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REVIEW: PAI-SHAU Hair Care System

I recently discovered an innovative line of hair care products and boy are they amazing!  Pai-Shau unites natural ingredients with modern science. Pai-Shau's Signature Exotic Tea Complex is a powerful concentrate designed to strengthen, nourish and protect the hair. Using a binary delivery system, our Signature Exotic Tea Complex gets infused into hair, providing ultimate rejuvenation.  If you want a luxurious, pampering, and highly effective collection of hair care products to nourish your hair with, look no further because Pai-Shau is the ultimate in hair care treatment.  With the holidays around the corner, you will want your hair to look its best and healthiest for all your holiday festivities.  You can purchase Pai-Shau products using the handy salon locator assistant HERE to find a salon near you that carries these couture hair care products. 

Let me introduce Pai-Shau to you:

{Adapted from the Pai-Shau Website}

We believe beauty can be discovered, cultivated, and created. We believe the transformation of one's outward appearance can immediately influence how they feel inside. Pai-Shau is a lifestyle brand committed to being more than just a haircare product. Our goal is for every individual to see and feel their authentic beauty. We are always in search of new inspiration while immersing ourselves in different cultures. Our mission is to create a company that revolutionizes the haircare industry with high performance products and the inspiration to pursue your passion. At Pai-Shau we have a Passion for life, product performance and people.


The Pai-Shau story begins in Vietnam. It was there, while visiting a small remote village, that our founder first discovered the culture, the people and their ancient bathing ritual that is still practiced today. Made from a variety of native steeped tea leaves, this beauty ritual produces a potent tea complex that results in numerous benefits for the hair.

Knowing he stumbled upon something special, he felt compelled to share the numerous benefits of this ancient beauty ritual which became the foundation to create Pai-Shau. Our Signature Exotic Tea Complex is a proprietary blend of concentrated steeped teas from around the world, providing powerful rejuvenating benefits that work to strengthen, nourish and protect the hair.

By combining our Signature Exotic Tea Complex with advanced binary technology, our first product, Biphasic Infusion, was born. This rejuvenating tea concentrate served as a gateway for a high performance hair care line that infused natural ingredients with modern science.

Our mission is to create a company that is innovative to the hair care industry with high performance products and the encouragement to pursue your passion.


Now that you have been introduced to Pai-Shau I am sure you are as fascinated and captivated as I am about the products.  The benefits of tea never cease to amaze!  And, I am here to say they are everything you are anticipating when you read about them, and so much more!  Not only are they highly effective hair care products, but they smell glorious, and they are so pampering for your hair and provide you with a delightful in shower experience. Also important to note, Pai-Shau products are proud to be #GlutenFree, #ParabenFree, #SulfateFree, #PhosphateFree AND #Vegan on top of all that.  Here is the low down on the collection of Pai-Shau product line:


Our Signature Exotic Tea Complex is an exclusive blend of steeped teas from around the world that work in unison to provide powerful rejuvenating properties that strengthen, nourish and protect the hair. Potent antioxidants, panthenol, vitamins B, C and E are infused into every Pai-Shau product to add body and shine. Our luxury collection includes our Biphasic Infusion, Replenishing Hair Cleanser, Replenishing Cream Conditioner, Supreme Revitalizing Hair Mask and Style Soufflé.

Size:  120 ml/4 fl oz


Biphasic infusion is an innovative product that combines natural ingredients with modern science. Biphasic Infusion is a potent rejuvenating concentrate and the perfect multipurpose primer for every hair type. Containing the highest content of our Signature Exotic Tea Complex, Biphasic Infusion provides extreme shine and healthier looking hair from the very first use. An advanced binary technology drives our Signature Exotic Tea Complex inside the cuticle to nourish the hair's structure, attracting moisture and locking it inside. Fortified with antioxidants and amino acids, it surrounds hair with a sheer veil of shielding properties known to provide thermal and environmental protection.


To use: Shake well to activate. Add one to two pumps of product to clean, towel dried hair beginning mid-shaft to ends. May also be used on dry hair to smooth and add shine.


I love this fabulous leave-in product.  It is the perfect primer for you to use for your hair before you style it.  Your hair will instantly become smooth and shiny and you will be amazed at how your hair looks.  I guarantee you've never seen it look this pretty before, a miracle serum!  High shine, frizz-free, I am so enamored with this product!  Vitamins B, C and E are infused into every Pai-Shau product and this product ensures that your hair is being fed the vitamins it needs to maintain its natural health.  A harmonious blend of natural ingredients!  A nice light weight texture, this product is barely noticeable once you work it through your hair.  You can either leave your hair straight, silky smooth and shiny, or style it as you choose.  An incredible hair enhancing product!

Size:  250 ml/8.4 fl. oz.


Formulated with advanced technology, Hydrating Ritual Replenishing Hair Cleanser restores your hair back to its youthful appearance with a unique combination of amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals. Our Signature Exotic Tea Complex deeply infuses Hair with moisture, restoring its natural shine. The Hydrating Ritual Replenishing hair cleanser is concentrated with the highest grade ingredients creating a luxurious lather.


To use: Wet the hair with an adequate amount of water to ensure the rich, billowy lather you desire and repeat if necessary. Follow with Replenishing Cream Conditioner.


For the past week I have been beginning my morning routine with the Pai-Shau cleanser and conditioner.  I cannot express enough how glorious the two products smell.  From the second you pour some product into your hands, you can inhale the divine aroma and it enhances the splendor of your entire hair cleaning and conditioning experience.  You really need to make these products a part of your beauty ritual!

In addition to the brilliant scent of the cleanser, it more than adequately cleanses my hair.  It is a rich and creamy cleanser that lathers up nicely and makes it easy for you to massage it into your hair.  After I thoroughly rinsed the cleanser out of my hair, I could tell that it gently cleansed my hair and left it feeling very soft and nourished.  It left no greasy residue or feeling of lingering product.  It gives me such peace of mind in knowing that this product is filled with antioxidants that feed my hair with the nourishment that it needs.  I love LOVE this hair cleanser.  

Size:  250 ml/8.4 fl oz 


Designed to rehydrate dry, lifeless hair while replenishing its natural sheen. The Replenishing Cream Conditioner contains a proprietary emollient blend of rice amino acids to strengthen the hair while hydrolyzed oat proteins calm the cuticle and restore luster. This velvety formula defies logic by infusing moisture without adding weight. Our daily Cream Conditioner creates a spa like experience by enveloping the senses with our signature fragrance. 


To use: After cleansing with Replenishing Hair Cleanser, remove excess water and apply a moderate amount of Replenishing Cream Conditioner throughout hair. Rinse Thoroughly.


Without sounding repetitive, let me just comment that this conditioner smells so intoxicating beautiful that you will not be able to stop smelling your hair once you are done showering.  It leaves your hair smelling so wonderful.

This is a luxurious, light weight condition that works wonders after leaving it in your hair for a minute.  That is all that it took to instantly hydrate and condition my hair just the right amount.

I found the conditioner to be highly effective, and was easy to rinse out thoroughly without leaving any sticky or weighted down feeling.  My hair looks healthy and shiny after using the product.  Another winner!

Size:  250 ml/8.4 fl oz


A distinct, airy styling agent containing nourishing and reparative extracts designed to give you control and manageability. Formulated for all hair textures, Design Ritual Style Soufflé is infused with antioxidants to retain moisture during the styling process, maintaining the integrity of the hair. This formula creates soft volume and memory to your style.


To use: Take a small amount and emulsify in the hands. Work through mid-shaft to ends, adding additional product as needed for extra control. Can be used with or without heat. Style as desired. 


I do not style my hair everyday, usually 2-3 times a week.  But I've used a lot of styling products in my day, and this style souffle is one of the best!  It is light weight, smells awesome, and is easy to apply and work through my hair.  I found that using this product made it effortless for me to style my hair with just a large round brush and hair dryer.  In no time I had bouncy hair, with slight curls that appeared more voluminous that it normally used to.  Soft volume, love it!  You can also use this souffle without styling to achieve super straight sleek looking hair!

Size:  280ml/9.5 fl oz


A rare blend of high-performance cationic polymers that infuse moisture into the hair while adding an anti-static barrier of protection from the environment. Our Signature Exotic Tea Complex penetrates the cuticle, nourishing the hair from the inside out. The Hydrating Ritual Supreme Revitalizing Mask is so unique that our weightless formula actually generates volume in the hair while adding softness and shine.


To use: After cleansing with Replenishing Hair Cleanser, apply quarter sized amount of product to wet clean hair, working from mid-shaft to ends. For maximum results, leave in for 5 minutes and rinse.


Using this mask is like feeding your hair with a tall glass of water.  It infuses moisture into your hair powerfully and effectively.  This is the product that you use once a week to give your hair that ultimate pampering experience.  Once a week is enough to use this mask to give my hair that extra punch of intense moisture and give it a heavy duty dose of nutrients.  It is a remarkable product.
This concludes my review.

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Disclosure: I received Pai-Shau collection of hair care products outlined in this review from Pai-Shau for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Pai-Shau in any manner. Registered & Protected

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