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I am so excited to be back blogging again! It is with such enthusiasm that I kick off my return here with news about some sensational skincare products from MAYLÁN Skincare! MAYLÁN Skincare is going to be the first of many reviews that are part of my Things we LOVE for SUMMER 2011 Guide. Did you know that MAYLÁN means Natural Beauty. Specially formulated for sensitive skin, their premium products achieve superior results through a careful blend of nature, art and science. The gentle yet effective products will not abruptly peel away the skin’s surface or cause burning and redness. What I love most about the MAYLÁN products is that although they can be used on all skin types, for those with sensitive skin will particularly benefit from them. I have very sensitive skin so for me discovering MAYLAN Skincare is fabulous! The products are natural, gentle and so very effective in bringing out the best in your skin and making your skin so radiantly healthy! And, in the heat of the warm summer months, when your skin needs tender loving care from all of the outdoor elements, using fine, lightweight, pure products is essential to keeping your skin glowing and healthy. Let me introduce this most innovative skincare company to you:

Adapted from the MAYLAN Skincare Website}


About 18 years ago, I realized that my youth was fading away. Parts of my face were developing pockets; I had to take care of my skin before it got worse. I bought and tried several expensive anti-aging products from major skin care companies. However, my skin's pockets and lines worsened. Several products caused me to develop rashes; even Clinique's products--supposedly suitable for sensitive skin--caused me to break out! In hopes of a solution, I turned to my husband Henry, who had over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development, and asked him to develop a gentle but effective anti-aging cream.

After extensive research and development, Henry created an anti-aging moisturizer delicate enough to revitalize my sensitive skin. With only one use, my skin's pockets and lines began to fade. My co-workers and friends complimented me on my skin's improved tone and texture. Upon learning of my skin care regimen, they asked to try Henry's moisturizer. When I began to share the moisturizer, co-workers and friends enjoyed using it so much that they suggested it to their friends. This success via word-of-mouth encouraged me and Henry to develop the product for sale. Thus, our Daily Moisturizing Cream was born.

Over the next several years, with helpful feedback from customers, friends and advisors, my husband expanded our product line to include the Overnight Silk & Honey Rejuvenating Cream, the Natural Botanical Toner, the Natural Herbal Cleanser, and an Eye Cream and added SPF 30 to our Daily Moisturizing Cream. We hope to develop natural hair care products and a men's skincare line in the future.

Today, I am in my 60's. I have been using
MAYLÁN products for nearly two decades now. With consistent use of MAYLÁN products, I do not have any wrinkles or pockets on my face. People I meet are always shocked to learn my true age; even salon beauticians comment on the firmness of my skin. The best thing about MAYLÁN products are that they not only moisturize, but they also can repair damaged and aging skin.

Over the years, customers who have sensitive skin or skin ailments have shared their personal struggles finding the right skincare products. Many were not able to use other popular skincare products, but they were able to use ours. In fact, these customers told us that even when they used MAYLÁN products for a short period of time, their dermatologists immediately recognized an improvement in their skin's condition.

It is our sincere hope that with even with a day's use of
MAYLÁN Skincare, that you too will find perfect harmony with your skin.

Winnie Chan, Co-Founder
MAYLÁN Skincare


MAYLÁN's products are created through a careful blend of art and science. Using the most cutting-edge science and techniques, pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Chan focuses on developing skincare products specifically formulated for sensitive skin that do not peel away the skin surface or cause the burning and redness of so many chemically intensive mainstream products. By remaining true to his roots in eastern philosophy and his goal of pulling out your skin's natural beauty, Dr. Chan employs advanced western technologies in ways that only enhance the natural ingredients in his products, not destroy them.

When skin ages, either through natural processes or due to overexposure to environmental hazards, the generation of new skin cells slows or is impaired. The skin's lipid layer thins, producing a smaller barrier from the external environment that can cause the skin to become dry and rough, resulting in wrinkles. Dr. Chan combats this with his advanced Regenecel System, which works to repair and regrow damaged skins cells, and the world renowned Marine Filling Sphere technology. These leading scientific methods enable MAYLÁN's products to repair damaged skin, diminish wrinkles, and give your skin a healthier, fresher look/


The folks over at MAYLAN Skincare are so gracious, generous and most of all very patient! They provided me with the products to review & then had to wait for me to complete it when I took my unplanned break from blogging so I could deal with family issues. So, the good news is, I have had a chance to use the products for well over 30 days which now allows me to share with you my positive experiences with them and results I have noticed with my skin. These are the fantastic products I've been using:

First the:

Triple Acting System Eye Cream Net wt 0.5 oz (15g)
Price: $70.00


MAYLÁN's Triple Acting System Eye Cream is a cutting-edge, triple acting system that instantly works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. First, the silk proteins in this formula immediately fill in fine lines and imperfections on the skin¿s surface, creating a picture perfect soft focus effect. Second, the clinically proven active ingredient, Marine Filling Spheres, deeply penetrate into the varying layers of the skin. This biotechnologically advanced ingredient acts as a molecular sponge, quickly replenishing lost moisture to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections. Third and most importantly, the unique combination of antioxidants, essential vitamins, emollients and collagen in this eye cream formula protects and repairs. It is the triple acting eye cream developed for the most discerning consumer.


Dispense a small pea-sized amount of MAYLÁN's Triple Acting System Eye Cream onto your finger tip. Dab and gently massage the cream around the eye area until completely absorbed. For best results, use two to four times a day.


Truly a small amount of the Triple Acting Eye Cream does go a long way. I faithfully have been using this product twice a day, as part of my morning skincare routine as well as my nightly skincare ritual. Two times a day works with my busy schedule and is more than adequate for my needs around the delicate eye area.

The first thing you notice about this product is the very light, subtle refreshing scent. It is hardly noticeable, but it's a clean pleasant fragrance that make apply it nice. The texture of the product is lightweight and creamy. The color is white and you pump a very small amount of it out and gently dab it around your entire eye area. It glides over your skin beautifully, silky and your skin almost immediately absorbs it's richness right in. It seems to be perfect for the needs around my eye area, complimenting the appropriate level of hydrating and nourishment that is required for my skin.

I really liked that once my skin soaked in the luxuriousness of this product, no greasy look or feel was discernible and you could not tell that any product had been applied there. My skin was left soft and moisturized and ready for me to move forward with my typical makeup routine.

After using this product for well over a month, the condition of the skin around my eye area does appear noticeably smoother. I had the beginnings of a few fine lines around the outer corners of my eyes, and they have become less visible. I also think the area around my eyes is softer, and my undereye concealer glides on much nicer than prior to my using this product. I am thrilled with the results thus far!

The second product I tried is:

Silk And Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream Net wt 1 oz (29g)
Price: $70.00


MAYLÁN's Silk and Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream is an extra rich yet fast absorbing treatment cream with healing properties. It was designed with a particular philosophy in mind: natural but slower processes will provide long-term healthy results rather than immediate gratification through harsher means. With continual use, Silk and Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream gently lifts away and removes the skin-dulling dead cells on the surface of your face. This effective overnight cream nourishes the skin's vital layers with a blend of over 10 natural and naturally derived skin conditioning agents and vitamins. This proprietary formula penetrates the skin rapidly, and builds a protective barrier. Vitamins A, E and D nourish your skin. Finally, silk and honey heals and renews your skin. You wake up to a smoother, healthier complexion.

Those with very dry, mature skin will benefit from using this as their daily face cream as well as their overnight treatment cream.


Cleanse face thoroughly and massage a pearl sized amount gently and evenly over face and neck using upward strokes until fully absorbed. For extra dry skin use this cream day and night. Do not use with other skin exfoliating products.


Oh my goodness, this one is a keeper! It is one of the most superior night creams I have used! It smells so lovely, a really soft natural scent, and the texture is light and dreamy creamy! You can feel the silk and satiny consistency of the cream immediately! It is thick enough that it doesn't drip, but it basically melts into your skin as you effortlessly glide it over your skin. My skin wanted to absorb ever single bit of it! My skin suffers from a touch of rosacea, I have some dry red patchy areas and so I used this cream both morning and night! It was not too heavy on my skin at all, nor was it too emollient. It seemed to adapt to my skin's needs which made using this product such a pleasure.

After using this product for well over a month now my skin definitely appears more vibrant and luminous! I felt is was looking rather dull and lifeless after our long, harsh winter and now my skin seems to have come alive and just looks healthier and radiant. I like that some of my dry, red areas seem less visible and irritated after washing. While I think I will struggle with my mild rosacea for the rest of my life, when I can find skin care products that are going to work harmoniously with my skin to help me to achieve naturally hydrated and nourished skin, that is always going to help to alleviate some of the symptoms caused by my rosacea, those are products that I am going to want to continue to use and incorporate into my daily skin care routine.

In addition to the products I have described in my Review, I was sent small samples of the following 3 products, and for the short time I had to use them, I found them all to be equally as effective as the full size products I've been using:

MAYLÁN's Natural Herbal Cleanser

Description: MAYLÁN's Natural Herbal Cleanser is formulated to be mild yet effective. It is soap free and alcohol free. Fruit and herbal extracts gently and thoroughly lift away make-up and impurities without stripping your skin of moisture, never leaving you with a dry tight feeling as many other cleansers do. Green tea and sea kelp extracts provide potent antioxidants to help sooth, nourish and protect skin as you cleanse, leaving your face fresh, calm, and clean.

MAYLÁN's Natural Botanical Toner

Description: MAYLÁN's Natural Botanical Toner moisturizes and refreshes while calming and toning the skin. This unique formulation rejuvenates the skin returning it to its natural brilliance, leaving it incredibly smooth and soft. The infusion of fruit and botanical extracts refine your pores, gently purify and provide a protective barrier to boost the skin¿s natural moisture. The innovative balance of vitamins and natural honey extract support cellular regeneration. One customer exclaimed that the ingredients in our formulation make it practically "good enough to drink!" This naturally fragranced, alcohol-free formula is effective for all skin types and should be used daily to refresh and energize the skin.

Face Firming and Moisturizing Daily Cream SPF 30


It has been well established that sunlight's UV rays contribute to the premature aging of skin leading to wrinkles, skin cancer and other serious skin damage. MAYLÁN's Face Firming and Moisturizing Daily Cream SPF 30 was designed to provide ultra protection against sun damage with SPF 30 protection while nourishing your face. This emollient-rich cream penetrates and moisturizes the skin without leaving behind a greasy feel as many other sunscreen products often do. The proprietary combination of free radical fighting agents, and vitamins along with botanical and silk extracts, help to refine skin texture while preventing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Use as a foundation or alone for at least 15 minutes before heading out in the sun for complete coverage.

This concludes my review. You may visit
MAYLÁN Skincare by CLICKING HERE to learn more about this exceptional company, their Philosophy and discover how MAYLÁN Skincare can transform your skin into the healthy skin it was meant to be!

You can follow MAYLÁN Skincare on TWITTER to stay on top of all their product happenings by CLICKING HERE

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A very special thank you to
MAYLÁN Skincare for providing me with products to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received the two products described in my Review from MAYLÁN Skincare for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with MAYLÁN Skincare in any manner. Registered & Protected


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Hi! MAYLAN is having a huge Holiday sale at the moment! Buy 1 full size product (minus the eye cream) receive the corresponding travel piece, absolutely free! You save 30% for each product you purchase! Be sure to place your order on or before December 16th, 2011 in order to receive them by Christmas.

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