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Review: Plattoes Sandals

What would my Sizzling Summer 2010 Guide be without some darling and truly innovative sandals in it! What makes Plattoes Sandals so unique is that you can tailor them in endless ways to fit your personality, mood, look, style: you can unleash your creativity and have fun with making the style and appearance of your sandals your own! The cute factor is off the charts with this line of shoes and the fashion forward, classy design of them will transform your outfits to how you want to create them to be. I am so excited about this brand and cannot wait to introduce them to you all. Here is some background information about Plattoes Sandals:

{Taken from the Plattoes Sandals Website}


The idea behind the Plattoes sandals is to customize your style. We were inspired by the versatility of having several sandal uppers with just one sandal base thereby avoiding the need to purchase several expensive sandals. Usually, consumers are "recommended" to purchase several styles of the same basic sandal through various marketing gimmicks. We thought, why not to satisfy the need to customize one's sandal and be cost effective at the same time. Style and personality need not be expensive to customize.

With our various ribbons and tying methods, there are endless possibilities to how one can wear these sandals. The double rings in our sandal bases help "lock" the ribbon in position and help create a sandal upper that need not be redone every time the sandal is worn. With such customization features, we would like to see to customers wear a smile every time they put these sandals on!


The folks at Plattoes Sandals are just the kindest sweetest people for a blogger to work with! I found them to be enthusiastically passionate about their line of shoes and the unique and innovative products that they have to offer and so excited to get the word out about them! So when they graciously agreed to allow me to review and feature their brand on my blog, I was just thrilled because it is always such a pleasure to work with a company that truly believes in the products that they have created. That is exactly the scenario with Plattoes Sandals.

With adorable sandals bases and bright, colorful ribbons you can add some pizzazz and spice to your summer wardrobe.

Creating your own unique pair of sandals is easy as 1-2-3!!! You select your base, and there are a number of different darling styles available and then you select your ribbons and look at all the delightful colors and patterns you can choose from!! You know you want more than just one!!

I chose the Wedge Case 3.5 inch Sandals and the black and white gingham ribbons and the navy and white striped ribbons. Here is the scoop on them:

Wedge Base (3.5 inches)
Price: $64.99

Description from Website:

Customize your style to the fullest. This 3.5 inch sandal base is your platform to adorn various styles and colors of ribbons. Notice the double rings to fasten ribbons. The double rings make it possible to "lock" the ribbon in place and avoid getting loose. All or just some ring pairs can be used in locking configuration while the others can be just used to "pass through" the ribbon. Either ways, your style will steal the show! Man made materials for wedge and platform. Platform is covered in natural cork, rubber sole for comfort. Kindly check your size per our Size Guide before ordering. These come with 2 pairs of ribbons (Black, White or other available ribbons) Will be shipped within 5 business days! NOTE: Lower heel and sizes 5, 6, 11 and 12 COMMING SOON so please stay tuned!!


MY THOUGHTS: At first I thought it may be difficult and time consuming to learn how to easily and effectively tie these sandals on, but with the very helpful instruction sheet that was included in the shoe box along with the wedge sandal bases, and the instructional images on the Plattoes.com website, learning how to tie the ribbons was a breeze! If you can lace up a pair of sneakers, you can most certainly do this! It took maybe a minute to fully lace each sandal on the first try, and as I get more proficient, less time. Also, you don't have to tie them each time you want to wear them, you can easily just untie the bow in the back and slip out of the sandals so the next time you want to wear them they are already good to go!

Check out the images below:


MY THOUGHTS: I am typically a US Women's Size 9 but in the Wedge Base Plattoes Sandals I measured out to a Size 7. So it is very important that you follow their Size Guide as it is vastly different than traditional Women's Shoe Sizing. It took me a second to get out the ruler and measure the bottom of my foot. When I received the sandals, they fit me perfectly, as though they were custom made for my feet!

FINAL THOUGHTS: As a blogger, first impressions are everything. And, I am very selective about dishing out praise, as I have seen it all, so when a company does go out of its way to make sure the initial package opening experience is memorable and what I call "first class", I will make sure to make a point of letting my readers know. The professional folks at Plattoes.com did indeed make sure that their product was received with a 5-Star level of excellence. The shoes were meticulously packaged in a box with gold and white polka tissue paper and the ribbons were carefully places in individual large size zip lock bags for easy, clean, carefree storage. Okay, you get the idea, this company cares about the products they ship out and every customer will receive their items in mint condition.

Once the initial out of the box experience was over with the first thing that struck me was the visual observance of how beautifully and expertly crafted the wedge sandal base was rendered. I touched my finger to the brown suede cushioned top of the base and it was so thick and plush I knew my feet were going to love resting themselves on top of them.

The level of excellence of these sandals far exceeded my expectations. Not only are the sandals absolutely gorgeous, but they are extremely comfortable to wear as well. I elected to tie the ribbons using all the loops and in the end tied the ribbons into a bow behind my ankle to secure them on me. But the second time I wore them, I only tied the ribbons halfway up my foot and then in a bow behind my ankle and they remained equally secure and comfortable. Your feet are going to love the soft cushioned top of the base and the ribbons are grosgrain so they are soft against your skin. I tied them pretty tightly against my feet and noticed that as I wore the sandals they loosened up just the right amount. My feet did not slip out of the bases at any time because I made sure to "lock in" each ribbon as I looped them.

If you want to magically transform your existing summer wardrobe without breaking your wallet, then give Plattoes Sandals a try. You can create so many different styles simply by either tying them up different each time you want to change the look, or switching colors and patterns of the ribbons! The sandals will give that couture look to your outfits, and it's fun to unleash your inner creativity and define your own unique sense of style! You can revamp and reinvent your look with the snap of a finger, it is that simple to tie the ribbons!

Plattoes.com is perfectionism at its finest. Excellent customer service, high standards for their product craftsmanship, ageless, timeless styles, striking and dynamic ribbons, a classy, elegant way to fascinate those around you with your delightful Plattoes Sandals.

You can visit Plattoes.com by CLICKING HERE to browse around their website and learn more about the products they have to offer. They are going to be adding additional styles and sizes to their current line of products so be sure to book mark their website. You can also following them on
TWITTER by CLICKING HERE That way you can stay on top of their new products and promotions.

A very special thank you to
Plattoes.com for providing me with Wedge Sandals and Ribbons to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received the Wedge Base Sandals and 2 sets of ribbons from Plattoes.com for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.

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Buky said...

Omg, those sandals are awesome!
Genius, i wish i had thought of that.
Totally customizable.


dreamin2win said...

Those are actually adorable.. Love how you can interchange the color of the shoe.. Very creative!! glad there are some flats. Thanks for sharing!!