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La Mer Collections Review

Remember when watches were only worn for functionality to tell time? Today, watches have come a long way and are now one of the most popular fashion accessories you can wear. Watches are now worn to not only keep time for you, but also serve as jewelry very often embellished in such a way that you don't even notice it is a watch from first glance. If you are looking for some hot, hot watches for this Fall Season and want a unique, fashion forward super chic watch, then allow me to introduce La Mer Collections to you because they offer some of the coolest, stylish, ultra hip watches I have come across in a long time. This amazing company offers a wide variety of styles of watches that come in many rich beautiful colors, including the option of customizing your own style watch. And, as part of my The Best of Everything For You Fall Fashion & Beauty Blitz I am reviewing 6 spectacular watches that are the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe to make a bold fashion statement. La Mer Collections watches have been featured in some of the most popular fashion magazines and websites recently such as Lucky, Life & Style Lust List, New York Fashion The Cut, Daily Candy just to name a few.

From the La Mer Website:


La Mer was established in 2001 when Martine rummaged through her jewelry drawer and could not find a simple, stylish and feminine watch to wear. Combining her passion for design, love of quality materials and simple beauty, La Mer Collections was born. Inspiration is drawn from her journeys: South Africa’s colorful markets, Bali’s lush flowers, Italy’s gorgeous leathers and Thailand’s clear blue ocean. Each season La Mer’s color palette is chosen from these bright and colorful experiences. La Mer Collections’ focus is on classic watch faces designed exclusively by Martine Ilana, paired with beautiful leather straps.


“A watch is a private piece of art. Not only does it embody the skill of the artisan who created it, but it is an expression of the owner’s style. In this day and age, with all the technology surrounding us, all we truly need on our wrist is a watch that tells time. Often less is more when it comes to a timepiece’s design and wearing a watch allows you to appreciate esthetic qualities as well as function and technical reliability.”

“I have a tactile relationship with my watches and I appreciate the elegant faces and quality leather straps. Timepieces set the rhythm of my life, but they remain above all, pieces of jewelry with which I develop a genuine connection. I wear a watch because it is an object that conveys some of my most precious values; the connection between art and technology.” - Martine Ilana

Two driving forces that are part of La Mer Collections Story is the horoscope page and the inspiration page. Visit both pages to learn about how these play a role in the design of this special collection of watches.


These are the 6 Watches that La Mer Collections specifically selected for me to feature and share with you all. The designs are really hip and modern, and the watches are wonderfully crafted so they will also be functional and dependable for you. There is a design here that will fit whatever lifestyle you live and style that you enjoy wearing. Whether your personal sense of style is classic, sporty, trendy or glamorous there is a watch here for YOU!

Emerald - Gold Tourista Charm Chain Wrap Watch: "Extra-long soft leather strap topped with a double stainless steel chain and travel charms. Wipe clean. 24" long and 5" wide strap, Silver Square Watch Case, .875" wide Watch case, Seiko watch movement, buckle closure. Nickel Free. Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, each watch may vary slightly.
Made in the USA." ($110.00)

This watch is fab-ul-ous!! I love the way it feels on the wrist, it's so comfortable, and all the elements to its design give it that urban chic look. The charms are all gold tone traveling theme charms, very nicely crafted, with chains attaching them all together. The look is that you are wearing several bracelets with your watch, when in reality it is one nifty watch that offers you several "looks" in one. I just adore this watch and it very fine quality.

Bronze Triple Wrap Watch: Extra-long bronze soft leather strap. Wipe clean. 24" long and 5" wide strap, Silver square watch case, .875" wide watch case, Seiko watch movement, buckle closure. Nickel Free. Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, each watch may vary slightly.
Made in the USA. ($84.00)

Bronze is such a hot color for Fall and I love the subtle metallic color of the bronze straps which gives this watch just the right amount of glamour to a very modernistic design. The triple strap design makes this watch so versatile, you can layer your own bracelets along with it if you want to give it a super elegant look, or you can wear it alone to have that sleek simpler look. I love the versatility that this style of watch can offer you. I was very impressed with how easy these watches are to slip on your wrist, there is only one buckle like clasp so putting it on is quick and effortless, and this is another superbly constructed watch.

Carpe Diem Gold/White Dial Clear Linked Watch: Engraved on the back of each watch are the words 'Carpe Diem' which means 'Seize the Day'; Live your day to its fullest, take advantage of your time, and energy and give back what you are able to your community. With each of these watches you will be directly donating 30% of the proceeds going to the charities listed on the La Mer Collections website.

Gold Bezel and dial details. Clear Acrylic linked Band. Chronograph Watch movement. Automatic Battery, 30 Meters Deep Water Resistant, 8.25" circuference, .75" wide band, 1.5" wide face. Designed in the USA. ($148.00)

There are no words to described this watch as you behold the watch on your wrist in reality. Amazing and exquisite come to mind. All the details to its design, all the movement to the dials on the watch, it is a piece to wear proudly and confidently. Whether you want a more professional look or a classy fashion forward style watch, this piece encompasses them both. With it's unique clear band and easy to read large watch face, you will be able to enjoy this watch with any kind of outfit you wear. This meticulously rendered watch is truly magnificent.

Antique Brass Cuff: Chain Link Metal Cuff Watch. Molded Link Detail. Seiko watch movement. Hinge Closure. Nickel Free. Designed in the USA. ($68.00)

I think this is a terrific watch for those that have a smaller size wrist and want to wear a fashion watch that has a lot of style in a small frame watch. This one is a breeze to take on and off your wrist. You just slip it on through the opening in the cuff and it feels super light and comfortable on your wrist. The smaller tank style face of the watch is easy to read and the cuff is rendered in a beautiful bronze tone metal which will work nicely with either your gold or silver jewelry, love the versatility of that!

White Patent Silver Spring Garden Charm Chain Wrap Watch: Extra-long soft leather strap topped with a double stainless steel chain and leaf charms. Wipe clean. 24" long and 5" wide strap, Silver Square Watch Case, .875" wide Watch case, Seiko watch movement, buckle closure. Nickel Free. Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, each watch may vary slightly.
Made in the USA.

Just because summer is over doesn't mean you put your whites away! Oh no, those days are long gone. White is very chic and perfect for highlighting your watch on your wrist, and this watch is spectacular! This is another watch that offers you that multi-jewelry look. This watch features several silver tone charms that are Garden theme related that dangle from a couple of silver tone chains. Leaf charms are so popular as embellishments on jewelry which makes this watch one to covet this Fall. I love the white patent leather triple strap on this watch. It gives it a subtle dressier feel to it, but you can still wear it with all your most casual outfits as well as with your more dressier clothes, whatever style suits your mood this watch will adapt perfectly with.

Teal Ombre Linked Watch: Teal plated Stainless Steel band. Seiko watch movement. Automatic battery. 30 meters deep water resistant. 8.5" circumference, .875" wide band, 1.5" wide face. Designed in the USA. ($96.00)

This is the last watch I received. It has a sporty look to it and it's also a very classic, modern, sleek design. Whether you are a business professional, sports enthusiast or just someone who loves a classy, sleek, sharp looking watch to sport around town, you will want to adorn this watch. The rich Teal color is stunning, makes this watch really stand out and catch your eye with its bold elegant design.


The two things that stood out to me when I initially saw these 6 watches up close and personal is 1) The fabulous unique designs of them and 2) The very fine quality of them. These are not flimsy fashion watches, they are finely crafted timepieces that will last you a very long time. You can visit La Mer Collections, check out all the super terrific designs for yourself by clicking HERE. Or, if you really want to have some fun, why not customize a watch for yourself by selecting your own color straps, your own choice of chains and charms and make a one of a kind watch that is tailored to your personality and passions in life. Now how cool is that to be able to do!

La Mer Collections would like to offer my readers a special discount!! You may use the code: ADVENTURE and you will receive 20% off of anything in the store.

A very special THANK YOU to La Mer Collections for sending me the watches to Review for My Best of Everything For You Fall Fashion & Beauty Blitz. Registered & Protected

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