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Review: SPANX By Sara Blakely

It is with great excitement and optimism for what this New Year will bring that I kick off my New Year, New You 2010 Guide with products from SPANX !!

The very first company and line of products I chose to headline my New Year, New You 2010 Guide with is
SPANX!! All I can say is Yay for SPANX!! The holidays are filled with parties, family get-togethers, open houses, work functions, children events, the list goes on and on and with this there is always lots and lots of delicious food and snacks, am I right?! So, by now I am sure many of us are feeling that extra 5-10 lbs that we know crept up on us while we were spending so much time socializing and partying with our family and friends.

The good new is if you invest just a little bit of money on a few signature pieces from SPANX you can instantly look POUNDS slimmer and your clothes will fit you better until you can shed those pesky holiday pounds. Let me say that once you try on a SPANX product, you will want to wear them always, forever, even if and when you lose those pounds. Why you may ask? Because the results are instantaneous! You will immediately look transformed in your clothes! They are comfortable, and they make your clothes look silky smooth and sleek and your clothes will not only feel great, but you will look much better in them!! Now how many lines of products can accomplish this, not very many, and I have tried several of the more popular ones out there.

Let me introduce you to SPANX and the genius woman behind it all:

From the SPANX Website}

Sara's Story

Working as a sales trainer by day and performing stand-up comedy at night, I didn't know the first thing about the pantyhose industry (except I dreaded wearing most pantyhose). Also, I had never taken a business class which made the process even more challenging. As a result, I had only one source to operate gut.

First the Patent

I read several books on trademarks and patents and researched pantyhose patents at the Georgia Tech Library at night after work. I then approached several lawyers who thought my idea was so crazy that they later admitted thinking I had been sent by Candid Camera. To keep costs down, I wrote the patent myself and later found a lawyer who helped write the claims. My patent was approved and I successfully trademarked the name SPANX online!

Finding a Manufacturer

For months I researched hosiery manufacturers on the internet and made several calls. Taking a week off of work, I drove around North Carolina begging mill owners to help make my idea. They always asked the same three questions: "And you are?" "And you are representing?" "And you are financially backed by?" When I answered Sara Blakely to all three, most of them sent me away, not to mention they thought the idea "made no sense, and would never sell." Two weeks later I received a call from a mill owner who said he "decided to help make my crazy idea." When asked why he had the change of heart, he said, "I have two daughters." Turns out they didn't think the idea was crazy at all. The prototype took a year to perfect because as someone who wanted to wear the product every day I was obsessed with comfort.

Naming the Product

I knew that Kodak and Coca-Cola are the two most recognized names in the world, and they both have a predominant "K" sound in them. Also, from doing stand-up comedy, it is a known secret that the "K" sound makes people laugh. So for good luck, I wanted my product's name to have the "K" sound in it, and SPANKS hit me like a lightning bolt. I immediately knew it was perfect! At the last minute I changed the "KS" to an "X" after doing research that made-up words do better for products than real words (and are easier to trademark). Spanx is edgy, fun, extremely catchy, and for a moment it makes your mind wander (admit it). Plus it's all about making women's butts look better, so why not?


Pantyhose packaging has been the same for years — boring. It was time for a change. I took a bold new approach with a red package and three illustrated women on the front. It's fresh, new, and for ALL women. Having no idea what legally needed to be on the package, I went to the store and bought ten different types of pantyhose and spread them across the floor of my apartment. If the same thing appeared on all of them, I remember thinking "must be legal" and added it to my package. Then, at the last minute after consulting our moms to test the offense factor (they laughed hysterically), we added our tagline "Don't worry, we've got your butt covered!"

SPANX in Stores

Once I had a perfected prototype in hand, I called the buyer at Neiman Marcus and introduced myself over the phone. I said I had invented a product their customers would not want to live without, and if I could have ten minutes of her time, I would fly to Dallas. She agreed! I put the prototype in a zip lock bag from my kitchen, threw it in my good-luck red backpack, and was on a plane. During the meeting, I had no shame... I asked her to follow me to the ladies room where I personally showed her the before/after in my cream pants. Three weeks later SPANX was on the shelves of Neiman Marcus! I then called all my friends and begged them to go to Neiman's and make a huge fuss over the product and buy them up. At just the moment I was running out of friends, Spanx caught on and the rest is history. I did the same thing with Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and all my other retailers!

How I Spread the Word

I had no money to advertise, so I hit the road. For the entire first year, I did in-store rallies about Spanx with the sales associates, and then stayed all day introducing customers to Spanx. I became notorious for lifting up my pant leg to every woman walking by. (My mom always said as long as I lifted my pants up and not down to show my product then I had her blessing!) My friends and I also called newspapers, magazines, and TV stations and got Spanx significant coverage in the media.

It has been a dream come true to see my products featured on The Oprah Winfrey show, The Today Show, The View, The Tyra Banks Show, CNN, and countless other television programs and news channels, as well as in the pages of Forbes, Fortune, People, Entrepreneur, In Style, The New York Times, USA Today, Glamour, Vogue and many more!

Please visit the SPANX Website for even more detailed information about the company and how it has evolved over the years!!


No matter what your body type, weight and size is, we all have areas of our body that we would love to change, tweak and make firmer and smaller in some way. Especially as we get older, I don't know about you, but I am noticing that although my body weight has not changed that much, where my weight is distributed has changed, and not in places that I like it to be!! SPANX has you covered no matter what area of your body you want to suck in, smooth out, and define so you can feel more confident in your own skin and in the clothes you wear.

SPANX offers everything from Hosiery Shapers, Tights and Sheers, Bras and Panties, Camis and Apparel, and my personal favorites, the Body Shapers!! SPANX is also regularly adding to their extensive line of products to insure you will always find the specific item that will accommodate the area of your body you want to improve upon. They have even added a Haute Couture selection of gorgeous undergarments that you must check out!

I was sent 3 super terrific SPANX products for this review. I was so excited when I found out I was going to be able to try out some SPANX because the holidays were here and I wanted to feel confident and look great in all my holiday clothes. Many of the clothes I wore during this holiday season I hadn't worn since last year at this time, and as I mentioned some of my weight has redistributed itself, so I knew having some SPANX to wear under my clothes was going to be just what I needed to insure I would be able to slip into those holiday dresses and skirts effortlessly. SPANX did not disappoint me, they did the trick, and without them, I don't think I could have pulled off wearing a few of those outfits!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to SPANX!!

The first product I was able to try out and now I know I cannot live without is:

Slim Cognito Shape-Suit in Black

Price: $98

Spanx is shaping up and innovating yet again! The Shape-Suit introduces a zoned-compression option into the slip category. This seamless shaper, which features removable underwire and a narrow strap platform, looks like a bodysuit but provides the all-in-one coverage of a slip!

- Perfect under skirts and shoulder-baring dresses
- Removable underwire gives "the girls" a lift
- Adjustable straps ensure comfortable fit
- Silky-smooth yarns won't cling to clothes
- Cotton double gusset for convenience

My Opinions: This product is sheer genius! Once you put this on, and you wiggle around in it a little so it settles on your skin just where it needs to be and you feel comfortable, you will forget it is on and you feel indeed feel as though you look 10 lbs lighter in your clothes. I had not one panty line, or back bulge from my bra strap showing. My clothes not only felt like they fit better, but I knew instantly by looking in the mirror that I looked fantastic in them. I am about a Size 6, I am tall and slender, but my body is far from perfect. I have what I call "saddle bags" around the upper portion of my legs near where they hit my hips and they show up even more when I attempt to wear "clingy" type fabrics and styles. This Slim Cognito Shape-Suit transformed my body, and particularly that problematic upper leg area I mentioned so now I no longer feel I can't wear those clingy style clothes. I can wear them proudly and with confidence, which literally opens up my wardrobe so I can wear so many of the clothes that have been sitting there for the longest time that I was too embarrassed to wear before.

I am going to wear my Slim Cognito Shape-Suit with all of my favorite pants and slacks, dresses and skirts in this New Year and it is now my favorite "SECRET" beauty tip on how to shed 10 lbs without even dieting, but Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone else!

Visit the SPANX WEBSITE to check out all the different styles of Body Shapers available. There are quite a few to choose from!

I was also sent two pairs of Tights:

Patterned Tight-End Tights - Corset in the Color Black

Price: $28

Tights with a twist! These fashionable tights tame the tummy and trim the thighs! Leave it to Spanx to keep you firm and fashion forward with body-shaping legwear in a slimming, fashionable pattern.

- Non-binding waistband allows for a comfortable fit all day
- Control-top panty stays hidden under shorter skirts and dresses
- Comfortable body shaping to slim the tummy, hips, thighs and rear
- Soft, matte yarns flatter the leg
- Cotton gusset makes panties optional
- The perfect, chic addition to skirts, dresses and tunics

My Opinions: These are amazing!! I am a girlie girl and I love to dress up in skirts and dresses. Believe me when I say I have tried many, many different brands and styles of stockings and tights and my experiences over the years has been varying to say the least. I take into consideration a few things when I rave about a quality pair of stockings/tights. I am very long waisted, so many times when I use the sizing charts for pantyhose and tights, they are way off!! I make sure my height and body weight are matched up with the right size, but when I go to put the tights on, they always run short on me and don't pull up all the way onto my hips/waist. Also, finding quality tights and pantyhose that won't run or make a big hole the second something snags on them is also another determining factor for me. Lastly, comfort is key, they have to be comfortable so when I am wearing them I don't even know they are on. If a pair of tights can deliver on these factors, then I will buy them and wear them. I am excited to say that my SPANX Tight-End Tights delivered on all 3 of my criterias!

Imagine being able to wear a pair of sexy, flirty tights and have them not only make your legs look slimmer and firmer, but also firm up your tummy and butt?! No kidding, these Tight-End Tights do just that and more!! They are made of the finest quality, I have worn and washed them 4 times already and they look brand new! They are so comfortable against your body, they fit like a glove, they are soft and cozy feeling, and really make me look hot in my black pencil skirt!! I found myself wanting to wear my black skirts and dresses throughout the holidays because of these incredible tights. You will love them too! Visit the SPANX WEBSITE to see all the different patterns and colors these spectacular Tight-End Tights are available in. The choices are just fabulous!

I also receive a pair of these:

Tight-End Tights - 18 Colors Available I was given the Color Deep Sea

Price: $26

Spanx likes it hot! These eye-catching, body-shaping tights feature legs with flattering matte yarns that add serious sizzle to your look.

- Non-binding waistband allows for a comfortable fit all day
- Comfortable body-shaping to slim the tummy, hips, thighs and rear
- Soft, matte yarns flatter the leg
- Cotton gusset makes panties optional
- Adds fashionable flair to skirts and dresses

My Opinions: When I first saw this unusual but very beautiful Deep Sea Pair of Tight End Tights I wasn't sure what I would wear them with. Honestly, I normally stick to wearing either Black color pantyhose and tights or Skin Tone/Tan colors. But since it was the Holiday Season I decided what the heck, let me pair them with my black and off white tweed "mini" skirt and with a black turtleneck and see how they look. Now when I say mini skirt, it is really not that short. The skirt comes up to about the middle of my upper leg, I guess short enough that I have to be careful if I bend over, LOL!

Okay, so I get dressed in this "ensemble" and wow-wee! I loved the look! The tights really gave the outfit that more "modern" look, a stylish, comfortable, chic look that I enjoyed seeing myself in. And, again these tights are super, super comfortable, you just feel like you are wearing tights that are working to firm up your legs and your tummy and hips! The day I wore this outfit we attended an open house. Shhhhh, again don't tell anyone, but I stuffed my little mouth with food, and my stomach stayed in the same spot it was before I ate. These tights sucked it all in, and for that I was not only grateful, but so thrilled!!! I can't wait to choose a few more colors of these tights, because that is going to me a new "look" for me in this New Year and SPANX offers these tights in 18 different colors, now how great is that?!

To capture the essence of SPANX and how these products make you feel when you are wearing them is hard, you just have to experience them once to know what I mean. I know weight control is something everyone struggles with in their life. I think everyone should own some SPANX products because they truly will instantly transform the way you look and feel in your clothes and the quality they are rendered in is equally impressive!!

A very special thank you to
SPANX for providing me with the 3 products for this product to review.

Disclosure: I received the 3 products listed above from SPANX for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected

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