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Review: XCVI Clothing - Fashion You Can Live In

XCVI Clothing is the first line of apparel that I have come across in a long time where I can say every single design is one that I would wear, and the clothes seem to fit in with not only my lifestyle but my personality. I have fallen in love with individual pieces of clothes within many different lines before, but not always loving everything within that line. The artistic, mesmerizing, fashion forward dynamic styles offered at XCVI Clothing are magical, unique, and will most definitely make you look radiant and twinkle with style this Spring 2010 Season which is why I had to include them in my Sizzling Summer 2010 Guide. I think when you see all the gorgeous, really euro chic looking styles that they offer, you will be enticed to want to see more and transform your look this Spring into one that is filled with intriguing alluring styles like these from XCVI. Let's explore the company behind the clothes first:

From the XCVI Website}


Our style is effortless and eclectic, bohemian and confident. We believe in quality and the perfect flattering fit for all women. We celebrate the strength and diversity of women, designing clothes that work for their individual lifestyles. Women who are unapologetic of who they are and what they want out of life. We fashion clothes for the confident, the bold, and the adventurous.

XCVI is about luxury, wearability, comfort. The luxury of super-soft, breathable fabrics that drape without clinging, skimming a woman's curves, flattering her body. The wearability of clothes that mix-and-match or work as a complete ensemble. We create clothes that can be worn every day – in a thousand different ways. Clothes that feel comfortable all day long. Clothes that can be worn from day to evening, can be dressed up or down. Clothes that are versatile.

XCVI is fashion you can live in.


Itching to expand her horizons beyond theater direction and acting, Gita Zeltzer began conceptualizing XCVI in the mid 1990s. She was influenced by the multi-layered cultural element of Los Angeles, California, and she saw the "urban chaos" as a muse. Gita was inspired by the spirit of what others considered "everyday." In creating XCVI, she discovered that contemporary fashion was a new and dynamic space for her artistic expression.

It was in 1996 (or XCVI, in roman numerals) that Gita introduced the first season of XCVI from a storefront on the famed Melrose Avenue. The success of the line and its ability to resonate with so many types of people demanded that the team hire another designer to keep up with demand.

Gita, together with designer Lilia Gorodonitski, manifested a shared vision: to develop wearable, moveable, breathable clothing for women who believe in style, but also believe in comfort. Today, XCVI is a cut-to-order operation, and works with retailers all over the world.


May I purchase XCVI products on your website?
Currently, XCVI works exclusively with retailers. Please visit our store locator and help us refer you to a nearby shop that carries our line. We can also suggest some online retailers that carry the line on their website.

May I exchange my XCVI items directly with you?
No, but XCVI encourages you to visit the retailer where you purchased your products and inquire about their exchange policies.

Why doesn’t my local retailer have all of your styles?
We encourage your retailer to consult with our sales representative and inquire about our full line opportunities. See a list of our regional sales representatives.

What is the difference between “XCVI” and “Wearables”?
"Wearables" is a sub-label of "XCVI". Wearables consists of XCVI's best-selling items from past seasons, and offers a slightly lower price point from "XCVI".

Some of my favorite NEW SPRING 2010 GRAPHIC TEES ARE:

SHE IN THE COLOR AQUA, Style 310534-G278


Have these stunning Graphic Tees and breathtaking Spring Outfits you have seen so far catch your fancy? Because wait until you see the pieces I have had a chance to see up close and personal and behold in my hands, talk about adding some spice, sparkle and spunk into my Spring Wardrobe, these will make you fall in love with this line!!


When I was contacted about reviewing the XCVI Line of Clothing I was only slightly familiar with the line. So I spent some time browsing around the XCVI Website as well as the many online stores and boutiques that also carry their clothes. The list of places where you can purchase XCVI clothing is extensive, and you will find that the line is HUGE, offering a wide variety of styles, sizes, designs that will work nicely for anyone regardless of your body type, lifestyle, style preferences and ways you enjoy dressing. The line offers something for everyone. I find the designs to possess a casual elegance about them. You want to dress comfortably, don't like to get dressed up in clothes that make you feel stiff or out of your normal style zone, but you want to look sleek, stylish, and have a touch of glamour about you. That is what the clothes in this line encompass. That hint of femininity, those extra special embellishments on them that make them stand out and add some pizzazz to each piece, that transforms them to being exceptional and extraordinary. Let's take a look at how:

These are the items I was sent to review:

XCVI Angel Mountain Top Antique Pumpkin
Available at Mother of all Closets Price: $69.00

New long sleeves top with a unique print. The new XCVI Graphics features novelty tops with original artwork by designer and artist Nathaniel Smith. The designs incorporate specialty washes and dyes with zen-inspired.

* Cotton
* Machine Wash cold

MY THOUGHTS: What first attracts you to this dreamy top, which you can't really see in the pictures is that in-between the white outline of the design decorating the top are sparkly shimmer glitter! The silver sparks of light make this spectacular work of art shirt glisten with beauty and adds that hip, touch of trendiness and "pop" to any type of outfit that you pair this with. I have worn this top with my favorite pair of jeans as well as with my Tan cargo pants. But once the Spring weather arrives I will wear this with capris or little summery skirts and with lots of different pairs of shorts. Living on the lake we get breezy winds so even on nice warm days I enjoy wearing tops with sleeves that are lightweight. This top is perfect for day time wear as well as a top you can hit the town with in the evenings. The touch of shimmer to the design gives you that versatility of being able to wear it casually as well as dress it up with the right bottoms.

Famed artist Nathaniel Smith did an exceptional job with the design of this shirt. The colors are just beautiful, love the shades of coral, rust and beige, neutral colors that transcend all the seasons so you can literally wear this top year round. The material is a nice thick gauge of cotton, not flimsy by any means. I have not washed it yet, but plan to wash it inside out, by hand in cold water with Woolite. I have no doubt based on the obvious high quality material and manner with which it is rendered that it will wash very nicely and look like new for a long time. This is seriously a top I want to be able to wear for seasons to come. It will never go out of style, so taking good care of it is all I need to do.

Stella Floral-Embroidered Cotton French Terry Jacket

Available in Sizes: XS - Large

Product Information:


Lush floral embroidery enhances the cuddly heavy french terry coat:


- Stand collar.
- Hidden zip front.
- Side pockets.
- Grazes the knee.
- 38" length.
- 100% cotton.
- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

MY THOUGHTS: You take one look at this show stopping jacket and you immediately fall in love. I love to wear classic white blouses with my jeans or a classic white tee with jeans and this magnificent long rockin' jacket will be the finishing touch to wear when I hit the town, streets, really go anywhere, and I will indeed look smashing, smashingly cool in it! I call this a transitional jacket, the jacket you look to wear on those days when it is cool outside, and you don't want to wear a winter coat, because it will make you too warm, but a sweater won't quite be enough. This jacket is what you will look to wear and it will work with jeans, slacks of any kind, or even dresses and skirts!

This jacket can multi-task too, oh yes!! I tried it on with a pair of black tights and behold it can be worn as a dress too! I paired it with my L.A.M.B. Black boots and it looked smokin' hot, I just needed someplace to go in it, still working on that...... But an article of clothing like this can become an essential in anyone's wardrobe. Work it as a jacket or rock it as a dress, you will look for ways to incorporate a piece like this into your wardrobe because you will enjoy wearing it so much.

The fit of this jacket and the lines on both the front and back of it are flattering to your body. They are angled at just the right dimensions that they enhance your back (on the backside) and flatter your shape of the bust area on the front side. It has a sort of mandarin collar, that's what I am calling it, and I chose to zip the jacket up only above my check area when I wore it as a dress. But, if you are wearing it as a coat you don't even have to zip it at all if you don't want to. That open flowing look is very elegant and chic looking.

There are so many appealing elements to this jacket. The embroidered flower design is everywhere!! Up along the sleeves and cuffs, on the body of the backside, and up and down the body of the front side. It is bright and bold, but not overly so in any respect. It is a jacket that will draw attention, people will notice it, and you will feel like you have defined your own unique sense of style when you wear it. If you like to embrace being a fascinating dresser, and pride yourself on intriguing those around you, then this is the piece for you.

Lastly I want to comment on the quality of the material. This is a durable, thick heavy gauge cotton knit. It is meticulously put together, really made of the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. I am not sure how I am going to clean it. I use DRYEL at home dry cleaning sheets for lots of things so I think that is what I will use to care for this garment, making sure to clean it inside out always. I want to make sure it stays a staple item in my wardrobe for a long time too! Again, another piece that will transcend time and is timeless enough in style that it will never go out of style.

Silver Queen Tunic, Style #10426

Stretch Heather Jersey

Once upon a time, in a backyard not so far away...lived a real woman, who dreamed about transforming her everyday world into enchanting style. The woman wanted to have a spring-time look which was both innovative, and at ease with the past. As she travelled in her imagination, she celebrated the gentle contrasts in fabric, in trims, and in color, and considered her fashion a work-of-art. The XCVI woman looked spectacular during the spring season, and the marriage of comfort and style lived happily ever after.

MY THOUGHTS: This is one of XCVI'S newest creations for Spring 2010. It will be available in stores very soon. I had a chance to review this ahead of time and oh my goodness, total awesomeness, a truly enchanting style that has captivated my heart! The number of ways this flirty dress can be worn is only limited by your imagination. You can wear it as a dress with sandals or dressy high heels, or wear it as a tunic top with black leggings and little booties or wedge sandals, you name it, you can work it with this garment.

The level of cuteness can only be appreciated when you see this dress up close in front of you. It screams fun, sexy, sassy, elegant, feminine, and all those attributes that you want to look and feel. I love the little peep hole openings on each little half sleeve, they add that extra light and airy sexy feeling to the dress. The yoke embellishment is a glitzy headlight! You will shimmer and shine in delight when you wear this hot little number. There are literally hundreds of assorted round and rectangular shaped silver beads sewn onto the yoke front which makes this one hot ticket for a Spring or Summer day or evening.

The heather grey material is a very light weight knit cotton. It flows so nicely when you wear it and move in it. The rounded neckline is low and I personally plan to wear a little black camisole under it that I will let purposefully show a little when I wear this. The design is like nothing I have seen before and I feel so excited to be able to share it with you all before it is actually out in the marketplace. This is such a lovely look for the warm weather, and with all the different ways you can wear this, a must have as a bright and cheerful addition to your Spring and Summer essentials.

The top is very nicely put together, especially with all the intricate beadwork that went into creating the design of the front side of this item. This dress will definitely be cleaned very gently by my washing it separately inside out in cold water, using Woolite. Again, this is an article of clothing that has had the utmost of care put into making it so I know it will last me a long time.

Tencel Directorial Cargo Pant
by: XCVI style# 205245
Available at Price: $144

These pants combine all the functionality of a cargo style with all the chicness of modern design. Fashioned from luxuriously soft and fluid Tencel, they have six pockets that are perfect for carrying everything you need, while pull details at the ankle adjust the length of the pants with a flirty ruched look. Perfect for working from home or working the remote.


- Front rise, approx. 10"
- Banded waist with drawstring
- Patch pockets at hip
- Back patch pockets with snap closure
- Patch pockets at thigh
- Pull string with D-ring detail
- Waist to hem, approx. 32.5"

MY THOUGHTS: Girls, get ready to strut your stuff in these slinky flowy pants! These are pants you can live in, look amazingly stylish in and live your life carefree and uninhibited in because they make you feel like you can walk on air! I have nothing like this look in my wardrobe right now. I tend to wear clothes that are very fitted and tailored. So to add this more artistic version of a cargo pant into my existing closet is me stepping out of my box and exploring a whole new realm of what is out there. And I am bursting with enthusiasm to say I am just totally smitten with this whole new look for me.

I received these slacks in the color BLACK, not the blue color you see in the picture above. The style of these pants is relaxed and breezy, a sophisticated style of pants with an element of artiness to them. They feel so soft and luxurious, its that unique Tencel material that makes them feel so evocative and slinky against your skin. When you pull on these slacks they fit like a dream, you can adjust them with the drawstring to wear them lower on your hips or higher on your hips, I preferred to station them on the lower side, that seems to fit the mood they put me in {smile}.

There are so many little attention to details that comprise all the elements in the design of these ultra cool slacks. The slanted side pockets compliment your hip area, then you have the nice size pockets at the knees and lastly the adjustable buckles on the bottom sides of the slacks that provide you with the option of cropping them to any length you desire, how nice! Not to forget about the almost invisible back pockets. They are barely discernible, but add that slight element of design to the backside of the pants.

You know those days where you may feel a little bloated or perhaps you are heading somewhere where you are going to be dining and you want that extra ability to adjust your clothing afterwards. Well, these pants are just the perfect companion to wear on those occasions. You can wear them even if you are dealing with that 5-10 weight fluctuation, and we have all been there before! They feel weightless as you wear them, you will forget you have them on!!

I am so impressed with the lavish feel of the Tencel material. This fabric is a must have in your wardrobe, it doesn't wrinkle, looks so sleek, and makes you feel good as you are wearing them. These are slacks that are also transitional for year round wear. They are lightweight, but the comfort level when you have them on is so high, that you will want to wear them for every occasion you can possibly think of.

XCVI The Gladiator Top
Available at On Sale Price: $72.50

Product Information:

Dominate the fashion arena in XCVI™. An embellished v-neck enhances the soft mini jersey top.


- Shirred front furnishes a fluid drape.
- Stylish shirring on the long sleeve close to the cuff.
- 26" length.
- 100% cotton.
- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
- Made in the U.S.A

MY THOUGHTS: I received this really hip and exotic styled top in the striking Sugarbeat Color, which is more magenta looking than the Baked Apple color you see in the above picture. I love the bright shade of the Sugarbeat color, it looks great with black, especially with those Black Tencel Directors Pants I received.

This enticing exotic top has that Moroccan flair to it, a top that gives you that feeling of a place far away and very alluring where you dream of being. And again a top that is filled with flattering and unique design elements. The top is very fitting, and shape flattering and yes, indeed has that sexiness air to it. I adore the shirring (bunching) style on the ends of the sleeves, it has that regal look and feel to it.

This is another exceptional example of all the intricate embellishment work that goes into many of the designs within this line of clothing. This piece exhibits many, many assorted round brass flat "beads" decorating the yoke front of the top. The brass pieces are perfectly sewn into the top that you know they are going to stay in place and be the focal point of this top for a long time.

The material is a somewhat lightweight cotton gauge, and did not disappoint me in its fine construction. It was great for me to see that every single item I was sent each demonstrated such fine quality and craftsmanship consistently, so this is a brand you can come to depend on for that.

The day I receive this item I wore this top immediately with my Rock Revival Jeans when I went out to lunch with some girlfriends. Without my saying a word, the second I took off my coat, my friend Carol said Wow, you shirt is gorgeous! That was just the reaction I was hoping for and of course I proceed to tell the girls all about the clothes I had received. I wonder how long it took them to check out the XCVI website when they got home, not long I suspect!

I hope you are beginning to see the pattern forming here on how versatile the clothing within this line is. The styles are undoubtably divine, and so very versatile in the many ways you can incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.

And last but not least, the top that demands to be noticed.......

Mandala Purple Haze Top, Style #1604-G286

MY THOUGHTS: Here is another really "groovy" top, okay, I had to say that because it just exudes that cool factor!! This top is not only beautiful in its shades of purple design, but it is a little but "resort" meets a little bit "rock n' roll" that is so unusual to see in one item! It is great for someone like me who like to look sexy, hence the low curvy neckline and form fitting fit, but it also can boast 3/4 length sleeves which I love for those days that it is warm outside, but you still want some arm protection. Yes, this is one sweet top!

It doesn't matter whether you are looking at the back or front of this top, you will be drawn to its unique graphic design. This is another new piece that will be part of XCVI New Spring 2010 Line of Graphic Tees that you will want to be on the lookout for. I encourage you to check out all the many fabulous new Spring and Summer pieces XCVI will be bringing you in these upcoming Seasons that will just blow you away, as they have me!

Please visit XCVI by
CLICKING HERE to see what I am talking about! You can also visit:



I hope you have enjoyed this review as much as I have had writing it. The very essence of this line of clothing celebrates wonder and joy, and do look for the Alice in Wonderland Inspired Collection for Summer by CLICKING HERE as well as the enchanting Spring 2010 Collection by CLICKING HERE

A very special THANK YOU to the sweet and so very generous reps at XCVI for providing me with the clothing items for this review.

Disclosure: I received from XCVI
the items outlined in this review for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected


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