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REVIEW: Miraclebody ~ Look 10 lbs. Lighter in 10 Seconds!

I recently had the urge to treat myself to a new pair of jeans. I thought it would be great to have a new pair of jeans for the upcoming holiday season that I could wear to some of the more casual events we will be attending. In my head I envisioned a pair of jeans that had a touch of dressiness and glamour to them, something that is currently lacking in my existing collection of jeans. I also wanted a pair of jeans that would give me a touch of elegance and fashion forward style that would spice up my "look" so throughout the holidays I would feel confident and happy about myself.

So off to the stores I went, excited about selecting my dream pair of new jeans. After 4 hours of shopping at several different stores, trying on over 2 dozen pairs of jeans, I gave up! Honestly, it was impossible to find a pair of jeans that fit me just right and had all the elements I was looking for. I arrived home depressed, frustrated, and discouraged, thinking I was just going to have to make do with the jeans I already have and make them work for me this holiday season.

A few days later I was going through my list of reviews that I had completed and came across the review I did a few months ago for Miraclesuit, an innovative line of body slimming swimwear. It occurred to me that they also have a partner company called Miraclebody who has created an amazing line of body slimming clothing, which includes jeans and tops! A light went on in my head and I hurried on over to the website to check out the collection of jeans they offer, thinking perhaps I could find a pair there for the holidays. Long story short, Miraclebody has come to my rescue and I am so thrilled to say I not only found the perfect fitting jeans for myself to wear this holiday season, but they are the ultimate in instantly transforming your body when you put them on, making you look like you lost 10 pounds! In as long as it takes you to put the jeans on, is how fast you will look like you are 10 lbs lighter! It is with such pleasure and excitement that I include Miraclebody in my Holiday Glamour & 2010 Holiday Gift Giving Guide! So let me share with you how this line of jeans can perform a "miracle" on your body too!!

{Adapted from the Miraclebody Website}

About Miraclebody

Since 1937, the makers of Miraclesuit®, the #1 brand designer of control swimwear, have made women look more beautiful and shapely. Miraclebody follows the heritage of Miraclesuit by providing women of all shapes and sizes with comfortable form-flattering fashion control apparel including jeans, tops, skirts, and leggings — all designed to make you look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds.

At the heart of the Miraclebody brand, is our premium Lycra denim which slims the thighs and lifts the rear while giving you a comfortable fit. Our handcrafted front control panel features our unique miracle fabric, Miratex, to flatten and control the tummy. Miraclebody signature logo rivets and buttons along with our embroidered signature waistband add the finishing touch. Our premium denim jeans are available in several washes, from faded blue for a casual look to sleek black for a dressier look. Our Miraclebody premium denim gives every women and every body a shapely flawless figure with comfort and style.

Generations of women have fallen in love with Miraclesuit for helping them look beautiful and feel confident about their bodies. And now women of all shapes and sizes are falling in love with Miraclebody.


The fantastic staff over at Miraclebody sent me two items to review. It is such fun to be able to write about a brand that I am over the rainbow excited about and I really want to share my enthusiasm with you all. I feel like I have discovered something rare and so special, because if I had not seen it for myself on myself, I would not have believed how these Miraclebody jeans really do actually make you look 10 pounds lighter, and in my case at least one size smaller! I actually enjoy looking at myself wearing them in the mirror, something that was not happening when I was in those store dressing rooms a few weeks ago trying to treat myself to a pair of jeans! These jeans make you love your "booty", excuse my bluntness, but it is true! If you are shocked by the difference these jeans can make with transforming your body, imagine what your friends and those around you are going to think! Bravo Miraclebody!!

The first pair of jeans I received are:

Style 4201CC10
Price: $110


Style and class make these Samantha jeans a classic must-have. Our premium denim boot cuts offer a subtle flair to balance out the hips and a unique tummy control panel to comfortably hold your front side for a flattering slimmer shape. And our unique blend of cotton and spandex control fabric shapes and slims the thighs and lifts the rear for an all around slender look. Miraclebody’s signature Classic style embroidered rear pockets add just the right touch to finish off these handcrafted ultra shaping Samantha boot cuts.


- 10” Mid-rise: sits on the hips to create curves, higher in the back for additional rear coverage
- Boot cut: subtle flair in the leg helps creates a balanced appearance
- Embroidered pockets: Classic style, designed to give the illusion of a slimmer backside
- 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex: comfortable fit with breathe-easy stretch
- 32” Inseam: regular length
- Machine washable: inside out, gentle cycle
- Made in the USA of imported fabric

Available in 2 Washes:

- Black: deep black denim wash for a slimming fashionable style
- Mystic: deep rich blue, clean finish, helps hide imperfections

MY THOUGHTS: I received these delightful jeans in the dark Mystic Blue color. I am a jeans wearin' gal so I know a perfect pair of jeans when I see and wear them. And these jeans are as pretty darn close to perfectionism as I have ever experienced! For me to be able to get the ultimate magnificent fit, and have the opportunity to enhance my body to make it look slimmer and smoother, is better than the icing on the cake! The fit is dreamy and feeling comfortable in them is not compromised in any way. As you wear the jeans they move with you like they were made specifically for your body!

The first thing I did after I tried on the jeans to make sure they fit, was wash them following the washing instructions on the label. They washed exceptionally well, and I line dried them just to make sure they didn't shrink, I wanted to make sure I did not disrupt my perfect fit! This style of jeans is really ageless and timeless, the style is for anyone young and older alike! The jeans are rather high rise, but I like that because they "suck" my tummy right in! They embrace my butt perfectly and fit in all the right places as if they were custom made.

Bottom line, this is a couture pair of jeans, made of the highest standards, with excellent construction! You are going to want to wear them everyday because they are going to make you look and feel so good, and they will truly make you look marvelous!

The second pair of jeans I received to review are actually denim leggings, which are so hot this Winter Season!!

Style 4208CC
Price: $68


If it's possible to indulge in denim, then indulge yourself in these incredible super slimming ultra chic premium denim leggings . Made with our unique blend of cotton and spandex fibers, we've specially designed these fabulously flattering leggings to give your backside a boost while stretching and shaping your thighs. And the luxurious deep dark washes help conceal unsightly imperfections - so you can indulge in these super slimming sexy leggings with comfort and confidence in your seemingly flawless figure.


- 10” Mid-rise: sits on the hips to create curves, higher in the back for additional rear coverage
- Skinny leggings: slims the thighs and lifts the rear to make legs appear longer and leaner
- 82% Cotton, 16% Polyester, 2% Spandex: comfortable fit with breathe-easy stretch
- 32” Inseam: regular length
- Machine washable: inside out, gentle cycle
- Made in the USA of imported fabric


- Indigo: dark washed indigo denim for a fashionable flawless fit
- Onyx: deep black denim wash for a slimming fashionable style

MY THOUGHTS: I received the Miraclebody Denim Leggings in the deep Onyx color. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the leggings look, it is hot for this Winter season, and you see models wearing them in all the fashion magazines pairing them with gorgeous blazers, tunic sweaters and long shirts with vests, but they are not typically my style. But in thinking out of the box, and trying to explore new looks that are out of my ordinary comfort zone is what redefining your style is all about, so I decided to open the flood gates and gives these Mirablebody Denim Leggings a try. It did take my walking back & forth in front of the mirror a few times before I could form an opinion about them, but they are quickly growing on me in a very positive way.

I think it is important to constantly strive to revamp your look and spruce up the types of outfits you wear day in and day out. And if you are a bit of a fashionista like I am, then perhaps adding a new element to your wardrobe that is different from what you always wear is the first step in making those changes that will resurrect your appearance. So I have been having lots n' lots of fun picking out different tops, sweater, and jackets that I am going to wear with my ultra stylish new leggings so I can sport them around throughout the holiday season. I am also enjoying trying on different shoes and boots to wear with them and it is indeed exciting to create new outfits that are doing to add some pizzazz and spunk to my standard look.

These Miraclebody Leggings are designs in the same way as the Samantha Jeans in terms of instantly making you look 10 pounds lights in just 10 seconds. Although the style is totally different from the Samantha Jeans, the outcome is just as outstanding and noticeable as with the Samantha jeans. I was able to immediately see the transformation of my body as I stood in front of my mirror modeling them. The flat styled front of the leggings is so flattering and slenderizing and gives your body that flat, sleek look. It truly is astonishing to see how they work!

As with the Samantha jeans, I did wash the Onyx Leggings before wearing them, and they are so supremely rendered that they washed perfectly and looked brand new the next day. I know I am going to have such a great time mixing and matching tops and jackets in my current wardrobe with these Miraclebody leggings and feel so refreshed to be able to think outside my comfort box and try a new look for myself.

FINAL COMMENTS: Miraclebody has created a most innovative line of apparel that will instantly transform your body and provide you with the appearance of being 10 pound lighter in 10 seconds. I have experienced this firsthand and am now a believer in this incredible line of clothing. You can find a variety of styles of jeans, leggings, tops and skirts that will help you to achieve the same results I have had. These are the most fantastic types of clothes to have on hand during the holidays to keep you looking glamorous and your personal best. You may CLICK HERE to browse around Miraclebody's website and shop for styles that are going to work best for you.

A very special thank you to
Miraclebody for providing me with 2 items to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received the two items listed in my review from Miraclebody for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with Miraclebody in any manner.

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