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Review: SHAW Treatment Body Care Products

It is with such honor and pleasure that I include Shaw Treatment Body Care Products in my Sizzling Summer 2010 Guide. This is a company that not only offers spectacular products crafted with the finest quality ingredients, but also is passionate about donating a LARGE percentage of their profits, 25%, to support charities working in Africa. Their current charity focus is The Stephen Lewis Foundation which helps to Ease the Pain of HIV/AIDS in Africa. I am excited to highlight the exceptional products available at SHAW Treatment, many of which are on SALE right now. There is no better feeling than to use luxurious, pampering, effective products on your body, that are safe and natural, while at the same time having an opportunity to help people in Africa during their time of need. It is a most rewarding feeling! You skin will look luminous and glowing from these products, that I can attest to!!

{Taken From the Shaw Treatment Website}


Michelle Shaw, Cofounder - President

"When we founded Shaw Treatment, we had no idea that it would grab the attention of so many people. We set a lofty mission to improve the world in which we live and share. Creating a quality product line and developing a steadfast business plan were at the forefront of our minds. Now here we are a few years in and taking the leap from a small to mid-sized business. Shaw Treatment is about change! Changing the industry, changing minds and changing the world. We know that collectively we have the ability and power to change the world and make it a better place."

Michelle Shaw, Cofounder and President of Shaw Treatment, Inc. began suffering with eczema, a common skin condition, when she was quite young. Years of medically approved skin creams had little affect. Enough was enough and at the age of 30, Michelle set out to learn more. Armed with her M. Sc. in wildlife nutrition and having scored her dream job as one of a very select group of Zoo Nutritionists, she began applying her knowledge of nutrition to skin and began studying her skin problem from the inside out. After consulting human nutritionists, and product formulation experts, Michelle's simple body care line began to develop. Together with her husband and company Cofounder, Brad Arsenault, the team began designing a business model that could market the products that friends and family had already begun enjoying and raving about.

Shaw Treatment was born on Earth Day in 2004 and slowly began marketing its new product line shortly after that. Michelle tirelessly continues to develop products, manage the day to day operations of Shaw Treatment, and source grass-roots charities in need in Africa.

Brad Arsenault, Cofounder - Vice President

"The entire process of forming Shaw Treatment, from product development to the idea of creating a social enterprise business model has been an exhilarating and exciting notion right from the start. We have the 'WOW' factor on our side and it never fails no matter where we go, when we tell people that we make body care products, and we donate profits to charities we always get the 'WOW' response."

Brad Arsenault, Cofounder and Vice President of Shaw Treatment, Inc. studied business at the University of Guelph and has been influenced, encouraged and intrigued since a young age by entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

As a boy in elementary school, Brad was greatly influenced by his grade six teacher, Mr. Tobin, a South African born man who emigrated to escape Apartheid. The seed had been planted and would later flourish as Brad came to realize that Shaw Treatment could be a source for change.
Today South Africa and neighboring Sub-Saharan countries face a variety of new and old threats alike including, the spread of HIV/AIDS, cholera, famine, drought, malaria, tuberculosis, and even diabetes an epidemic also being experienced in North America. Let’s not forget Kenya or the plague of disasters that have struck the Darfur region of Sudan.
Africa is a continent in need but it is also a continent filled with great people, and thus great hope. The political stage is set and governments have finally taken notice. But there is still a long way to go.


The gracious folks over at SHAW Treament sent me 2 luxurious products to review. They could not have made a better choice in deciding what to send me because this time of year my skin really needs some TLC and hydration, and these 2 products are the perfect way for me to give back to my skin the nourishment that it so visibly needs. It is with enthusiasm and joy that I tell you all about them:

The 1st product I tried is:

Swahili Coast Body Lotion, 8 fl. oz.
Sensitive skin shea butter lotion that you will love. We guarantee it!
Price" On SALE for $14.99

The Basics

Ideal for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

A sensitive skin lotion never smelled so good. Experience the tropical scent-sation of mango, papaya and coconut while you revitalize your spirit and moisturize your sensitive skin. Absolutely packed with skin nourishing ingredients including our specially sourced shea butter made by a community women's project in Togo who support children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

NOTE: You might also like our ethically traded Swahili Coast Organic Sugar Scrub with organic shea butter and coconut oil.

Key Ingredients:

Shea butter - nourishes, heals, soothes and softens (NOTE: Shaw Treatment uses Ethically Traded shea butter from a community program in Togo that supports women and children living with HIV/AIDS)
- Avocado oil - soothes itching, regenerates and softens dehydrated and undernourished skin
- Jojoba seed oil - moisturizes while improving skin elasticity and suppleness
- Grapeseed oil - reduces inflammation and helps rid your body of toxins
- loe vera - relieves itching and speeds healing of weather damaged skin

MY THOUGHTS: I love the nice size easy to handle size of this product. It made applying it quick and effortless. The texture is rich, but not too thick, and it glided over my skin beautifully. I love that it has a nice subtle scent. It smells very pleasant, it will work for both men and woman and is a fragrance that is ageless and timeless. You don't have to have mature skin to benefit from this product, just skin that loves to be pampered and moisturized indulgantly! I used it, and I also used it on my 3 young children. It consists of only the finest ingredients so it is safe for even the youngest of skin!!

My skin loved this product! The lotion quickly absorbed in my skin and I could clearly see how the silk amino acids present in the lotion did indeed leave my skin with a sexy shimmer. How pretty for the summer when so much of my skin is showing! I think this product is just divine and I highly recommend it.

I really like the idea that when you purchase this product or any of the others, a large portion of the profits go to charities that really need assistance. So if you are in the market for a new body lotion, and you want to make a difference in our world at the same time, please consider SHAW Treatment for your body care needs. You body will love you, and you will feel a sense of satisfaction that you have made a difference at the same time. Also, keep these products in mind for your gift giving needs. Imagine how wonderful the recipient will feel about receiving a gift that is also serving as a gift for someone else in need? The gift that will keep on giving!!

The 2nd product that I tried:

Swahili Coast Massage Body Butter
The absolute best butter to relieve itching and soften dry, sensitive skin.
Price: On SALE for $17.99

The Basics

Sunflower seed oil, aloe, jojoba seed oil - a truly rich combination! This body butter is the way a body butter should be - thick and luxurious (not watery and goopy). Combined with chamomile and aloe to help repair sun damaged or dry winter skin. This product is excellent to use after being in the sun or after your daily shower. It's especially great 'skin-food' for the dry, itchy winter season. Great for your legs and arms. With our signature Swahili Coast fragrance of tropical fruits.

Key Ingredients:

~ Sunflower seed oil - retains moisture and provides a protective barrier
~ Soya bean oil - relieves intense itching
~ Jojoba seed oil - moisturizes while improving skin elasticity and suppleness
~ Beeswax - locks in moisture, promotes skin regeneration, softens and protects skin from damaging environmental factors
~ Aloe vera - relieves itching and speeds healing of weather damaged skin
~ Chamomile - speeds healing, reduces inflammation, and soothes itchy skin

MY THOUGHTS: Another fine quality product! This is the creme de la creme of body butters! It is the ultimate in giving your skin that dose of heavy duty moisture without being overly thick or sticky, love it! Another thing, you need very very little at a time, this large jar is going to last us forever!! The texture is so thick and concentrated that you just glide you finger over the top of the product and although you barely see it on your finger, the results that it delivers as you smooth it on your skin is clearly visible! You can see how your skin instantly transforms from dry to soft and you can also see that it leaves a silky sheen to your skin, awesomeness!

This is another product that has a very light, beautiful soft fragrance. But don't be fooled by it being a lovely scent, my husband uses this product now too, and he is a manly "man"! If you have dry skin that requires more than a daily moisturizer, skin that is crying for an exceptional rich cream, then look no further because this is the product for you!

I wash my hands probably 20 times a day, seriously! So my hands are always dry looking and I feel that makes them look much "older" than they really are, and that's no good. Well, I can honestly say that after using this delightful product on the tops of my hands everyday this week, they look revived, rejuvenated, the body butter brought them back to life! They don't look wrinkly crinkly anymore, no no no! So imagine what this product will do for those areas of your body that you find so hard to keep looking youthful and alive!

We started out "green" journey almost 2 years ago and vow to try and use only natural and/or organic health and beauty products in our home. At the very least, we are educating ourselves on what "bad" ingredients are, and we now take the time to read labels to watch out for ingredients we don't want absorbed into our skin, and we try and seek out products that are safe and healthy to enter into our blood streams through our skin. It gives me such great peace of mind knowing that these 2 products from SHAW Treatment have only the finest natural ingredients in them, and that the products are created with a level of excellence that meets the high standards that we have set for our family!!

You can visit the SHAW Treatment website by CLICKING HERE so you can browse around and check these 2 products as well as all the other splendid products that they offer. There are many SALE items too that may be an incentive for you to try some out!!

A very special THANK YOU to the kind folks over at SHAW Treatment for sending me these two products to review!

Disclosure: I received the two products described in my review from SHAW Treatment for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected

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