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REVIEW: Jen Jewelry

I am so crazy happy to be able to share with you some jewelry from this extremely talented jewelry designer. The first time I came across her jewelry on Etsy I just stared and stared at her stunning pieces in amazement. I hope my review will have that same effect on you! Okay, here we go!

What comes in a sleek oversized textured brown gift box with a pretty taupe colored satiny bow? A beautiful piece of handmade jewelry from Jen Jewelry that's what! Opening a package from Jen Jewelry is much more than just receiving a new piece of jewelry. It is a memorable experience, one where you immediately sense that you are about to receive a very special and unique piece that you know you are going to love to wear all the time. That is what I just learned and felt when I opened the package I just received from Jen. I am so excited to be able to introduce you to Jen from Jen Jewelry where you can find her gorgeous jewelry items in her Etsy Shop. I am thrilled to include Jen's Jewelry Designs in my Alluring Autumn 2010 Guide.

Now Let me Introduce you to Jen:

{Jen's Words}

I began making jewelry for a living about four years ago. What really got me started and dreaming was an order for Anthropologie. I've continued to sell to Anthropologie over the years as well as other retail stores. Over the last year I've begun focusing more on my Etsy site and have felt a great sense of community there. I love the small interactions I have with my customers on Etsy and also seeing all the people out there making small handmade business's work!

My process for making jewelry is one of disarray. Sometimes is seems the bigger the mess on my work table the greater the piece. Many of my pieces of jewelry begin by noticing the random colors that have ended up together on my work table and from there a design emerges. I am very happy to be able to make handmade jewelry for a living and I hope that my business continues to grow!


My name is Jenny and my life is really quite simple, I make jewelry all day long.

But there are still some other things I do enjoy:

- lemon sweets
- evening walks
- sunsets in the mountains
- clean feet in bed and earplugs
- mix matching of colors to make jewelry
- the comfort of my mom
- colors of old trucks
- rock climbing in Indian Creek
- dancing to a country band on an old wood floor
- cookie dough
- sarcasm from a friend
- art

And of course, the people who purchase from me on Etsy! Thank you!!

{End of exerpt from Etsy Website}

Now that you have had some insight into the artist behind this spectacular jewelry line, let me share with you some of my personal favorite pieces from Jen's Etsy Shop are (and believe me it was soooo hard to pick just a few!!):

La Di Da Necklace


La Di Da is a long (30") 14k gold filled chain with three ring charms. The charms are attached with handformed rings and wrapped with Swarovski crystals. Great necklace to wear alone or layered. The colors are very subtle

Length: 30" chain
Charms: 1x1" to 1.5x1.5"



Rings, rings, rings! Some wrapped with chain, some adorned with pearls and crystals, other just plain. All combined they create a wonderful statement necklace. For complete list of materials see below.

Rings range in size from .5" x .5" to 1.75" x 1.75"
Chain length: 16" - 18"

Bronze and Vintage Silver Necklace


Three rings wrapped with bronze, silver and a few other items make a fun adornment for this vintage silver chain. The necklace is casual due to the chain but the rings add a lot of sparkle and shine! Very fun to wear.

Length: 18-20"
Rings: 1.25 x 1.25 to 1.5 x 1.5

Olivene Earrings


My grandmother is 83 and her best friend was named Olivene. Whenever I see combinations of blues and greens I think of them... one a fan of blue the other of green. This earring is a tribute to them and long lasting friendships. A hand forged sterling silver hoop is threaded through a ring wrapped with matte colored Swarovski pearls and crystals. Tiny sparkly Swarovski crystals outline the ring, when the light catches these crystals there is a brilliant sparkle and shine.

Length: 2.25"
Width: 1"

And You can Pair the Olivene Earrings up with this exquisite matching Olivene Pendant!


Olivene is a beautiful wrapped ring of Swarovski pearls and crystals. It's pictured on the model as the shorter of the two necklaces. The combinations of matte and sparkle make this necklace simple yet striking! A delicate sterling silver chain is threaded through the ring. If you are curious about the name read the description on the Olivene earrings.

Length: 16"
Pendant: 1x1"

Now that you have had a chance to capture the essence of these magnificent pieces, let's move onto the special item Jen sent me to Review. Ta Da, The Elegant and Vibrant Lucy Earrings!

{Note: These Earrings were featured on the Front Page of}


Lucy is a colorful array of Swarovski pearls and crystals! The outside ring is wrapped with jewel tone crystals while the inside ring adds some accent with aqua, bronze, lavender and burnt orange. Each ring moves independently. These earrings are bit like my sold out "Milly", an unlikely combination of colors that work magic when worn. Be sure to check out my "Lucy" pendant also.

Length: 1.75"
Width: 1.5"


As another New Year begins I think we all feel that sense of a wanting fresh start, a chance for new beginnings and we hope to make our New Year an even better one than the one that just ended. For me among many things, a New Year also represents my rethinking and redefining my sense of style. I don't mean that I want to totally transform myself, but I strive to incorporate what I think is the best of "me" and make it even better in the New Year. Having said that, sometimes just adding a few unique jewelry items to your accessory arsenal can be that little trick that will instantly tweak your look and make your outfits {and you} stand out from the ordinary. That's exactly what I think the jewelry from Jen's Jewelry can do for you.

Jen very generously sent me a pair of the flirty and oh so pretty Lucy Earrings to review. If you want to catch the eyes of those around you, and put that extra bounce in your step, then all you need to do is simply put on this pair of earrings and see how carefree and flirty they make you feel! Talk about an instant confidence booster, they are lightweight on your ears, they have a lot of springy movement to them, and they make you feel feminine and sexy, now how many pairs of earrings can do all this at once?!

When I opened the sleek brown textured oversized box they arrived in it was one of those jaw dropping moments that are so much fun to have! The earrings were carefully packaged in a zip lock plastic bag and Jen included her equally impressive business card with them. It was evident that Jen not only creates by hand exceptional fine quality jewelry, but she puts that same attention to detail in how she packages and delivers each piece so it is a special experience for the receiver.

What first caught my attention when I first laid eyes on these earrings was all the intricate detail work that went into creating them. To behold these earrings in your hands is truly a mind boggling experience because of all the meticulous wire work that goes into wrapping each small bead onto the hoops to create such a gorgeous design. The quality of the earrings is of the finest quality, the craftsmanship is just impeccable.

There are certain colors that make me smile, that brighten my day and when I see them and wear them, they make me feel glamorous and pretty. Those very colors are what you find in these earrings. The varying shades of purple and lavender, rich olive green, pearly pink, pearly bronzy green, mint green were all deliberately chosen with a vision in mind and then interwoven with wire onto the hoops to make these earrings alluring to you as the wearer and to those around you as the beholders. They are captivating, intriguing, and will become your favorite "go to" earrings to bring to life all of your outfits. I love that the earrings can play the role of brighting up a plain and simple casual outfit, or they can add a touch of glitz and spark to your dressier outfits. When you find a versatile pair of earrings like these, the possibilities of what and where you can wear them are endless and make the investment of purchasing them well worthwhile!

NOTE: There is an exquisite matching LUCY PENDANT for Sale over at Jen's Jewelry Shop that will match magnificently with the Lucy Earrings. What a breathtaking set this would make for revamping your New Year Style!! Click HERE to see this beautiful pendant necklace!

There are several items on SALE at Jen's Jewelry Etsy Shop RIGHT NOW! Make sure to CLICK on over there to check them out!

A very special THANK YOU to Jen from
Jen Jewelry for providing me with the Earrings for this review.

Disclosure: I received the
Lucy Earrings from Jen Jewelry for the purposes of this Review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected

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