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Review: Bishop of Seventh Clothing

I am an admitted jeans-a-holic! My very favorite article of clothing to wear is a cute, stylish, sexy and most importantly comfortable pair of jeans. Even in the summer, I enjoy wearing a darling pair of jeans with a light, breezy summer top and of course a super hot pair of sandals. Wearing jeans is part of who I am and they define my own personal sense of style. They have to be stylish and make me look hip and cool. And some of my favorite pairs even make my body look better than it really is, now that is a pair of jeans that I am going to keep wanting to wear over and over again. Those are hard to find, but when you discover a brand that can achieve all those important factors, then they are worth the price a hundred times over. What if I introduced you to a brand of jeans that not only offers some of the most spectacular styles and designs I have seen, but the denim is of the utmost finest quality, the tailoring and craftsmanship that goes into creating them is impeccable, and they make you look slimmer, sleeker than you may actually be and are the ultimate in comfort all combined together! Well, the wait is over, and my newest find in jeans is Bishop of Seventh Clothing. I am so thrilled to be able to include them as part of my 2011 Hot Products for Spring Guide and give you a glimpse into this magnificent company. Oh, and they also offer not only glorious jeans, but also the most fabulous trousers, pants, shorts and tops.......wait until you see! Without further ado, here is some information about Bishop of Seventh Clothing:

{Adapted from the Bishop of Seventh Website}


Chachi Prasad and Karam Kim introduced a revival to bottoms that would soon set the standard for premium denim and trousers. Originally headquartered on 35th Street in New York, Bishop of Seventh relocated to 1820 Industrial Street, Los Angeles to operate the discreet, signature line of men's and women's wear with the philosophy of providing uncompromised quality and integrity. The entrepreneurial house credits its success to three key factors creativity, technology and craftsmanship (in its highest sense). These attributes come to life in the company's signature cuts (hand sketched, designed and interpreted by Prasad and Kim) and their purist perfectionism of traditional hands-on craftsmanship, a tailor's sense of cut, and architectural detailing. What could be more natural than the synergy created between the traditional skills of bespoke tailoring and postmodern manufacturing working with the most natural and innovative of fibers. Combining a mutual love for old world integrity with a modern sensibility has filled a void in the market that was grievously lacking structured garments.

Each Collection maintains the spirit of our engineering - luxury combined with performance. Today we are privileged to be the chosen label for stylists, editors, A-list celebrities and esteemed clientele in between. With a raging, high street approach to expert construction, the line has garnered a cult following.


A presence from Seventh Avenue in New York City, who learned and manifests exceptional tailoring and design techniques. Bishop's craftsmanship is not that of a novice, but instead a cut above.



Founder/Creative Director

Prasad is a design visionary. His technical brilliance was honed while working over twelve years in the New York fashion scene with commendable stints at Calvin Klein Collection, John Varvatos, Oscar by Oscar de la Renta, and Ellen Tracy. Raised in New York, Prasad acquired a BBA with a major in international marketing before continuing on to study at F.I.T.

He decided to use his years of hands-on design expertise and fine craftsmanship to create Bishop of Seventh, a company whose ideals are of quality and tailoring.

In 2003, Prasad met his future partner and wife on a blind date while working at Oscar. His signature lies in his structured construction (of clothing) and hyper-attention to detail and he currently is responsible for design and marketing of Bishop of Seventh.

"Style is about defining an essence of energy... We rework classics, bringing an indefinable edge to them."

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Korean born and internationally raised, F.I.T. graduate Karam earned formal training under fashion greats Donna Karan, Michael Kors and Tse. This training has given her an impressive knowledge of design and tailoring - something that she draws upon today. Karam arrived to New York City in 1998 to study fashion design at F.I.T. She maintained a residency in the East Village, where she drew upon street edge inspiration. This led to glowing reviews for her feminine, street edged take on conceptual pieces with clean lines. Karam met her future collaborator and husband in 2003 while working at Vigal Azrouel. She currently is responsible for design and manufacturing at Bishop of Seventh.

"Because fashion has a voice that translates over continents, now is the time for a brand to influence what young men and women wear."

BISHOP OF SEVENTH has recently been in the Press in a variety of some of the most popular magazines out there:


Chachi is just wonderful to interact with and he very generously sent me two marvelous Bishop of Seventh items to review. People always say a picture speaks a thousand words, but that is not always the case. You can look at a picture of a gorgeous Bishop of Seventh outfit, but until you have a chance to hold the magical pieces of clothing in your hands to feel the exceptional fine quality of the materials and until you have had an opportunity to see up close and personal the intricate tailoring and fine attention to detail in the stitching that goes into creating these breathtaking items, you cannot appreciate the level of excellence and high standards of this line just by looking at an image.

As a product review blogger I have reviewed hundreds of clothing items. So it is very obvious to me when there is a brand of clothing that is off the charts in terms of being state of the art, 5-Star, First Class, a caliber of quality set so high, it breaks the record of what I have come to typically know. Yes indeed, Bishop of Seventh Clothing has done just that, left me speechless, with the divineness and supremeness of them. I am so excited to share with you the two items I was sent for review. Chances are when you see me out and about from now on, I will be sporting around town in one of these two items!

The first item I was sent to review is:

Tribeca Boot Cut Premium Denim Jeans in the Tsunami Wash


Our tailored boot cut Jean made in Los Angeles from denim that is milled for us in North Carolina. We believe that denim is Americana and should be made here by materials milled in the USA utilizing old world techniques and modern sophistication. You wouldn't go eat sushi in an Italian restaurant or vice versa. Denim is an American staple item and premium denim should be made in the USA, as this country does it the best.

Our jean is made by hand using single needle techniques. We develop custom washes every season for the line, some which are very pain staking and detailed. There are 10-12 processes by different technicians all making them by hand. All our denim come with welt pockets and curtain waistbands to mimic a tailored look. What we have done is taken denim and made them with trouser details and we have taken trousers and constructed them as a denim.


As you can see from reading Chachi's description of these jeans, they are anything but ordinary, but rather extraordinary on so many levels. It seriously was one of those jaw dropping moments when I opened the box and first laid eyes on these jeans. As a jeans junkie I thought I had seen and experienced them all, the best as well as the worst.... and Bishop of Seventh has broken any bar I had previously set for the finest of quality and has set a brand new bar that another brand going to have trouble overriding it.

Imagine a pair of jeans where the inside of them looks like custom made trousers. The only difference the material is this luxurious, soft denim material so you know they are jeans. The attention to detail, and the custom fit and feel to them is perfectionism at its finest. Here are some of the special highlights I want to point out about this dynamic pair of jeans:

1. The wash is lovely, not dark, which is great for spring and summer, and not too light that they look dull and dingy. The rich medium wash color is just the right essence to give that lived in, relaxed look.

2. The subtle grommet embellishments on the front side of the jeans around the pockets and top button look like custom made art pieces. Very classy, very unique and give a striking edge to the style.

3. The honey light brown stitching around the front and back pockets defines the upper style of the jeans in a timeless, ageless design, anyone of any age would be drawn to this alluring style and the lines of the upper portion of the jeans will flatter any type of body.

4. Beautiful stitching along the inseam of the legs of the jeans, gives them that custom handmade look that sends the message that these are an indulgent elegant pair of jeans.

5. Two back pockets that have a very soft spoken logo design on them. I love a pair of jeans that isn't borning, but I also don't like jeans that are overly trendy and cheap looking. The design on the pockets is delightful, and makes you feel confident and fashion forward.

6. The weight of the material is really nice. They are a fantastic medium weight jean, not light and flimsy, and not too heavy that they will be too warm for the spring and summer months. A perfect comfortable weight.

7. The first thing I did before I wore the jeans was washed them. I washed them inside out, gentle cycle, and line dried them. They came out like brand new, they washed terrific!

8. Comfortable, they fit me like a glove! I am a typical Size 29. With inexpensive jean lines sometimes the size 29's are tight, they tend to run small in the waist and tight in the butt. I find the sizes do not run consistent and often times I have to try on 6 or 7 pairs before I can get the right fit. Not with my Bishop of Seventh Jeans.....the Size 29's fit me like Chachi was sitting in my home fitting them to me. Honestly, in all the right places, they fit me like a glove. I am so thrilled with them on every aspect you can think of!!

To SHOP at all the latest enchanting styles and designs of Jeans currently offered at the Bishop of Seventh website CLICK HERE There is a MAY SALE going on right now where if you Buy 2 or more items you will receive an additional 40% off the Sale Price on Denim and Trousers ONLY! Now that is reason enough to run, not walk on over there and scoop up these awesome jeans and other styles that catch your eye at a fantastic savings!!

Now, the second item I was sent to review is:

Price: Originally $285.00 ON SALE for $214.00


A trouser with a classic silhouette with embodies denim details. The garment is constructed by hand and single needle technique in the USA. Consists of a curtain waistband as in all our trousers and denim. This is made of a patented material and mimics the look of men's wear.
This material was chosen by us, because it lengthens the life of the waistband. There is no rolling over or stretching out of the waistband through the life of the garment.

Fabrication is from Europe and is made of the finest yarns, which you can feel in the hand of the material. Transitioning from work to evening is never as easy as it should be. The designers at Bishop of Seventh have made it possible for the everyday woman to make a elegant, yet charming transformation from the office to a night on the town. Bishop of Seventh is known for its close attention to detail and its desirable fit in everything from trousers to denim as we believe that comfort and style should go hand in hand. Our trousers tailored waistbands and denim inspired details allow a woman to be fashion forward while maintaining its sophisticated work appeal.


Classic boot-cut trouser. This is an everyday trouser that can easily be worn for day and night.
Style#: 108111VM
Color: Midnight
35'' inseam
7.5'' front rise with waistband
13'' back rise with waistband
22'' leg opening
Content: 48% Polyester, 48% Tencel , 4% Lycra
Dry clean only


Seeing these trousers at first glance was a revelation for me! The "wow" factor does not even begin to describe my astonishment at the splendor of these stunning trousers! I could easily give up my love for jeans, and wear these everywhere, they are so darn cute! My initial impression was a cross between cool, fresh nautical meets urban chic trendy both mixed up together to form the most distinctive, ultra hip pair of trousers that are sure to add some pizzazz and spice to your every season wardrobe! Yes, the beauty of these trousers runs far longer than just their visual appearance! They are trousers that can be worn winter, spring, summer and fall. They are going to be the most versatile pair of pants you can add to your existing wardrobe and you can wear them literally to any type of event or outing. I adore them and am already using them to revamp and reinvent my "look"!

Here are some of my favorite features about them:

1. Again, impeccably and most beautifully crafted, just the finest construction you can imagine. Truly a custom made look to them that will capture the attention of those around you. You will feel like a million bucks wearing them and you will feel that confidence that will set the tone and trend for your day.

2. The material is a silky, smooth, soft blend that is luxuriously comfortable and an enticing feeling against your skin. You will feel confident, happy, and sophisticated wearing these, and the consistency of the material will work in both warm and cold weather. The word that comes to mind when I think of the feel of the material and the style of the trousers is "couture". You know when you look and feel these trousers they are of that couture caliber. A dreamy pair of pants that is for sure.

3. There is nothing more professional than classic pinstripe fabric and these Thompson Twill Trousers are both professional, sophisticated, a touch edgy a dash trendy, and have a twinkle of sexiness to them that makes them irresistible! I love the back flap pockets that are adorned with the gorgeous signature Bishop of Seventh buttons and as with the jeans I reviewed, these trousers are also embellished with the same striking custom grommets and top button that make them have that really knock-out smashing look about them!

4. The inseam of the trousers up and down the inside leg has deliberate white stitching to enhance the style and add a new dynamic to this classic style. I just love this stitching which makes them so unique from any other slacks I currently own.

5. As with the jeans, these trousers fit me to a "T". I love where they fall on my hips, not too low, but they are a lower type rise which I think works best for my body. I can wear these with a simple white teeshirt or tank top and some flirty little white sandals on a warm summer day for a very chic nautical "look" or I can wear a sexy white long sleeve silk blouse and a pair of my favorite L.A.M.B. booties and wear them all glammed up for a dressy night out on the town look. These are just a few ideas of how you can incorporate these trousers into your existing wardrobe to spruce it up!

You can visit the Bishop of Seventh website by CLICKING HERE to check out even more of these terrific styles of trousers and slacks and again, don't forget to CHECK OUT THEIR MAY SALE going on right now!!

A very special thank you to Bishop of Seventh for providing me with the products to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received a pair of jeans and a pair of trousers from Bishop of Seventh for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected


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Love the Thompson Twill Trousers . . .adorable blog you have! Come visit!

Shopgirlerica said...

Love the Thompson Twill Trousers . . .adorable blog you have! Come visit!

Shopgirlerica said...

Love the Thompson Twill Trousers . . .adorable blog you have! Come visit!

Shopgirlerica said...

Love the Thompson Twill Trousers . . .adorable blog you have! Come visit!

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Love the Thompson Twill Trousers . . .adorable blog you have! Come visit!

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