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Review: Foxy Originals

I am so wild crazy about this spectacular jewelry company and all of their fabulous jewelry collections. The designs are gorgeous and the prices are so super reasonable, you have to see them to believe them! Some of the most popular Hollywood celebrities today adorn themselves with jewelry from Foxy Originals and you know it isn't because of the cost, because they can afford whatever they want, they wear Foxy Originals jewelry because it is beautiful and makes them look like the star that they are. And now my friends, so can you! You can purchase the earrings Paris Hilton wore, or the earrings Hayden Panetiere was seen wearing, or the gorgeous necklace Lauren Conrad had on, at prices that won't break your wallet, I promise! Let me introduce you to this fabulous company:

Taken from the Foxy Originals Website}


Jen Kluger and Suzie Orol believe that life, like fashion, should be fun, bright and full of excitement. They founded Foxy Originals on this belief and create unique and playful jewelry pieces that help young women everywhere find their own way to sparkle and shine – without breaking the bank.

Not many people can say they built the foundation for an international business while in high school, but that’s exactly where Suzie and Jen both got their start. Suzie grew up surrounded by the glitz and glamour of her family’s jewelry business, and helped her mother to design a teen collection during her own high school years. At the same time, Jen also began to design jewelry. She used her high school cafeteria as a production facility where classmates helped bring her creations to life. When she sold this jewelry to independent boutiques, she realized that her creative hobby was really a gem of a business idea.

These stylish entrepreneurs met while studying at the University of Western Ontario, and quickly discovered their shared passion for bracelets and baubles. They decided to focus their combined talents on a single vision and founded Foxy Originals. They sold jewelry on campus and in the summer took Foxy on the road to outdoor festivals and concerts. Their inventive designs caught on, and it wasn’t long before they had a strong following of fans, always anxious to see what they’d come up with next.

When they graduated with business degrees in 2003, they turned Foxy Originals into a full-time affair, and set out to make high-style fashion jewelry accessible to young women. They continued to develop uniquely styled pieces that featured colourful enamel designs, innovative shapes and clean lines. This fresh new look brought tremendous attention from fashion editors, stylists and trend-setters – Foxy was in the news and on the fingers, wrists and necklines of fashion-savvy young women everywhere.

Today, Foxy counts popular celebrities and fashion influencers among the women who make up the cult following for their iconic pieces. With each new line, Foxy evolves and reinvents itself. It continues to set the trend with fashionable lines, as well as ethical business practices, including a new recycling program – the first of its kind in North America. A proudly Canadian Company, Foxy is now a top selling brand in hundreds of boutiques throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and beyond!


Jen and Suzie believe that happiness, excitement and fun are the perfect accessories to a fabulous life! Foxy Originals embodies these sentiments and gives women of all ages the tools to make their own look-and lives-a little more fabulous. Their vibrant and playful designs give their customers a way to add some sparkle and shine, in an individual way that reflects their own distinct sense of style. Behind every fun and bright jewel is Jen and Suzie’s desire to make its wearer feel happy and beautiful.
Affordability is also a key part of the Foxy philosophy. Jen and Suzie believe that high quality and high style don’t have to come at a high price! Foxy products are carefully crafted and made with quality materials, all at prices that won’t break the bank. Their signature reversible necklaces are the perfect example of their commitment to value: with two sides to choose from depending on your outfit or mood, it’s like getting two fabulous pieces for the price of one!

Underneath Foxy’s fun styles and affordable price tags, is a commitment to making their products in a responsible way. Jen and Suzie ensure that their pieces are created in a positive work environment, adopt ‘green’ practices wherever possible and believe in contributing to the community.

Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry from Foxy Originals are the following designs:

The Jasmine Necklace from the Foxy Favorites Collection
Price: $36

The Arabia Bracelet from the Marrakesh Collection
Price: $40

The Deco Earrings from the Cabaret Collection
Price: $24

The Salvador Ring from the Brazilia Collection
Price: $24

So whether it is Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings or Rings that you covet, Foxy Originals has a wide variety of spectacular designer quality pieces of jewelry to offer you at prices that cannot be beat!


The super sweet gals over at Foxy Originals sent me two exciting & delightful pieces to review. I have had them for about a week now and I am wearing them everyday I love them so much and they are really spicing up all my outfits! What I love most about these two items is they are couture styled jewelry designs that can be worn everyday with a variety of outfits. They have that touch of pizzazz and bling to them, but in such a subtle manner that you can easily wear them by day or by night! I love versatile jewelry that fits into my lifestyle and can transform a variety of ordinary outfits into fun flirty glamorous looking ones. Oh and I can't forget to mention how the jewelry arrived in a large, pretty, soft bright pink velveteen pouch, such a nice touch! These are the two enchanting pieces of jewelry I received:

Cabaret Necklace
Price: $52


The showstopper. With style to spare, this centerpiece is rich in drama and design, sure to make you the star of any show. Available in Gold, Silver, or Gunmetal.

Style : FO526
Size : 5.5" x 1.25" | Chain: 33.5"
Collection : Cabaret

MY THOUGHTS: I received the Cabaret Necklace in Gold. I have to first comment on how meticulously crafted this necklace is! It really made me gasp when I first pulled the necklace out of its packaging because it is even more striking and distinctive to behold in your hands than when I had seen it pictured on line. It truly is a magnificent necklace, and is sure to catch the eyes of those around me!

I chose the Cabaret Necklace in Gold because I was curious what the gold tone of the metal would be like in terms of color and quality. Foxy jewelry is cast from pewter and hand-dipped in gold. The color of the gold reminds me of 18K gold, it is a beautiful rich yellow gold hue that just looks very couture and expensive. I want my necklace to stay looking as stunning next year as it does today so I plan to heed the instructions on how to care for my Foxy Original jewelry which is easy as pie to do! The materials can oxidize over time so I learned to use a jewelry cloth to keep them looking new and to avoid getting the pieces wet.

With Autumn here this Cabaret Necklace is the perfect fashion accessory to wear, it is long, sleek, bold and most definitely ageless and timeless. Anyone can enjoy wearing this necklace, no matter what your age or style is. The necklace reminds me of an Art Deco piece from the Flapper Era. It is really the hippest look and I can see myself wearing this throughout the Fall and Winter with all kinds of my favorite outfits and I know it is the sort of piece I will never get sick of wearing.

The second item I received to review is:

Azure Earrings
Price: $30


Feel like a fairy princess in these sparkling hoop earrings. The multiple stones that adorn your ears will glisten from dusk ‘til dawn. Available in Gold and Silver.

Style : FO382
Size : 1.95" X 1.95"
Collection : Foxy Favorites

MY THOUGHTS: I received the Azure Earrings in Gold. Honestly, these are my new favorite earrings that I have only taken off to go bed, then I reach for them the next morning and can't wait to wear them again! They too are exquisitely rendered in every aspect. The quality is of the finest workmanship and again, they glisten in that same vibrant yellow gold tone that I just adore! I have very long hair so I love that these earrings are big in diameter, yet they are light as a feather to wear and are not overly over the top in size that I look too overloaded with jewelry! These earrings are comfortable on the ears and really make me feel confident and carefree when I wear them.

I also am the kind girl who loves that special touch of elegance and glitz to my look. I am attracted to these earrings because they do have the clear crystals embellishing them which adds a touch of sparkle to my otherwise classic ordinary daily look. I can't think of a more enjoyable way to add twinkle to your outfits than with these magical earrings.

The jewelry at Foxy Originals encompasses all the traits I look for such as unique style/design, a high level of excellence in how they are crafted, versatility in what you can wear them with and where. They are glamorous and sexy, fun and flirty and the wide variety of collections available at Foxy Originals each offers styles that fit into almost any type of taste and preference a person may have. I also love that each piece of jewelry is offered in a choice of metals, gold, silver, gunmetal, and copper. So whether you love the rich look of Gold, the fresh look of Silver or the Hip and Sleek look of Gun Metal, you can enjoy each style in the look that best suits your personality and sense of style.

You can visit
Foxy Originals and browse through all the spectacular truly gorgeous jewelry items by CLICKING HERE! I know you will have so much fun!

A very special thank you to the gals over at
Foxy Originals for providing me with the 2 jewelry pieces to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received the two jewelry items described in my review from Foxy Originals for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed or affiliated with Foxy Originals in any way. Registered & Protected

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