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REVIEW: Get FABY-lous with New FABY Italian Nail Lacquer

The next generation of nail polish is here, introducing FABY Italian Nail Couture. FABY’s chip-resistant and long lasting formulas are made with the finest ingredients and created with the latest technology and research. They are never tested on animals and big5 free.

{Adapted from the FABY USA Website}

FABY captures the essence of Italian style with its brilliant line of professional nail care products. Each of FABY’s 175 luxurious, richly-pigmented nail lacquers is the answer to every nailophile’s dreams!

But FABY offers more than just a pretty manicure; wearing FABY is a true color experience. With shades that are inspired by things like Italian culture, literature, cinema and fairytales, FABY nail lacquers are an expression of personal style that encourage you to make a statement and live “La Bella Vita” (“The Beautiful Life”) 

FABY’s chip resistant, long lasting professional formulas are based on the latest research and technology and made of the finest ingredients that are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor and other harsh, unnecessary additives.

FABY products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. With the perfect balance of rich pigment and speedy drying times, FABY truly may be the elusive unicorn of nail beauty.

FABY was founded by Faby Line, a family-owned business in Italy with over 30 years of experience in international beauty distribution.


FABY nail colors come in full size bottles that sell for $18 each or you can purchase Mini Collections of FABY colors and these collections sell for $24.50 each.  I think the mini collections are a terrific value since you receive 4 mini size FABY colors and have the opportunity to try 4 gorgeous colors instead of just one! There are two beautiful FABY mini collections.  FABULOUS FABY MINI COLLECTION SET and FABY FUTURE MINI COLLECTION SET.  I was given the opportunity to choose a mini color from each set.  The colors are irresistibly stunning, really pretty colors and I love them!  Here are the details:

Price:  $24.50


A gorgeous collection of 4 minis from the Fabulous collection including Plastic Jewels and Neon Lights, Sugarful, Mint Bubbles and Hula Hoop Pink. A great way to sample some of our current flavors! It also makes an amazing gift, hint-hint!


I chose Hula Hoop Pink from this collection.  It is a very vibrant bright hot pink color.  What I like most about this brilliant color is that it looks beautiful on the lightest skin tones as well as on darker skin tones.  There are some nail polish colors that just don't work with different skin tones, but this color is universal and women of all ages and all skin tones will fall in love with it.  It is the ideal go to color for the warm Summer weather!

I found that in order to get the most opaque color from this polish was to give myself 2 coats.  You immediately notice the high shine of the color and the fine quality of polish.  I applied it to my toenails and it has been a week since I polished them and it is practically chip free!  The weather has been so hot that I've been wearing sandals everyday and the polish is holding up excellent!

To find a high shine, chip resistant, long wearing nail formula is hard enough, but to find one like this that is Vegan and a 5-free formula is an extra added bonus!  For those of you unfamiliar with what 5-free means, this polish is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dbp, toluene and camphor.

The design of the nail polish bottle is also something worthy of mentioning!  It is outstanding!  The unique, ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold, it offers an innovative textured cap that makes it easy to grip, and the 400 bristle brush with DuPont fibers makes for even application of the polish without streaking!  You can easily achieve the look of a professional nail polish manicure by yourself, at home, with minimal effort!

Price:  $24.50


A beautiful collection of 4 minis from the Future collection including Nuit de Mysteres, It’s Not Black…It’s Dark, Sensual Touch and Lotus Flower in Shanghai. A great way to sample our current collection! This set makes an amazing gift, hint-hint!


The second color I chose is the Sensual Touch color from this collection.  It is a lovely subtle natural color.  To describe the color in my own words is a light taupe with a hint of purple.  I applied this color to my hand fingernails.  It is a splendid ultra feminine color that is perfect for me to feel comfortable wearing to work in a professional setting.  Again, this is another color that can look awesome on any skin tone on women of all ages.  It is a timeless, ageless color that will always be in style.  

One reason why I sometimes hate polishing my finger nails is having to wait for them to dry!  It seems like sitting around for 1/2 hour or more waiting for my nails to dry is such a useless waste of time!  So I was thrilled about the Faby nail polishes are created using a proprietary formula that perfectly balances rich pigments and quick drying time!  My nails were dry and I was ready to go on with life within 20 minutes.  This is a huge plus!

I live a super hectic lifestyle.  I am always busy using my hands for doing all kinds of things like dish washing, gardening, cleaning the house, you get the idea.  My hands are washed dozens of times a day and this nail polish is holding up expertly on my nails!  I polished my nails with 2 coats of the polish over a week ago and today is the first day they are showing signs of wear and I did not use a top coat.  I am really pleased with the fine quality of this polish and its ability to withstand the abuse my daily lifestyle has been giving it.  It has passed my durability test with flying colors and high grades!

This concludes my review.

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Disclosure: I received two mini size FABY nail polishes from FABY for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with FABY in any manner. Registered & Protected

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