Thursday, July 9, 2009

REVIEW: Darac Beauty EXPEDITION MASCARA No Lash Left Behind

My REVIEW: Enhancing my eyes is one of my favorite things to do since I would like to think that my eyes are my best feature. So, having long, thick, luxurious eyelashes is very important to me, but at the same time I want to keep my eyes looking naturally beautiful and not too made up looking. So I was anxious to try this coveted Expedition Mascara. What struck me right away was when I opened the tube you could immediately see that the formulation was wet, not too thick and definitely not dried out in any way. Have you ever opened up a brand new tube of mascara and noticed right away that it looked dried out, and then when you went to apply it the mascara immediately stated to clump over your lashes. Not to worry about that happening at all with Darac's mascara. It is rich, creamy and the consistency is just perfect for making sure all your lashes get beautifully and effectively coated with this vitamin packed, moisture rich spa for your lashes!

My CONCLUSION: I love that you are provided with a unique laser precise brush to apply this mascara with because the brush in conjunction with the rich mascara is a dynamic duo, a winning pair that really makes your lashes long, naturally looking thick and makes your eyes "pop". I also love, love that you receive a small "pro-detailing" brush as well that helps you to uncover and discover lashes you didn't even know existed and you have never seen before, now how unique and cool is that?! I highly recommend this mascara for those of you who really want to give your lashes that "wow" factor, because that is what you will say out loud to yourself after you have applied a coat of this to them!

From the Darac Beauty Website: "Expedition Mascara allows you to finally leave drying, lash breaking mascaras behind! Create a magnificent future for your lashes with this vitamin-packed mascara that protects and nourishes lashes with a silk extract, acting as a protein-rich smoothie. Expedition envelops your lashes individually with the most luscious black. Our unique brush coats every lash, separating without damage. Expedition imparts a glossy finish with superior separation, volume, and lushness.

Laser-precise bristles penetrate lashes perfectly while staggered rows of alternating sized bristles snuggle up close to each and every lash. The special pro-detailing brush discovers lashes you never knew you had, and works like a dream on elusive lower lashes.

Expedition is powerfully water and smudge resistant. It won’t flake, spike, weaken, or dry out lashes. This gentle and longwearing formula is great for contact lens wearers and will not irritate sensitive eyes.
  1. Apply Expedition mascara to clean, dry lashes.
  2. Apply with long strokes as you would classic mascara.
  3. You will find that fewer coats are needed to achieve desired volume and separation.
  4. A second coat may be applied if desired.
  5. Use the Pro Detail Brush to reach tiny inner and outer lashes as well as the bottom lashes by pulling the small brush through the mascara wand to coat with mascara.
  6. Clean the Pro Detail Brush after each use with makeup remover and store back in pouch when dry."
To learn more about the Darac Beauty Products and for information on how to purchase them, you can visit the Darac Beauty website by clicking HERE Registered & Protected

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