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REVIEW: HAIRMAX The Science of Hair Growth

Hair loss, not a subject that is a very pleasant one for most people.  But the reality is, that a number of people suffer from hair loss, or thinning of the hair.  Hair loss can be caused by so many factors. It can be depressing or even traumatic for those experiencing it.  But, the positive news is that there is help out there for those who are having trouble with thinning hair, hair loss, or for those who want to prevent hair thinning or hair loss to occur.

There is a very innovative system that can help you nurture your hair back to health.  I am here to introduce this fascinating new system called HAIRMAX and share with you my experience using one of the products within this system.  So here is a brief introduction to HAIRMAX

{Adapted from the HAIRMAX Press Release}

Founded on the principle of providing men and women with the most advanced hair loss treatments and hair growth products on the market, HAIRMAX is dedicated to providing products that consistently meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of consumers.  The new HairMax for density Collection enhances, invigorates, revitalizes and fortifies  weakening hair follicles for thicker, healthier looking hair.

The collection can be used on its own but is also scientifically formulated to enhance the effects of the HairMax LaserComb, the first and only laser phototherapy medical device on the market that has been FDA cleared for at-home-use to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth in men and women suffering from certain classes of hereditary hair loss.  HairMax first began development of their at-home-use laser phototherapy system in Australia.  Since 2000, the product line has grown to include three Hair Max LaserComb models and the most advanced hair growth products on the market.

My Review is only the tip of the iceberg on the technology behind this brand and information on the products they offer.  You can visit the HairMax Website directly by CLICKING HERE to discover more about this outstanding brand of hair growth products and devices.


I was sent a full-size bottle of HAIRMAX for Density Conditioner.  I am so appreciative to have a chance to experience one product from this very innovative hair loss treatment brand.  Although I personally do not have an issue with hair loss at this point in my life, I would like to prevent hair loss from every occurring to  me, so I plan to use this product as a precautionary measure.  Plus, I love the way the product smells and works for my hair!

Here are the details:

New HAIRMAX for density Collection ~ HAIRMAX for density Conditioner
Price: On Sale for $18



A sulfate free, botanically infused conditioner that deeply hydrates your strands, retaining moisture to strengthen and protect your hair. This restorative, lightweight formula rinses free without leaving behind residue that can weigh hair down. A combination of argan oil, plant extracts and nutrients, restores vitality and leaves your hair full, silky, and more manageable.


The invigorating blend of menthol and peppermint oil in this conditioner smells so energizing and invigorating to my senses, so imagine how much my scalp and hair loves it!  I have coarse hair and I found this conditioner to be ideal for the summer.  Lightweight yet effective in conditioning my hair and leaving it feeling hydrated and restored.  I love that it did not leave any trace of buildup on my hair, yet it made my hair feel that it had been adequately conditioned.

The product is rich and luxurious, very creamy and easy to work through the strands of my hair.  I play special attention into massaging the conditioner into my scalp as well as working it from the roots of my hair all the way down to the ends.  I found it pleasurable to do, not a task I had to do, because of the beautiful aroma the product filled my shower with.

I am very impressed with the product as a conditioner.  I highly recommend it.  I really cannot comment on its effectiveness as a product that improves hair loss, because I have only been using it for a few weeks now.  But, I would like to think that it is improving the condition of my hair, working to ensure it remains healthy and that I keep all the right amount of hair on my head.  And, hopefully prevent hair loss from occurring.  Although the brand does not advertise it does this.  In the future it would be great to see how using all the products in conjunction with each other, simultaneously, would be a better way for me to judge the effectiveness for treating hair loss.  I am hoping to get that chance soon.

I do believe that in reading the scientific data from the HairMax website and my researching the brand, I can say this sounds like an exceptional system for people who are experiencing hair loss to consider using.

You can visit HairMax directly by CLICKING HERE to learn more about this very innovative company and the systems they have created for hair loss.  I hope this helps some of you out there who are experiencing this issue.

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received the HairMax Conditioner for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with HairMax in any manner.

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