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Review: Laura Geller Makeup

Once you have had a glass of very fine aged wine, it's hard to drink a glass of cheap wine, or once you have had filet mignon cooked to perfection, it's hard to go back to eating chopped liver, you have all heard those types of sayings before, yes?! Well, the same goes for almost anything, and the same is true for cosmetics, they are not all alike! Once you have had a taste of something superior, and have experienced a level of excellence that surpasses anything you have been exposed to before, you can't go back. That is exactly what I found out when I used Laura Geller Makeup! I thought long and hard about how I was going to put into words how I feel about her products. Using analogies seemed one of the many ways I can use to express just how spectacular I think they are. Not only do Laura Geller products multi-task to work effectively to bring out the beauty in all of us, but they are breathtakingly beautiful to look at, the way they are magically crafted and the magnificent blend of colors within each product. And, they are part of my New Year, New You 2010 Guide!  Before I get into the specifics about her products, please allow me with joyful enthusiasm to introduce the very talented and truly amazing Laura Geller to you all:

{From the Laura Geller Website}


The key to Laura Geller’s success seems to lie somewhere in between her tenured beauty expertise and her warm, approachable and “best friend in the biz” personality. Not happy just being one of the industry’s most recognized and talented makeup artists, Laura has made a career out of infusing glamour into every girl’s day with multi-tasking, “ingenious” products that are easy-to-use solutions for every day beauty concerns. That’s because Laura takes her consumers’ needs and wants into consideration every time she develops a product…guaranteeing multi-functional, beauty that fits into every woman’s daily life.

The Brains Behind No Brainer Beauty

From an early age, Laura knew her future would be in makeup. "I used to ask if I could work at the makeup counters for free just so I could be near the products," she explains. Her path to becoming one of the industry’s top makeup artists swiftly followed as she went from beauty school to Broadway – making up the theater industries rising stars. Soon after, Geller's handy work was gracing the small screen including on-air talent at CBS, NBC, AMC, and HB0. Today, Laura is most often seen in front of the camera through her many QVC appearances in the US, the UK and Canada. Her exceptional ability in connecting with her viewers with her authentic persona has been a key to her success and led to a cult following for her brand.

Laura Geller Makeup Studio

In 1993, Laura opened Laura Geller Makeup Studios on New York City's posh Upper East Side. The Studio’s purpose was simple: to teach women the how-to of cosmetics and hands-on technique to master it. Laura sought to simplify makeup application. "I saw a void in the makeup industry. Women didn't know how to apply makeup, so I wanted to communicate my knowledge and experience," she says. Today, the studio is a showcase for Laura’s eponymous line of cosmetics and is also where those in the know flock for 5-star makeup application, brow shaping and more.

Laura’s high-spirited, down-to-earth personality oozes from every corner of the studio ~ from complimentary coffee and cookies offered as soon as you walk through the door to the hand-picked selection of products, candles and accessories on display. The fashionable, never intimidating and highly knowledgeable staff skillfully takes customers through the line, provides expert makeup application advice and “editing” suggestions that reflect both “the basics” and “the best.”

Inviting. Innovative. Informative. Ingenious.

When it comes to today’s beauty, Laura Geller has an uncanny knack for knowing what works and what wows. She’s masterminded an ingenious collection of multi-tasking color cosmetics that feature the most innovative new products, the most informative, no-nonsense how-to’s and the most inviting, wonderfully wearable colors that give every woman a fresh and fabulous look.

Unlike other beauty companies, Geller doesn't subscribe to trends. "Women want to look their best. It might mean passing on the latest fad and just wearing a shade you like,” says Geller. Some of her most renowned and successful products include such favorites as “Spackle”, “Caulk” and the uniquely produced “Baked Color Cosmetics Collection.”

Laura Geller is a true innovator, and has pioneered this category in makeup -- “Baked.” It’s no wonder that Laura Geller’s Baked Collection of products rank amongst the line’s best-selling items. These lusciously formulated products are exclusively made for Laura in Italy, and are saturated with skin glowing color to immediately enliven the skin and create a youthful aura. Every product begins as a smooth liquid that is then infused with vibrant, skin flattering colors. The colors are then swirled together and “baked” for 24 hours in terracotta pans to create rich textures and vibrancy. No two are ever identical, but one thing is for sure…each will deliver breath-taking, breathable coverage and unparalleled blendability.

Today, the Laura Geller brand is the second best selling cosmetic line at QVC and has just celebrated its ten-year anniversary. Laura now stars in her own QVC one- and two- hour shows more than 30 times a year. Currently, 140 Laura Geller skus are sold on air at QVC and over 200 through Laura Geller Makeup is also a top selling brand at Sephora, where it was launched in September 2006 and is now in over 160 doors.


I think the above logo prominently displayed on Laura Geller's website says it all, simply and visually! Laura Geller's makeup will erase from your mind any traditional & conventional thoughts you have had about cosmetics from days gone by and you will look at the makeup you use and how you use it in a whole new creative light! Once you have had the chance to apply her products to your face and experience the immediate transformation that they have to enhance your own natural beauty will be a sight you will want to see everyday on yourself!

Now that you have some background about Laura Geller let me share with you that I have been faithfully watching
Laura on QVC for years! I have learned so much about makeup and how to apply it by watching Laura on QVC and she has taught me so many special little tips and tricks on how to apply makeup like an expert, that I at times do feel like I am one (thank you so much Laura)!  I highly recommend that if after reading my review I have peaked your interest in trying Laura's products out, you should join QVC whenever Laura is on. Not only will she highly entertain you with her outgoing, fun and witty personality, but her knowledge and expertise about makeup and how to apply it properly will be so very enjoyable and useful for you. You will become an instant fan of hers, just as the millions of us who already are!  CLICK HERE TO FIND LAURA ON QVC
The wonderful folks that represent Laura are just as kind and sweet as Laura, and they very generously sent me five (5) different Laura Geller products to review.  They are 5 key products in Laura's line that I think will really provide you with a New Year, New You "look" for this New Year!  These 5  products are not only some of the finest quality makeup products I have ever used, but a little but of them goes a long way, so they will last you forever and the price of them is so affordable!  You can purchase these products directly from the Laura Geller Website or you can tune into QVC where very often Laura launches her latest and greatest products during her airtime on QVC and you can take advantage of special pricing and kits that QVC always offers.

Ready to hear about the absolutely divine products I reviewed?  Without further ado.......

NOTE:  I have been using all these products for the past 4 days!!

Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer - 2 oz Pump

Now in bronze! All the same features and benefits as original spackle with a shimmery sheer bronze tint.

Retexturize the surface of your skin and achieve a flawlessly smooth finish with a hint of sun - kissed glow!


- Creates a silky smooth surface for makeup application. Foundation and blush apply easier.
- Locks in moisture with a complex of botanical extracts that provide protection and soothing anti-inflammatory benefits.
- Incredibly lightweight, oil free and ideal for all skin types.

How to use:

1. If needed, apply a moisturizer first.
2. Using finger tips apply a thin layer over clean face before applying your foundation.

Laura's Tip:

Mix it with your moisturizer or blend it into foundation for a subtle, all-over sheen."

Price:  $25.00
MY THOUGHTS:  The first thing I noticed about this product was its non-greasy, lightweight texture that has a touch of very subtle shimmer or glistening to it.  It reminded me of a luxurious gel and it is so easy and mistake proof to apply to your skin.  The color is very sheer and provides you with the ever so slight sun-kissed dewy look that quickly absorbs into your skin for a beautiful evened out appearance.  You do not need very much of this products, a little dollop in the palm of my hand was all that I needed to adequately cover my entire face.
I did not experience any streaking, the color just looks very natural and my skin felt very soft and firm once I applied this product.  I love the fact that it contains white tea, aloe vera and natural plant extracts and powerful antioxidants that are going to work to hydrate and reduce redness on my skin throughout the day.  I love that Laura's products multi-task and this one most certainly does.  It gives me great peace of mind in knowing that my skin is being treated as well as gaining some subtle tan color during these harsh, cold winter months!
I will continue to use this product everyday right after moisturizing my skin as a primer to increase the longevity and durability of my foundation.  On those days when I don't want to wear foundation, I will use this product to even out my skin tone and give my skin a fresh, radiant sun kissed glow!

Real Deal Concealer 0.70 oz

High coverage for where you need it most.

Disguise dark circles, acne scars, blemishes and any other skin discoloration with Laura's incredibly rich formula that can cover just about any skin imperfection.


- Feels light-weight, but provides serious coverage.
- Water-resistant.
- Designed to perfectly match Phenomenal Foundation.

How to use:

1. Use fingertips or concealer brush to target imperfections.
2. Use sparingly, this long-lasting and oil free formula will get the job done!

Laura's Tip:

"Cover scars, dark under eye circles, birthmarks, uneven lip lines, even tattoos!."

Price:  $25.00
MY THOUGHTS:  Unfortunately I inherited my Dad's rather light, sensitive Irish skin......why oh why could I have not been blessed with my Mother's impeccable Greek olive complexion I'll never know, but thank god there are products like Laura's The Real Deal Concealer to aid me in covering up my imperfections in a way that is barely discernible to anyone else, again, thank you Laura!
The Real Deal Concealer is Laura's newest concealer that offers the highest amount of coverage in a creamy, luxe formulation.  I was able to try this product out in the medium shade which was just perfect for me.  Luckily for the purposes of testing this product {not so lucky for me} my skin this past week has been a mess, lots of little spots of redness and a few pimples scattered about on my face creating havoc.....sigh!!  So I put The Deal Concealer to the ultimate test, first applying under my eyes to see how well it can hide my dark circles and then I applied little dots of it literally around my entire face, carefully making sure to blend it in gently but effectively.  I walked away from the mirror for a second to get a kleenex and when I came back I gasped!  My face, the skin, looked flawless!  This product hides everything, my dark circles, my red blotches, my pimples, wow wee is what I sang, well yelled actually!
Whether it is masking your complexion flaws, hiding dark circles or filling in your fine lines and wrinkles, The Real Deal concealer is an ingenious new product that guarantees a flawless finish!  It will even hide that no-longer relevant tattoo or birthmarks, and the results are long lasting!  Created with Laura's "Invisiskin" ingredient that works to prolong a products effectiveness and long wear, Real Deal won't go anywhere until you want it to.  This oil-free concealer is also chock full of healthy vitamins to help keep your skin healthy!  An added plus, you need to apply this product very sparingly, you barely need any to be able to see the benefits of it working.  A teeny tiny bit goes a long way!

Powdered Silk .39oz

Creates a radiant, polished look in three natural shades.

This lightweight, pressed mineral powder provides a soft look and can be used as a finishing powder, or alone as a complexion product.


- Oil-free, fragrance-free and compatible with all skin types, including sensitive.
- Natural, chemical-free SPF 8 provides everyday sun protection against UVA/UVB rays.

How to use:

1. Apply with puff to the entire face.
2. Layer powder until the desired coverage is acheived.

Laura's Tip:

"For a quick and easy application use a large, fluffy powder brush. Brush it over the entire face. Sometimes when I am not wearing eye makeup I brush the powder over my Eye Spackle for a soft, natural eye look."

Price:  $21.00

MY THOUGHTS:  Because the Spackle Tint and The Real Deal Concealer did such an incredibly perfect job of giving me flawless, gorgeous skin I decided to lightly and sparingly apply the Powdered Silk Mineral Powder with a large brush instead of the powder puff that came with the compact.  I wanted to just lightly dust this decadent silky powder over my face to set my makeup and give it a polished finished appearance.  I also always want to make sure I have some sun protection on my skin and this product contains an SPF of 8 which is an extra added plus!

I was sent the Medium shade of the powder and again it is the perfect shade for me.  It felt weightless on my skin, I could barely feel that it was another layer sitting on my skin, and yet I could see what a beautiful finish it gave the appearance of my skin.  On those days when I want to just run out quickly to grab something from the store, and I don't want to makeup my whole face, I can easily see myself just quickly dusting this glorious powder over my skin and adding a pretty color of lipstick to my lips and I will be good to go!  You can use this powder for as much coverage as you want, apply it with the powder puff for a more prominent coverage, or lightly dust your face with it as more of a finishing powder to set your makeup.  I love the versatility that having this product in my beauty arsenal will give me!

Blush-N- Brighten Kit

The ultimate color corrective baked blush with Laura Geller's signature Retractable Brush!

2009 BRIDES Beauty Awards Best Blush!
This extraordinary formula is the result of an exclusive, labor intensive process developed and produced in Italy. The process begins with a multi-color infused liquid that transforms into a rich creamy powder after baking 24 hours in a terracotta pan. As a result, the powder delivers more than any ordinary powder...exceptional luminosity and color.


- Shades and formula work for everyone.
- Gives skin a smooth, even, natural glow.
- Blends beautifully with either Balance-n-Brighten or Bronze-n-Brighten.

How to use:

1. Swirl the brush over the powder.
2. Stroke it from the height of your ears to the apples of your cheeks.

Laura's Tip:

"Add to the crease of your eye for a fresh radiant look."

Price:  $35.00

MY THOUGHTS:  To see this glorious Apricot Berry Blush and Brighten powder up close and personal is like looking like a fine piece of artwork!  The meticulously curved globe of blush is a sight to be seen with stunning, I mean breathtaking shades of coral, berries and cream with hints of gold, oh the gold, the array of colors is just magical!  You can clearly see why this extraordinary formula is the result of an exclusive, labor intensive process developed and produced in Italy.  The process begins with a multi-color infused liquid that transforms into a rich creamy powder after baking for 24 hours in a terracotta pan.  As a result, the powder delivers more than any ordinary powder.....with exceptional luminosity and color.

The kit includes a wonderful and large retractable travel brush that makes it the perfect tool for applying this fascinating blush.  I found that all I needed to do was very softly, with a light hand, not a heavy hand, swirl the brush over the powder blush to get just the right amount to sweep on both sides of my cheekbones.  I say a light hand because really this color is so rich and glorious that a little bit is all that is needed for it to provide you with a stunning color on your cheeks.  It's amazing to watch how all the colors that are marbleized together can form the perfect shade of blush color!  I did use Laura's hint which is to stroke your face with the brush from the height of your ears to the apples of your cheeks to achieve the perfect contouring blush shade.

This Blush and Brighten Shade of Apricot Berry is truly the most luxurious powder blush that I have ever seen, visually, as well as the prettiest shade I have seen on ME!  And that says a lot because I have used hundreds of colors and brands!  A work of art in every aspect and element to this very unique product!  This product is newly formulated and is mineral oil and paraben free.  It is loaded with the age fighting , anti-oxident protection of Centella Asiatica and White Tea.  As all of Laura's products, this one multi-tasks as a color and treatment product, sweet!

Eye Rimz Baked Wet/Dry Eye Accents with Brush .042 oz

High pigment eyeshadow from Italy that transform like magic right before your eyes!

The dominant color in Eye Rimz is pitch black, swirled with white and colored pearl, which when applied, produces multi-reflective results. Use as accent color rimming your eyes to take your look from wow to wowee!


- Used dry, provide rich dramatic payoff.
- Use wet for pure metallic color.
- The enclosed custom brush delivers just the right amount of product to create either look.

How to use:

1. Apply a thick line to the top and/or bottom lash line with the enclosed brush.
2. Use these magic eye accents to go from day to night in one easy application.

Laura Says:

"Eye Rimz is a must have to make your peepers pop!"

Price:  $26.00

MY THOUGHTS:  A masterpiece of colors is what you see from all the rich, robust shades of green that encompass this Hocus Pocus Shade of Eye Rimz.  From the shimmery shades of light mint green to the very darkest of evergreen, almost black, the colors in this globe of baked perfection!  The varying shades of green are mesmerizing and I wasn't sure whether I first wanted to use it wet as a liner or dry as an eyeshadow, oh the excitement was really quite memorable and totally crazy fun!

As Laura says "Whoa - oh - oh - it's magic" is so appropriate because this product does indeed work like magic!  Buildable, versatile and packed with pigment, this baked eye accent can conjure up some incredible looks!  As with the other products I reviewed, you need only use a teeny tiny amount of this product in order to watch it work wonders on transforming your eyes into gorgeous, dramatic dreamy looking eyes!  These intense shades of peacock green worked so incredibly well with my hazel green eyes, that I actually couldn't wait everyday to experiment more with it, each day being a little more daring in how much I applied to my eyes.

Okay, so first I dusted a light beige eyeshadow of my own as a base coat on my lids.  Then I took the brush that came in the Eye Rimz kit and I wet it a little, making sure to blot out any access water.  So the brush was damp.  I then lightly dabbed the brush onto the eyeshadow and used it to line my upper lid.  I repeated this process, wetting, blotting, rewetting, reblotting the brush several times for each application until both upper and lower lids were lined.  It really only took a minute, I just sort of worked fast to make sure each time the brush was wet enough to get that smooth metallic look that I wanted.

So, when you apply the product wet, you can achieve this glamorous metallic look, the color is so beautiful and you can control just how dramatic you want it to be.  Once the brush was totally dried off I applied the shadow dry just above where I had lined my eyes in the crease of my eyes to help define my eyes more.  Each day I played around with how much and where I applied the color and I am still discovering new ways to showcase my eyes and create new looks for myself.  At the rate I am going, the possibilities are only limited by my own imagination and I am so inspired to play, blend and experiment indefinitely!


That does it for my review of these 5 first class products!  I hope I was able to convey to you the very essence of each product and how each one in and of itself will help to transform your look into one that is new and special for you.  Each of these 5 products will work to enhance your God given beauty that each and every one of us possesses!  I hope I have inspired you to want to explore the captivating world of Laura Geller Makeup and have perhaps even made you want to watch her the next time she is on QVC.  She is sweet, funny, witty, and she makes you feel good about yourself, and she makes you feel like you too can be beautiful!  Check Laura's website to keep up to date on her upcoming show schedules, to read all her useful beauty tips, and of course to see her wide range of product offerings!  CLICK HERE FOR LAURA'S WEBSITE

A very special thank you to Laura Geller for providing me with the 5 fabulous products for this Review.

Disclosure: I received the 5 products listed above from Laura Geller for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with these products are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected


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