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Let's face it, cases for our laptops and tablets can typically be pretty boring, right?  And try finding a briefcase that doesn't resemble the kind you remember the door to door salesman carried when he went around ringing doorbells decades ago.  Oh yes, they all can be pretty mundane and ordinary.  Yet we all have to find a way to transport our electronic devices around with us as we travel through life, so these kinds of cases are vital in our lives.  I recently discovered Bombata Bags and Cases.  These are by no means your standard laptop and tablet cases.  And, the briefcases they have designed and created don't look anything like something the door to door salesman would carry.  Rather, the cases look like something a savvy, professional, trend setting individual would carry!  Bombata Bags and Cases will house all your business and personal essentials in one fashion forward magnificently designed case that is sure to catch the eye of those around you, and for those who watch your carbon footprint, they are also vegan friendly and "cruelty free".  I have quickly fallen in love with Bombata.  The bright and colorful cases are such an excellent way to carry your devices around with you, and they add some pizzazz and spice to your everyday look!  They make staying organized so easy, and they make traveling less stressful!  That is why they are one of my top picks for this season's holiday gift giving!

Let me introduce Bombata to you all:


{Adapted from the Bombata Website}

Bombata was founded in Italy in 2009 and to further expand Bombata growth to the Americas, Bombata USA was opened in 2013. Bombata USA visual identity and collections are inspired by the famous Italian designer Fabio Guidoni.The talented creator has already worked for some of the best brands worldwide either in the fashion or home decoration industry.

Bombata is a colorful collection of briefcases, laptop and tablet cases. Bombata Collection was born from the idea to revisit a product generally considered to be too serious and updated in a fashion and fun manner. The result is a functional and original case with great value for money.

It is a versatile collection that will be at home in a variety of stores whether it is for its playfulness, its style, its functionality or its prestige. We already list amongst our clientele the most prestigious boutiques and hi-end departments stores.  Bombata shows its collection in the most famous international trade shows worldwide. Our Collection is in continuous development to keep up with an ever changing electronic market to ensure that our designs are always up to date.

Typically laptop bags and briefcases are solely functional and unexciting. Infusing fun, fashion and exclusive flair, the Bombata Collection marries designer Fabio Guidoni’s technical expertise with his fashion sensibilities. Armed with a technical – mechanical design degree, this fashion protégée brings in the swagger to a mundane product.


I received a variety of key Bombata bags, cases and accessories to review.  I was able to get a very up close and vivid idea of all the fabulous products Bombata has to offer.  I had imagined in my mind what I thought Bombata cases would be like, and once they arrived and I was able to hold them, open them, examine them, all the design elements far exceeded my expectations.  Rather than repeat the same thing for each item I am reviewing, let me just say, without a shadow of a doubt, that each case and accessories is rendered of the finest quality!  Each item is outstanding, and truly does stand out from the ordinary.  So here are some of Bombata's signature products:


Price:  $109.95
Available in:  Turquoise, Black, Red, Orange and Taupe


Designed in Italy, Bombata® bags are ideal to carry your laptop. Available in a variety of colors, they are the perfect accessory for both men and women. Made of vinyl and PVC handles, the Cocco Bold Bombata case has plenty of space for a change of clothes for that overnight trip, or one night getaway, along with a compartment for a 13" laptop.

Product Specs:

  • Fits up to 13" laptop screen
  • Bag dimensions (15" x 11.4" x 5")
  • Velcro straps to hold laptop secure
  • 1 compartment for a change of clothes
  • 1 zippered pouch for documents, pens/pencils
  • 1 combination zipper lock for traveling
  • Made of Vinyl and PVC handle
  • Designed in Italy 


There are so many desirable design elements to this most versatile, distinctive overnight laptop bag.  It is absolutely perfect for the business person who is on the go!  There is a place for everything you typically bring with you when you spend an overnight away from home.  I am often organized in my mind, but when it comes to packing and ensuring I bring everything I need with me when I leave home, often I am forgetful.  So having a sleek, intelligently designed bag like this makes it effortless for me to be more organized.  I know precisely what I need to pack just by looking inside this marvelous case, and appropriately packing into it what I know each slot is for, and making sure it is filled.  I know where my tablet goes, I know where my clothes go, I know where to put paperwork, it is a no-brainer with this ultra fine bag.

I want to comment on the durability of this overnight bag.  It is extremely well crafted, a hard case that can withstand a busy lifestyle.  I was very impressed with how well made the bag is, and I have no doubt that it will stand the test of time, the test of being used and abused by a busy traveler, and it will still come out looking like the superior quality bag that it originally was when you first acquired it.

I have to admit, I do tend to stick with basic colors like black, navy, brown and beige when it comes to handbags and laptop cases.  That is because I want it to match my outfits and those colors seemed most versatile.  So when I feasted my eyes on this bright, bold, snakeskin embossed turquoise bag, it was scary good.  Scary because it was a bit out of my comfort zone in terms of color, but good because it was such a vibrant appealing color.  And, I quickly discovered how adaptable the bold turquoise color is, it works with many of my outfits!  I've paired it with black, brown, beige, navy, red, yes red!  I no longer feel the need to stick with traditional colors, now that I have seen how a color like this turquoise bag makes all my outfits "pop" with new life.

I remember many years ago a wise person once gave me fashion advice.  She said don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want!  That includes everything from head to toe and even your laptop bag.  So, if you want to dress to impress, and leave a lasting first impression, this is the laptop bag for you.  You can use it daily, you can use it for overnight's away from home, you can use it in whatever circumstance your day to day journey takes you on.

A final note, this highly functional bag comes with a silver shoulder strap that makes transporting your device and gear very comfortable and easy.  The shoulder strap is adjustable so you can tailor it to the height that best suits your comfort zone.  Also, to protect and secure your belongings, you have the option to lock your bag, in a most uniquely designs side lock.  Every single attention to detail has been considered in the innovative design of this remarkable bag.

Price:  $65
Available in:  Black, Navy Blue, Red, Pink, Cobalt Blue, Charcoal, Orange, Brown, Classic Yellow, Green and Violet


Designed in Italy, Bombata ® bags are ideal to carry your laptop. Available in a variety of colors, they are the perfect accessory for both men and women. Made of vinyl and silicon handles, the Classic Bombata case has plenty of folders and pockets to store extra items, such as documents, folders and laptop cables.

Product Specs:

  • Fits up to 15.6" laptop screen
  • Bag dimensions (17" x 13" x 2.8")
  • Velcro straps to hold laptop secure
  • 3 compartments for documents
  • 1 zippered pouch and sleeves for pens/pencils
  • Made of Vinyl and silicone handles
  • Comes with a dust bag and an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Designed in Italy 


Ladies, if you want to give the impression of confidence and power, then this is the laptop bag for you!  It is a laptop bag that will keep your laptop safe and secure and your documents and work essentials organized.  It is a most functional laptop bag that will carry your past, present and future.  It came with the black shoulder strap so you can carry the bag or wear it over your shoulder.  You can also purchase colorful shoulder straps of your choice, such as the pink shoulder strap you see in the picture. 

What I think is so important to note is that these vinyl laptop bags are not only durable, colorful, and expertly designed to keep you organized, but they are also waterproof and easy to clean because of the vinyl material they are made of.  They may appear solid and rugged, because they are, yet they are very lightweight to carry.  I like that fact.  They look extreme, and they are, but they won't weigh you down.  You can keep them looking brand new with just the wipe of a damp cloth.  Also, the zippers are so easy to open and close.  The zippers are heavy duty and will not come off track if you tug at them too hard.

This classic Bombata laptop case has velcro straps to keep your laptop secure, lots of pockets to keep your cables and pencils, etc. and it is durable enough to be used everyday as not only a means to carry your gear, but also serve as a high end designer fashion accessory.  It comes in a colorful array of bold colors that will bring delight to you and those around you.  Consider this for your holiday gift giving this season.  Everyone needs a bag to carry their devices and gear around in, and this one is extraordinary.  

Price:  $27.50
Available in:  Charcoal, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Cobalt Blue, Violet, Black, Brown and Red


New from Bombata®, the travel wallet is great addition to the current accessory line. The perfect compliment to the existing laptop and tablet cases, the Travel wallet Bombata® has the same style of the design awarded briefcases. Available in multiple colors, this Italian design is sleek, modern and lightweight.  

  • Dimensions: 9.64” x 5.51 “ 1.38 “ (24.5x14.0x3.5cm)
  • Weight: 8.8 Oz (0.230 Kg) 
  • Comes in a Black gift box.
  • Designed in Italy by Fabio Guidoni 


The moment I saw this sensational Bombata clutch travel wallet I thought of my nephew.  He travels all over the country and all over the world and I knew this was a wallet he would be so psyched to have.  It is just the right size for someone who travels a lot and wants to keep all their travel documents, credit cards, flight itineraries, etc. in one safe, easy to access place.  

The wallet comes in a prestigious Bombata Gift Box, it is reasonably priced and will be the perfect gift for the jet setter in your life.  The wallet is feather light to carry and/or pack, the zipper closure makes it easy to open and close and the wallet looks professional and contemporary.  No more rummaging through your pockets, or purse to find your flight ticket, passport or credit cards.  You know exactly where they are with this sophisticated wallet.

Price:  $14.90
Available in:  Gold Tone or Silver/Black


Bombata Keyring Charm. Measures Approx.: 3.5"x1.4"x0.2" (9x3.5x0.5 cm).  Comes in Black gift Box


Do you know someone who is already a fan of Bombata Bags?  If so, then this distinctly gift boxed key ring with charm is a perfect gift!  It has the Bombata logo on the bottom right corner of the charm, and attached to the charm is a strong key ring that can hold several keys.  I think it is marvelous and will make a fantastic gift to pair with a Bombata Laptop Bag this holiday season.

Price:  $7.95

Available in:  Yellow, Green, Violet, Black, Pink, Red, Orange, Cobalt Blue and Gray


Bombata Shoulder Strap.  Adjustable length.  Can be used with any Bombata Bags (Can also be used with most of the non-Bombata briefcases in the market).


You can purchase vibrantly colored Bombata Shoulder Straps to mix and match with your Bombata Bags or use to add new life to your existing laptop bags.  One simple switch of the strap can instantly transform the look of your bag!

This concludes my review

You can visit the Bombata website directly by CLICKING HERE to learn more about this outstanding brand.

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Disclosure: I received the items outlined in this review from Bombata for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Bombata in any manner. Registered & Protected


I cannot think of a better holiday gift for the outdoor enthusiast than this built for toughness CASIO G-SHOCK WATCH!   Women and Men will be thrilled with all the exciting features this brilliant and ultra resilient watch has to offer!  No matter how many extreme sports you enjoy participating in, on land and in the water, this watch is going to survive even the most brutal of conditions, and come out a winner.  You cannot destroy it!  It is superior to most watches in this modest price range, which is affordable for everyone!  Here are the details:

Price:  $150


Built on a solid platform with 200M water resistance, employing Alpha Gel technology and offering a long-life 10-year battery, this red Heathered Series G-Shock offers a unique new look with G-Shock resilience.


  • 10 Year Battery
  • Shock Resistant
  • 200M Water Resistant
  • Alpha Gel (R)
  • Auto LED (Super Illuminator) Backlight with Afterglow
  • Flash Alert: Flashes with buzzer that sounds for alarms, hourly time signal, countdown timer progress beeper and stopwatch auto-start
  • World Time: 29 times zones (48 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/off
  • 3 Multi-function alarms (2 one-time alarms and 1 snooze Alarm)
  • Hourly time signal
  • 1/100 second stopwatch:  Measuring capacity: 23:59'59.99",  Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times, Other: 5-second auto-start
  • Countdown Timer:  Measuring unit: 1 second,  Input range: 1 minute to 24 hours (1-minute increments and 1-hour increments),  Others: Auto-repeat, Progress beeper
  • Full auto-calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
  • 12/24 hour formats
  • Button operation tone on/off
  • Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per month
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Approximate battery life: 10 years
  • Module: 3420
  • Case size / Weight: 57.5 x 53.9 x 20.4mm (over 2 inch case width) / 79g 


I know you all have someone in your family that is difficult to purchase gifts for.  Here I have taken all the guess work away for you.  This Casio G-SHOCK watch is the perfect gift for someone who thinks they have everything!  Who doesn't love a new watch?  Who doesn't enjoy some type of outdoor sport?  Who these days does not live an active lifestyle?  Who has never experienced something they love dropping and breaking?  I am sure you answered YES to all this, right?  So why not give someone a most unique gift this holiday season.  A watch that seriously, will never break!  A watch that can handle any accident your hectic lifestyle can bring on.  A watch that is so unisexually cool, is that even a word, that anyone who wears it, or receives it as a gift, is going to be thrilled with.

The color RED for me as always symbolized confidence and power.  The color RED is bold, it is strong, and it represents power.  This ultra cool RED HEATHERED watch symbolizes all that we strive to be.  So proudly wear a watch that is going to take all that you believe in, and get you to where you want to go.  You read all the features the watch has to offer, I can say it delivers on them all, in an outstanding manner.

The watch is comfortable on my rather small wrist, and it is just as comfortable on a men's wrist.  It made be made for a man, but any woman can carry it off too!  I love LOVE the color red, and it seems to be made for my active lifestyle!  I love to roller blade, I am an avid volleyball player, and if I fall, it is shock resistant!  I recommend this watch for anyone who wants to be able to exceed in all that they do, from anywhere in the world, with just the simple touch of a button on their watch.

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received the Casio G-SHOCK watch outlined in this review from Emi for Love. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Emi in any manner. Registered & Protected

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The Remington Triple Infusion Hair Straightener is the most innovative flat iron I have ever used!  What sets it apart from others are the 1” ceramic plates that are infused with special conditioners for 80% less frizz, 86% more shine, and 90% smoother, sleeker hair! Keratin, argan oil, and macadamia oil work the magic, nourishing your hair during one-pass straightening for fast, beautiful results. Plus, professional 455°F high heat and extra-long floating plates make styling fast and easy. 

Several times a week I want to transform my wavy, frizz prone hair into one of those sleek, ultra straight chic styles that you see in all the magazines and on many female celebrities.  I have used a variety of different flat irons in order to achieve silky smooth straight hair, but so far the Remington Triple Infusion Straightener performs above and beyond any that I have previously used.


The holidays are around the corner.  You want to look and feel glamorous throughout the season, and into the new year.  But time is going to get the best of you, because there is never going to be enough of it.  You want your hair to look like you spent an hour on it, but actually you only have 10 minutes.  Well, coming to your rescue is the Remington Triple Infusion Straightener.  Not only is it going to quickly and effectively style your hair, but it is going to triple treat it at the same time.  Now how awesome is that?  I kid you not, here are the details about it:

Price:  $39
Item No.:  S7740


  • Triple Infused Plates
  •  Extended Floating Plates 
  • 455°F Heat 
  • 30-Second Heat Up 
  • Auto Shutoff and Pouch 
  • Digital Controls 
  • Swivel Cord 

What is Triple Infusion?

Remington’s Triple Infusion gives hair a healthy, lasting shine. Keratin, argan oil, and macadamia oil are infused into the ceramic plates to transfer into hair during styling.

How does the flat iron work?

A range of conditioners combines with the frizz-fighting ceramic plates to keep hair radiant and beautiful. Plus, the high heat speeds up straightening and makes styles last.


There are so many exciting features about this Remington Triple Infusion Hair Straightener that make it a must have hair tool!  It is so easy to use, I did read the instructions before using it, but the design is intuitive, ergonomically perfect, so really anyone can use it immediately with no learning curve.

It may pack a powerful punch in terms of all the benefits that it will give your hair, but it is lightweight and effortless to use.  That's what makes it so appealing and at a price point of $39, run don't walk, and get this tool into your beauty arsenal!

It basically works like other flat irons, but with more features.  To operate is fast, like the snap of a finger!    Plug the straightener in, press and hold the ON/OFF button at the right (see below) until the device turns on and the LCD lights up.

Then you adjust the temperature using the temperature buttons, which are to the left of the ON/OFF button.  The display will flash when the unit heats up, and then glow steadily when it has reached the selected temperature.  The straightener will beep when it reaches your desired temperature.  All this takes only 15 seconds which is remarkable!

Make sure your hair is dry and free of tangles before you use this straightener.  Then divide your hair into manageable sections and clip the upper layers on top of your head, out of the way.  Work with underneath layers first.

Test the styler on a small section of your hair, then adjust the temperature up or down before styling the rest of your hair.

A few features I want to make sure to mention are:

As the straightener is heating up there will be a pulsating (flashing).  When the device is fully heated to your desired temperature, the pulsating will stop, and the correlating bars 1-3 will be displayed and the display will show the temperature.  This makes it easy to know right away that you are at the accurate temperature you want.

There is a Turbo Mode which brings the straightener temperature right up to 450 degrees and you can quickly get it there 2 seconds by holding down the "+" button.  If you want to deactivate the Turbo Mode, just hold down the "-" button and you will return to normal function mode.

There is a Temperature Lock Mode which ensures your straightener will stay at your desired temperature for the entire duration of straightening.  Too activate this you press and hold the "-" button for 2 seconds and the LCD will display the lock symbol.  To Unlock you again press and hold "-" button for 2 second and the lock symbol will disappear from the LCD and you will be back in normal function mode.

If for some reason you are rushed and forget to turn off your straightener, have no fear, the Automatic Safety Shutoff will turn the unit off after approximately one hour.

This professional flat iron as a closing lock to make the unit easier to store.  To lock the iron simply squeeze the plates together and turn the switch to the locked position.  To unlock, turn the switch to the unlock position.  I love this feature because space in the bathroom is so limited!  Also, you receive as a bonus a nifty handy Heat Protective Pouch to store your straightener in.  Love it!

My final notes are going to be around what I experienced using this exceptional Triple Infusion Straightener.  My hair is thick, coarse and tends to be frizzy.  So achieving silky smooth super straight hair is often a challenge.  And, it can take up to 1/2 hour to get it there.  With this straightener I was able to get my hair perfectly straight in 15 minutes, half the time it typically takes me.

After using this straightener, my hair was healthy and shiny in appearance!  My hair looked frizz free, totally smooth and sleek, as if I had come from my hairdresser!   The straightener boasts it offers will provide your hair with up to 10 hours of humidity protection.  Why, oh why, did I not have this over the Summer!  I really could have used this on all those humid days!  And, I want to mention how smooth the glide is.  With those triple infused plates transferring keratin, argan and macadamia oil on your hair as you use it, helps make sliding the plates along your hair so comfortable and easy.  

I highly recommend getting this straightener so you can create contemporary, stylish, fashion forward hair styles all throughout the Fall and Winter season, and especially during the holiday season.  And, at $39, consider purchasing this as a gift for someone.  Imagine their surprise when they receive the most innovative styling tool ever!

This concludes my review.

You can visit the Remington Ready website HERE to discover their wide, and I mean extremely abundant, amount of product offering.  Tools for Women and Men that are not just related to hair, but all kinds of tools to keep you looking your personal best.

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Disclosure: I received the Remington Triple Infusion Straightener from Remington for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Remington in any manner. Registered & Protected

REVIEW: PHILIPS FL3X Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What did we ever do before bluetooth and wireless technology?!  It wasn't that long ago that we were juggling with messy chords!  And look how fast we've become accustomed and used to the freedom that wireless technology brings us.  One of my favorite ways to enjoy wireless technology is with music, the ability to listen to music from wherever I am.  And, it is awesome how powerful and clear that music can be if you have the right devices.  So I am super psyched to introduce you to a nifty wireless portable speaker from Philips that provides you with excellent sound quality, distortion free music, in a flexible body that allows you to control the level of bass you want to hear.


At the peak of summer I received a sensational Philips FL3X wireless portable speaker.  I own a couple of other wireless speakers, so it was not hard for me to be able to judge and compare this one to my others.  At a price point of less than $39.99, only $33.47 at, this is an incredible deal, especially when you received such superior music quality from it.

Here are the details on the Philips FL3X:

Philips FLEX BT2000B/37 Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker (Black/White)

Price:  $33.47


Bring music to your adventures with a compact, rugged and easily carried speaker that can be strapped to any bag. Anti-clip technology gives better sound for its size. When you want more just pull it open. Music lasts for half day.

  • Anti-clipping function for loud, distortion free music
  • Pull out the speaker for better quality sound
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Up to 12 hours music playtime Built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere 


I've been enjoying an outstanding rockin' Summer of music for the past few months because of this fabulous FL3X speaker.  I find the sound quality to be brilliant!  Very clear, very pure, listening to a variety of different genre's of music!  What is the neatest feature of this speaker is that you can listen to music with the body of the speaker compressed, for less bass music action, or you can pull out both ends of the speaker, so the speaker is fully expanded, and you will hear bass sound like you could never imagine could come out of such a small speaker.  I think the splendid extreme bass sound will totally impress you, so I choose to listen to my music with bass flood gates fully open!

I would say I am fairly experienced in terms of being tech savvy, but I am sure that anyone can get this speaker going.  You do not have to be a tech geek to hook it up, it is so intuitive and easy!  As long as you have a wireless bluetooth compatible smart phone, kindle, ipad, tablet, laptop, any device that holds your music, you can get this up and functioning!

Once the speaker is fully charged, it takes a minute, two at the most, to pair it with your device.

If you want an affordable priced portable bluetooth speaker to listen to all your favorite music tunes with, then I highly recommend the Philips FL3X.  You can place it on a table or any flat surface for hands free listening, or take advantage of the sleek wrist strap that it comes with, and stroll around your favorite haunts with music at your fingertips, well actually on your wrist, but you get the idea!

The holidays are around the corner, this is perfect for making a holiday gathering festive.  And with the extra long battery life of  at least 12 hours, a punch of fine quality music using a discreet device that takes up little room.  Or better yet, surprise your family and friends with this as a gift!  What better gift, than the sounds of perfect tone music!

The FL3X comes in a couple of different color combinations other than the white and black I have.  Blue/Green, Red/Black, Yellow/Black, so whatever your preference is, you will love the hip and cool allure of its "flex" design.

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received a Philips FL3X Wireless Portable Speaker from Philips. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Philips in any manner. Registered & Protected

Saturday, December 19, 2015

REVIEW: HYDROXATONE Skin Perfecting Air Cushion Compact

The holidays are here, and the New Year is around the corner and you want to look your best, right?  And, no matter what you wear, if your skin isn't looking healthy and glowing, you won't feel confident or happy about yourself.  I have the perfect solution to tell you about that will instantly give your skin an overhaul.   It is always thrilling for me to discover a foundation-like product that multi-tasks to make my skin look measurably improved, almost perfect.  For some of us, the journey to achieve perfect skin is easy, and then for people like me, the task is more difficult.  So when I heard about an innovative new foundation from Hydroxatone called Skin Perfecting Air Cushion Compact, the product peaked my interest.  I jumped at the opportunity to try it because I am always looking for makeup that is going to make my skin look better than it really is, protect it from the sun, and maintain a natural looking skin tone.  This products delivers on all counts, and so much more!   Here are the details about it:


Liquid foundation meets that latest technology; An ultra-light weight, luxurious liquid foundation is enveloped in a breakthrough, cushion.  It delivers the perfect application, with beautifully blendable and truly customizable coverage.  A fresh, natural, dewy finish and feel.  Smooths lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, delivers brighter, and more radiant skin, while providing broad spectrum protection.

Hydroxatone Skin Perfecting Air Cushion Compact With Refill
Price: $49
Available In: Light, Medium and Tan

Available for Purchase at:  Kohl's HERE, Ulta HERE and you can search online for additional locations.


THE COMPACT:  You can take "flawless" with you; the easy to carry compact provides for on-the-go fresh application and touch-ups.  With the press of a pad, the new cushion technology dispenses the perfect portion for customizable coverage.

THE FORMULA:  This air-light, liquid formula glides on, delivering high-impact hydration and a high-definition finish.  It applies effortlessly and is beautifully buildable.

THE RESULT:  Color-quenched skin.  Coverage that corrects, protects, illuminates, brightens and hydrates.  It instantly reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone, corrects imperfections, and delivers a flawless, dewy, comfortable, and natural finish.


Lightweight, liquid formula is enveloped in a Korean inspired air cushion.  Product refill provided.  The pad picks up and delivers a precision application and allows for customizable application and control.

Available in three mineral-tinted shade choices:

  • Light for fair skin with neutral undertones
  • Medium for light beige skin tones
  • Tan for golden skin tones


I received the skin perfecting air cushion compact in the medium shade. This is no ordinary foundation.  It is a foundation, BB cream, a treatment for the skin and a protector from the sun!  And,  it is a perfect match for my skin tone, which is often hard for me to find since I am in between a light and medium skin tone.  Excuse the messy applicator pad in my picture, I did not realize until after I applied my first application, that I had made such a mess, I was hurrying and anxious to see the results!

As you can see from my image above, that you do not need to use very much product to achieve the full benefits of this foundation.  I did not even fill in the compact's pad for the first application, a little product goes a long way!  I am so impressed with this product!  First thing, it is a creamy light weight texture.  It glides on smoothly and like silk, and seems very sheer, yet it completely evens out my skin tone and makes it look flawless.  A truly fascinating product!  My skin looked more luminous, with a healthy dewy glow!  And, the foundation even filled in my fine lines and wrinkles, this product really multi-tasks!

It is super easy to release the product from the compact and onto the foam pad, which is included.  You simply tap the foam pad onto the compact pad, and it releases the ideal amount of product for which you apply to your skin.  It took about 4 individual taps for me to cover my entire face with the product.

I have uneven skin tone, a ruddy complexion, and a few breakout spots.  It took literally no effort at all on my part to quickly and effectively cover my entire face with the product and all of these issues were covered up leaving no visible sign of them.  I did not even have to add additional coverage build up to hide these problem areas.  I am totally enamored with this foundation.

And, not only is this a foundation, but it has ingredients in it like Rose Water to keep skin hydrated, Matrixyl 300 a peptide that helps firm and give an anti-wrinkle effect, SymGlucan an oat derivative that helps to maintain healthy skin and Sodium Hyaluronate that helps restore skin's elasticity.  These ingredients do so much more too!  I love knowing I am using a product that is not only hiding my imperfections, but improving my skin as it is doing so!

When I was finished with the first time application of this product my face looked flawless, natural and for the first time in a very long time, like a perfect canvas with which I was able to add a little blush, lip gloss and mascara and I was good to go.  The total time it took me to apply the foundation was less than 2 minutes!  How is that in terms of a quick and easy way to achieve a flawless complexion.

I cannot express enough how awesome this foundation is.  And, at a price point of $49 you get a refill pack with it!  That is like getting 2 foundations for the price of one.  I am not sure how long the first foundation pack is going to last, as I just began using it, but since a little bit of product goes a long way, I am thinking perhaps a month or so.  This product receives my highest recommendation.  I am over the moon thrilled and happy with it.

This concludes my review.

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