intriguing so I tried it.  And it is awesome!  My facial skin has some redness to it due to my rosacea and so I added just a small pump of the gel to my foundation and I was thrilled with the results!  

We had some overnight guests last weekend and I had this gel sitting on the counter in the bathroom.  One of our guests, who is male, saw it and used it after he shaved.  When he came downstairs he comments on how great his face felt from it and he wanted to know where he could get some.  Of course I had to tell him some of the uses for this product, he got a kick out of the ultrasound gel aspect, but it did not change his mind in that he wants this product so he can use it after shaving his face.

So as you can see, I have demonstrated that there can be endless uses for this versatile gel, depending on how your skin gets irritated and when it happens, allow this product to heal you safely and naturally!

Last but not least, here is a sensational lip gloss to try to get a gorgeous plump pout with lovely natural color!


Price:  $22-$24
Available at and


Our fresh and fun lighted lip gloss contains collagen peptides to boost moisture and fullness for the perfect pout. NUDE is a creamy, full coverage gloss, a sultry hue that pairs well with an ultra dramatic smokey eye or an everyday look. Our best-seller and a staple for any lip junkie.


I received the Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss in the stunning Nude Shade.  I can describe the color as being like the color of your lips, but more perfect!  It is obviously a natural soft color that enhances the natural color of your lips while the collagen peptides in the product work to increase lip volume and reduce lip wrinkles.  I love that this lip gloss doubles as an amazing moisturizer, the collagen peptides rapidly speed up cell renewal to increase lip size safely and painlessly.  I have thin lips, and often wish they were fuller and more noticeable.  And, this lip gloss does inflate them and gives them a thicker, plumper appearance. When I reapply the lip gloss often, it keeps that look going!

This lip gloss is available in dozens of fashion forward feminine shades of peach, pink and bronze that never feather or bleed.  I love that the lip gloss is lightweight, not too thick or gooey and it stays on for a long time without coming off the first time you take a sip of a beverage. It stays in place and the lighted lip gloss packaging allows you to apply it perfectly using the attached mirror on the side of the tube and the applicator stick that lights up!  It is so cool!  The lip gloss comes in a wide variety of pretty colors so you can make your lips look beautiful, feel ultra soft and improve the condition of them all at the same time.

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received the products outlined in this review for the purposes of this review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected

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REVIEW: Be New York Chic with Kushyfoot Fall 2014

It's October, the leaves are changing, there is a refreshing coolness in the air and with all that comes exciting new Fall and Winter fashions!  I don't know about you, but I am loving the resurfacing of wearing dresses and skirts!  For a while women stopped wearing them casually, they were reserve for dressier events, but now even for laid back occasions, women are opting to wear all different kinds of styles of skirts and dresses!  So it is appropriate that have this exciting opportunity to turn you onto some really sensational shaping tights and legwear from Kushyfoot!

I have had a long time love affair with my Kushyfoot products.  Since being introduced to them over 4 years ago from Lipton Publicity, they have been my favorite feet comforting products of all time.  Kushyfoot products have been exclusively designed with a reinforced sole that massages your feet with every step.  For long lasting wear and unmatched comfort, Kushyfoot products are my top pick this Fall and Winter season for tights, knee and ankle socks and of course the famous Kushyfoot flats to go.  You can look New York chic and cutting edge stylish, keeping your feet beautiful year-round, without having to sacrifice on comfort.


The terrific staff over at Lipton Publicity sent me a variety of Kushyfoot products to road test and review.  Two pairs of Kushyfoot tights, a set of Kushyfoot knee high trouser socks and a pair of Kushyfoot ankle socks, each of which possesses the exclusive massaging, reflexology inspired sole that enhances the wearing experience, keeping feet beautiful year round.

Kushyfoot is always designing unique products to assure that Kushyfoot comfort is available for every shoe, legwear and fashion need.  For Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Kushyfoot has come up with innovative styles that are very much on trend.  Smart legwear options, with all the benefits of Kushyfoot technology, are debuting and are available along with their best selling classics.

Kushyfoot is recognized for its chic, well-made, yet affordable tights that are a wardrobe essential for millions of women.  With skirts and dresses gaining fashion momentum, variations of boots are worn most of the year, making tights a top fashion accessory.

Kushyfoot products are available in over 10,000 stores around the nation and online, and in more than 40 styles.  Kushyfoot delivers unheard of comfort and high end quality at affordable price points. Prices may vary slightly from retailer to retailer, and you can also purchase Kushyfoot products from their website, however, they sell on a multi package basis.

Here are the details on the products I received:

Item #12205
Price:  $9.99
Available in Black
Sizes:  Medium and Large


Shaping tights are designed with a firm shaper that tames your tummy, hips and thighs. Tights feature a:

  • Built-in control top
  • Massaging sole for extra comfort
  • Reinforced toe for added durability


I received these Kushyfoot Shaping Tights in the color Black.  And, I find that they run true to size.  Wearing tights is not always a comfortable experience.  But thanks to Kushyfoot these Shaping Tights are not only instantly slimming and flattering, but they are super comfortable!  They keep my tummy flat and smooth, they frame my butt nicely, and they firm up my body from the waist down.  Now how awesome is that?!  I literally wore these tights from 1 pm until 7 pm and I barely felt I was wearing them.  The only thing I felt was my feet being gently massaged when I walked.  I also felt my legs were being supported, in a good way.

I also want to comment that I hand washed these tights in cold water and line dried them and they came out beautifully!  Just like new, so I am confident I will be able to wear them through the Fall and Winter season with no issues.  They are made of the finest quality and with the reinforced toes and my gentle care of them, they will stand the test of time.


Item #12200
Available in:  Black, Navy, Brown, Grey, Nude
Sizes:  Medium, Large, Plus
Price:  $6.99


Super soft opaque tights cover your leg with comfort and style. Great for everyday wear. Tights feature a:

  • Built-in control top
  • Massaging sole for extra comfort
  • Reinforced toe for added durability


I received these Kushyfoot Opaque Tights in the color Black.  And, I found that they do run true to size.  Again, another pair of extremely comfortable tights.  With the built in control top and super soft material, these are some of the most comfortable tights I have ever worn.  They do not offer as much support and shaping properties as the Shaping Tights, which is to be expected, but they sure do work their magic on keeping my stomach flat, my legs feeling supported and my feet from being fatigued.  These are ideal for daily wear, especially for long hours, you will not feel the least bit of discomfort wearing them for extended periods of time. I wore them for 10 hours, just for the purposes of this review, and they were actually blissful to wear.  I don't think I have ever said that about a pair of tights before.

As for washing, I am going to follow the same process for these opaque tights as I did for the shaping tights.  Hand washing them in cold water and line drying them.  I want them to last me all Fall and Winter so I am going to lovingly care for them.  Again, outstanding quality and fine materials will allow these tights to last a very long time.

Item #3497
Price:  $7.99 for the Pair (2)
Colors:  Navy/Black, Brown/Black, 2 Nude or 2 Black


Kushyfoot® knee highs are a must-have in every wardrobe, particularly for special occasion or office wear. Our flat knit opaque knee highs are designed with light graduated compression to improve circulation in the legs and prevent swelling. This style is available in four colors and features a:

  • Zig zag sole to protect the ball of your foot and provide extra cushioning
  • Reinforced toe for added durability


I received both a Navy and Black pair of these sensational Kushyfoot Flat Knit Opaque Knee High Trouser Socks.  I am not thrilled about wearing socks again, after having enjoyed wearing sandals all summer long.  But I am pleasantly surprised at how well I adapted to putting them on again, because it was these very socks that I have been wearing.  They are incredibly soft and comfortable and offer the same sole massaging benefits as with the tights.  

What makes these knee high socks so outstanding is that they also give such support to my lower legs, and I love the fact that they work to improve the circulation in my legs and prevent swelling from occurring when I am on my feet and running around all day long.  These truly are must haves for everyone!  You feet and legs will be so much healthier and happier!

The added cushioning in the soles and the exclusive zig zag design of them make it possible for me to wear even some of my more uncomfortable shoes and boots and not be as irritated by their discomfort with these socks on my feet.  

As with the tights I am not going to machine wash these.  I want to get as much mileage from them as possible, so hand washing them in cold water is going to be the route I take with them to insure they stand the test of time and the wear and tear I plan to give them.



I found these Kushyfoot ankle socks to be exactly the same in terms of quality and comfort as the knee high socks.  They are splendid!

This concludes my review.

A very special thank you to Lipton Publicity for providing me with the Kushyfoot products to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received the Kushyfoot products outlined in this review from Lipton Publicity for the purposes of this review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Kushyfoot in any manner. Registered & Protected

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REVIEW: Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1%

I recently discovered the Karin Herzog brand.  A few months back I reviewed the Karin Herzog Chocolate Face Moisturizer, which I am so enamored with, and now I am really excited to share with you my most recent discovery from the brand which is the Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% Cream.  When I first read the tag line for the product, "Breathe New Life Into Dehydrated Skin', it immediately caught my attention.  I've noticed that the exceptionally warm and humid summer we had really did a number on my skin.  As a result, I was searching for a product that would bring it back to life.  I believe I have found it in this intriguing and unique product from Karin Herzog.

Let me briefly introduce you to the Karin Herzog brand:

{Adapted from the Karin Herzog Press Release}

Karin Herzog is the world leader in oxygen-based skincare and is the only brand on the market to utilize patented-active oxygen in skincare. The line was founded 40 years ago after Dr. Paul Herzog was honored by the Nobel Institute for his research focused on the benefits of oxygen for the skin. Dr. Herzog’s esthetician wife, Karin, was then inspired to collaborate in incorporating his research into a skincare formulation, and the Karin Herzog line was born. 

The successful line, now 52 SKUs strong, which contains a myriad of products to address skincare concerns for the face and body, is located on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, and is still founding-family owned and operated. The Karin Herzog line is available at select spas and retailers around the world and via


I received a generous full-size 5.18 oz. tube of the fascinating Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% Cream with an accompanying application brush.

Before I share with you my thoughts on the product, let me provide you with all the details about it, because this product is one of the most innovative body moisturizers I have had the opportunity to use.


We are all born with perfect skin. As time passes, the fully oxygenated outer layer of skin we are born with shows signs of wear and tear. By the age of 25, there is already a significant decline in skin’s oxygen level, up to 40%. 

Why is oxygen so important to skin? It is an essential molecule for hydration. It provides cells with the water and energy needed to produce collagen fibers and elastin, which help to repair the skin. Most skincare products that claim to be formulated with oxygen are actually just pumped with air in order to create a fluffy consistency. Karin Herzog is the only brand to be formulated with patented “active oxygen,” which actually creates additional skin moisture.

The revolutionary Karin Herzog Oxygen Body was developed utilizing the brand’s patented active oxygen technology. This dual action body moisturizer provides deep hydration and gentle exfoliation in one treatment. Containing 1% active oxygen and mild fruit acids, Oxygen Body effectively removes dull skin cells while hydrating, softening and toning the skin. 


Deep Hydration and Gentle Exfoliation in One Body Treatment

This dual action body moisturizer contains 1% active oxygen and mild fruit acids to effectively remove dull skin cells while hydrating, softening and toning the skin. Enhanced with natural fruit oils, this body moisturizer is mildly antiseptic, helping to combat bacteria below the surface of the skin and reducing breakouts. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Hydrates and stimulates skin
  • Leaves it smooth and soft with long lasting hydration
  • Helps protect against bacteria
  • Helps to prevent breakouts and blemishes on the skin
  • Paraben and preservative free

Key Ingredients:

  • 1% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Apricot Oil
  • Citric Acid
  • Tartaric Acid
  • Glycolic Acid


Can be used either before or after a shower/bath. Apply a thin film to the body without massaging. Allow to penetrate fully or, if preferred, remove after 5 minutes by taking a shower or wiping the product off. Use daily. This may also be applied to the hands after water contact.

Special Note:

Due to the antiseptic properties of the oxygen cream, the product can be used as a hand sanitizer as well as to fight and prevent breakouts in other areas of the body prone to impurities. If additional comfort for the top layers is needed, we recommend the application of Tonus B12.


Active  oxygen  in  Karin  Herzog  products immediately  change from  the  liquid  to gaseous  form  once  coming  in  contact with the skin. It is important to not apply the product to your hands. Instead, apply  to  the desired part of skin, or activation will only take place on your hands.

Apply  product  to  Karin  Herzog  brush  or directly onto desired skin location.

Using  brush  or  light  touch  of  hand,  gently smooth  product  over  desired  location without massaging or rubbing in. A thin layer of product should be left on skin as it will be absorbed.

Allow  a  few  minutes for  product  activation to  take  place.  Depending  on  the  level  of oxygenation, you may notice a slight bubbling or tingling feeling, this is totally normal.

Wipe away any excess product from the skin.  You  may  notice  skin  has  become  lighter  or cooler to the touch, again this is normal. Each oxygen  molecule is  boding  with  hydrogen molecules  under  your  skin,  creating water and hydrating your skin from within. The light color will dissipate momentarily.


I am so in love with this truly splendid multi-tasking body cream!  I am always raving about products that multi-task because I want to get the most out of the products I use, and this one does not disappoint!  When I first read the application instructions I thought perhaps all the steps would be a 'con' rather than a 'pro' but honestly there is not one negative aspect about the application process or the product itself.  The positive results are worth the slight extra effort you have to put into applying the product.  And, I look at it like an at home, spa-like, pampering experience for me.

I also had a little concern that perhaps my sensitive skin may not react well with this product, because I have had issues in the past with other body products.  I am pleased to say my skin did not have any adverse reactions to this product at all.  No tingling, no redness, nothing.  In fact, my skin has never felt better or looked better since using it!

The first thing I noticed about the product is how rich, thick and creamy it is.  You only need to apply a thin layer of the product on your skin, so you do not need to use a lot at all.  A small dime size amount on the brush goes a long way.  I used the product on my arms, legs and neck/décolletage area shortly after showering.  It feels smooth and silky while applying, I did not experience any tingling or cool feeling, just a pleasant feeling.

I left the product on my skin for well over 10 minutes.  By the time I remembered I had it on myself, it had basically all been absorbed into my skin, so I had very little to wipe off.  My skin was left extremely soft, and very hydrated.  There is barely any noticeable scent to the cream which I really like because it does not interfere with colognes I want to wear. 

I think that the fact that this product not only hydrates and gently exfoliates your skin, but it also can serve to protect against bacteria and prevent blemishes and breakouts on the skin.  And, I am noticing that the hydrating benefits of the product are long lasting.

You can purchase the amazing Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% Cream by CLICKING HERE.

You can visit the Karin Herzog website by CLICKING HERE to learn more about the brand and the wonderful line-up of products offered there.

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received the Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% Cream from Karin Herzog for the purposes of this review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Karin Herzog in any manner. Registered & Protected

Thursday, September 25, 2014

REVIEW: SodaStream SOURCE Machine

I finally have an amazing SodaStream Machine!  I have been wanting one for the longest time, and for so many reasons.  So I am bursting with joy that I can now make the freshest, most pure and delicious tasting soda and sparkling water right in the comfort of my own home.  You can instantly transform water into fizzy, great-tasting, better for you soda!

Not only is it fun to make your own sparkling water and soda, it is also part of my ongoing "green journey" to be kinder to the environment and my efforts to cut way back on the amount of waste we throw away everyday.  No more lugging plastic soda and water bottles and cans from the store, less storage for them in your home and less disposing of bottles and cans!  Also, the SodaStream Machine is not powered by using any electricity!!  That feature is also a big plus to me.  There are so many ways to cut down on our carbon footprint and this new SodaStream Machine is one of them.

Before I get into my review, let me briefly introduce SodaStream to you:

{Adapted from the SodaStream Website}

At SodaStream each year we provide 1.5 billion liters of home-made soda to millions of homes worldwide, making us one of the largest beverage companies in the world.

We began introducing innovative solutions to the beverage market in 1903 with a system that enabled consumers to carbonate water at home.

Over the past century, we have continued to grow and innovate with an intellectual property portfolio that includes 65 patents and 198 trademark registrations worldwide.

Leading the market in technological advancements and quality products, our system enables you to carbonate water, add flavor and enjoy quality, better-for-you soda at home, just the way you like it. We are the world's largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of home carbonation systems with our machines being sold in over 60,000 retail stores, in 45 countries worldwide.

Today, we are leading a revolution against bottled and canned beverages, providing consumers with a better-for-you and better-for-the-planet alternative to store bought soda.

With a clear functional philosophy, everything we are and everything we do falls under the following three categories:

At SodaStream, we have over 100 years of history making better bubbles. We know better-for-you sparkling drinks can be easily enjoyed without the bottles, and invite everyone to join our soda revolution.

We make it SMART & SIMPLE because we really understand BUBBLES.


SodaStream manufactures and markets Home Carbonation Systems worldwide with a clear vision of benefiting consumers and our environment.

One global community, celebrating the bold achievement of a cleaner, healthier planet, made possible by each of us embracing simple, fun, responsible consumption.


Revolutionize the beverage industry - empowering people with simple, creative, fun ways to make and enjoy better-for-you, bottle-free bubbly beverages.


I received the innovative and may I add very stylish and chic looking SodaStream Source Machine.  I was very impressed with how simple and sleek the design of the Source SodaStream Machine is.  And, as I will demonstrate, how super easy it is to get started!  Here are the details on this state of the art Source Machine:

Price:  $99

NOTE:  There is a promotion going on right now that is you purchase a soda machine, you get 3 Free Flavor Syrups!  Limited Time offer so visit there now!!


What makes a product simply genius? A beautiful design. Simplicity. Convenience. And the fact that every time you use it, you are making the planet a cleaner place to live. Powered by a reusable CO2 canister, the refined mechanics of the all-new SodaStream Source make the entire top surface responsive to touch to quickly transform water into soda. An LED display indicates three levels of fizziness for precise carbonation with every use, while a new snap-lock bottle mechanism makes the Source even easier to use.

This package includes everything you need to make fresh sparkling water and soda in your own home.

This package includes:

  • Source soda maker
  • 1 BPA-free Reusable Carbonating Bottle 
  • Reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda Sodamix 
  • Variety 6 Pack

SodaStream partners with Yves Béhar, world-renowned designer and social entrepreneur - the result is the new Source, an elegantly-designed soda maker that combines beauty, functionality and efficiency. The elegantly redesigned carbonating bottle easily locks into place with a single-push motion. Powered by a CO2 canister, the refined mechanics of SodaStream Source make the entire top surface responsive to touch, and the strength of carbonation is visible through an LED display, providing instant, visual feedback.


Now that you have been introduced to the SodaStream Source Machine, there are really only 3 simple steps you need to take in order to get started and make your first bottle of Sparkling Water or Soda!!

This is what I unpacked from the box:

If you read the instruction book carefully and follow the super simple instructions, you can have your soda maker going in a matter of a few minutes.

I opened the back of the machine, which you can do with your eyes closed, you just insert your finger in the hole in the back of the machine and pull the back off.  Then you just screw in the Reusable carbonator, see the picture below.

Next, I filled the BPA-free Reusable Carbonating Bottle up with water up to the fill line and took out the variety pack of syrup flavors so I could decide which one I wanted to try first, I chose the Diet Cola!

The last step before starting to fizz the water is to attach the Carbonating Bottle full of water into the sodastream machine as picture below:

Once you hear the 'click' that the carbonating bottle of water is snapped securely in the machine, you can begin the fizz process.  There are 3 different levels of fizz:  light, medium and high 

All you do next is push down on the top of the machine, which is called the carbonating block, until the first LED light is illuminated and then you remove your hand pressure. That is all you need to do to make a lightly fizzed sparkling water.  The stronger the fizz, the more times you press down on the top of the machine, following the instructions in your manual, until the second and third LED lights illuminate.  It is basically just repeating the steps 2 or 3 times depending on your fizz preference.

You can either enjoy your newly fizzed up water as plain sparkling water, which in and of itself is so refreshing and delicious, or you can add your favorite syrups to your sparkling water to create your own homemade soda.  I added the diet cola syrup as shown in my picture and it is sensational tasting!


I wanted to briefly explain the steps involved in making your sparkling water and soda.  I had the manual right in front of me when I made the first bottle of diet soda, and took it step by step. It took less than 5 minutes and I went slow just to make sure I did it accurately the first time.  I also was trying to capture my pictures, so that slowed me down.

The second time I made soda, it took me less than 2 minutes.  It is really that easy and quick!  And really enjoyable and cool to do, especially as you watch the bubble form and rise as the fizz is being formed!  Something fun for the entire family to do together, and the kids love watching and participating in the action too!

The intuitive snap-lock bottle mechanism for effortless preparation makes this SodaStream Machine my new favorite kitchen device!  I think it is genius!  You can customize your carbonation level with innovative LED indicator lights.  And, enjoy great tasting soda in 30 seconds!

There are 60+ delicious syrup flavors to choose from and while you enjoy your soda varieties you are making the world a better place at the same time!

With the holidays around the corner, this is one of my top picks for holiday gift giving!  Or, what a fabulous birthday gift or new home gift idea, right?!  You can visit the SodaStream Website by CLICKING HERE to learn more about the variety of Machines they have to offer.  You will be so impressed!

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This concludes my review.

Disclosure:  I received the SodaStream Source Machine from SodaStreamUSA. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with SodaStream in any manner. Registered & Protected