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BedHead pajamas offers something most pairs of pajamas do not, and that is sophistication and fine tailoring.  I prefer to sleep in pajamas, but not only that, I enjoy relaxing and lounging around the house in my pajamas too.  I guess you can say I live in my pajamas when I am not working and I want to chill out around the house.  But just because I am in pajamas doesn't mean I want to look like a couch potato or lazy lady, hahaaa!  Of course not, I still want to feel pretty and look cute.  That is where BedHead pajamas comes in.  With bright, colorful, whimsical patterns and couture styles with carefully articulated detail to their design, you can look sensational and feel comfortable wearing BedHead pajamas around the house, on the deck, in the yard, you will want to wear them all the time!  If you are not familiar with the BedHead pajama brand, here is a brief introduction:

{Adapted from the BedHead Pajamas Website}

Renee Claire grew up in a small town in southern Ontario, Canada called Amherstburg. She spent time in the cold winters sewing clothes for herself in the basement, honing her sense of color, pattern and cloth and dreaming of being a clothing designer, living the California lifestyle as seen in photographs and on television.

In 1981, after college, Renee decided to load up her van with her few possessions and head to Los Angeles where she waited on tables in numerous restaurants by night, designing her dress and outwear collection by day. In the late 90's public interest in dresses declined and was replaced by sportswear and as Renee was delivering what she considered to possibly be her last collection of dresses to a local retailer, she saw a pair of pajamas in the window of the boutique and thought, "I could top that!". After scouring the marketplace she quickly realized that the current pajama offerings lacked sophistication and fine tailoring. She quickly learned how to make her own colored and patterned cotton textiles. As a consequence, BedHead was born!

Within three years the company was producing over 50,000 pairs of pajamas, all locally cut and sewn, culminating today in over 70 jobs and counting. The collection is in-house designed by Renee each season. BedHead is currently sold in over 1,500 boutiques worldwide, numerous department stores including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom's, on the BedHead website, and in the BedHead store in West Hollywood.


BedHead pajamas are for everyone, the entire family!  Women, men, tweens, children, BedHead has loungewear for you all!  And, addition to traditional style pajamas you can find; robes, shorty pj's, long sleeved, short sleeved, cami style, sleeveless, capris style, the options go on and on at BedHead!  And, I have a special offer to you from BedHead!  

You can receive 20% off anything you order on their website!  Use exclusive code:  BEDHEAD20 when you checkout and you can take advantage of this fantastic offer!

Here are few of my favorite items from BedHead:

Blue Sergeant Pepper Stretch S/S 2pc Boo Boo 2030-K-2347

Rouge French Quarter Stretch L/S Kids PJ 2010-K-2291

Peace Out Tween Short Sleeve Tee and Pant PJ 2077-T-2264

Black and White Beach Balls Cotton Men's S/S Shorty PJ 1093-M-5637

Tropical Blooms Voile Cami Shorty PJ 1118-V-5639

Pink Lilly of the Valley Kimono Robe 1010-C-541

I could go on and on posting item after item showing you the styles that I love.  But, you just have to visit the Bed Head website yourself to see all the fabulous styles, and you will have so much fun doing so!  Click HERE to visit

The awesome folks over at BedHead sent me a really gorgeous pair of BedHead pajamas to review.  The quality and all the design elements of the BedHead pajamas I received far exceeded any expectations I had about them.  They are the most outstanding pair of pajamas I have ever worn for sure!  Here are the details:

Pink Cherry Blossom Cotton L/S Classic PJ 1002-C-5647
Price:  $140
Available in Sizes: XS (2-4), S (4-6), M (8-10), L (12-14), XL (16)


- 100% Cotton

- Notch collar
- Drawstring waistband
- Exclusive print by BedHead founder Renee Claire Bertrand

Made in USA by Bedhead Pajamas


Oh, doesn't it figure that at the exact moment I want to take pictures for my review that my camera dies on me!  Yes, it happened.  My beloved camera that I have been using to take pics for my reviews died on me {for good} after 4 years.  I guess we all have an expiration date......

Anyways, in order to get my review posted I am forced to use the camera on my smartphone, the phone is great, the camera, not so much, or maybe it is me as the photographer, hahaaa!

My main goal is to convey to you all the enormity, the epic-ness, of how superior and exceptional these classic styled pajamas from BedHead really are!  The first thing I noticed the moment I took the pajamas out of their plastic packaging was how silky soft and luxurious the 100% fine cotton material is.  The ultra fine gauge of the cotton is like nothing I have felt before in a pair of PJ's!  I know in words it is hard to capture the essence of something, but believe me when I say these BedHead pajamas are first class, 5 Star, hands down my highest rating and highest recommendation of a product that I can give.

OK, so you know how fine the quality of the 100% cotton material of the PJ's is, and how meticulously rendered the pajamas are.  Oh, I need to mention they are lovingly assembled in Glamorous LA, USA!  In addition to their above standard rendering, every attention to detail has been addressed.  Everything from the cuffed and piped sleeves and bottoms, to the piped collar show how extraordinary these pajamas are and how they stand out from the ordinary.

Now, you want to know how they fit and hold up, right?  

The fit is precise.  So if you are a 4-6 Small, that is the fit you will get,  if you are a 8-10 Medium, that is the fit you will get and so on....... Personally, I like my night-time clothes to fit a bit loose, so I suggest ordering up a size.  I am Medium, but I requested a Large.  I am really glad I did.  I figure with draw string bottoms, you can adjust them to fit you comfortably and I don't want anything feeling tight against me when I am sleeping or hanging out relaxing.

When it comes to caring for these splendid pajamas I am going to include them in my delicate cycle laundry items.  I have washed them once, before I wore them, and I handled them selecting the delicate cycle of my washer, using warm water wash, cold water rinse, and I did not put them in the dryer.

I hung them to line dry because I did not want to risk shrinking them, and also I believe clothes last longer when you do not dry them.   Just my opinion, but I do notice a difference in longevity when I don't dry my clothes.

I have to say, I am really impressed with how wonderfully these pajamas looked when I was done washing and line drying them.  They did not lose any of their awesomeness!  They came out feeling just as soft and as glorious as they did when I put them into the washer.  Also, the fit of them remained ideal for me.  Out of 5 Stars, with 5 being the highest, these pajamas get a 6!  Which means they are OFF THE CHARTS in terms of state of the art quality.  

I do not get paid for any of my reviews.  So I am free to say or not say whatever I want.  The opinions are merely my own, with no ulterior motive.  So when I give something my highest praise, it means I really believe it.  So without hesitation, I think these pajamas are the best of the best!

Every time I go into my emails I am overwhelmed with messages about reasons for gift giving.  Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, etc.  You get the idea.  For those of you who want to give a special gift to someone you care about, BedHead is the place to go.  Yes, everyone owns a pair of pajamas, or some kind of loungewear.  But believe me, no one owns the fine quality, stunning design of a piece of apparel from BedHead.  So whether you want to treat yourself to an excellent quality loungewear piece, or you want to spoil someone you love with one, BedHead is the place to go!

This concludes my review.

You can visit the BedHead Pajamas website directly by CLICKING HERE to browse through their vast inventory of truly exceptional pajamas and comfort wear for the entire family!

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Disclosure: I received the BedHead pajamas from BedHead for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with BedHead in any manner. Registered & Protected

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