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LAVIDO SKIN CARE Age Away Hydrating Cream

I recently posted a wonderful review about LAVIDO Skin Care, products Inspired by Nature.  To read that review and refresh your memory about this most innovative brand of skin care, please CLICK HERE.

I am truly enamored by the science and techology behind LAVIDO Skin Care and highly recommend considering them for Mother's Day Gift Giving, or self purchase.  Not only are the products jammed packed full of natural ingredients that are sure to nourish and improve the quality of your skin, but with each product, you receive huge amounts of it, and need very little with each application to reap the benefits from it.  The price point and value versus quality and quantity just can't be beat!

So it is with great excitement that I share my review about another very fine Lavido skin care product.  The Evening Primrose, Sea Buckthorn & Pumpkin Seed Age Away Hydrating Cream.


{Photo by Joanna Smith}

In my last review I wrote about the LAVIDO Lavender, Tea Tree, Black Cumin Seed Thera-Intensive Body Cream and the Pomegranate Seed, Rose Hip, and Citrus with Hyaluronic Acid Alert Eye Cream HERE.  This review is about another equally sensational product, the Evening Primrose, Sea Buckthorn, & Pumpkin Seed Age Away Hydrating Cream.  Here are the details about it:

Evening Primrose, Sea Buckthorn & Pumpkin Seed Age Away Hydrating Cream
PRICE: $55
Size: 1.69 fl. oz/50ml


Revitalize…Hydrate…Repair your skin. Formulated with Attar of Rose and organic, cold-pressed Evening Primrose Seed Oil, this deeply nourishing facial cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while balancing the skin's moisture levels. May be used on younger skin as night cream.

Recommended use: Using circular upward motions, massage this deeply nourishing age-defying moisture cream into slightly damp, freshly-cleansed skin until absorbed. Formulated for daily use. Dermatologically Tested.

Clinically proven to show significant improvement in the categories of:

  • Skin Hydration (34%)
  • Skin Texture (15%)
  • Skin Firmness (14%)


{Photo by Joanna Smith}

Wow, what an emollient face cream!  It is rich and creamy and such a drink of water for my skin!  You really only need a teeny tiny amount of this highly effective cream to cover your entire face.  I used about a dime size amount and it was enough to cover my face and neck.  At first it felt a little greasy on my skin, but after about 5 minutes, it had all been absorbed into my skin and honestly, my skin felt like silk!!  Literally!  The next time I used the cream I used slightly less than a dime size amount and that was just perfect.  I need to comment that my skin is super sensitive.  Sometimes it can't tolerate rich face creams.  I am happy to say that my skin well received this product, tolerated it just fine with no issues, no redness, no burning, just terrific!

I can't really comment on any results from using this cream, since I just received it, but I am super impressed with how my entire face feels after only using it for 2 days.  I have applied it three times now and each time my face feels more hydrated, looks more dewy and radiant, and I think my skin is actually glowing!  I know my skin, and it is telling me it is healthy, it is nourished and it is healing.  That is my opinion, and I rarely have used those words in my reviews.  I am super impressed with how my sensitive skin is reacting to using this face cream.

The scent of the cream is very pleasant and appealing.  The scent is light, but you can smell the fragrance of all the natural ingredients, including the evening primrose and pumpkin seed!  I was not aware of this before, but pumpkin seed is a cold-pressed oil that is steeped in zinc and vitamin E, a super antioxidant, which combine to improve skin tone, rejuvenate the skin, and defy the aging process.  I suspect the long term results and benefits from using this superior face cream will be a noticeable improvement to the condition and appearance of my skin.  What I have experienced positive so far is enough to keep me wanting to use it everyday, twice a day!  I can't wait to see what it can do for my skin.

This concludes my review.


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Disclosure: I received the Lavido skin care product outlined in this review from Lavido for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Lavido in any manner. Registered & Protected

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