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Versatile Fashion for the Modern Woman. Chic, easy, timeless, wrinkle-free, machine washable Knitwear!!

Are you a busy mommie? Or are you a career gal who doesn't have any extra time on her hands? Do you travel a lot? Do you love to wear ultra chic gorgeous clothes but don't want to spend the dry cleaning bills that most high end clothing requires in order to keep clean? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you will want to read on to learn about the dynamic and striking couture designs that MING WANG brings you. This divine line of clothing is for the girl and woman who wants to look sophisticated, feminine, elegant and classy! You can get that distinctive style with clothes that will always remain timeless and ageless. That fashion forward wardrobe that will always be cutting edge and will transcend time. If you are a busy mommie, then these clothes will delight you because they are easy to care for, just drop them in the washing machine to keep them clean! If you are a career gal who wants to dress for success, look professional and not have to worry about constantly rushing to the dry cleaners, then this is the brand for you. And for those who love to travel, these clothes wrinkle-free!! So squeeze them into your overnight bag, pack them in your suitcase, whatever you carry when you travel these clothes will always look perfect, like you just took them out of your closet. This is the ultimate line of clothing for any woman who wants to look the best that she can possibly be in her clothes, because some of the key signature pieces hide a little secret, a special surprise that only the wearer knows about. What to know what I mean, then read my review about the Black Pants I received to find out. But first, let me introduce MING WANG to you all:

{Taken from the MING WANG Website}


Founded in 2000, MING WANG is known for seamlessly integrating effortless dressing and chic style. Recognized for its knit separates and bold graphic styling, Ming Wang collections consistently incorporate the latest color trends with timeless neutrals that are ideal for wardrobe building.

Made from Amica yarn, Ming Wang knits are the perfect wrinkle-free, shape retentive travel companion. Machine washable and color-guarded, the line is ideal for the active woman dedicated to style and substance.


MING WANG very generously sent me a pair of their Black Pants from their current collection. If you don't know this about me already, I am a bit obsessed with my clothes looking completely smooth and sleek on me, I don't wear loose fitting clothes, I prefer clothes that fit right up against my skin, so having no panty lines or unsightly "bulges" visible on my body is imperative to me. So when I received the fabulous Black Pants from Ming Wang, you should have seen my eyes light up and my smile grow as big as it possibly could, the pants may just as well as have been Gold because they are just as valuable to me as Gold!!

Here is what the Black Pants look like:

To purchase these MING WANG Black Pants CLICK HERE. They are Style Number MCP01000 and they retail for $174

They arrived to me perfectly packaged. They came in a large box, on a nice pants hanger and had the typical dry cleaners plastic wrap completely protecting them. It was a very positive first impression, I will always be able to store them in my closet on this very hanger with plastic, nice!

Let me talk about quality! The pants are impeccable, just meticulously manufactured and upon first glance you can immediately see the fine quality of the pants, the workmanship in how they are put together and the level of excellence in the material they are rendered in. You know pants like this are not only ageless and timeless in their design, but will stand the test of time and become a "staple" fashion item in your wardrobe for a very long time! In fact, they are such a versatile gauge of fabric, that you can wear them year round, winter/spring/summer/fall, now how terrific is that?! A worthwhile investment based on this fact alone, let alone all the other fantastic features they offer which I will get to next!

The knit fabric they are made with is slightly textured and very soft. It is hot here, the weather is in the 80's, and because of the subtle texture to the knit, my skin was able to "breathe" in them and I was not hot or warm in them at all. I felt very comfortable wearing these on a warm summer night, I had a cute pair of dress sandals on and a silky halter top, the pants looked just darling with the ensemble I paired them with! And, I can easily envision wearing these pants in the fall and winter with a couture pair of dress boots and a fringe boucle jacket, can you tell I am planning already for all the ways I am going to utilize these pants.

Do you like to travel? We take a lot of weekend mini trips and these pants are going to be a dream to quickly and easily fit into my overnight bag. They are lightweight and wrinkle-free, that's right, because they are knit, they won't wrinkle on you which makes them absolutely perfect for bringing with you on trips!! Also, they are machine washable! I washed them in the washer, I put them in inside out, using the gentle cycle and cold water. They washed like a dream, fresh and clean and still looking like brand new.

Another nice feature is that these pants fit me true to size. They come in Small, Medium Large and Extra Large. I am typically a Size 6 and I received a Size Medium. I could have probably gotten away with a Size Small, but one never knows, so I ordered up. The Mediums fit me comfortably, the Smalls would have been slightly tight I think. The pants do have an elasticized waist, but you would never know it once you pull your top on over the waistline. The pants fit snug against your tummy so you do not look bulky or bunchy around the waist, the pants rest flat against your skin.

Okay, now I save the BEST FOR LAST!! You want to hear why I am mostly in LOVE with these splendid Black Pants? The reason I smiled from cheek to cheek when I first saw them, the reason why these will always be my most favorite pants? The secret isn't what you see, its' what you don't see......what am I talking about you ask......they come complete with a built in slimming panty!!! Yes, you don't have to wear underwear, it is built into the pants, and the built-in panties make you look your very best in them as you wear them. They smooth out your tummie, lift up your bootie, and hide any bulges!! And, no panty lines, hooray!! Every woman, no matter what your body type, can use a little lift and tuck, right? None of us are born with perfect bodies, or at least only a very small population of woman are I guess, so these pants are going to work their magic on you to transform your body while you wear them. You will be so delighted with these pants, just as I am so joyous every time I wear them now.

You can visit the
MING WANG website by CLICKING HERE to browse through their different clothing collections. You can find MING WANG at a variety of stores and boutique and can search for stores directly from their website.

A very special thank you to
MING WANG for providing me with the black pants to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received a pair of MING WANG black pants from MING WANG for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. Registered & Protected

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