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Review: däv Rainwear Collection

Is it raining outside? Does the cold, dark, damp weather get you down? Don't let it, instead, embrace it and make the most of it, by treating yourself to some really unique, highly fashionable, ultra cool rain gear. Go outside and dance in the rain and have fun because these bright and cheerful rain gear designs will have you feeling like dancing in the street! You have to check out the absolutely gorgeous rainwear that däv offers. Who would have thought that protecting yourself from the wet rain and muddy slushy outside elements could be so glamorous, chic and uplifting! So whether you are running errands out and about around town, or walking your dogs in a park, or just plain 'ole trying to get from your car to your job in your work parking lot, there is a style, design and pattern from däv that will fit your lifestyle.

{From the däv Website}

Introducing däv

Designed in California by Style West, däv is a new rain boot and accessories collection that makes wet weather anything but dreary. däv was created to fill a need in the current market, which was sorely lacking in comfortable, hip and sophisticated rain apparel.

däv features fit, comfort and performance elements like zippers and stretch panels that are not normally found in standard rain boots. Authentic Poron foot beds covered in terry add extra cushioning and do not collapse like foam. Ultra-plush fleece interiors complement some of the styles, while other interiors feature coordinating, eye-popping colors in a variety of soft fabrics. Fashionistas can also choose among hand-created, original prints as well as solids in fashion colors.

"A few designers have offered some rain-specific pieces but overall, rainwear lines have been extremely limited in their offerings," noted David Sengstaken, president of Style West. "There exists a need for an entire collection with many design choices that are original and fashionable. Our boots come with coordinating handbags, umbrellas, and other accessories for a hip, pulled-together look-even in a downpour."

High fashion for wet days.

däv brings you a fun, yet sophisticated, collection for a pulled-together look even on the most blustery days. däv coordinating boots, handbags, umbrellas, and socks are made for the rain. You no longer need to sacrifice your sense of style to the whims of the weather.

däv Features:


PORON® is a high-end cushioning material that does not collapse like foam and provides excellent shock absorption and comfort. It is typically used in highly technical hiking boots and running shoes. Most däv styles feature PORON inserts that include arch support and heel cup for ultimate comfort. däv inserts are also made with recycled materials – a step in our green direction.

Original Design

däv prints are original and created in our design studio at our corporate headquarters in Oxnard, California, USA. Designs are updated each season for a storm of fresh options.

High Fashion Style

Sleek and sophisticated silhouettes adorn the collection. Modern prints and beautiful solids round out the line and give the option of fashion-forward or classic looks. The däv collection features coordinating boots, handbags, umbrellas, and hosiery to complete any outfit in any weather.

Weather Resistant

The däv collection is made for wet weather. Jump in a puddle – go ahead, it’s okay. Handbags are weather-resistant, durable, easy to clean, and keep your belongings dry and well organized. Our umbrellas are sturdy and fully warranted.


däv boots are packaged with a nylon drawstring bag that folds down to a handy purse-sized pouch. Use it to so you can conveniently store and tote your boots.

Some of my Favorite Products from the däv Rainwear Collection are:

The Calico Black Western Cowboy Rain Boots
Price: $70

With textured overlays ansd fun original prints, these western style cowboy boots are great with frilly skirts or skinny jeans. includes PORON infused insole with arch support and heel cup for added comfort and fit.


- Cowboy heel
- waterproof
- fabric lining
- PORON infused insole
- textured outsole

Flair Boston Terrier Sky Blue Flirt Boots
Price: $78

Fun Boston Terrier Print on our flirt boot. These boots have a western toe and a flattering top that is accented with small corset laces in the back. Coordinating Boston Terrier Print umbrella sold separately.
Proceeds from the purchase of this selection will go directly to the Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation. For more information visit our däv Donation Page.


- 2" heel
- waterproof
- corset top with lace
- Poron© insole
- textured sole

English Riding Butterfly Dark Brown Rain Boots
Price: $85

These boots with authentic English riding style provide ultimate comfort with a contoured fit. They are waterproof, new spring Butterfly wing print and textured sole.


- waterproof
- english riding boot styling
- textured sole

City Houndstooth Black Rain Boots
Price: $85

Mid height boots with sophistication, City looks great with any outfit. They feature a contoured fit, side zipper for easy access, soft fabric lining, textured soles to help prevent slipping and finishing trim at the top.


- 2" heel
-waterproof to zipper line

And there is MORE! däv also offers gorgeous Umbrellas and exquisite Handbag too!!

You can visit the däv Website to see their däv Kids, Socks and Apparel as well by CLICKING HERE


Fashion Leopard Black Rain Boots

High heeled and chic, these boots are made for walking through wet streets while making a splash. Bold prints and bright solids create a statement of confidence.


- Poron© insole with terry cover
- contoured fit
- zipper for easy access
- finished band top
- fabric lining
- fashion heel and textured sole to prevent slipping.

MY THOUGHTS:  The profound impression of utter coolness and fabulocity doesn't even begin to express how amazing I think these Leopard Print Fashion Boots are!  Every element that they possess is of extraordinary quality!  They are the hottest new fashion trend I have discovered and they truly are divine beyond words.

First let me say that when you hold them in your hands the material they are rendered in is like nothing I have felt before.  They feel like soft plastic jelly, extremely flexible yet you sense they are also very durable.  Except for the soles and heels, there is literally no weight to the boots, they are light weight and feel very breathable when you are wearing them.  And, I have to mention how comfortable they are to wear, wow wee!  I literally felt that extra bounce in my step when I walk in them, partly because they felt so good on my feet and also because of how darn cute I knew they made me look.  There is nothing more exciting than wearing something that you know is unique, different from a lot of people are wearing, giving you that opportunity to stand out in a crowd.  These boots are indeed a crowd pleaser and eye catcher, love it!

The boots are meticulously well constructed.  I was undistractably intrigued by them when they arrived.  I spent a few minutes just marveling over how they were crafted, the attention to detail in the molding of the style, and the unusual way they are lined, plastic-like material on the outside, soft and woven like material on the inside.  The very essence of them is fascinating and really ultra chic.

I think these boots are more than perfect to wear in both rainy wet weather as well as cold, damp slushy snowy days.  They will work to keep your feet dry, and have you looking oh so stylish and radiant on the worst of days.  I can also see myself wearing these boots on a brisk day even if the weather is not nasty.  The boots have that hip factor that I adore, and what better fashion accessory than these sexy boots to add some pizzazz and spark to my outfits.  How about pairing them with a pair of black tights, a little plaid skirt and cute sweater?!  Now that would look totally HOT.  Or, wear a pair of black leggings, these leopard print boots and an oversized sweater for a slightly edgy and striking looking outfit!  Oh, the possibilities of how you can utilize these boots is endless.  Imagine what you could do if you owned 3-4 different pairs, oh my!

These boots are so light and breezy feeling when you wear them, and your feet and toes and legs can breathe easily in them, so don't wait for a rainy day, give yourself the chance to feel carefree and flirty and consider adding a gorgeous bright patterned pair of däv boots into your wardrobe today!  You can see the wide variety of styles and patterns that däv offers by CLICKING HERE

A very special thank you to däv for providing me with the Fashion Leopard Black Rain Boots  to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received from däv the Fashion Leopard Black Rain Boots for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected


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