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Review: FONTANA Bootcut Jeans from Bootheel Trading Company

You know her awesome music, you know her rockin' sense of style, you know her down to earth core values, who am I referring to, the fabulous Sheryl Crow! Men and Women, Boys and Girls love her music and adore her timeless, ageless tunes. Her superior guitar playing talent and her glorious voice together makes beautiful music that we have all danced, sang, laughed and cried to, in all the high and low moments of our life. Her music has transcended time and we all have a place in our hearts for Sheryl Crow. She entertains us with her songs and music, make us think about what is really important in life, and her lyrics have gotten me through so many good and bad times in my life. She has been wow'ing crowds and audiences for years and now she is winning our hearts by bringing her rock star sense of style to us through her new clothing line! BOOTHEEL Trading Co. by Sheryl Crow is a line of clothing created by Sheryl and I can't wait to introduce some really cool styles from her line that are off the charts when it comes to being hip and perfect for revamping your "look" this Spring and Summer. That is why I am so thrilled to be able to include BOOTHEEL Trading Co. in my Holiday Glamour & 2010 Gift Giving Guide! If you ever wanted a chance to achieve the rocker hot, flirty, sexy country girl look, then here's your chance to learn how! Let me introduce this fascinating company Sheryl Crow has created to you:

{Taken from the BOOTHEEL TRADING CO. Website}

Sheryl Crow's New Journey: Bootheel Trading Co.

Born in Kennett, the 'bootheel' region of Missouri, the 9-time Grammy winner has set out to capture her American roots and easy-going style through 'Bootheel Trading Co.', an apparel line inspired by her own voice and vision.

Bootheel Trading Co. is a unique blend of vintage American Rock n' Roll chic and authentic denim stylings for the mainstream consumer. The collection is a selective offering of love-worn, easy-going and accessible jeans and tops reminiscent of Sheryl's distinctive style.

Bootheel Trading Co. incorporates elements meaningful to Sheryl's life's journey. There are facets of Bootheel Trading Co. that express the many sides of Sheryl Crow such as:

• organic sustainable labeling

• the integration of the Missouri state flower into
embroideries and screen prints

• graphics inspired by her song lyrics


The barometer for coolness and hipness broke when it hit the hottest possible level when I saw the amazing
BOOTHEEL Trading Co. FONTANA Bootcut Jeans I was sent to review. I have been a fan of Sheryl Crow's for decades, idolizing her from afar, her talents as a musician and singer, and her gorgeous sense of style, and all of her contributions to so many causes that she is passionate about. I often tried to find clothes in stores that reminded me of something she would wear because she always looks so hot in everything she wears and I wanted to achieve those same kinds of looks, but in my own unique way. Because I am a jeans kind of gal, I love to wear them but look glamorous and rocker chic in them too, this line immediately caught my eye, and now my heart!

The clothes Sheryl Crow has designed are really fashion forward, stylish with a touch of rocker chic in there, but they are affordable, I mean really, really affordable for the average person's budget. You don't have to be a celebrity or rock star in order to dress and look like one. Also, you don't have to have the perfect body to wear this line of clothing. There are special fits available within the line that are made to fit all kinds of body sizes and shapes:

Taken from the BOOTHEEL Trading Co. Website}

Fit Guide

There are many Bootheel Trading Co. By Sheryl Crow styles to choose from. To make it easier for you to decide which jean to buy, we at have separated our women's fits into 2 groups:


White fit flatters a woman with feminine, voluptuous, hips enhancing the natural contours of a fuller body type. White fit is high-rise with the waistband hitting at the natural waist.


Blue fit flatters a woman with shapely hips, offering a subtle, figure enhancing curve from the hips to the thighs. Blue fit is mid-rise with the waistband hitting just below the natural waist.

I was sent the fabulous FONTANA Bootcut Jeans to review. Here is the lowdown on them:

Price: $68


he always chic bootcut jean gets a vintage-rock twist with detailed back flap pockets. Part of our “white fit” category which flatters a woman with feminine, voluptuous hips enhancing the natural contours of a fuller body.

Available in Sizes: 25 - 36
Inseams: 30, 32 and 34

Color: Indigo

MY THOUGHTS: I received these jeans on Friday and seriously I couldn't get them in the washer fast enough! I always wash my jeans before wearing and prior to reviewing so I can share with you how well they wash. So in the washer they went washed using the gentle cycle with a warm wash and cold rinse. Typically I line dry my jeans so they don't shrink, but I was so anxious to wear these jeans I did put them in the drier. They washed and dried magnificently and looked spectacular!

I couldn't wait to wear these jeans because I absolutely adore this darling style! This is my 3rd pair of Bootheel Trading Co. jeans, so I know that the size 29's fit me like perfection, and this glorious FONTANA style did not disappoint me. It is as if they were tailored made for me, the 32 inch length is just what I need, they fit me exceptionally well in the "butt" and snug on the hips which when I can get that excellent fit in a pair of jeans, you won't be able to get them off of me! I am just thrilled with these.

This Holiday Season is you want that casual yet glamorous couture rocker look, then you must head on over to the Bootheel Trading Co. website and check out some of the latest styles that Sheryl Crow has designed and has up for sale there. Whether you want to achieve her look for yourself, or surprise someone you know with one of her pieces, you will love what you find there. You can visit Bootheel Trading Co. and shop by CLICKING HERE!

What I love most about Sheryl's
BOOTHEEL Trading Co. line of clothes is that they have that hint of country girl rocker chick in there. Even though the clothes are clearly stylish and can be worn in the most urban of settings, there is that twinge of relaxed innocence about them, that comfortable feel to their "look" that reminds me of lazy days in the country just enjoying life, that has captured my attention and won me over.

A very special THANK YOU to BOOTHEEL Trading Co. for providing me with the FONTANA Jeans used for this review.

Disclosure: I received the FONTANA Jeans used for this review from BOOTHEEL Trading Co. for the purposes of this Review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed or affiliated with BOOTHEEL Trading Company in any manner. Registered & Protected

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