Thursday, March 16, 2017

StyleWe: High Fashions for Women from Independent Designers

Last Summer I discovered StyleWe.  I can't quite remember how I stumbled upon the site, but it was one of the most exciting fashion website discoveries I had made in a long time.  I immediately signed up for an account, and began the fun process of browsing through the very extensive selection of high end fashions and "hearting" all the designs and designers I was falling in love with.  I am not sure which was more thrilling and alluring to me, the wide range of really couture looking designer pieces or the shockingly reasonable prices that these gorgeous designs are being offered at!  It was sticker shock in the best possible way!!  Let me introduce StyleWe to you where you can find everything from a unique Black Kimono to a fabulous Sequin Jumpsuit!!  You will have so much fun browsing through all the different categories of fashions and accessories, there is such a vast selection of gorgeous items!


{Adapted from the StyleWe Website}

StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. We are committed to providing shoppers with original, high quality, and exclusive fashion products from independent designers.

By working with cutting edge independent fashion designers from around the world, and combining them with our high quality production and digital marketing capabilities, we will turn the fashion designers’ dreams into reality by providing high fashion to customers worldwide.

Rather than just an online shopping store, we would like to create a community which will be shared by both designers and customers. The community will enable all parties to communicate, share ideas, and recognize each other. It would not only provide instant feedback for fashion designers when launching new concepts or products, but would also allow customers to share their shopping experiences and fashion dreams.

We bring together designers and fashion covering many different styles. We hope that every one of our customers will find their own unique and exclusive designer fashions at StyleWe.

We believe the fashion trend should not be controlled by the few, but rather be guided by the collective actions of every designer and fashion consumer. At StyleWe, our goal is to empower designers so that they no longer feel hidden behind the brand, but are able to proactively communicate directly with their customers throughout the entire fashion life cycle.

We believe fashion should be personal and diversified. Fashion designers should not cater exclusively to the rich and famous. We have dedicated ourselves to enabling talented fashion designers to build their own brands and achieve their dream. Together with our designers, we will deliver high quality designer fashions to everyone.

At StyleWe, we believe that every customer should truly enjoy Designers at Your Fingertips!!

Now that you have had a chance to learn about StyleWe and see a sampling of what they have to offer, take a trip over to their website to discover so much MUCH more!  Everything from handbags, shoes and jewelry to dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear etc. etc. etc.!!  You will not be disappointed at all the sensational items they have to offer, and all the marvelous designers that offer these high end, ultra couture designs at a fraction of what you would expect to pay for such top-notch items.

And, while you are at it, GET SOCIAL WITH StyleWe!!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


For me, there is youthful freedom kind of feeling when I wear a pair of flip-flops.  I like that carefree "young at heart" vibe that I get from walking around in flip-flops.  So when I received a sensational pair of really pretty flip-flops from Rider Sandals, I was thrilled!  They are stylish and super comfortable and I have been wearing them all Summer long!  Let me briefly introduce Rider Sandals to you.

{Adapted from the Rider Sandals Website}

The Rider line began in Brazil in 1986 with one of the world's largest shoe manufacturers, Grendene – the same company that introduced wildly popular "jellies" to the world in the mid 1970s. In fact, in Brazil, you don't put on your flip flops, you put on your Riders, which is a testament to their enduring popularity in a country that knows a thing or two about getting the most out of life.

In 1997 Rider came to the USA. To this day, Rider products are still designed and produced completely in Brazil. Rider’s existence is driven by a culture that celebrates an active, outdoor lifestyle and a spirit of freedom and self-expression. Rider sandals are born from Brazilians’ passion for life.


Riders aren't just a flip flop or a slide. They're an attitude, a reflection of a more laid-back way of life, and proof that you're unwilling to settle for less.

Rider makes some of the most popular casual sandals available, and millions worldwide adore them. Thoughtfully designed and beautifully durable, Rider sandals and thongs are made to conform to your foot, cushion every step, and accommodate your natural gate.

Rider's designers get their inspiration from extreme sports, fashion trends, and the great outdoors for styles that look as good as they feel, and are built to last. Rider sandals and thongs are crafted in Brazil in some of the most eco-friendly manufacturing plants in the world, and are the sandals of choice for millions worldwide. 


I received a really beautiful pair of Rider Sandals.  From the moment I laid eyes on them, then put them on my feet, I was enamored with them.  I find flip-flop style sandals are comfortable.  Some people disagree, and for those who think that flip-flops are uncomfortable or not easy to walk in, you will change your mind if you try on a pair of these!  Here are the details about them: 

Price:  $34
Available in Sizes:  5-11
Available in 4 Colors


Brazilian flair meets Rider comfort with our flirty wrap-toe sandal. This ultra-feminine style features a flexible jelly strap and floral stenciled pattern insole, which moves with you from day into night.


I think these sandals are so amazing!  Not only do they offer a splendid chic design, but they fit like a glove and feel so natural and effortless on my feet!  Honestly, once I put them on, I forget I am wearing shoes at all!  There have been days that I have spent the entire day wearing them, and never once felt that my feet hurt nor did I encounter any distress while wearing them.  I love how they make my feet feel!

They are visually lovely to look at, and they are rendered with very fine quality!  They are solid and durable and I have had no issues with them in terms of their construction.  They have been expertly crafted and I feel they will last me several seasons.

Here is a back side view of them:

It is nice to have a pair of flip-flop sandals that are versatile in that I can enjoy their comfort with my most casual of outfits as well as with my dressier outfits, especially sun dresses!  These sandals work with all my favorite Summer outfits and I have received a lot of compliments about them.

The insoles of these flip-flops add such noticeable comfort that I literally walk with that extra bounce in my step!  They are intelligent in that they seem to know just how my feet move and I find that extremely unique about these flip-flops compared to any I have ever worn before.

I am so impressed with these divine Rider sandals, that I plan to purchase another pair to wear to enhance more of my outfits and provide me with continued pleasure while wearing them.  I cannot express how extraordinary these sandals make my feet feel.  I give them my highest recommendation! This concludes my review.

You can visit the RIDER Sandals website directly by CLICKING HERE.

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Disclosure: I received a pair of Rider Glamour IV Flip-Flops from Brazilian Footwear as a result of an online promotion. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Rider in any manner. Registered & Protected

Monday, August 29, 2016

REVIEW: PATCHOLOGY FlashMasques The Five Minute Sheet Mask Collection

In the past I was never crazy about facial masks, or any kind of body masks.  No special reason, I just never had any real luck in seeing any visible improvements to my skin after applying them.  So, I rarely bothered with them since I sort of felt they were a waste of time and effort.  That is until now!!  I recently discovered a most innovative brand called  Patchology.  Patchology is such a cool name for a company that has created a line of patches that tackle your skin's problem areas with luxurious and effective patch solutions. Think patches for cellulite, acne, dark spots and wrinkles. Think patches for the forehead, lips, hands and even legs.  Intriguing huh, and let me tell you these patches are amazing!  You see immediate results from the moment you remove them!  Before I get into my review, let me briefly introduce Patchology to you.

{Adapted from the Patchology Website}

patches make perfect

Puffy eyes. Deep wrinkles. Age spots. Raise your hand if you’ve got a specific skincare problem that you can’t seem to shake. (We’ve been there, too.)

You’ve probably used traditional creams to address those issues—and while they’re fine as an overall defense, persistent, particular problems demand more targeted, powerful treatments.

That’s where Patchology comes in. Created to make those little imperfections a little more perfect, it’s a spot-on solution for your most specific skincare concerns.

ready to revolutionize your skincare?  we deliver

If you’re looking for radical results, it’s time to think beyond the jar and bottle. The good news? You don’t have to go as far as the needle or scalpel.

Patches aren’t just for medicinal use anymore—ours are loaded with today’s most effective cosmeceutical ingredients, carefully researched and selected for their proven performance. But what makes them truly unique is that each patch treatment is engineered with Patchology’s proprietary technologies, which deliver those potent ingredients to your skin with an efficiency and effectiveness that topical formulas simply can’t match. 

It all adds up to ultra-targeted solutions that get the job done—and a must-have addition to your skincare routine. Discover Patchology and get your fix.


I received the 3 box set of Patchology FlashMasques Collection from Patchology.  Exfoliate, Hydrate and Luminate.  Each box contains 8 individual facial sheets that are so drenched in ingredients it feels like a wet sheet on your face.  An instant soothing feeling.  Here are the three different facial sheet options:

Illuminate FlashMasque™ Facial Sheets

Price:  $50


Improve Lackluster, Dull and Uneven Skin Tone... in a Flash!

Illuminate FlashMasque™ Facial Sheets help reveal fresh-faced radiance by evening skin tone and giving new life to a lackluster-looking complexion. Our highly advanced, luxurious masque material accelerates delivery of essential ingredients Licorice and Grapefruit Seed Extracts.

This super-charged brightening treatment delivers results in just 5 minutes; traditional sheet masques can take up to 20 minutes. Formulated with our proprietary HydraSurge5™ Moisture System for added luminosity. Dull, lackluster skin vanishes and you’re left with balanced tone and brighter, glowier, more youthful-looking skin.

Research Results - Single 5 minute use study with 100 participants:

  • 98% felt their skin was not optimally illuminated before using the mask
  • 96% said it boosted their skin’s vibrancy
  • 95% said their skin looked balanced, radiant and revitalized

Ideal for:  Dull, lackluster skin and uneven tone.

Included: 8 Facial Sheets 


A brightening booster for sure!  Note, you receive 8 FlashMasques in a box, I only show 4 in my picture because that is all I have left!  This is my favorite of the 3 FlashMasques!  I cannot express enough how these facial sheets instantly improve the appearance and condition of my skin.  I am one that believes in getting the very most out of my products, so I have been leaving these masks on for 20 minutes.  I cannot say how much improvement will be visible after 5 minutes, because I wore them for the full 20 minutes.  But, I suspect even at 5 minutes the powerful ingredients can work their magic.

From the moment you pull the facial sheets out of their individually packaged packets, you can feel how soaked they are.  There is probably double the amount of ingredients in each one, that is how saturated they are. I carefully open each one up and lay it over my entire face.  I put some extra seconds in patting down the sheet to ensure that every nook and crevice of my face was covered, as best I could.

The facial sheets feel dreamy on your face.  You feel their wetness and you feel that they are there on your skin, and they are super comfortable.  You do not feel any harshness nor stinging, no adverse reactions whatsoever.  

After the 20 minutes you lift the sheets off of your skin and you experience that ah-ha, "wow" moment as you witness how noticeably improved the condition of your skin is.  It is at that moment that you feel total bliss!

At the end of each application I noticed my skin was more luminous, radiant, glowing, more even toned, more vibrant, you get the idea.  I love LOVE these FlashMasques!


Hydrate FlashMasque™ Facial Sheets

Price:  $50


Refresh, Plump and Hydrate Thirsty Skin... in a Flash!

Hydrate FlashMasque™ Facial Sheets deliver a mega-dose of moisture designed to quench, refresh and plump the look of thirsty skin. Our highly advanced, luxurious masque material accelerates delivery of essential ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5. 

This super-charged boost of hydration delivers results in just 5 minutes;traditional sheet masques can take up to 20 minutes. Your skin gets the vital moisture it craves leaving it silky, replenished and youthfully plush and dewy.

Research Results - Single 5 minute use study with 100 participants: 

  • 100% said their skin felt instantly hydrated
  • 98% said their skin’s moisture felt restored
  • 98% said it smoothed and softened their skin

Ideal for:  Dry skin types or any time skin is fatigued and dehydrated.

Included: 8 Facial Sheets 


A mega-dose of hydration indeed!  If you want to instantly put your skin on the fast track to getting the ultimate boost of hydration, then these facial sheets are for you!  If you have tired and dry skin, these facial sheets are a quick and easy way to transform your skin and bring it back to life!

I feel the exact same way about these Hydrating FlashMasques as I do about the Illuminate FlashMasques.  You apply the hydrating facial sheets in the same manner as you do the others.  Again, I left the hydrating facial sheets on for 20 minutes, the maximum amount of time.  

After I removed the facial masks, I again experienced that same thrilling feeling of being able to immediately see a measurable different in the appearance of my facial skin.  It felt smoother and softer to the touch, it looked healthier and more nourished, a more dewy appearance, a more youthful appearance which had me smiling from cheek to cheek!


Exfoliate FlashMasque™ Facial Sheets
Price:  $50


Reveal Brighter and Healthier-Looking Skin... in a Flash! 

Gently removes dead skin cells to reveal healthier-looking skin. Our highly advanced, luxurious masque material accelerates delivery of essential ingredients Lactic Acid and Papain to help achieve a smoother, more refined-looking complexion. 

This super-charged exfoliating treatment delivers results in just 5 minutes; traditional sheet masques can take up to 20 minutes. Formulated with our proprietary HydraSurge5™ Moisture System so you don't have to sacrifice essential moisture during exfoliation. Skin is polished to perfection and you’re left with soft, renewed and re-texturized skin.

Research Results - Single 5 minute use study with 100 participants: 

  • 99% said their skin appeared healthy
  • 98% said their skin texture appeared softer and smoother
  • 87% said fine lines appeared softer

Ideal for: Skin with rough, uneven texture and a drab appearance.

Included: 8 Facial Sheets


Super-charged exfoliation, in a gentle, non-irritating method!  That is what comes to mind when I describe these Exfoliating FlashMasques.  I used these Exfoliating FlashMasques exactly as I used the other two types, and left them on for the full 20 minutes.

When I removed the facial sheets it was as if I had a fresh canvas,  my face was me, only a more improve version of me!  I looked more alive, my skin was renewed, not as dull, it definitely looked healthier and more rejuvenated.  I could tell that all those icky dead skin cells had gone away.  

If you want to achieve fast, instant results in 20 minutes, I highly recommend using any one of these 3 truly sensational FlashMasques.  You know your skin, you know what it feels like to wear it, so you can pick and choose the FlashMasque that you think your skin will benefit more from at that given moment.  I have been using each of these types of FlashMasques a few times a week and honestly, I cannot imagine my life without them now.  They are pampering but even more so, treatment for my skin that I did not realize it needed until I began using them.

You can purchase these FlashMasques from the Patchology website by CLICKING HERE.  They are also available at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

This concludes my review.

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Disclosure: I received the 3 box Patchology FlashMasques Collection from Patchology.  This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Patchology in any manner. Registered & Protected

Saturday, August 27, 2016

REVIEW: HYDROXATONE Skin Perfecting Air Cushion Compact

Do you want picture perfect looking skin?  If you said yes, then I have the perfect solution to tell you about that will instantly give your skin an overhaul.   It is always thrilling for me to discover a foundation-like product that multi-tasks to make my skin look measurably improved, almost perfect.  For some of us, the journey to achieve perfect skin is easy, and then for people like me, the task is more difficult.  So when I heard about an innovative new foundation from Hydroxatone called Skin Perfecting Air Cushion Compact, the product peaked my interest.  I jumped at the opportunity to try it because I am always looking for makeup that is going to make my skin look better than it really is, protect it from the sun, and maintain a natural looking skin tone.  This products delivers on all counts, and so much more!   Here are the details about it:


Liquid foundation meets that latest technology; An ultra-light weight, luxurious liquid foundation is enveloped in a breakthrough, cushion.  It delivers the perfect application, with beautifully blendable and truly customizable coverage.  A fresh, natural, dewy finish and feel.  Smooths lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, delivers brighter, and more radiant skin, while providing broad spectrum protection.

Hydroxatone Skin Perfecting Air Cushion Compact With Refill
Price: $49
Available In: Light, Medium and Tan

Available for Purchase at:  Kohl's HERE, Ulta HERE and you can search online for additional locations.


THE COMPACT:  You can take "flawless" with you; the easy to carry compact provides for on-the-go fresh application and touch-ups.  With the press of a pad, the new cushion technology dispenses the perfect portion for customizable coverage.

THE FORMULA:  This air-light, liquid formula glides on, delivering high-impact hydration and a high-definition finish.  It applies effortlessly and is beautifully buildable.

THE RESULT:  Color-quenched skin.  Coverage that corrects, protects, illuminates, brightens and hydrates.  It instantly reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone, corrects imperfections, and delivers a flawless, dewy, comfortable, and natural finish.


Lightweight, liquid formula is enveloped in a Korean inspired air cushion.  Product refill provided.  The pad picks up and delivers a precision application and allows for customizable application and control.

Available in three mineral-tinted shade choices:

  • Light for fair skin with neutral undertones
  • Medium for light beige skin tones
  • Tan for golden skin tones


I received the skin perfecting air cushion compact in the medium shade. This is no ordinary foundation.  It is a foundation, BB cream, a treatment for the skin and a protector from the sun!  And,  it is a perfect match for my skin tone, which is often hard for me to find since I am in between a light and medium skin tone.  Excuse the messy applicator pad in my picture, I did not realize until after I applied my first application, that I had made such a mess, I was hurrying and anxious to see the results!

As you can see from my image above, that you do not need to use very much product to achieve the full benefits of this foundation.  I did not even fill in the compact's pad for the first application, a little product goes a long way!  I am so impressed with this product!  First thing, it is a creamy light weight texture.  It glides on smoothly and like silk, and seems very sheer, yet it completely evens out my skin tone and makes it look flawless.  A truly fascinating product!  My skin looked more luminous, with a healthy dewy glow!  And, the foundation even filled in my fine lines and wrinkles, this product really multi-tasks!

It is super easy to release the product from the compact and onto the foam pad, which is included.  You simply tap the foam pad onto the compact pad, and it releases the ideal amount of product for which you apply to your skin.  It took about 4 individual taps for me to cover my entire face with the product.

I have uneven skin tone, a ruddy complexion, and a few breakout spots.  It took literally no effort at all on my part to quickly and effectively cover my entire face with the product and all of these issues were covered up leaving no visible sign of them.  I did not even have to add additional coverage build up to hide these problem areas.  I am totally enamored with this foundation.

And, not only is this a foundation, but it has ingredients in it like Rose Water to keep skin hydrated, Matrixyl 300 a peptide that helps firm and give an anti-wrinkle effect, SymGlucan an oat derivative that helps to maintain healthy skin and Sodium Hyaluronate that helps restore skin's elasticity.  These ingredients do so much more too!  I love knowing I am using a product that is not only hiding my imperfections, but improving my skin as it is doing so!

When I was finished with the first time application of this product my face looked flawless, natural and for the first time in a very long time, like a perfect canvas with which I was able to add a little blush, lip gloss and mascara and I was good to go.  The total time it took me to apply the foundation was less than 2 minutes!  How is that in terms of a quick and easy way to achieve a flawless complexion.

I cannot express enough how awesome this foundation is.  And, at a price point of $49 you get a refill pack with it!  That is like getting 2 foundations for the price of one.  I am not sure how long the first foundation pack is going to last, as I just began using it, but since a little bit of product goes a long way, I am thinking perhaps a month or so.  This product receives my highest recommendation.  I am over the moon thrilled and happy with it.

This concludes my review.

You can visit the Hydroxatone website directly by CLICKING HERE to learn more about this innovative brand and the wide range of skin care product that they offer.

You can Follow Hydroxatone on Facebook HERE.

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Disclosure: I received the Hydroxatone Skin Perfecting Air Cushion Compact from Hydroxatone for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Hydroxatone in any manner. Registered & Protected

Friday, August 26, 2016


Let's face it, cases for our laptops and tablets can typically be pretty boring, right?  And try finding a briefcase that doesn't resemble the kind you remember the door to door salesman carried when he went around ringing doorbells decades ago.  Oh yes, they all can be pretty mundane and ordinary.  Yet we all have to find a way to transport our electronic devices around with us as we travel through life, so these kinds of cases are vital in our lives.  I recently discovered Bombata Bags and Cases.  These are by no means your standard laptop and tablet cases.  And, the briefcases they have designed and created don't look anything like something the door to door salesman would carry.  Rather, the cases look like something a savvy, professional, trend setting individual would carry!  Bombata Bags and Cases will house all your business and personal essentials in one fashion forward magnificently designed case that is sure to catch the eye of those around you, and for those who watch your carbon footprint, they are also vegan friendly and "cruelty free".  I have quickly fallen in love with Bombata.  The bright and colorful cases are such an excellent way to carry your devices around with you, and they add some pizzazz and spice to your everyday look!  They make staying organized so easy, and they make traveling less stressful!  That is why they are one of my top picks for this season's holiday gift giving!

Let me introduce Bombata to you all:


{Adapted from the Bombata Website}

Bombata was founded in Italy in 2009 and to further expand Bombata growth to the Americas, Bombata USA was opened in 2013. Bombata USA visual identity and collections are inspired by the famous Italian designer Fabio Guidoni.The talented creator has already worked for some of the best brands worldwide either in the fashion or home decoration industry.

Bombata is a colorful collection of briefcases, laptop and tablet cases. Bombata Collection was born from the idea to revisit a product generally considered to be too serious and updated in a fashion and fun manner. The result is a functional and original case with great value for money.

It is a versatile collection that will be at home in a variety of stores whether it is for its playfulness, its style, its functionality or its prestige. We already list amongst our clientele the most prestigious boutiques and hi-end departments stores.  Bombata shows its collection in the most famous international trade shows worldwide. Our Collection is in continuous development to keep up with an ever changing electronic market to ensure that our designs are always up to date.

Typically laptop bags and briefcases are solely functional and unexciting. Infusing fun, fashion and exclusive flair, the Bombata Collection marries designer Fabio Guidoni’s technical expertise with his fashion sensibilities. Armed with a technical – mechanical design degree, this fashion protégée brings in the swagger to a mundane product.


I received a variety of key Bombata bags, cases and accessories to review.  I was able to get a very up close and vivid idea of all the fabulous products Bombata has to offer.  I had imagined in my mind what I thought Bombata cases would be like, and once they arrived and I was able to hold them, open them, examine them, all the design elements far exceeded my expectations.  Rather than repeat the same thing for each item I am reviewing, let me just say, without a shadow of a doubt, that each case and accessories is rendered of the finest quality!  Each item is outstanding, and truly does stand out from the ordinary.  So here are some of Bombata's signature products:


Price:  $109.95
Available in:  Turquoise, Black, Red, Orange and Taupe


Designed in Italy, Bombata® bags are ideal to carry your laptop. Available in a variety of colors, they are the perfect accessory for both men and women. Made of vinyl and PVC handles, the Cocco Bold Bombata case has plenty of space for a change of clothes for that overnight trip, or one night getaway, along with a compartment for a 13" laptop.

Product Specs:

  • Fits up to 13" laptop screen
  • Bag dimensions (15" x 11.4" x 5")
  • Velcro straps to hold laptop secure
  • 1 compartment for a change of clothes
  • 1 zippered pouch for documents, pens/pencils
  • 1 combination zipper lock for traveling
  • Made of Vinyl and PVC handle
  • Designed in Italy 


There are so many desirable design elements to this most versatile, distinctive overnight laptop bag.  It is absolutely perfect for the business person who is on the go!  There is a place for everything you typically bring with you when you spend an overnight away from home.  I am often organized in my mind, but when it comes to packing and ensuring I bring everything I need with me when I leave home, often I am forgetful.  So having a sleek, intelligently designed bag like this makes it effortless for me to be more organized.  I know precisely what I need to pack just by looking inside this marvelous case, and appropriately packing into it what I know each slot is for, and making sure it is filled.  I know where my tablet goes, I know where my clothes go, I know where to put paperwork, it is a no-brainer with this ultra fine bag.

I want to comment on the durability of this overnight bag.  It is extremely well crafted, a hard case that can withstand a busy lifestyle.  I was very impressed with how well made the bag is, and I have no doubt that it will stand the test of time, the test of being used and abused by a busy traveler, and it will still come out looking like the superior quality bag that it originally was when you first acquired it.

I have to admit, I do tend to stick with basic colors like black, navy, brown and beige when it comes to handbags and laptop cases.  That is because I want it to match my outfits and those colors seemed most versatile.  So when I feasted my eyes on this bright, bold, snakeskin embossed turquoise bag, it was scary good.  Scary because it was a bit out of my comfort zone in terms of color, but good because it was such a vibrant appealing color.  And, I quickly discovered how adaptable the bold turquoise color is, it works with many of my outfits!  I've paired it with black, brown, beige, navy, red, yes red!  I no longer feel the need to stick with traditional colors, now that I have seen how a color like this turquoise bag makes all my outfits "pop" with new life.

I remember many years ago a wise person once gave me fashion advice.  She said don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want!  That includes everything from head to toe and even your laptop bag.  So, if you want to dress to impress, and leave a lasting first impression, this is the laptop bag for you.  You can use it daily, you can use it for overnight's away from home, you can use it in whatever circumstance your day to day journey takes you on.

A final note, this highly functional bag comes with a silver shoulder strap that makes transporting your device and gear very comfortable and easy.  The shoulder strap is adjustable so you can tailor it to the height that best suits your comfort zone.  Also, to protect and secure your belongings, you have the option to lock your bag, in a most uniquely designs side lock.  Every single attention to detail has been considered in the innovative design of this remarkable bag.

Price:  $65
Available in:  Black, Navy Blue, Red, Pink, Cobalt Blue, Charcoal, Orange, Brown, Classic Yellow, Green and Violet


Designed in Italy, Bombata ® bags are ideal to carry your laptop. Available in a variety of colors, they are the perfect accessory for both men and women. Made of vinyl and silicon handles, the Classic Bombata case has plenty of folders and pockets to store extra items, such as documents, folders and laptop cables.

Product Specs:

  • Fits up to 15.6" laptop screen
  • Bag dimensions (17" x 13" x 2.8")
  • Velcro straps to hold laptop secure
  • 3 compartments for documents
  • 1 zippered pouch and sleeves for pens/pencils
  • Made of Vinyl and silicone handles
  • Comes with a dust bag and an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Designed in Italy 


Ladies, if you want to give the impression of confidence and power, then this is the laptop bag for you!  It is a laptop bag that will keep your laptop safe and secure and your documents and work essentials organized.  It is a most functional laptop bag that will carry your past, present and future.  It came with the black shoulder strap so you can carry the bag or wear it over your shoulder.  You can also purchase colorful shoulder straps of your choice, such as the pink shoulder strap you see in the picture. 

What I think is so important to note is that these vinyl laptop bags are not only durable, colorful, and expertly designed to keep you organized, but they are also waterproof and easy to clean because of the vinyl material they are made of.  They may appear solid and rugged, because they are, yet they are very lightweight to carry.  I like that fact.  They look extreme, and they are, but they won't weigh you down.  You can keep them looking brand new with just the wipe of a damp cloth.  Also, the zippers are so easy to open and close.  The zippers are heavy duty and will not come off track if you tug at them too hard.

This classic Bombata laptop case has velcro straps to keep your laptop secure, lots of pockets to keep your cables and pencils, etc. and it is durable enough to be used everyday as not only a means to carry your gear, but also serve as a high end designer fashion accessory.  It comes in a colorful array of bold colors that will bring delight to you and those around you.  Consider this for your holiday gift giving this season.  Everyone needs a bag to carry their devices and gear around in, and this one is extraordinary.  

Price:  $27.50
Available in:  Charcoal, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Cobalt Blue, Violet, Black, Brown and Red


New from Bombata®, the travel wallet is great addition to the current accessory line. The perfect compliment to the existing laptop and tablet cases, the Travel wallet Bombata® has the same style of the design awarded briefcases. Available in multiple colors, this Italian design is sleek, modern and lightweight.  

  • Dimensions: 9.64” x 5.51 “ 1.38 “ (24.5x14.0x3.5cm)
  • Weight: 8.8 Oz (0.230 Kg) 
  • Comes in a Black gift box.
  • Designed in Italy by Fabio Guidoni 


The moment I saw this sensational Bombata clutch travel wallet I thought of my nephew.  He travels all over the country and all over the world and I knew this was a wallet he would be so psyched to have.  It is just the right size for someone who travels a lot and wants to keep all their travel documents, credit cards, flight itineraries, etc. in one safe, easy to access place.  

The wallet comes in a prestigious Bombata Gift Box, it is reasonably priced and will be the perfect gift for the jet setter in your life.  The wallet is feather light to carry and/or pack, the zipper closure makes it easy to open and close and the wallet looks professional and contemporary.  No more rummaging through your pockets, or purse to find your flight ticket, passport or credit cards.  You know exactly where they are with this sophisticated wallet.

Price:  $14.90
Available in:  Gold Tone or Silver/Black


Bombata Keyring Charm. Measures Approx.: 3.5"x1.4"x0.2" (9x3.5x0.5 cm).  Comes in Black gift Box


Do you know someone who is already a fan of Bombata Bags?  If so, then this distinctly gift boxed key ring with charm is a perfect gift!  It has the Bombata logo on the bottom right corner of the charm, and attached to the charm is a strong key ring that can hold several keys.  I think it is marvelous and will make a fantastic gift to pair with a Bombata Laptop Bag this holiday season.

Price:  $7.95

Available in:  Yellow, Green, Violet, Black, Pink, Red, Orange, Cobalt Blue and Gray


Bombata Shoulder Strap.  Adjustable length.  Can be used with any Bombata Bags (Can also be used with most of the non-Bombata briefcases in the market).


You can purchase vibrantly colored Bombata Shoulder Straps to mix and match with your Bombata Bags or use to add new life to your existing laptop bags.  One simple switch of the strap can instantly transform the look of your bag!

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