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I discovered the DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY a few months ago and let's just say it's been an ongoing love affair ever since. With well over 250 fragrances in their portfolio, the DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY just keeps on expanding and growing and delighting my senses. So it is with great pleasure that I include the DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY as one of my top picks this holiday season. I think the fragrances are so blissful, and the product offerings so abundant, that you can easily find the perfect holiday gift for both women and men, boys and girls, people of all ages will enjoy a fascinating scent from DEMETER this holiday season. The fragrances are available in a variety of convenient sizes and prices, and they make ideal stocking stuffers. DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY has such an epic assortment of available scents, that once you visit the website you will not be able to resist purchasing gifts for your family and friends, and luscious treats for yourself. In case you missed my Review a few months ago on DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY, let me introduce this unique and innovative company to you:
{Adapted from the DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY Website}

Our Mission
The mission of the Demeter Fragrance Library is to expand the use of fragrance, each day, everywhere. That is because great fragrance quite simply, makes for a better day.
We want nothing less than to change the way fragrance is sold and used in America. We want to create environments where people can rediscover the wonderful world of scent that is too often overlooked or forgotten in our multi-tasking, modern world.
To quote Pablo Picasso , "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child".
We want to get you to smell things the way a child would approach scent, with a fresh perspective of discovery.
The Demeter Fragrance Library consists of more than 250 different fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences. These are simple, friendly and familiar scents, scents inspired by the beautiful smells that surround us everyday, adjusted to be both recognizable and wearable. The assortment includes wonderful smells like Vanilla Cake Batter, Baby Powder and Honeysuckle, and many more unusual fragrances, like Dirt, Leather and Gin & Tonic. We are the physical and literal manifestation of "stopping to smell the roses," convincing people to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful smells that surround us all the time.

“A person's fragrance "wardrobe" should include more than just designer or classic perfumes. Having a fragrance wardrobe of just designer perfumes is like having a wardrobe of nothing but evening clothes - beautiful but not what you might want for everyday life. You need the comfortable clothes as well.”
- Christopher Brosius, Founder - Demeter Fragrance Library
Simple. Subtle. Singular scents. Each day. Everywhere.

Simplicity and familiarity are critical parts of the Demeter approach to fragrance. We isolate and highlight the beautiful scents that surround us everyday, in wearable formats. It is a unique perspective, because we find the beauty in everyday things, while the familiarity also makes Demeter highly personal.
Demeter provides a broad range of fragrance choices in smells people are familiar with, making choosing a Demeter scent or scents a uniquely personal choice. The characters of our scents are clear, understandable and unambiguous. This is very different from complex designer fragrances, which while smelling beautiful, are often an interpretation in scent of a complex lifestyle that the designer projects. Buying such a fragrance is, at least in part, a buy-in to that lifestyle.
Demeter, however, is all about the attitude of the user, not the designer or creator. This is because Demeter's single note scents are inspired by real and familiar objects that are eminently understandable. With Demeter, it is totally discoverable in the name of the fragrance itself. And fragrances inspired by real, everyday objects have other special impacts and characteristics.
Demeter Maximizes the Bond Between Scent and Sense Memory

The most important impact of making scents inspired by reality flows from the very nature of our sense of smell. There is overwhelming evidence that our strongest emotional responses are to scents, triggered by our sense of smell. This fact has two important aspects for Demeter:
· Choosing a Demeter fragrance is often related to the personal emotional responses already associated with that smell. And those associations vary wildly from person to person.

· Wearing a Demeter fragrance is a personal expression of that emotional response, making Demeter the only prestige scent all about the user, not the designer.
The bottom line: everyone knows what smells please them. That simple question - what kind of things do you like? - is the key to choosing Demeter fragrances.
Creating a Personalized, Customized Fragrance Experience by Mixing, Matching and Layering Demeter Fragrances
Demeter colognes are single note fragrances, meaning they are the smallest combination of ingredients that express a single, identifiable smell or idea. These notes or accords are the building blocks master perfumers use to create complex prestige fragrances. Notes and accords are also linear, which means that they express their nature and character immediately, and do not change over time. Complex prestige scents are made up of numerous notes and accords, and their smell changes over time because different notes express themselves over different periods of time. The concept of top, middle and bottom notes is a shorthand method of saying which order the elements of a designer fragrance will express themselves.

While Demeter scents are standalone fragrances, they are beautiful in their own right. Because they are notes and accords, they can also be used to build a personalized and customized fragrance. By mixing, matching and layering Demeter fragrance on the skin, you can create a new scent, unlike any other. Obviously changing the relative amounts of each fragrance used in creating the combination will change the scent, but even adjusting the order that the scents or applied will modify the final scent.
At Demeter, we typically do not make mix and match recommendations. Demeter is all about personal choice, and that extends to mix and match recommendations. That said, it is a good rule of thumb that if things go together in real life, like Dirt, Grass and Tomato, they will merge well into a layered scent.
Additionally, for single scents or layered scents, it is important to remember that all fragrance will react with the oils in an individual's skin. Because the amount and make up of those oils vary significantly, not all fragrances, or combination of fragrances, will smell the same on everyone. Indeed, some fragrances that smell great out of the bottle, but can smell "off" on an individual's skin. This is the natural oil in the skin reacting poorly with the fragrance oils, and why some scents, no matter how beautiful, will not work on everyone.
Extending the Life of Demeter Fragrance
Light and heat are the enemies of all fragrances. Keeping a Demeter fragrance away from light and heat will extend it's life. This is even more important for Demeter fragrances than most other prestige scents because Demeter is so highly natural, with no synthetic extenders.
It is also possible to extend the life of the fragrance on the skin by a classic methodology called "layering". Unlike the mixing and matching we do with Demeter scents to create new scents, classic layering simply means putting a lotion or oil on the skin, either the same scent or an unscented version, before applying the cologne or EDT. The fragrance oil bind to the oils on the skin, and the lotion or gel simply creates a better surface for binding, making the fragrance last much longer. This is the reason fragrance lasts longer on people with oily skin, but can dissipate quickly on drier skin.

95% Natural Ingredients
While it is impossible to make the broad range of fragrances that we make without using some synthetic ingredients, we strive to make Demeter as natural as possible:
· 95% of our ingredients are derived from natural or renewable resources

· No artificial colors. Any color in a Demeter scent is a natural product of the ingredients used to make the scent. This is why most Demeter scents are clear

· No binders or emulsifiers

· No Phthalates

· Alcohol naturally fermented from corn
Discovering DEMETER Fragrances is truly an enlightening experience.  There is so much passion and emotion that goes into developing each and every one of their scents, and you can be certain that when a new scent is created, it is going to be phenominal!  Anything that you have smelled, seen or experienced in life has been transformed into a fragrance by Demeter.  So, it was no surprise when I received some of Demeter's scent offerings.  Conjured up specifically to evoke specific holiday memories inspired by what surrounds us during the holiday season, DEMETER has some splendid fresh new fragrances that will make you feel glorious this holiday season.  Let me share with you just a few of the many
magical scents that you can find at DEMETER right now:

Price: $6-$39.50 Assorted Sizes Available


A deep, unisex, evergreen fragrance that will transport you to the very heart of the wintry forest, and whip up those romantic thoughts anytime.

From the earliest times mistletoe has been one of the most magical, mysterious, and sacred plants of European folklore. It was considered to bestow life and fertility; a protection against poison; and an aphrodisiac. The mistletoe of the sacred oak was especially sacred to the ancient Celtic Druids, and it is with the Greek festival of Saturnalia that the seeds are found for the Western tradition of “Kissing under the Mistletoe”


This is spectacular!  A rejuvenating energizing scent!  I remember my mom used to hang fresh mistletoe from the ceiling at the most prominent doorway in our house during the holidays.  My mom loved and still loves romanticizing around the holidays!  This fresh, crisp scent of DEMETER MISTLETOE reminds me exactly of how I remember fresh mistletoe smelled when my Mom hung it.  It is definitely a fragrance men and women will enjoy and it offers an earthy energizing scent to sport throughout the holiday season.

Price: $6-$39.50 Assorted Sizes Available


perfect Holiday fragrance. Sugar plums can be made from any kind or combination of dried fruits, not just plums, together with finely chopped nuts, honey and aromatic spices. Demeter's Sugar Plum is, not surprisingly, on the simple side, just plum, honey, powdered sugar and a secret combination of spices.

Sugar Plums are widely associated with Christmas, inspired by characters like the Sugar Plum Fairy in Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" and of course:

A Visit from St. Nicholas
by Clement C. Moore

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugar plums danc'd in their heads.


A magical, gorgeous fragrance!  This is such a beautiful, spicey, alluring scent.  It is so sexy and feminine, fruity and sweet.  I adore this!  It is rich and decadent, yet appropriate for women of all ages.  A timeless, ageless, evocative scent that is sure to make you feel lovely and special throughout the holidays and into the New Year.

Price: $6-$39.50 Assorted Sizes Available


Remember what newly fallen snow smells like? Or a fresh snowball? This is it. And we worked on it for quite awhile to get it right. Take note too southern Californians, Hawaiians, Floridians, Carlbbeans, and other denizens of warmer climes, this is lovely!

All precipitation (rain and snow) comes from water vapor in the air. If the air is warm, the frozen droplets melt and fall to the earth as rain. If the air is cold enough the water vapor crystallizes around a speck of ice or dust and falls to the earth as snow. If there is no dust for the water vapor to crystallize on, it will remain in the air as a cloud.

There are many different types of snow related to the many different shapes of snowflakes that exist. The Eskimos, or Inuits, who live in the north, have developed many words in their language to describe the different types of snow. Some of these are:

- falling snow
- ground snow
- smoky, drifting snow
- wind-beaten snow
- snow drift
- smooth snowy surface of fine particles
- rough snowy surface of large particles

At Demeter, after years of effort, we were able to capture the essence of snow in a scent; chilling, cool, clean and fresh, with a touch of dust (necessary to form flakes) and earth (upon which to rest). There is literally nothing like it outside of the Demeter Fragrance Library. The Fragrance Foundation recognized this unique fragrance reproduction as the Best Fragrance in America in 2000, awarding Demeter's Snow two FiFi Awards, the fragrance version of an Oscar.


Bravo DEMETER!  I respect how much time, effort and passion that went into developing this unique scent and you hit it right on the mark!  This fragrance is fabulous!  When I close my eyes and think back to the days when the snow was freshly fallen and my sister and I would make snow angels in the snow, this is the scent that I remember experiencing from those glory days.  Honestly, this scent makes me feel like a kid again, it brings out the child that still exists within me, it makes me feel mentally and spiritually youthful!  I love the natural earthy smell, and both women and men, and people of all ages will enjoy wearing this simple yet complexly unique scent.  It is magnificent.

Price: $6-$39.50 Assorted Sizes Available


New Leaf from Demeter Fragrance Library is an intensely fresh and green fragrance, but delicate, without being overbearing. It is the scent of the new leaf buds, first opening, unfurling themselves to the sun for the first time.


Again, this is another scent that can be worn unisexly.  It is so cool to be able to capture the essence of new leaf buds, and it works!  It is definitely woodsy and oaky and reminds me of walking through the woods on a sunny spring day.  It is refreshingly unique.

Price: $6-$39.50 Assorted Sizes Available


A luscious and delectable combination of fudge, caramel, chocolate and vanilla that brings back childhood memories of simple and easy pleasures.


Sweet and yummie!  Anyone who loves tootsie rolls is going to enjoy wearing this!  It is lusciously rich and decadent but not overbearing to wear.  I bet little girls would love to wear this one!  But even this big girl {me} is having fun wearing this.  Who would have thought that the very essence of how a tootsie roll smells could be transformed into a delicious fragrance!  Just wonderful.

Price: $6-$39.50 Assorted Sizes Available


Simply irresistible and sensual. Autumn maple, enhanced with rich vanilla bean lend a feminine touch to this scent.


Pancakes, yes, pancakes and waffles, that is what I think of when I first inhaled this delightful scent.  Drizzling maple syrup on my pancakes and waffles is a must do, and this scent totally reminds me of that savory moment.  This is a sweet, lovely aroma, again, not too over powering, just a breathtaking aroma that will make you smile from cheek to cheek.  I think a most enchanting scent!

This concludes my review.

A very special thank you to DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY for providing me with the 6 fragrances to use for this review.
Disclosure: I received 6 fragrances from DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY in any manner. Registered & Protected

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