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REVIEW: Cargo Cosmetics Summer 2014

Summer heat!  We dreamed of it all winter long as we were shoveling our sidewalks and sweeping the snow off our cars.  It is finally here, YAY!  That means that we will be enjoying months of spending time outdoors in the heat under the sun partaking in all our favorite summertime activities.  I used to think that there was no way I could look pretty at the beach, or that I could look cool and refreshed when I was jogging, but I proved myself wrong!  You can, yes you can look beautiful in your makeup under the heat of the sun and in the water.  Thanks to Cargo Cosmetics and their new "Swimmables" cosmetics, you can wear makeup that won't melt off in the sun or come off in the water while you swim and keep cool!

If you are not familiar with the Cargo Cosmetics brand, here is a brief description of THEIR JOURNEY:

In 1996, Cargo emerged onto the scene as a professional makeup line that is used by the industry's top artists. The concept: simple, professional results that would be easy enough for all women to achieve.

From there, Cargo launched a multitude of award winning products, formulations and innovative packaging. It wasn't long before Cargo became the one to watch and garnered worldwide recognition as one of the most creative and innovative brands on the beauty scene. 

Today, Cargo continues to create products that are fresh, innovative and fun; all with a nod to the free spirit of the independent traveler. At Cargo, we truly believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. Therefore we will always strive to deliver "makeup to move you."


I am happy to have the opportunity to try out two of the newest Cargo Cosmetics products from the Swimmables Line as well as two gorgeous new colors of Cargo High Shine Essential Lip Glosses.  The timing could not be more ideal to test out these products because the temps here have been in the mid 80's and the humidity levels also extremely high.  And ta-da, these are the sensational new products from Cargo Cosmetics that I am so thrilled to introduce to you.  They are outstanding:


Price:  $26

Available in 3 Colors:  BALI (Medium Rose Pink), IBIZA (Shimmering Hot Pink) and LOS CABOS (Soft Tangerine)


This sweatproof, weatherproof blush has been tested by the make-up artists for Dancing With The Stars on the latest live tour. Water Resistant Blush stood up to hours of dancing! This longwearing formula withstands moisture so you don’t have to fuss with re-application. Specially formulated with a unique silicone-coated powder that provides better adhesion to the skin and withstands water.

Features and Benefits:

  • Silicone coated pigments provide better adhesion to skin and withstand water.
  • L-lysine , an amino acid found naturally in the skin, increases the long wearing and water resistant properties because of its natural affinity to skin.


Using a fluffy blush brush, apply the product to the apples and blend back along the cheekbones towards the ear. For a contoured look, choose a neutral tone and apply in the hollows of the cheekbones.


I received the blush in the stunning, radiant Ibiza color, which is the Shimmering Hot Pink.  When I first saw the color I thought, whoa, can I wear this bright, bold color?!  I am not tan at all, my skin is actually quite fair, and I was worried the color may be too bright and vivid for my coloring.  I must say, I am so glad I did not write this one off, as it is such a splendid, delightful color on me!

The color is very pigmented so you need apply only a brush swipe of it to the apples of your cheeks.  I always remember NOT to smile when I apply my blush, so it goes on exactly where it should.  And, it was hard NOT to smile when applying the blush because as I was trying it out for the first time I could not help but want to smile because the color is just so spectacular!  A really divine sweet pink glistening color that enhances the appearance of my face instantly!  It adds that youthful glow to my face, and the color, if applied moderately and correctly, will work with all skin tones.

I have been wearing the blush in 90+ degree weather with high humidity while I am working, swimming, and jogging and it really is sweat proof, waterproof and long lasting blush.  I think the shimmery pink glow it gives my cheeks is so pretty!  I highly recommend this amazing blush!  It is perfect for woman of all ages, and it will compliment your skin tone to make you look radiant and appear to have a youthful glow all summer long.


Price:  $18

Available in 6 Colors:  Black Sea, Grey Lake (Grey) , Loch Ness (Navy) , Pebble Beach (Brown), Pfeiffer Beach (Eggplant) and Secret Beach (Nude)


Stay in line. An ultra creamy, extreme wear, waterproof eyeliner with the feel of a liquid and versatility of a pencil. Locks comfortably into place for up to 14 hours. Creamy, transfer-resistant formula glides on effortlessly to create a variety of looks. Allows for ample blending time before setting. Concentrated pigments provide rich color payoff. Stays put through sun, sweat, swim and tears.

Features and Benefits

  • Moisturizing Waterproof Pigments.
  • Avocado and sunflower oil provide a creamy, cushiony texture.
  • Durable, budge-proof waxes lock pigments into place for up to 14 hours.
  • Liner tip offers versatile application—from delicate lines to thicker, fuller coverage.


Drag along lash lines to create a thin or thick line. Smudge or blend for a smoldering effect.


I received this fabulous Swimmables Eye Pencil in the terrific Loch Ness Navy Color.  It is a dark Navy shade that I really love!  Of all the different types of makeup that I apply, using eye pencils is probably the most challenging for me.  Because I do everything in a hurry, I usually end up messing up my application and then have to spend time correcting my messy lines.  However, I found applying this marvelous creamy eye lining pencil quite effortless and easy.  I immediately felt almost like an expert applying it to both my upper and lower eyelids.  I usually like to apply a rather thin line of eye liner for a more subtle look.  So with a light hand I was able to create the ideal line of color to enhance my eyes and make them stand out, without overdoing the more natural look I like to create for myself.  I felt I created a flawless line of splendid color to my eyelids.

As with the swimmables blush, I have been wearing the swimmables eye pencil in 90+ degree weather as I work, swim, run and go about my daily life in this heat.  The eye liner color does stay in place, it does not melt off in the extreme heat or when I am swimming in the lake.  It is awesome!  I have hazel color eyes and the Loch Ness Navy shade is so complimentary to them!  

I love the versatility that this creamy formulation of eye liner pencil provides.  You can "draw" a thin line with a light hand, or create a thicker line for a more dramatic look which is what I plan to do for evenings out.  You can create a smokey look by "smudging" the line with a Q-Tip which is what I use to create that type of look.  The eye liner feels so soft gliding across your eye lids, no tugging or pulling at them.  So it makes it fun and easy to create the exact look you envision for yourself with this.


Price:  $16

Available in 15 Gorgeous Shades


Introducing a new generation of Cargo’s lip gloss now housed in a larger package. Its super high shine gloss delivers intense color payoff and locks in moisture to keep lips feeling hydrated . This long wearing lip gloss has a slick texture that feels creamy, gliding over lips without being sticky. Ingredients such a Vitamin E and Jojoba Seed oil help increase lip moisture and decrease the appearance of furrows around the mouth while increasing lip volume to its maximum fullness.

Features and Benefits

  • Super high shine gloss delivers intense color payoff.
  • Slick texture feels creamy gliding over lips – non sticky.
  • Locks in moisture to keep lips feeling hydrated.
  • Long wearing.


Use the especially designed application wand for an even application of color to the lips. Apply alone or over lipstick


I received two gorgeous lip gloss colors.  Anguilla, which is an opaque very light pink and Rio, which is a vibrant coral shade. Both lip gloss colors that are so enchanting yet so different from one another in color shade.  But what they have in common is very emollient and hydrating high shine color that make your lips feel so luscious and moisturized and look so delightfully kissable!  

From the moment you apply the lip gloss you can feel the luxurious creamy texture of the product work its hydrating magic on your lips.  You really only need a little bit of product on your lips to feel the intense hydrating and visually see the high glossy shine and intense color each shade provides your lips.  I have been wearing the Anguilla shade everyday during the day because the pale pink color is so enchanting on my lips on these extremely hot summer days.  And, I have been wearing the Rio shade at night to compliment my more dramatic evening makeup and the rich dark coral shade adds some pizzazz and spice to face to bring out my lips and make them look luminous.

The color is long lasting, the moisturizing properties long lasting and not to mention the large amount of product contained in each lip gloss tube!  I can feel free to reapply the lip gloss throughout the day or night because a little bit goes a long way and the tube of product is going to last me a very long time.

I have used other high shine lip glosses mane times before and quite often they leave a sticky thick feeling on my lips.  I am pleased to discover that that is not the case with these New Essential Lip Glosses from Cargo.  They provide you with that high shine that looks so lovely on the lips without that icky sticky texture or feeling.  I also have been experimenting with adding them on top of some of the lip sticks that I have been currently wearing to add more hydration to them, add high shine to them and enhance their color.  So whether you wear these essential lip glosses alone or add them on top of some of your favorite lip sticks, you will be able to reap the benefits of the Vitamin E and Jojoba Seed oil in them and this will help increase lip moisture and decrease the appearance of furrows around the mouth while increasing lip volume to its maximum fullness.  I highly recommend these for cosmetic as well as protecting your lips from the outside elements of heat or cold.  You will love wearing them year round for woman of all ages!

This concludes my review.

As I have now discovered, Cargo Cosmetics is an outstanding company that offers superior state of the art cosmetics and beauty products for women.  You can visit Cargo Cosmetics directly by CLICKING HERE to learn more about the company and the splendid products that they offer.  Have fun shopping!

A very special thank you to Cargo Cosmetics for providing me with the products used for this review.

Disclosure: I received the products outlined in this review from Cargo Cosmetics for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Cargo Cosmetics in any manner. Registered & Protected

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