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Review: MyChelle Dermaceuticals

At the start of every new season I love to switch things up with my skin care and beauty routine by incorporating some new products into my daily "get ready" ritual. Spring for me is a time for renewal, rejuvenating and starting with a fresh clean slate when it comes to my daily skin care and makeup regimens. I stumbled upon MyChelle Dermaceuticals online one day and the philosophy behind this product line and the fantastic ingredients found in the products really captured my attention. I found myself delighted about what I learned about this terrific company and the splendid line of products that they offer. The products are so alluring when you read the ingredients contained in them and I am really excited to have MyChelle Dermaceauticals be a part of my Spring Radiance 2010 Guide. Let me provide you with some information about this exciting company:

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About Us

For more than twenty years, Myra Michelle Eby, the founder of MyChelle Dermaceuticals, has been involved at every level of the natural products industry.

“It seems as if I have been in the natural products industry forever,” she says, “and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

From vitamin consultant at the retail level to representing a natural products distributor, then years as an independent sales representative for manufacturers of natural remedies and natural skin care, Myra has cultivated a well-rounded knowledge of the skin care industry. As a top sales producer, she successfully conducted many educational trainings and consumer seminars on nutritional supplements and natural skin care.

Weary of the road, and practically living out of her car, Myra was ready for a new chapter in her career. As a sales representative for various quality natural cosmetic companies, she became increasingly aware of a growing demand from consumers seeking uniquely different skin care products offering highly active, anti-aging ingredients that address sun damage and avoid commonly used and potentially harmful cosmetic ingredients and preservatives. Thus…MyChelle Dermaceuticals was launched!

When contemplating a name for her company, Myra used a combination of her own name, Myra and Michelle, and the association with one’s skin, or “shell”, to create “MyChelle”, (pronounced “my shell”). She attached “Dermaceuticals” to represent the science of skin care, as all of her formulations are scientifically based.

Located at 9,100 feet in the Rocky Mountains in Frisco, Colorado, the office bustles with enthusiasm and activity, as well it should for a company making an important contribution to natural health and skin care.

MyChelle Good Enough to Eat!

Kitchen cosmetics were always a favorite pastime for Myra. “Drop-in guests often caught me with an application of a freshly-made poultice on my face! I quickly realized, however, that mass production and subsequent distribution required more than a blender and a refrigerator.” She put her thoughts and dreams together, working with top chemists to create a line that fit all the protocols she wanted her line to represent. The result: MyChelle Dermaceuticals LLC, a paraben-free, non-toxic, 100% natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free company was born.

Science Meets Nature

“The use of irritating and possibly toxic chemicals in natural skin care products just didn’t make sense to me,” Myra states. “The body absorbs at least 40 percent of whatever is applied topically to the skin. We need to pay close attention to ingredients.” As a new mother, Myra wanted skin care products so safe and natural they could be used even on a baby’s delicate skin.

Aligning herself with chemists in the field of dermatology, Myra began her search to produce highly active, highly concentrated, effective, non-toxic skin care products. In creating MyChelle, Myra took the scientific knowledge of dermatology and applied it to natural skin care. She feels that she is revolutionizing the natural skin care industry by using effective, unique ingredients never before utilized in the natural approach.

"Has Your Skin Had its Five Servings of Fruit & Vegetables Today?”

Each product is effective individually, but superior results may be experienced more rapidly by using the entire system formulated for particular skin types. All MyChelle products are designed to work synergistically with each other for optimal results. In MyChelle products, you will never find parabens or sunscreens known as octyl methoxycinnamates, both of which can be estrogenic; triethanolamine, which can combine with secondary amines in products to form highly carcinogenic nitrosamines; or diethanolamine, which has been shown to be directly carcinogenic. Of course, we do not test on animals.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals are available in natural products outlets and spas from coast to coast and in Ireland.


The kind folks at MyChelle Dermaceuticals let me choose a few products to review. I decided to select an eye cream and a foundation since those are two types of products that I use everyday and am so used to either being thrilled with the results, or at times, disappointed with the manner with which they perform, so I thought let's put these two products to the test. The only preconceived notation that I had was my sheer excitement about trying all natural products that gentle enough to eat, that fascinated and intrigued me, especially since I do have very sensitive skin and always want to make sure I am using the gentlest safest products on my skin, but not sacrifice quality or effectiveness.

Fabulous Eye Cream - .5 oz
An age-defying, soothing eye cream with organic aloe
Price: $28.39


Fabulous Eye Cream is an exceptional eye cream that soothes fine lines and wrinkles leaving the eye area supple while reducing the visible signs of aging. May be used effectively on those tiny creases above the lip.

Fabulous Eye Cream as it is so appropriately names does indeed live up to its title! I am really picky about the eye creams that I use around my eyes. They have to contain natural ingredients, they have to be rich and moisturizing and they have to be absorbed into my skin quickly without any greasy residue left around my eyes. It is with such joy that I report that this eye cream passed all my little tests! I think it is just phenomenal! It has a fresh, clean, sweet scent, which comes from all the delicious ingredients that it contains. It is a nice rich creamy texture, but non-greasy and easy to glide onto your skin and quickly absorbed. All the elements that I look for were met. I noticed right away that my skin agreed with it, liked it, and I did notice any dryness around my eyes that was evident from washing my face was gone once I applied the eye cream to the area above and below my eyes. I did pay special attention to applying the eye cream around my "crow's feet" area and it did seem to smooth that area out nicely too. I highly recommend this eye cream. I have sensitive skin and did not experience any kind of allergic reactions or smarting around the eyes from using it, Yay! In the past, other eye creams have caused issues, so I am thrilled to have found a new favorite eye cream to use all Spring and Summer long. Indeed my eyes will look Radiant!

Cream Foundation - Latte
A therapeutic and effective mineral formulation that delivers flawless light-to-medium coverage plus nourishing grape seed and camellia oils.
Price: $25.89

Packed with nourishing plant-based oils, this glamorous foundation comes in a convenient, portable cream-based package that provides a savvy option to messy mineral powders. This standout product, which consistently delivers a beautiful, natural finish, is ideal for normal, combination, and dry skin.

The available color palette includes:
• Ivory, a light hue touched with angelic pink and yellow undertones; perfect for fair skin tones
• Porcelain, an engaging, antiqued shade rooted in peaches and pinks that is also an excellent choice for fair skin tones
• Latte, a perfectly bronzed color for more olive and yellow complexions
• Cashmere, a luxurious tone swept with the slightest hint of rose
• Chai, an earthy tone infused with warm caramel
• Coco, a scrumptious shade packed with delightful chocolate hues

MY THOUGHTS: I asked for a shade of foundation a little darker than my typical color skin with the idea that the warm weather always has me outside all the time and I may pick up some color with a slight tan. So I thought I would get a foundation that will take me through the Summer Season and better match what my skin tone will be like in a few months. So, the color didn't quite work for me today, but I was able to apply the foundation, test the consistency of it, the texture, the coverage, and the ease of using it. First let me say, I love using a stick format for my foundation. It makes applying the color so easy, effortless and quick! I just stroked the stick across my forehead, down my nose, above my lips and across my chin and cheeks and blended it all together with my fingers. The foundation smells light and fruity is what comes to mind. A very divine scent, very natural and fresh smelling with made me smile with delight.

I liked the way the foundation felt on my fingers. It was creamy, hydrating, and provided me with a somewhat sheer coverage. It seemed to even out my skin tone very well, without looking cakey or thick on my skin. I think once I have a bit of a tan it will really put a nice tingling glow and dewy look to my skin. It basically made my skin look luminous and glowing today, just was a touch dark for me. I can't wait to get some color so I can really make the most out of this glorious product. I have to say I prefer a mineral makeup in a cream texture as opposed to a mineral powder. My skin seems to want and need the hydration that the mineral cream can provide it, so for those that feel the same way, I highly recommend this product! It comes in a great selection of colors so finding the right shade to match your skin tone will be easy.

To check out the wide range of products offered at MyChelle Dermaceuticals Website and to learn more about this exceptional and very fine product line, CLICK HERE.

A very special THANK YOU to
MyChelle Dermaceuticals for providing me with the products for this review.

Disclosure: I received from
MyChelle Dermaceuticals
the two products listed in this review for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected

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