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PHILIP STEIN Sleep Bracelet

Back in February, 2014 I received a fascinating Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet.  I had been experiencing trouble sleeping well at night, and when I saw some buzz online about the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet, I immediately became interested in learning more about it.

Before I share with you my experience with the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet, let me introduce the Philip Stein Company to you:


{Adapted from the Philip Stein Website}

Live in tune is the Philip Stein brand ethos; it sums up everything we believe in:

Tuning means calibration for optimum performance, and our Natural Frequency Technology helps to re-tune your body and mind to their natural best.

Being in tune means being in harmony and when your body is in tune, you feel better, have more confidence and experience life in a healthy, balanced way.

For us, Live in Tune is a reminder and an encouragement to pursue personal betterment and harmonious living every day through the Philip Stein technology.

Our philosophy

Our world is dazzling in its variety and energy, yet also unprecedented in its speed and demands. Living in balance can be a daily challenge. The Philip Stein answer isn’t to disconnect, but reconnect – to our thoughts, ourselves and to the earth. Even in times of stress, even deep within the city, we believe living in tune is achievable.

We’re all unique, and so is our sense of well being. For us, it’s a harmony of mind, body and spirit. It can be found everywhere you are and in everything you do, not just occasionally but always. Maybe you’ve been on the road to well being a long time; maybe you’re just beginning – simply know that it isn’t a destination and perhaps not even a journey. Living in tune is a way of life.

Our technology

Everything around us, and even inside us, has a frequency. Our technology channels the natural frequencies that most benefit your body, re-establishing your personal connection to the earth.

When you wear a Philip Stein watch or bracelet, that technology meets your body at the wrist, an important energy centre. Not only a pleasure to wear, it helps you to live in tune without time, effort or willpower - the perfect companion to modern living.

Our story

We’ve been working to help people live in tune for more than ten years. We’re as proud of our early customer testimonials describing better sleep, focus and relaxation, as we are of becoming one of Oprah’s “favorite things”. Not just once, but three times.

But if anything, the last five years of Philip Stein has been defined by research. We’re always exploring, refining and developing our natural frequency technology, and seeking new ways to share it. Our watches, sleep bracelets and fragrance are just the beginning in our aim to bring better living to everyone.


The generous folks over at Philip Stein sent me a most innovative Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet as a result of an online promotion.  There are no words to express my appreciation and gratitude as I had been wanting one for the longest time!  I have been captivated by this sleep bracelet from the moment I first discovered the unique state of the art innovation behind its technology, so I was thrilled when I learned I was going to receive one.

From what I have learned, the belief is for one to find natural sleep because feeling your best during the day comes from sleeping peacefully at night. The unique sleep bracelet channels the natural frequencies associated with sleep, helping you fall asleep naturally and wake up refreshed.

The sleep bracelet is created with a unique proprietary technology disc. It is designed to be worn every night, it helps you to live in tune by re-establishing your personal connection to the earth.

{Adapted from the Philip Stein Website}

We live surrounded by frequencies, and these frequencies affect our bodies.   In the modern world, some of the frequencies in our environment are natural, while others are manmade. The Natural Frequency Technology in Philip Stein accessories are specially programmed to pick up and channel only those frequencies that are natural and beneficial to our bodies and minds. In other words, the sleep bracelet tunes you back to a state where you can perform and live at your best.

Everything – from our own cells and bodies, to the water, plant life, and materials that make up our environments – resonates or operates at a certain frequency.

 As living beings, we have always been surrounded by natural frequencies, and it’s likely that we’ve become accustomed to living in balance with them. The modern age, however, has created artificial frequencies that can interfere with that balance.

Philip Stein Natural Frequency technology works in the same way as a finely-tuned antenna, harnessing and channeling beneficial natural frequencies directly to your body. The result is a greater sense of wellbeing and balance, day or night, no matter where you are. Our technology helps you live in tune.


I know I have included a lot of information obtained from the Philip Stein website in this post.  I felt it was necessary to do so since explaining this unusual and scientific technology really needs to be exact in order for it to make sense.  Now I will summarize my thoughts in my own words.......

As I mentioned, I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping at night.  You know, those kinds of nights when you toss and turn and just can't keep your thoughts from coming at you faster than the speed of light, and you have so much weighing on your shoulders that your body won't let you relax enough to fall asleep.  Those are the kinds of sleepless nights I was having.

I tried mood music, I tried counting sheep, I tried sleepytime tea, I tried singing lullabies to myself, hahaaa, none of it worked!  I still was having night after night of restless, sleepless tossing and turning......

I was desperate enough to take some Tylenol PM and they helped somewhat, but I did not want to rely on that forever, as I really hate taking any kind of pills, whether they are over the counter or prescribed.  That is just not how I function, I believe in natural remedies whenever possible.

I was the ideal candidate for this Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet, practically a walking zombie, LOL......  I was also very unsure of the technology, feeling a little apprehensive that it would not work for me, since nothing else I had tried thus far had worked.  I kept a positive mindset and maintained optimism, so when I received the sleep bracelet I immediately began sleeping with it on my wrist.

It is very comfortable, lightweight, and you barely even know it is on your wrist.  It has in no way hindered my sleeping comfort.  The wristband is a very soft and plush suede leather and it feels wonderful against your skin.  So night after night, week after week I been faithfully wearing my sleep bracelet.  It was not an immediate perfect night's sleep, it gradually became easier for me to fall asleep and as time went on, I was able to sleep without disruption through the night.  I have been very calculating in my progress and it took a week for me to feel the full benefits of the sleep bracelet, and with each night of wearing it, it became increasingly easier for me to relax and fall asleep and stay asleep soundly.

I cannot speak for others, because each of us has our own unique frequency channels and are surrounded by different environments, but I have become a believer in this sleep bracelet technology.  It does work for me, it does help me sleep more peacefully, and I do wake up feeling refreshed!  No more mood music, no more sleepytime tea, no more bedtime stories or lullabies and no more sleep aids!  I am wearing my Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet to bed every night and that is my secret to blissful, sweet dreams and waking up feeling my personal best.

You can purchase the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet at a wide range of fine jewelers and stores located across  the country and you can find a retailer closest to you by using the Philip Stein Retailer Locator by CLICKING HERE.

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet from Philip Stein as the result of an online promotion . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Philip Stein in any manner.

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