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REVIEW: KUSHYFOOT Flats to Go & Massaging Tights!

Let's face it, our feet take so much abuse, don't they?! Whether you are a career gal, a busy mommie on the go or a sports enthusiast, no matter what your passions are in life, you are always on your feet. We depend on them to take us where we want or need to go, right? If you are anything like me, your feet get sore and tired and by the end of the day all you feel like doing is putting your feet up and giving them a much needed break. Well, feet be sore no more ~ I have discovered the perfect solution to fatigued and stressed out feet, thanks to a revolutionary company called KUSHYFOOT! Appropriately names because KUSHYFOOT has created the most innovative products that are going to massage your feet with every step you take. No more sore heels, blisters and scrunched up toes. Let me introduce this exceptional company to you:

Adapted from the KUSHYFOOT Website}

Kushyfoot is the first hosiery brand to incorporate the ancient healing art of Reflexology in trouser and knee highs, foot covers, toe covers, athletic socks, tights and men's socks to massage with every step.

The massage action works by providing extra comfort through its 3 dimensional padded and wavy design and it provides a cushion between bare feet and the hard soles of a shoe. The Kushyfoot sole helps relieve tension and discomfort in achy feet, thereby helping to relieve stress and fatigue throughout the entire body. These therapeutic socks protect your feet and leave you feeling refreshed all day!

Kushyfoot offers assorted styles to complement every type of footwear from foot covers, toe covers to trouser socks and sheer knee highs for ladies. Also available are tights, sheer and opaque fashion knee socks. These womens hosiery products are made of soft elastane and premium nylon for ultimate comfort and extra durability.

Other categories include athletic socks for men and ladies, made of a blend of combed cotton, nylon and elastane for added cushion in your sport shoes.

Here are some KEY FACTS about KUSHYFOOT Products:

Do I have to wear Kushyfoot® every day to feel its benefits?

No. The beauty of Kushyfoot® socks is that the benefits are instantaneous. From the moment you slip your feet into Kushyfoot® socks and walk around, your soles get cushioned and the special pattern starts to work by providing you with that tingle making you feel like you are getting a constant foot massage with every step.

How do I care for my Kushyfoot® socks and do the benefits fade after laundering?

Kushyfoot® socks should be cared for just as you would any of your hosiery. You may hand wash them, or place in your washing machine on gentle cycle in a hosiery wash bag. To ensure a long life for your Kushyfoot® socks please do not use bleach and it is best to hang to dry. If properly cared for the benefits of Kushyfoot® do not fade after laundering.

My job requires me to wear dressy clothes during the day. How can I wear Kushyfoot® socks?

Kushyfoot® come in a variety of styles to suit every style of shoes in your wardrobe from your dressiest pumps to your casual sneaks. Whether you are wearing casual shorts or your evening dress, you may pick a style that is completely hidden from view in any shoe.

Are Kushyfoot® socks good for travel?

Kushyfoot® socks are ideal for travel. Not only do they provide you with that extra comfort your feet need during travel, but their quick dry yarn allows you to wash and wear them again quickly.

Will the massaging sole tickle the soles of my feet?

Not at all. The unique pattern is designed to work with the pressure points of your feet so it only acts where you apply pressure to them as you walk, mainly the balls of your feet, which are known to get the most abuse from walking.

Where can I buy Kushyfoot?

Kushyfoot products can be purchased on the
KUSHYFOOT WEBSITE (click Shop Men or Shop Women). For a list of stores where you can buy Kushyfoot, please see our RETAILERS PAGE


The wonderful folks over at Lipton Publicity Inc. sent me a couple of fabulous products to review. I am indeed one of those women who feel the need for a truly comfortable and stylish change-out from the physical rigors of high heels, since I adore wearing heels! And I have now learned that Kushyfoot's ultra compact fashionable ballet flats, Flats-to-go offer me a most affordable comfort choice where I am not forced to compromise on functionality or style!

Besides the darling Flats-to-go, Kushyfoot has also solved a much needed solution to wearing pantyhose and high heels for 8 hours at a time. With Kushyfoot's unique tights, and their 3-dimensional foot-massaging soles, I can enjoy dressing up, wearing my favorite skirts and dresses and feel total comfort all day long in my fashionable high heels without dealing with sore aching feet!

These are the two products I have raving about:

Flats to Go
Price: $8
Available in 5 Colors: Black, Cream, Grey, Silver and Gold
Available in 3 Sizes: 5/6, 7/8 or 9/10


Soft, flexible faux leather Flats-to-goTM are an instant and elegant solution to a perennial need for the relief of sore heels, blisters and scrunched up toes. Featuring an elastic back for a better fit, and a unique, 3-dimensional wavy sole that cushions and massages the foot as the wearer walks-perfect for indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces. They slip neatly and easily into their owner's purse, folded into a cute clear plastic carrier with its own little handles. 1 pack per order.

MY THOUGHTS: I received the Flats to Go in the color Silver. Aren't they darling! These are elegant, supremely comfortable and eminently affordable! They are so flexible that they fold up and can be stored in the cute clear plastic pouch they come to you housed in. They easily fit into your purse, taking up very little space, and you can have them handy for those times of the day when you want to pamper your feet and give them a break from your high heels!

The Flats to go are rendered in a faux leather material, and they are beautifully constructed. They are a fabulous instant and elegant solution to a perennial need for the relief or sore heels, blisters and scrunched up toes! They feature an elastic back for a better fit, and like all Kushyfoot products, a unique, non-skid 3-dimensional wavy sole that cusions and massages the foot as you walk. They are perfect for indoors and for even any outdoor surface. I have been carrying them in my purse for days now, and have found them to be such a quick and fashionable way for me to provide me feet with some relief from my love of always wearing high heels. The cute plastic carrier with its own little handles keep the adorable Flats to go from losing shape and staying neat and accessible in my purse. I can't think of a woman who wouldn't love to have a pair of these feather light ballet flats tucked away in her handbag ready to use when she needs them. They are the best!

And taa-daaaa the:

Rib Tights
Price: $23.97
Available in 3 Colors: Black, Brown and Grey Flannel
Available in 2 Sizes: Medium HEIGHT: 5'0" - 5'8" WEIGHT: 115-165 lbs. or Tall HEIGHT: 5'2" - 6'1" WEIGHT: 135-190 lbs.


New Kushyfoot Rib Tights with the 3-dimensional massaging sole add style to your wardrobe. Ideal with heels or boots. 3 pairs per order.

Instructions: Pull tights on, walk around and allow your feet to be pampered.


I received the Rib Tights in the color Brown. Aren't they sleek and sexy and they feel so so good when you are wearing them! The soles of the tights are the most fascinating and innovative creation I have come across in a long time! You can actually visually see the unique construction of the soles of the tights and how they will work to massage your feet as you are wearing, them are sheer genius, perfection at its finest!

The tights are soft and conforming to your feet and legs in the most gentlest way. You feel like you have slipped into a pair of the most couture and soothing pair of stockings ever! The texture is solid, very durable in that you know they are not going to run or split open on your if you inadvertently knock into something. These are tights that are high quality made with impeccable workmanship.

I have been hand washing them separately in Woolite and each time they come out like new. I am so pleased to have discovered these tights, and be sure to check out all the different patterns and colors they are available in because they are the dreamiest tights ever ~ you will most definitely want a few pairs of these in your wardrobe.

This concludes my review. If you would like to visit the Kushyfoot website directly you may do so by CLICKING HERE. You can have some fun learning about this unique and most innovative product line and discover what products will work best for you in preventing sore and heels and feet and bring much comfort into your life!

A very special thank you to the generous folks over at Lipton Publicity Inc. for providing me with the two products from Kushyfoot detailed in my review for the purposes of my review.

Disclosure: I received the two items detailed in my review from Lipton Publicity for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with Kushyfoot or Lipton Publicity in any manner. Registered & Protected

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