Thursday, August 6, 2009

Devoted Creations Review

As part of my The Best of Everything For You Fall Fashion & Beauty Blitz I wanted to include this very effective line of Skin Care and Tanning Products. Enticingly Elegant containers with their ultra hip and cool labels and logo are what first allured me to want to learn more about the Devoted Creations line of products. The couture branding caught my eye right away and I knew I wanted to learn more about this unique Skin Care and Self Tanning line of products. So when the President of Devoted Creations Lewis agreed to send me some products to try out, I was thrilled!

With the Fall Season quickly approaching us, we don't want to lose that sun kissed skin that we managed to achieve over the summer months. Or perhaps you just want to give yourself a little tan quickly and safely. Devoted Creations products offer you an alternative way to keep that healthy glow to your skin without the damaging rays of the sun. Their products are luxurious, effective, and will make your skin look and feel hydrated, tan and gorgeous, now doesn't that just make you want to learn more!

There are several lines of products offered by Devoted Creations each offering you varying levels to achieve the ultimate tanning experience and visible skin enhancing benefits. Let me introduce some of the Devoted Creations Lines of Products to you:

The first product I tried out is the
DC Glow Tan Extending Moisturizer, the Hydrating Tinted-Bronzing Lotion, 8 oz Tube. This product is part of the Devoted Creations Face & Body Care Line. This product nourishes your skin with exotic moisturizers while giving you a new radiant glow. It's good for all skin types and gradually darkens the skin over time. I used this product consistently for 8 days and I found that it did indeed deliver on keeping my skin well hydrated, most definitely soft, and I did achieve a very slight increase in color. I have used other brands of self tanning products before, and the first thing that stood out to me about this product that I really liked was that it did not leave my skin smelling awful after it had been on it for several hours, as other products like this have done in the past. It is a product that essentially has a slight fresh and clean scent which makes it nice because I can layer with it my own scent choice for the day without it negatively affecting that scent. I also found that once it is applied you do not have to wait long for your skin to soak it in so you can get dressed without worry about staining your clothes in a matter of minutes. It also did not streak or leave my skin blotchy in any way, as again, I have experienced with similar type products. As long as you wash your hands right away once done applying it, you won't have to worry about any leftover remnants of this product, except gorgeous looking skin! If you would like to give yourself some subtle color for this Fall Season I highly recommend trying out this product. You can click HERE to learn more about it from the Devoted Creations website.

The second product I had the privilege to try is the LUFFA Exfoliating Moisturizer from their Green Line of Products. The Devoted Creations Green Line of products is the most correct and responsible tanning lotion line ever produced! The Green Line by Devoted Creations utilizes 100% Recycled Bottles and recycled paper labels to do their part in conserving the most important resource we have, OUR WORLD. You can enjoy incredibly soft skin with Luffa. This moisturizer utilizes organic lemon peel oil and bamboo extract to exfoliate dry skin cells and reveal beautiful new skin. It's perfect for all skin types. It is all Natural, organic and paraben free. I have been using this product for over a week now. The light Fresh Citrus Scent is so refreshing, energizing and revitalizing to inhale right after you get out of an invigorating morning shower. I love the way this moisturizer feels on the skin, it is lightweight, not heavy at all, and your skin absorbs it right away so you are not left with any kind of greasy feeling after it is applied. I adore this product and the fact that it is a product that multi-tasks, hydrates and exfoliates at the same time while leaving me smelling fantastic too, now how cool is that?!

The Next product I would like to introduce to you is a most unique product from the Devoted Creations line of products called Lover Perfect. It is a luxurius Dark Tanning Lotion with Bronzing Beads that will literally change the appearance of your skin right away! It is a rich skin nourishing lotion that was created for instant gratification! It is Aloe Vera based so it provides healing moisturizing and will extend the life of your tan. It also contains Caviar Extract which acts as a rich moisturizing agent full of proteins and vitamins. There is also Matrixyl is a targeted anti-aging complex and will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The Encapsulated Bronzers are tiny little beads which release bronzers to the skin as the lotion is applied for instant dark tan! Now, isn't this the most alluring sounding product?! I just (today) applied Lover Perfect for the 1st time as I wanted to give the first 2 products (above) a chance to receive a fair review, and my first initial impression is Lover Perfect is wonderful and extremely impressive. It will make you feel like you have stumbled onto a great beauty find that you will not only want to use over and over again, but also want to spread the word about to all your friends. I can't wait to see how my skin evolves as I use it again and again as already I have a gorgeous tan tone to it. The scent is hard to explain. From the website it says Alluring Crystals Scent, I would say exotic and a touch spicey fragrance, very appealing to the senses. As you look at the lotion you can actually see the bronzing beads and when you smooth the lotion over your skin the bronzing beads quickly absorb into your skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and beautiful. I cannot forget to mention the spectacular very beautiful large 12.25 oz bottle it is packaged in, lovely!

The last product I would like to introduce is from the Devoted Creations Beyond Line of products. The Mela-Dark Complex - Interacts with the skin to produce the most natural looking dark tan. Acai Oil - A powerful fruit oil loaded with antioxidants. Matrixyl - Targeted anti-aging complex that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Ester-C - Protects the skin from free-radical damage, promotes even pigmentation and replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier. The Fragrance is Soft & Sweet Ivy and it works effective as a Tan Enhancer, Bronzer and Firming lotion. I did not test out this product as of yet, because it is formulated to work with indoor tanning, but I felt it is such an extraordinary product that needed to be included in this review for those looking for that superior tanner to use when using indoor tanning options. The bottle is huge, a generous 7 oz bottle.

You can visit Devoted Creations directly by clicking HERE to learn about all the lines of products that they offer and to see which products will work best for the level of tan you want to achieve. Or, perhaps you just want to treat your skin to some very pampering and luxurious skin care products! You can find it all HERE. Registered & Protected

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Cindy said...

Hi, just dropping by your site because I was doing some research on a product a friend gave me and ran across your blog!

It is the devoted creation PURO lotion. I love it and saw that you tried the Luffa.

Anyway, nice info!