Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: NAN FUSCO Jewelry | The Colors of Imagination

I am bursting with excitement and pure joy over the absolutely gorgeous, I mean truly exquisite earrings I received from Nan Fusco Jewelry. I could not have dreamed of a more enchanting and unique pair of earrings to kick off the summer season with, especially because they exhibit the best of my two favorite elements of is gold and the other is turquoise! I remember the days when you only saw people wearing turquoise with silver, but turquoise takes on a whole new dimension in the beauty of this natural stone when it is paired with Gold, it is a revelation when you see beautifully crafted couture piece made with this mix, just like the earrings meticulously designed and exceptionally hand made by Nan Fusco!! Check them out:

Aren't they just dreamy??!! They are rendered so intricately and the design is so mesmerizing, they are just the perfect mix of glamour meets hip and they are just stunning to see up close and personal. They are ageless and timeless, anyone can wear these, they are classy, a touch edgy, and they will most definitely add some pizzazz to any outfit you are wearing, whether you are just out and about on a normal day, or you are heading somewhere special and want that extra finishing touch to your look. You will capture the eyes of those around you wearing these.

Nan is very active on both Facebook and Twitter and I initially discovered her on Twitter when one of my Twitter friends sent a few tweets out about Nan's jewelry. You see, Nan is not only a visually beautiful person, but she is so kind and compassionate she is a beautiful person on the inside as well. Nan very often runs promotions on the social networks so people, like myself, can actually win pieces of her delightful jewelry designs. When I received these earrings from Nan it was really such a memorable, special experience. They arrived wonderfully packaged, in a pretty organza gift bag and believe me when I say I was jumping for joy when I saw them in my hands. To behold them in person takes your breath away. You can clearly see what a talented jewelry designer Nan is, and the level of excellence you will see in the details of each of her pieces. Her work is perfectionism at its finest!

Nan creates fine jewelry, I mean the most divine jewelry rendered in 18 and 22 k Gold and Very Fine Quality Stones, but she also creates these dynamic, one of a kind, sophisticated pieces in Silver and Gold that are from her Convertible Jewelry Line. That is what I want to focus on here. To see these pieces is to believe them, because in this case, a picture does speak a thousand words when it comes to understanding how innovative and complex these jewelry pieces are and how purchasing, for example, just one necklace is like purchasing 5 different ones! Check out the image below to see what I am talking about:

Isn't it just mind boggling to see how many different ways you can wear these necklaces from Nan's Convertibles Collection. I mean seriously, don't they appear to each be a different necklace? But, these are the different ways you can transform these pieces so you can decide which way you want to wear it depending on what you are wearing, the "look" you want to express, and of course, you can tailor it to you mood! Now how cool is that?!

I asked Nan to send me some information about herself and her company. Here are some of the highlights she provided me with:

Meet Nan Fusco, Jewelry Designer

• BFA in Graphic Design from Carnegie Mellon University. Understandably obsessed with color and always had a passion for jewelry.

• Unable to find colorful and imaginative pieces -- everything looked the same to me-- and thought I could do better! And as a graphic designer, scale, composition and color always came naturally, so the transition into the jewelry arena was an easy and natural one. I began to experiment with precious and semi precious stones, combining unusual shapes and colors and when women started buying pieces (literally) right off my neck, I thought hey, maybe I'm onto something...

• When I opt to buy a piece of jewelry, I don't want what everyone else has. I want unique. I want someone to say, 'Wow, i've never seen anything like that!' And when I wear one of my pieces, inevitably those are the words I hear. Then, when they see how versatile each piece is, they get really excited.

• Sold major high end and custom pieces to several affluent women in Laguna Beach, New York and Las Vegas, all of whom wore my pieces while 'shopping'. Store managers would always inquire about their jewelry and my name kept coming up. Before long, Neiman Marcus contacted me to sell my limited edition 18 and 22k fine jewelry at their Las Vegas store.

• Venturing into the fashion accessories arena only 7 months ago, I began expanding my ideas from fine jewelry into base metal chains with loops, ties and pulleys. Each piece literally challenges the imagination of the wearer to experiment and compose the piece on the body, depending on the mood...or the ensemble. I also love the fluid movement of the chains, which makes the jewelry seem to come alive.

• Every single piece is designed and hand-made by me. I will never compromise quality or design by using inferior materials or outsourcing to mass produce my pieces.

• If you're confused or stressing about remembering all the ways to wear the pieces, relax... there are no rules! Experiment. Have fun. Compose. Use your imagination! The messier the chains, the sexier the look! The idea of a statement necklace with multiple wearing possibilities completely thrills me! If you can transform 1 necklace into 6 different looks, well, who wouldn't want that versatility?

• These pieces are for the confident, fashion forward and carefree woman who wants more than a piece of jewelry... they want a piece of transformable art that can match their mood or their ensemble. Now *that's* a statement necklace that really says something!

• The fact that these pieces can be worn just as easily with a Narcisco Rodriguez as they can with a pair of jeans and tee really speaks volumes for the line's versatility. Young fashionistas in their 20's as well as mature seasoned shoppers in their 50s all have purchased these pieces, so the broad appeal of the line literally spans decades which is a real testament to good design.

• Her pieces are sold in various boutiques as well as high fashion venues in Southern California, or from

• Follow Nan on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with her latest designs & enter her Monthly earring giveaway!

NAN FUSCO Jewelry is receiving a lot of press lately! Her jewelry has been seen in LUCKY Magazine, FABSUGAR, LUXIST, just to name a few places. You can find her jewelry for sale in some of the very finest boutiques and you can purchase items directly from her website. You can visit
NAN FUSCO Jewelry by CLICKING HERE and you can browse through a wide variety of fabulous jewelry designs. Make sure to check out all the items available in her Convertible Line as well as her glorious fine jewelry collections! You won't believe all the marvelous "eye candy" she has in store for you there!!

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A very special THANK YOU to Nan Fusco for hosting the Facebook Promotion that led me to winning the magnificent Turquoise Earrings. I was speechless when I found out, then when the earrings arrived I couldn't stop screaming for joy, they are my new favorite "go to" earrings, and I will enjoy wearing them for years to come! Registered & Protected