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Review: BoutiqueToYou.com Tolani Leopard Scarf

Okay, if you are anything at all like me, you enjoy browsing through all the most popular fashion magazines having fun learning about all the latest and greatest fashion trends and styles, and also enjoying seeing what some of your favorite celebrities are wearing. How many times have you seen something a famous star was wearing, it caught your eye immediately, and you spent countless hours in every store you can think of trying to find that very item you saw in the magazine on that star that you just have to have!! Well, you probably found something similar to it, maybe not exactly the same, but after spending more time than you would have liked to, ended up with something that satisfied your desire, right?! Well, do I have the best insider place to shop to tell you about. It is your one stop shopping place to find not only the hottest, coolest, most stylish clothing and accessories you can imagine, but also find the very same items all the Hollywood celebs are wearing all at one place, and even better news, at prices that work with your budget, prices that won't break your wallet, prices that will enable you to purchase over and over again all the most alluring, gorgeous styles that you dream of having! Well, dream no more, make your wildest fantasies about clothes, and the stunning looks you always wanted to create for yourself, and have some fun shopping at BoutiqueForYou.com. Here is just a very tiny sampling of what the folks at BoutiqueForYou.com say are hot picks for this Spring and coming Summer:


Tunics are being worn by many of the celebrities because they are chic, comfortable, sexy and so versatile. Here are just a few of the darling styles you can purchase right now at BoutiqueToYou.com

Tolani Collection Nisha Tunic
Price: $100.00

Nicky Hilton wears the Tolani Collection Nisha Tunic with gladiators and aviators for a chic, pulled-together look. This gorgeous tunic is made of 100% silk for a luxe feel. Long length with a v-neck.
Available in black, as seen on Nicky.

Tolani Collection Camilla Tunic in Orange Paisley
Price: $98.00

Lindsay Lohan wears the Tolani Collection Camilla Tunic out on a sunny afternoon. This sunny orange print tunic has just the right amount of boho chic style with its loose, flowy fit and funky paisley print. Made of silk.

Tolani Collection Mosaic Tunic
Price: $105.00

Nicky Hilton and Joanna Krupa go Grecian in her Tolani Collection Mosaic Tunic. This gorgeous tunic has European flavor with its mosaic print and beautiful tunic shape. Wear belted to get Hilton's look.


Scarves are being adorned by so many women this Spring and Summer Season because they are such a fun and flirty way to jazz up your outfit and give yourself that really feminine, ultra chic, resort type look! Check out the gorgeous selection of ANU by Natural Scarves available at BoutiqueToYou.com that are quickly selling out!

Anu By Natural Green Nubby Lurex Scarf
Price: $42.00

As seen on Nichole Richie, the Anu By Natural Nubby Lurex Scarf is a gorgeous addition to any neckline. Available in green.

Anu By Natural Orchid Nubby Lurex Scarf
Price: $42.00

As worn by Giselle, the Anu By Natural Nubby Lurex Scarf is a gorgeous addition to any neckline. Available in orchid.

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The fantastic people over at Boutique To You want to introduce their dynamic Animal Print Tolani Scarves to you. They are ultra stylish, very sexy and super chic to wear and they are sure to add some spice and pizzazz to your Spring and Summer wardrobe. There are so many different ways you can wear them to revamp your look and reinvent your own unique sense of style, like wearing them as a sarong over your bathing suit, wrapping them around your upper body as an exotic halter, or adding some elegance and grace to a cute little black sundress for an evening out. These are just a few ideas of how you can make this the most versatile fashion accessory in your wardrobe and add a striking element to your spring and summer outfits!


Tolani Leopard Scarf
Price: $95.00

Worn by Kim Kardashian and Shenae Grimes! Safari prints are in this season. Add a little of the wild to your outfit with
Tolani's Leopard Scarf. Wear as a scarf or even as a sarong on the beach.

MY THOUGHTS: I absolutely love this spectacular scarf! It is made of exceptional quality, the fine gauge of the material is divine, and the weight of the scarf is perfect for all 4 seasons. It is not too thin or flimsy, and at the same time it is not too thick and heavy that you can't wear it in the warm weather, so this is a versatile fashion accessory that is going to work with all your outfits year round! I also love that in spite of the fact that this is a dynamic, bold, scarf, it is both timeless and ageless! It is not an overly trendy piece nor is it something only young woman can wear. Anyone of any age can benefit from spicing up their wardrobe with this splendid scarf and believe me when I say it is just so sophisticated and distinctive and will truly spruce up all your existing favorite outfits.

I love that it is wide and long so I can wear it in so many different styles. You can actually search on google to learn about all the different ways you can tie, wrap and wear scarves and this particular scarf is the ultimate length and width for working so many of the different options you will find.

Animal Print Scarves are so exotic and sexy and take a cue from all your favorite Celebs they are a very Euro-Chic way to accessorize your outfits to give that that exotic hip "look" so consider a few other splendid TOLANI Scarves available at BoutiqueToYou.com:

Tolani Zebra Scarf
Price: $95.00

Nicole Richie pulls her outfit together with the
Tolani Zebra Scarf. An animal print accessory is a must-have for any fashionista!
Each scarf is a unique creation and may vary in color, as most designer pieces do.

Tolani Cheetah Scarf
Price: $95.00

Sienna Miller knows that her Tolani Cheetah Scarf is a versatile piece...she wears it as a scarf around town or as a sarong on the beach. Also spotted on Rachael Taylor!

A very special thank you to
BoutiqueToYou.com for providing me with Tolani Scarf to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received Tolani Leopard Scarf from BoutiqueToYou.com for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.

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