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REVIEW: UBU Urban Beauty United

Yes, I am UBU obsessed!  I am an admitted makeup junkie, a girly girl who enjoys experimenting with cosmetics and creating new looks for myself everyday, but you can resemble a clown if you do not have the right tools to apply it all with.  That is where UBU can come to your rescue.  Urban Beauty United, otherwise known as UBU, offers high end, professional quality at affordable prices, makeup brushes, sponges, applicators and tools for you to use to apply all your favorite cosmetics with.  You do not have to be a skilled makeup artist to achieve a flawless runway ready look, you just need the appropriate tools to use to get professional looking results.


Have you ever purchased a new blusher, eyeshadow or foundation and when you got home and tried it, it looked awful on you?  And, you opted for the more expensive brand than the drug store brand?  It does not matter how much money you spend on your makeup, if you do not have the proper tools to apply it with, it may never look good on you.  The applicators/brushes that come with the cosmetics you buy are adequate, but do you want to settle for just good enough when you can have the best?  With very little investment in some professional high quality makeup tools, you can get the most mileage out of your makeup and look gorgeous at the same time!!

The great staff over at UBU sent me the ultimate UBU tool bag full of makeup brushes, eye shadow applicators and a sponge for blending foundation and concealer with.  The cosmetic purse is perfect for carrying all my new UBU beauty booty in.  Here is a breakdown of all the very fine UBU tools I received and my thoughts on them:


#11 Angled Blusher Brush

Angled Blusher Brush - Carve yourself a sexy chiselled cheek. Sculptured bristles create gravity-defying angular cheekbones. 


I don't have high cheek bones, but this finely constructed angled blusher brush sure allows me to create the illusion that I do!  It is the ideal brush to bring out your cheekbones and add some drama and dimension to your face.  I love how easy the design of the brush makes it for me to add depth to my cheekbones in an instant!


#10 Powder Brush 

The ultimate multitasker, this clever brush powers through every application. Use for applying powder foundation and blusher, bronzer and shimmer.


I have been using this powder brush just for applying powder to my face.  It is an ultra soft bristle brush that feels like soft feathers sweeping across your face. I am very impressed with the very fine quality of the brush.   I apply a sheer powder as the last step of my makeup routine, to set my makeup, and this brush makes is a breeze to do in seconds.  But it feels so good against my skin, I almost wish the task took longer.


#35 Tapered Blending Brush 

Tapered Blending Brush This girl is everyone's best friend, she will bring the glitter and glam, you just need to bring the eyes! The most versatile and easy to use brush to be seen shimmying around the dance floor or wake up to her everyday for an effortless routine.


I love how this expertly designed brush enables me to apply my eyeshadow like a pro!  The tapered design allows me to apply eyeshadow in the crease of my eye when turned with the slant sideways, and when the brush is turned so the it lays flat, I can apply eyeshadow effortlessly to the lids of my eyes.  The brush is velvety soft and feels comfortable on my eyelids.

Whether you want to create a soft shadow look to your eyes, or a high definition dramatic look to your eyes, this is the brush you will want in your beauty arsenal to create them both.

UBU Blender Baby
Foundation Sponge

Sponge me sexy, this voluptuous, full-bodied sponge caresses every part of your face with gentle, streak-free motions. Latex-free foam doesn't drink your foundation and is built to last for thousands of applications. No latex, voluptuous, full-bodied sponge. Smooth, streak-free results. Washable and re-usable. 


This is the coolest foundation sponge I have ever used!  And, for some reason, wink wink, it makes me smile every time I use it!  I have a rather small face, so I was not sure right away if this plump size sponge going to feel awkward using it to get into all the places on my face I want to apply my foundation and concealer.  So how I make it work for me is I dot my face with foundation and then I let the sponge work its magic blending it all in.  I am amazed at how quick and efficiently the process is!  And, I've been using the small tip of the sponge to dab my concealer under my eyes, and it leaves a smooth streak free under-eye area free of dark circles.

As the description says, the sponge does not soak up all your foundation and waste it.  The foundation sits on the sponge until you blend it into your skin.  You are left with a picture perfect skin canvas, flawless I may add.  The sponge is a dream!  It is very easy to rinse out and wash too!  

UBU Eyescreams
6 Eyeshadow Applicators

6 Eyeshadow Applicators, Pack of 6 double-ended eyeshadow applicators. These shady ladies come with their own carry case. The wide end is perfect for applying lashings of lid colour while the pointy end smudges eyeliner and defines the crease. 


OK, not much to say here.  These eyeshadow applicators are expertly designed to give you quick and easy eyeshadow application.  I can say they are much better constructed than the applicators you receive when you purchase drug store eyeshadows and although I have not had to rinse any out as of yet, they seem as though they will be reusable after you rinse out the ends and let them dry.  I personally can never have enough of these, and so I highly recommend purchasing them for your beauty toolbox, they come in so handy when wanting to create smoky eye looks and applying all shades of eyeshadows to all areas of your eyes, top and bottom.

#34 Eyeliner Brush

This luxury liner sails across your eyes. The superfine tip defines the eye line with smooth strokes and works best with liquid or gel eyeliner. 


This is a must have tool is you want to line your eyes with precision and ease.  It is so expertly crafted that lining your eyes, top and bottom becomes mistake-proof.  
I have been using the luxury liner with my gel eyeliner.  I don't use gel eyeliner everyday, just for when I have a special event or gathering that I am attending.  So, I am not all that experienced applying gel eyeliner and often do not apply it very well.  I have ended up with crooked lines, uneven lines, and had to go through all kinds of creative strokes to try and correct my errors.  So I am thrilled to say that with this brush I can line my eyes like a pro!  No more uneven strokes, no more feathering, no crooked lines.  The tip of the brush is so fine, pointy, that it enables you to glide the gel liner easily without obstacles in the process.  You will love it and want to begin using eyeliner.

As a side note, I sometimes line my eyes using a grey or dark brown eyeshadow color.  I do this during the day when I want to enhance my eyes, but still keep a natural look.  This brush works terrific for doing that as well.


#30 Eyeshadow Brush

All eyes on you baby. Love your lids with this short synthetic bristle brush perfectly moulded to your eye shape. 


A great all around eyeshadow brush that makes it a delight to apply all your favorite eyeshadow colors with.  I personally like the feeling of soft bristles sweeping across my lids, than I do with most sponge applicators that come with the eyeshadows I buy, and this brush will be your favorite 'go-to' versatile eyeshadow brush.
This concludes my review.

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