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Review: The Original MUK LUKS from Reliable of Milwaukee

We spend a lot of time during the winter months on the slopes and when we retire to the ski lodge after an energizing day of skiing I always notice many of the women and girls wearing the really cool looking MUK LUKS with a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater. That look is so appealing to me on so many levels. It looks relaxed, casual, Aspen Chic, and youthful. I now understand why MUK LUKS have become the hottest fashion craze around this season........When you slip on a pair of MUK LUKS they make you feel invincible, like anything is possible, and put that extra bounce in your step to give you the confidence to be adventurous and unstopable! What is so cool about MUK LUKS is there is such a diverse wide selection of them available, that there is a MUK LUK to fit every single unique personality and lifestyle and what fun it is to find the one that best suits your individual self. There are many companies out there who have jumped onto the MUK LUKS wagon (so to speak) but here in this review I am talking about the original, one and only MUK LUKS brought to us from a terrific company called Reliable of Milwaukee. Let me introduce this fantastic company to you:

{From the Reliable of Milwaukee Website}


2010 will be the 100th Anniversary for Reliable of Milwaukee and to celebrate, we want to share with you some of the great things going on.

First, you are viewing our brand new web site that has the most up to date information about the products we offer to retailers. Choosing the images to put on the site was difficult, so we have picked random samples for you to get a taste of what we are all about. For a complete review of the line, please Contact Us and one of our representatives will get in touch with you immediately.

Also, those familiar with the Reliable of Milwaukee product line will be glad to see the addition of our sock line that incorporates many of the same concepts we promote in our headwear and footwear brands. Technology and styling which has set us apart from our competitors in other categories, is the key to the success we have already had in socks. Take a close look at these pages and I'm sure you will agree what a great job everybody has done.

If you are not familiar with the brand MUK LUKS today, you will be by the end of 2010. The acceptance of this brand in the headwear and footwear categories, at all different price points, proves that hard work and dedication do pay off. Our retail partners are always looking for new and exciting items to offer their customers and our MUK LUKS brand has made this possible. Get ready, because Sun-Luks are going to be the hit of the upcoming Spring season.

The four generations of family members involved with Reliable of Milwaukee have always known that our fantastic employees are why we have been successful for 100 years. Egos at Reliable are checked at the door and everybody is pulling for one another to land that new big account or confirm that all our EDI labels are lined up exactly as requested. Without all these pieces working as one big unit, our 100 year anniversary would never happen. We also want to thank each and every buyer, planner, supplier, floor person, warehouse manager, consumer and anybody who has helped us achieve this great goal. Here's to 100 more years of keeping Reliable of Milwaukee as one of the great American Family Owned Businesses.


Who we are...MUK LUKS® brand represents a lifestyle.

Shoes, slippers, accessories .... all fun! MUK LUKS® offers consumers fashionable, comfortable, affordable footwear that fits into their everyday lives.

How we started...MUK LUKS® is truly an icon in the footwear industry.
Launched as slipper sox in 1972, these classic comforts immediately became a staple fashion item. Over the years, MUK LUKS® has remained on trend, and now boasts the strongest, most comprehensive line ever. Bold patterns, bright colors, and total comfort define today's MUK LUKS®--- a contemporary cousin of the original.

Where we are...MUK LUKS® is everywhere!
Find your MUK LUKS® online and at a variety of retailers.

You can shop at
SHOEBUY.COM, KOHL'S, TARGET & OVERSTOCK.COM to find a wide variety of styles, patterns and colors in all the ultra hip MUK LUKS latest designs.


I received the super cute, ultra hip and amazingly comfortable
Women's MUK LUKS Horizontal Rib Lace Back in the Color Brown. They are available to purchase right now at the Website! Here is the information about them from the website:

Women's MUK LUKS Horizontal Rib Lace Back in the Color Brown
Price: $39.95

Available in Sizes: Womens 6-10
Colors: Brown

Product Description:

Muk Luks® has explored a new area of footwear by introducing fun colors, shapes, and patterns on outdoor boots! Our unique lace back boot incorporates the popular patterns of our Muk Luk slippers, but with a twist. Suede ribbons tie in the back of the boot for a classy, unique look. Spot Clean Only.

- Shaft Height: 13

- Circumference: 14

- Imported

- Fit: True to Size

- Outsole: Rubber

- Upper: Suede

MY THOUGHTS:  The super terrific folks at Reliable of Milwaukee gave me the opportunity to select which MUK LUKS I wanted to review. In thinking about images I have seen of some of my favorite celebrities wearing their MUK LUKS, I decided to select this style because they look fashionably chic and very MUKLUSCIOUS! These
MUK LUKS are neutral in color, classic MUK LUKS in design, and have that extra special element to them of the lacing up the back with gives them that "pop" that makes this pair of MUK LUKS really capture your attention and entice you to want them!!

I also love that they are more than appropriate to wear during the cold winter months, inside of course, to keep not only your feet nice and toasty warm, but also your lower legs warm too! On blustery days that draft that you feel from the outside hits you in the lower legs first and these MUK LUKS will make sure you are comfy and cozy! But for me, I plan to wear them in the Spring and Fall on nice days when I am out and about running errands or doing things that I enjoy doing on nice days! They are just perfect for banging around in when you want to feel carefree, energetic, sassy and flirty, come on, we all want to feel like that and these will help you get there!

I cannot express enough how comfortable these MUK LUKS are when you put them on. Your feet instantly feel at home in them, and there is nothing in their design that will give you any reason to feel uncomfortable, so they literally can be worn by women (and men if you choose from the styles available for men) of all ages, shapes and sizes, uniform for everyone!

I also was equally satisfied with the quality of these MUK LUKS. There are a lot of elements to the design of this boot/shoe and the possibility of error would be understandable with all the detailing in the design of this style. But in my visual and physical experience looking and wearing them, I can say they are beautifully constructed and feel very durable and sturdy and can withstand both indoor and outdoor wear. I was worried that perhaps I would only be able to wear them indoors, but I am confident that on nice days, they will be perfect for sporting around town in!

A very special THANK YOU to the generous folks at 
Reliable of Milwaukee for providing me with the Women's MUK LUKS Horizontal Rib Lace Back in the Color Brown  for this review.

Disclosure:  I received from 
Reliable of Milwaukee 
 the  Women's MUK LUKS Horizontal Rib Lace Back in the Color Brown for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected

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