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Review: Womanity by Thierry Mugler

"At the heart of it is what one woman learns from another. Womanity is that bond: giving, complicit, a tacit affinity" - Thierry Mugler

Magnetically sensuous, lusciously unique, charismatically bold, undeniably alluring and fascinatingly savory are a few thoughts that came to mind the very first time I took a whiff of Womanity by Thierry Mugler. Yesterday afternoon the box of indulgent Womanity products arrived at my doorstep and I couldn't tear open the package fast enough to behold what was inside! Everything contained in the package looked visibly glorious to the eye, the products come in pretty pink boxes wrapped in decorative Womanity tissue paper filled with inspirational words. If first impressions are everything, then they hit the mark with me because it was the perfect preface for what was housed inside those lovely pink boxes, little did I know how amazed I would be over what came next! Check out the gorgeous, stunning and most spectacular bottles you have ever laid your eyes on!!

This exciting new fragrance line from Thierry Mugler is so innovative on so many levels. Before I get into my review about the product themselves, I'd like to educate you via the Womanity Press Release about the concept behind what Womanity represents and why this campaign is so unique:

"Womanity is a perfume conceived as a link, a positive energy flowing through all types of femininity." - Thierry Mugler

In the continued exploration of Womanity, Thierry Mugler has chosen to express his uncommon creativity through a fragrance - one of his most celebrated areas of expertise. Following the launch of, Thierry Mugler produced an auteur film, Is She You, for Womanity, which will be released on on May 8. Now, Thierry Mugler offers a new expression of Womanity to the site's users and to all women: Womanity the fragrance.

Womanity: a finely hewn fragrance, whose facets reflect the infinite expressions of womankind

Womanity represents a challenge and a technological breakthrough:

The challenge: For the first time ever, Thierry Mugler includes a sweet and savory note, an alchemy obtained by pairing fig and caviar.

A technological breakthrough: the molecular extraction, an exclusive method, patented by Mane, is used in a fragrance for the first time. The method makes it possible extract the aromatic molecules of any material and to precisely reconstruct its olfactory properties, thus obtaining ingredients that perfectly preserve and express each ingredient in all its subtlety and nuance.

Molecular extraction of fig and caviar is performed exclusively by Mane for Thierry Mugler fragrances. An all-new creation, at once savory, sweet, and woody, with notes of the audacious and unexpected.

Womanity is a warm fragrance, sharp and sweet, intoxicating and profound, fresh...First, the sweetness appears in a brilliant burst, a soaring, sybaritic flight: fig, with its juicy, fruity flesh, its diaphanous milkiness. Then, a cheeky note of savory: subtle, troubling, almost animal - caviar. Mordant and magnetic. Finally, the elegance of a woody accord. Green, sensuous, pure. Fig wood and leaf. An eau de parfum by Mane, based on an idea by Fabrice Pellegrin.

Composition of Womanity was created by Mane, as a powerful contrast of elements. By using the new molecular process of extraction, Mane manages to extract natural aromas of fig for sweet accords. Savory notes originate from caviar and the structure in ensured by fig wood aromas. Pierre Aulas, olfactive director of Clarins Fragrance Group, says that it is a true challenge to work on Mugler's idea of combining savoury and sweet notes.

A "Woman & Beauty" fragrance line will accompany the perfume launch. Four products, each enriched with natural fig extracts to pamper the skin, will offer sensuous, fruity freshness.

March 8, 2010 marked the international launch of by Thierry Mugler. The interactive and participatory site, the only one of its kind, was inspired by the idea of feminine identity, and dedicated to all the world's femininities. is a platform for creative expression, and has welcomed over 1 million visitors since its launch. Creative contributions from 3,770 individuals have brought further depth and richness to the site and the brand is already celebrating the success of this innovative experiment.

Womanity is a word created to connect femininity, humanity and city. An overture to this edition began in March 2010 when Mugler launched web site with an idea that every woman cooperates in its creation and finishing touch. With an aim to create contents for the website, one story is finished by several women, each of them writing on her page. Contest asks women to give creative ideas for a particular project or cause. The winner will work with Mugler to finish the website. helping ideas take wing...

What if women spoke out about the pleasures of femininity – of being women, together, in the world today?

And what if women built for themselves the community that unites them?

In launching the Womanity concept, Thierry Mugler expresses the contemporary idea of life in network, of a new form of humanity in action and interaction, of women in all their rich diversity and variety, and of women's energy and the creative force within them.

The Bottle

Fragrance WOMANITY was created as a part of this phenomenon, in a pink bottle. Connections between women are presented as chains and ring on top of the bottle which is decorated with metal frieze with symbolic design. Design of the top part of the bottle and beautiful frieze figures can be interpreted as Gothic or Art Deco style. Mugler's idea was however that the frieze encapsulated and depicted women of all generations.


I was invited to the Womanity Launch Party held in NYC last week and since I could not attend the generous folks over at Clarins sent me The Collection of Womanity Products to test out and review. I had heard a lot of buzz and hype over Thierry Mugler's newest fragrance so I was totally thrilled to receive this box of goodies to experience. Please note that Womanity will be available August 2010 at Bloomingales, October 2010 at Nordstrom and at

Here is the array of products that I received:

Womanity by Thierry Mugler 0.33 Fl. Oz. Eau De Parfum Refillable Spray Bottle
Price: $28

Womanity, a woody, sweet and savory Eau De Parfum. Womanity, a refillable and ecologically-responsible fragrance. Womanity, a fragrance, a bond, an energy shared by all women.

The WOMANITY scent is the first sweet and savory fragrance creation. An engaging, mysterious and unique scent, full of contrast is built around the theme of the fig fruit, a poweful symbol of femininity, with an exceptional fig and caviar accord. Designed by Thierry Mugler, the bottle is a sculpted work of art with multiple secret symbols created for a woman who leaves her mark. Refillable.

Womanity by Thierry Mugler 1.7 Fl. Oz. Eau De Parfum Refillable Spray Bottle
Price: $78

Womanity by Thierry Mugler 6.8 Fl. Oz. Perfumed Shower Gel
Price: $40

The freshness of a subtly perfumed Shower Gel enriched with natural extract of fig. A fruity, milky fig that moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Womanity by Thierry Mugler Perfumed Body Cream 6.9 Net Wt.
Price: $55

The freshness of a subtly perfumed Body Cream enriched with natural extract of fig. A fruity, milky fig that moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Womanity by Thierry Mugler Perfumed Body Milk 6.7 Net Wt.
Price: $45

The freshness of a subtly perfumed Body Milk enriched with natural extract of fig. A fruity, milky fig that soothes and moisturizes the skin.

MY THOUGHTS: I am NOT going to pretend I am any kind of expert in the field of perfumery and creating fragrances. I can say though that I have a discerning taste for what is exceptional and crafted of the highest standards and is most pleasing to the senses. And by far these products are indeed divine perfectionism to the 10th degree!! In my wildest dreams I never would have conjured up a mix of n
atural aromas of fig for sweet accords, the savory notes originated from caviar and the structure in ensured by fig wood aromas all together and even imagined that together they could work in harmony together to become such an ageless, timeless off the charts sweet sensual aroma as they have intertwined together to evolve into.

This morning I worked the fine of art layering to the ultimate level with all the products. I began the process in the shower using the Womanity Shower Gel. I followed up with the Womanity Body Milk on some parts of my body and the Womanity Body Cream on the areas of my body that required extra moisture, like my legs since I had just shaved them. I finished my routine off with spritzes of the Eau De Parfum all over my body, ooh la la!! My bathroom smelled so intoxicating, I was drugged by the enticing aroma that filled the room, it was like heaven on earth. I can't describe it -- but think of sweet fig, ripe juicy pleasing, meets caviar, robust distinctive sophisticated yet delicate, finished off with the woodsy aroma from the fig wood. The scent exotic, spicey but fruity at the same time. It is soft but bold at the same time. The scent does not disappear over time. Especially if you incorporate the fine art of layering, the fragrance will stay on you all day long.

This is the perfect scent for summer, but also the perfect scent year round as you will want to continue to radiate this joyous scent off of your body to all those around you 24/7. This fragrance will bring you pleasure as well as bring those around you pleasure!

From a woman's power to the power of women: a new awareness of femininity is emerging.


A very special THANK YOU to the most gracious folks at Clarins for providing me with all the Womanity by Thierry Mugler Products for this review.

Disclosure: I received the 5 products described in my review from the folks at Clarins for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected

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