Thursday, July 9, 2009

REVIEW: Darac Beauty TourQuam 3-D Face Sculpting Brushes

My REVIEW: I received both the TourQuam 3-D Face Sculpting Brush as well as the TourQuam LUXE 3-D Face Sculpting Brush. These brushes are thick, luscious, luxurious brushes that are so meticulously crafted they blew my mind when I first saw them and held them in my hands. Brushes are one of the most elemental tools you must have in your beauty took box, they can truly make or break how your makeup looks on your skin and using a fine quality brush is a key factor proper powder application. I adore these two brushes, they feel dreamy gliding over your skin, so super soft and they make defining and sculpting your powder and blush so easy and effortless. I did not experience any clumping, skipping or streaking while I used these brushes, which with other brushes I have used before I have.

My CONCLUSION: I think these brushes are pure genius! To be able to take the concept of a "fingerprinting" brush and create a makeup brush to apply powder is the most innovative, unconventional invention I have heard of recently and I am thrilled to be able to spread the word to you all about these amazing brushes. The cross-hatched bristles of the brush kiss every nook, plane and peak of your face for the perfect application.

From the Darac Beauty website: "TourQuam is a revolution in makeup application. This is your at-home makeup artist! Born out of three key concepts, TourQuam takes what you know about conventional makeup brushes and abolishes it into to the dark ages. Today, the type of brush you use to paint your walls is the type of brush you use to apply cosmetics. The challenges with every existing applicator are the same: they pick up and deposit a clump of product in one place, so you waste time blending it out; it is impossible to get into the corners and facets of the face; application is heavy and cakey. Darac Beauty resolves all of these problems with multiple layers of patented technology housed in one brush, creating 3-dimensional beauty. Inspired by forensics, energy, and gravity technology, we deliver the most unique tool available. Discover the world’s most luxurious makeup applicator – TourQuam!

  1. Gently sweep and blend the brush back and forth across your face and décolleté.
  2. To keep your brush in mint condition, gently rinse in tepid water and apply a nickel sized drop of gentle shampoo to bristles. Rinse thoroughly. Carefully mold bristles back into original shape, and allow to air dry completely before next use.
*Please be advised that this brush contains magnets that may interfere with a pacemaker or similar medical device."

To learn more about the Darac Beauty Products and for information on how to purchase them, you can visit the Darac Beauty website by clicking HERE Registered & Protected

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