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From the second I laid my eyes on the Gold "Petals" Necklace from Batucada Jewelry it was one of those love at first sight moments. I was so drawn by not only the gorgeous beauty of the necklace, but my curiosity and desire to want to find out all I could about it. I knew at first glance that it was not real "gold" and could tell it was rendered from a material that was unique and unfamiliar to me, and I couldn't wait to learn all that I could about this mysterious breathtaking necklace and I was anxious to see what else the company offered. Now it is 4 months later and I am so delighted to be able to introduce Batucada Jewelry to you and fill you on the designs that they offer, the eco-friendly, very eco-chic material the jewelry is created from, and where you can purchase your own Batucada piece today!

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Batucada Jewels on the Skin— Beautiful, organic designs from France

Batucada is a unique and innovative line of jewelry. With organic shapes, vibrant colors and natural feeling “eco-plastic” material, it has a tattoo-like appearance when worn. Batucada jewelry hugs your skin, shaping and moving with you. These “jewels on the skin” are waterproof and sweat proof. Perfect for everyday, sports, the beach and nights out. Based in Paris, Batucada’s fashion designers and engineers were inspired by Brazilian beach culture (“Batucada” is a style of samba). The jewelry is available in classic black (the most popular color) as well as an assortment of other vibrant colors. Three styles are offered in coordinated necklace and bracelet. All bracelets can be worn as chokers by combining two bracelets. Batucada is sporty, fun, lightweight and perfect for day or night.


Batucada Jewels on the Skin - The Baroco Collar
Price: $34.95
Available at by

My BATUCADA Baroco Black Collar Necklace arrived to me beautifully packaged in a large, sleek black Batucada rectangular envelope. I could see the stunning "jewels on the skin" black intricate design of the necklace through a little window on the front of the envelope. The peek-a-boo look at the necklace got me even more excited to see and touch this piece rendered in this mysterious eco-friendly material even more. I quickly unfastened the back of the envelope and seconds later was holding the breathtaking necklace in the palms of my hand.  Not only was a extremely impressed with the very fine quality of this necklace, but it far exceeded my expectations in terms of such extreme detail in the intricate design of the collar.

The material that the necklace is made from is very soft, extremely lightweight and very flexible. Batucada jewels are created from unique "eco-plastic" material that is fashionable, comfortable to wear, waterproof and non-toxic. The jewelry is designed and made in France, and oh la la who knew eco-friendly could be so very glamorous and eco-chic!! The material is like nothing I have felt before. You can see how delicate and intricate the design of this necklace is. But, this necklace is not by any means flimsy or so delicate that you have to worry about it breaking apart or falling apart. It is clearly made of soft pliable plastic that is going to hold up and provide you with a lot of wearing enjoyment for a very long time.

I found the innovative way you fasten the necklace very intriguing. The necklace is designed to sit perfectly around your neck just at the base of it. There are 3 small holes on each end of the necklace and you are provided with a very thin piece of blast elastic string. You literally lace the necklace on and tie it and that is how it is fastened. When you are wearing the necklace it feels weightless around your neck and against your skin. It literally packs a powerful punch in terms of adding style, pizzazz and distinctive drama to your outfit. I love that this particular style gives a hint of an illusion of a tattoo, but it is done is a classy, alluring, fascinating, gorgeous manner. The necklace is so glorious to wear. For me, I felt very confident wearing it, like I was wearing something unique that stood out from what is typical to wear. This splendid necklace can be worn with my casual daily jeans and a cute top or I can easily wear it with a beautiful sexy little sundress. It will be such a versatile addition to my accessories for this Spring and Summer and I know it will work nicely with a variety of outfits that I typically wear.

I had to include this magnificent line of jewelry in my Spring Radiance 2010 Guide because it is so exceptional. The styles and designs offered are just divine, such a high caliber piece of eco-friendly jewelry. I hope you are as enticed by learning about this line of jewelry from Batucada as I was when I first learned about them. To see all the different styles available to purchase, you can visit by CLICKING HERE.

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 for providing me with Batucada Necklace to use for this review.

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