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KORRES Natural Formulations, Maximum Results REVIEW


Amazing is all I can say about the wide selection of alluring gift giving kits that are available right now on the Korres USA Website. I do not know a person out there who wouldn't want to receive a gift of beauty from Korres! I had heard a lot of very positive buzz around the blogs and different social networks about how decadent and divine Korres products are, but I had not had a chance to experience them for myself until now. And oh boy, was I in for a special treat! The products I received exceeded my wildest dreams and expectations on what I thought they were going to feel like on my skin and the impact of how thrilled I was going to feel inhaling their aromas in while using them. It was truly a memorable first impression and using the products makes me excited and enthusiastic to use them again and again everyday! Like right now, I can't wait to shower again, LOL!


Born in Athens in 1965, George Korres studied Pharmacy at the University of Athens. In 1989, while still a student, he started working at Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy and took over the management of the pharmacy in 1992. In 1996, having developed a deep understanding and knowledge of natural ingredients and their application in over 3,000 herbal remedies, he created Korres Natural Products, with a goal to produce safe, highly effective, and reasonably priced skincare products with beautifully designed packaging.
George Korres’ involvement in the company is multi-faceted: he closely monitors the running of all departments and drives the strategic direction and creative vision of the brand.
His contribution in the cosmetic field is widely recognized worldwide. International Cosmetic News awarded Korres as the Most Innovative Brand [2008] globally while Wallpaper*, the internationally acclaimed design lifestyle magazine for urban modernists and global navigators alike, in its 10th anniversary issue featured George & partner Lena Korres as two of the world’s top 40 influencers under the age of 40.

Lena Korres, a Chemical Engineer with an MBA, joined Korres in 1996. Lena, now a mother of two, was the first person to be hired at the company and played a crucial role in creating and positioning the brand from its inception in the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens.
Having held a variety of positions at Korres – Sales, Marketing, Communications, Export and New Product Development – she is currently the Head of Product Development. Working closely with the group’s Research and Development team of 70, Lena is involved in every stage of the product development process – from the concept stage, product formulation, clinical testing, design and copy-writing for promotional and educational materials, to product and line positioning.
Lena also serves as a brand spokesperson along with George Korres and has been representing the company at various international exhibits, consumer and trade fairs as well as media events and in-store appearances.

Our Choices

We are committed to continuously developing products using technology and research in more environment-friendly and skin-compatible ways. We avoid the use of specific synthetic compounds, replacing them with naturally derived ingredients, such as vegetable oils and amino-acids that have nourishing properties and are friendly to the skin.



Herbs with well-known medicinal and cosmetic properties that we have used in our pharmacy for (hypericum), Echinacea, Thyme, Gingo biloba, Ginseng, Hamamelis, Evening primrose, Aloe vera.


Greek flora is particularly rich with more than 5000 herbs and plants and 1200 indigenous species, known for their traditional use, such as Olive oil, Basil, Camomile, Fennel, Sage, Linden, Rosemary. Among them we find ingredients that are very rare or unique to the world, grow in specific areas of Greece, harvested and naturally processed by the people of local communities. Such ingredients are Mastiha from the island of Chios and Saffron (Krokus) from the village Krokus in Kozani, northeastern Greece.

Some food ingredients are well known for their supreme nutritional value thanks to their high content of antioxidants, humectants, vitamins, minerals and even live cultures. At Korres, real edible Yoghurt and Greek Thyme Honey are incorporated in their natural form into the formulas in order to maintain their properties. Yoghurt cooling gel contains edible Greek yoghurt, an ingredient used for hundreds of years as a skin remedy against sunburn!


New, high-efficacy herbal ingredients, the latest outcome in the Science of Cosmetology, such as Hibiscus, Argan, Andiroba, Wild Mango, Mourera fluviatilis, Imperata cylindrica, Sunflower can be obtained through advanced technologies and offer excellent antioxidant, anti-ageing and DNA-protective properties.


Korres sent me two of their holiday gift giving kits to review. I have always been very attracted to anything scented with Vanilla so when I saw that the kits they sent me were the fragrance of Vanilla Plum I couldn't wait to try them out. I am speechless when it comes to describing how splendid this scent is. Intoxicating is one word, as it fills your mind and senses with feelings of utter joy and happiness, an exhilarating feeling that is for sure. I kept wanting to sniff my arms when I lavished them with the Vanilla Plum Body Butter, now how would you like to package up that feeling for someone special in your life, or even better, just treat yourself to something extraordinary for the New Year! The combination of vanilla and plum is so unique from anything I have used before which makes this kit even more appealing.

Here is a description of the two kits I received:

Limited edition Vanilla Plum collection includes Vanilla Plum showergel, Vanilla Plum body butter and Vanilla Plum lip butter – all in the seductive aroma of vanilla and ripe plums. Scent is Sweet, fruity and the feel is warm and indulgent.
A $43.00 Value for $34.00

• Vanilla Plum showergel is enriched with Active Aloe® that stimulates collagen and elastin to reduce the visible signs of aging. Wheat Proteins form a protective shield to help maintain skin’s ideal moisture level.
• Luxurious, smoothing body butter, clinically proven to offer advanced moisturizing and antiaging action. Vanilla Plum Body Butter is enriched with Shea Butter to soften, moisturize & restructure the skin.
• Vanilla Plum Lip Butter is the ultimate lip treatment with intensely hydrating formulas, packed with a juicy pop of color

VANILLA PLUM: The Seductive aroma of vanilla and ripe plums
Scent: Sweet, Fruity
Feel: Warm, Indulgent, Smoothing

My Review:

Taking a shower using this Vanilla Plum Shower Gel is the most pampering experience I can remember this whole entire year, and I kid you not! I always take pretty warm showers, and I love it when the bathroom fills itself with steam. When this aroma fused itself in my shower it had me doing deep breathing just so I could savor every single second of the spectacular scent that filled the air! I am not sure if I was more blown away by the magical scent or the silky way it was making my skin feel, because both were spellbinding!

And, to top it off, being able to get out of the shower and immediately treat my skin to even more of the alluring Vanilla Plum scent by having the matching Body Butter to moisturize and hydrate my skin with was an equally compelling experience. I loved the consistency of the body butter. It was not too rich as to make my skin feel greasy and slippery, it is just the right mix of thickness that my skin was able to quickly yet effectively absorb it and still maintain all the benefits you look for to achieve when you want to thoroughly hydrate your skin. And, the scent lingers on, and on, and on so much so that when I put the shirt I wore after putting on the body butter in the laundry hamper, the next morning when I opened it the aroma of Vanilla Plum jumped out at me! Now that's a sweet smellin' hamper if I do say so myself! Bravo Korres for making this so special for me!! As I mentioned in my opening here, I wanted to keep smelling my arms because they just smelled so amazing! I guess you can tell how smitten I am with these products. Using words to capture the essence of how they stand out from being ordinary is hard, but hopefully from my enthusiasm you will understand.

A Selection of Korres Best-Selling Plum Color in a beautiful, giftable box. The Collection Contains Plum Cherry Oil Lipgloss, Plum Lip Butter and Cheek Tint and Plum Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadow. A $ 41.00 value for just $29.50.

The Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadow, a highly pigmented subtle shimmering eyeshadow that provide anti-aging benefits. Plum lip butter, a buttery balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny, tinted finish. Provides a natural tint when applied to the apples of your cheeks as well! Plum Cherry Oil Lip Gloss. The perfect way to achieve luscious, high shine lips. Cherry Oil provides long lasting color and moisture without being sticky.

My Review:

Normally I don't gravitate towards wearing Plum colors on myself. Maybe it is because I have a somewhat ruddy complexion to begin with, so I don't want to accentuate that anymore with colors that have any ruddy tones to them. But, I was so intrigued by the gorgeous color of the eyeshadow, and the touch of shimmer it has in it, and the two lip products also had such a gorgeous hue to them that I decided to see how I could make them "work for me". I made sure to use a full coverage foundation on my skin, a pretty coral colored blush that looks great with my skin tone and I played up my eyes with this stunning Plum Eyeshadow and used both lip products on my lips. I was pretty shocked when I saw myself all made up with everything. I loved how the Plum colored looked on me, and they worked perfectly with my coral blusher. Now I am going to rethink the whole way I select color for myself, and not close any doors in terms of what colors I will and will not wear on my skin. You are only limited by your own imagination and I going to be open minded about about all colors and consistencies from now on. Thank you so much Korres for giving me the chance to think outside "the box" and think outside my comfort zone!! Your products are wonderful and totally rock it for me!

A very special thank you to Korres for providing me with the 2 Gifts Sets to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received from Korres the Vanilla Plum Limited Edition Set and the Sugar Plums Color Collection for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.

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