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REVIEW: FRAAS The Scarf Company

Have you noticed that some of the most glamorous and chic dressed women are seen adorning luxurious scarves?! Such a simple easy accessory to wear, can pack such a powerful fashion statement! A scarf can literally transform your entire personna from one that is basic and typical into a look that is extraordinarily Euro-chic and ultra stylish! So it is with such pleasure that I introduce the most amazing company to you, FRAAS The Scarf Company! FRAAS The Scarf Company has turned the fine art of wearing scarves into a four season, year round fashion trend, and they have some magnificent scarves that are perfect for wearing in the Summer! I am so thrilled to include FRAAS The Scarf Company in my Thing we LOVE for SUMMER 2011 Guide. Here's a little information about FRAAS The Scarf Company:

{Adapted from the FRAAS Website}

Spring / Summer 2011 at FRAAS

Scarves that make waves – we will dedicate our efforts to making waves with our new range for Spring/Summer 2011. We will reach out for the current trends: lightweight, casual, a cleaner look and feminine bearing are at the centre and make us anxiously await warmer outdoor temperatures.

Check some of my favorites out:

Summer Punk

Let's rock – It's summer! The summery continuation of winter's rock story puts soft pastels such as rosé or baby blue with dainty rivets and appliqué into the limelight and convey a feeling of long nights and appearances met with cheers. Chain elements and little tiles of imitation leather create an exciting contrast on chiffon silk and set accents to deep black and pink. The real eye catcher in Summer Punk are the digitally printed skull and crossbones patterns which, when combined with floral prints become lovable and refreshing rather than menacing. Captain Jack Sparrow sends his regards!

Magic Prints

Intensely colourful digital prints in a 120cm x 120 cm format that make all heads turn with their futuristic and picturesque look: here prints of opulent oil paintings, there graphic optics that inspire a yearning for travel.

Sunshine Characters

These scarves in crinkle optic look like they've faded in the sun. These frayed out accessories, with lace or in classic solid colours belong in every suitcase for the next holiday. The colours white, charcoal grey, rosé, lilac or beige lend themselves to numerous mix and match combinations.

Fantastic Colours

Every hue the ocean's palette has to offer are presented in their most intensive form and make waves in the truest sense of the word. Dainty rivets, paisleys and tassels underscore the buoyancy of water; gently contrasting colours such as rosé, yellow and baby blue emphasize the weightlessness of water colours.

Special Cashmere

The highlight in the "Special Cashmere" story is a shawl of 100% cashmere in the 124 cm x 124 cm size. The colours taupe and off-white make the prefect setting for the woven-in border in pink for a casual statement. The slogan "IN FRAAS WE TRUST" underscores the brand identity in connection with quality and confidence of style.

Summer Snoods

Snoods have been lightly and airily reinterpreted for summer. Printed logos or banding effects play a major role in the designs in rayon jersey materials.


Scarves are the FRAAS tradition, their passion and their heritage. For more than 125 years, FRAAS has upheld a family tradition of manufacturing high-quality scarves that are unlike anything else the world over. FRAAS allows you to express your own individual style in a very special and independend way: Remake yourself without losing your own style. Remain loyal without being predictable. Bravo to FRAAS!

Now that you have had a chance to see a very small sampling of the splendid and truly stunning scarves created by FRAAS, I am sure you have become just as fascinated and impressed by the superior quality of them as I have. One can easily see how a scarve from FRAAS can add that captivating touch of elegance and glamour to your look in an instant. The most gracious folks over at
Lipton Publicity sent me a super soft and ultra luxurious Apple Green Spring/Summer Scarf to review. If only from looking at the picture you could touch and feel this scarf, you would see what I mean when I say this is the softest, most divine feeling scarf I have experienced. The exceptional material is magnificent, light and airy very fine gauge fabric, the finest you can imagine! Check it out:

MY THOUGHTS: The scarf is rendered in Viscose which is a chemically made natural fibre on cellulose base, flatly and pleasantly to wear. That is what I learned from the FRAAS Scarves website. I am not sure what all that means, but I can honestly say that this scarf is the most luxurious decadent scarf I have had the pleasure to behold! The color is dynamic, bright cheerful and bold and the feel is idealic to the touch! It feels cool and breezy which is perfect for the warm summer months! You get the benefits of wearing a scarf that makes you look euro-chic and hollywood cool, yet you don't feel weighed down with a fashion accessory that is going to feel cumbersome in the summer heat. How fantastic is that?!

I have not laundered this scarf as of yet, due to the fact that it continues to maintain it brand new appearance, just as the day I received it. I have worn it numerous ways, and when I fold it up afterwards it bounces back to an unwrinkled ready to wear appearance. I guess that is another benefit of Viscose!! I would love to have this scarf in every color, as it is the perfect summer fashion forward accessory.

This concludes my Review. If you would like to visit the
FRAAS Website directly to learn more about this distinctive company and the wide range of sensational scarves they they offer, you may CLICK HERE. You will have so much fun learning more about this marvelous company and you will be amazed at all the breathtaking scarves they have created for you. You can also find out what stores carry their products and where you can go to experience FRAAS scarves for yourself. You may call (212) 575-0191 to place a telephone order.

A very special thank you to the generous folks over at
Lipton Publicity Inc. for providing me with the lovely FRAAS Scarf detailed in my review for the purposes of my review.

Disclosure: I received the Apple Green FRAAS Scarf detailed in my review from Lipton Publicity for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with FRAAS or Lipton Publicity in any manner.

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