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Review: Breeze Comfort

I just recently found out about Breeze Comfort and the extraordinary line of Bras and Sport Bras that they offer at their online shop. These are by no means your typical run of the mill bras and sport bras. They are rendered with a Patented Perforated Bra Pad which has holes built into it which provides you with unique air circulation that is important for general breast health, now who knew that, I know I sure didn't! This patented bra pad provides you with natural comfort and breathability all year round.  And now that I have had a chance to experience Breeze Comfort's bras and sport bras firsthand, I can say that you will love the way they feel when you wear them and is one reason I wanted to include Breeze Comfort in my Spring Radiance 2010 Guide. Let me introduce to this terrific company and the very unique line of bras and sport bras that they have designed:

{From the Breeze Comfort Website}


Our goal is your comfort!

Breeze Comfort was founded by a team of women’s wear experts with over 40 years of experience in the designing, manufacturing and distributing of both national and private branded women’s intimate apparel for leading retailers in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Our desire to provide for the needs of our female customers led us to create the worlds first revolutionary ventilated padded bras and sports bra. Drawing on our extensive experience, we were able to design a garment which offers a combination of appearance, comfort, breathability and support; which we believe are the most essential qualities women look for in sports and daily wear. Our goal is to provide women with a product that offers the ultimate comfort and support for their active lifestyles.

We invite you to come experience the world’s first padded bra and sports bra that breathes!


Why choose Breeze Comfort?

Traditional padded bras are typically made from man made materials that prevent the evaporation of perspiration. The result is the accumulation of moisture in the breast cup area, which causes discomfort to the wearer.

The VentipadTM is a revolutionary invention in bra pad technology invented with ultimate breathability in mind. Unlike traditional bra pads, the VentipadTM has perforations throughout the padding, which allows the passage of air and moisture in the area around the chest (The picture on the left is a removable VentipadTM insert in our sports bras while the picture on the bottom left is a picture of the inside of our bras taken with extreme lighting).

Moisture wicking fabric alone in traditional, padded bras is not enough to create a truly breathable, high performance garment. The patented ventilation channels in the Ventipad enables increased air circulation to occur which allows for perspiration to evaporate more quickly. The result is less moisture and heat, making the wearer experience more pleasant.

Ultimately, staying cool and dry is the key to staying comfortable. The combination of the VentipadTM technology with existing breathable and moisture wicking fabric enables Breeze Comfort bras and sports bras to be truly breathable. Whether your activity level is low, medium or high impact, you will discover that Breeze Comfort bras, sports bras, and sports tops offer the ultimate in comfort, style and support.


The generous folks at Breeze Comfort sent me 2 amazing bras to review.  I love to wear push up bras in the Spring and Summer when the weather is warmer and I can enjoy wearing some of my "sexier" tops and dresses.  I do have experience wearing push up bras so I felt it would be fun to put this one to the test.  I also really kick up my workout routine several notches in the warmer months because the weather is more cooperative so I tend to jog much more often and for greater distances, so having a state of the art sports bras is also something I always am in the need for wearing.  So these 2 bras from Breeze Comfort got the real deal test drive by me this past week.  They both did not disappoint me in any way, I felt they both provided me with total comfort, and exceptional support!  Let me tell you about each one:

Silver/Black Mountain View Sports Bra
Price: $39.99

Available in Sizes:

S (32A, 32B, 32C, 34A, 34B)
M (34C, 34D, 36A, 36B, 36C)
L (36D, 38B, 38C, 38D)

Sports bra with supportive racer-back, keyhole opening back and adjustable hook closure on both sides for customized fit. Designed for high impact sporting activities. 100% more breathable than any other padded sports bras.

Our patented ventilated bra pads not only provide additional support, but also ultimate breathability that will keep you cool and well-ventilated during your workout.

92% polyester / 8% spandex

MY THOUGHTS:  Isn't this the most darling
sports bra?  I thought it was super cute when I took it out of the packaging.  That immediately made me smile with delight and was a great first impression.  But, did it fit, I always worry about that when I receive a clothing item, especially something like a bra that needs to fit just right, when I have not had a chance to try it on for size.  But, I am a pretty typical Size 36C with a fairly small frame so generally I don't have too much trouble hitting the mark with clothes, bras, bathing suits, jeans, things like that received without trying it on first.  The sports bras fit me really, really nicely!  It wasn't too tight, nor was it too big, and it gripped me firmly to support my "assets" very well.  Once I had tried it on, I decided I better wash it before I wear it out running.  As per the tag on the sports bra, I hand washed it in cold water with a little Woolite.  I line dried it.  By the next day I was ready to hit the road with it on.

The morning was sunny, but chilly, but a great day for a jog on my medium length route.  I ran 4 miles with this dynamic sports bra on and boy did it do its job well.  I experienced no jiggling, no bouncing, really I forgot as I got into my run that I was even wearing a bra.  To me, that meant it performed wonderfully and was going to be a part of my sports gear all spring and summer long.

I have to say when I received the package from Breeze Comfort it did arrive to me with customs forms on the envelope and I soon realized it came from Hong Kong.  I was a little skeptical about what the quality of the sports bra and push-up bra would be, since in the past I have not always had such great luck with items I have received from China.  But in all honesty I found this sports bra to be meticulously made, with a lot of attention to detail in the design of the sports bra and a feel when you behold it in your hands that it is made of fine quality.  The fabric is very soft and not cheap, and I do feel the sports bra will stand the test of time, but if I wear it as much as I think I will, it may not last that long because I may wear it out!  We can only hope because I want to stay in great shape.

The next item I received is:

BASIC Perforated Push-Up Bra (Nude)
Price: $27.99

Push-up bra that is 100% more breathable than any other push-up bra in the market! Featuring a sleek & smooth silhouette with our exclusive patented perforated bra pads with holes that give you just the right amount of natural looking “boost” while keeping you cool and comfortable all day long. A truly must-have for your wardrobe!

-Built-in patented perforated bra pads with holes for optimum breathability and comfort
-Seamless molded cups for smooth look
and to prevent show-through
-Double-banded adjustable shoulder straps
to ensure perfect fit
-Underwire for extra support
-Tag-free back for added comfort
-Three-rows hook & eye back closure

MY THOUGHTS:  I am okay with wearing underwire bras.  I can remember when I first started wearing them, they seemed so uncomfortable, I felt like I was being tortured when I was wearing them for long periods of time.  But I realized after spending time at a local department store and being fitted for a bra by an expert, that the underwire bras I was previously wearing were uncomfortable because I was not wearing the appropriate size.  The wrong size was why I was in pain and agony, not because of the style or underwire.  So, because I want that extra support I do choose to wear bras that have an underwire.

I love wearing push up bras.  They make me feel like a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality and I enjoy a little lift there {smile}.  It makes me feel glamorous and alluring if that makes sense.  So, when I received this push up bra from Breeze Comfort I couldn't wait to see how it made me look.  I know how other push up bras have made me look and feel and I was hoping that this one would at the very least give me that same effect, if not exceed from what others have done.  My answer is yes, it did meet my expectations in terms of how it fit, and how it made me look.  It fit me perfectly, but I did have to hook it on the last hook in the back to make sure I had a snug fit without any slouching.  It also gave me a nice amount of "push up" effect, which is what it is all about, that special "lift" to make you look more voluptuous than you really are, right?  I have to say that this bra will actually excel compared to others I have worn in the past because it also has the built in perforated bra pad that is going to give me that extra breathable pad which when the weather gets warmer is going to be a welcome extra added bonus!  I give this bra my highest recommendation!

You can visit the BREEZE COMFORT WEBSITE  by CLICKING HERE to see the wide range of Bras, Sport Bras and Sport Tops that they carry.  You can find a large selection of Styles, Sizes and Colors with which to choose from.  They offer you 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and I am sure you will not be disappointed.  I am just thrilled with the 2 products I received.

Breeze Comfort offers FREE SHIPPING on US Orders and orders over $50 if International, that is fantastic!  Also, if you sign up to receive their newsletter you are entered into their monthly contest for a free bra or sports bra.  VISIT HERE TO SIGN UP

I have an exclusive offer that Breeze Comfort has asked me to extend to my readers. They are currently running a promotion that is not publicized. With discount code "reviewreader" and you get a free sports bra with the purchase of any 2 combination of BASIC or BASIC push-up bra. Now that is an incredible offer you should consider taking advantage of!

A very special THANK YOU to the wonderful people at
Breeze Comfort for providing me with the 2 bras for this review.

Disclosure: I received from
Breeze Comfort two bras
 for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.

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