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Review with Giveaway: Luminess Air Pro PC-100 System

I am one of those gals who loves to wear makeup and experiment with lots of different costmetics and colors to create new looks for myself. It is my favorite guilty pleasure, no calories but gives me all the satisfaction! I have seen and read about air brushing as a method to apply foundation and makeup, but never in a million years did I think I would get a chance to apply some on myself using the air brushing technique. I thought only makeup artists did that sort of thing. Goes to show no matter how much you think you know, you can always learn more! Because right here, right now I am going to introduce you to Luminess Air, the easiest way to achieve professional quality air brusing makeup applications on yourself in the comfort of your own home with you performing as the makeup artist, now how fun does that sound?! It is easy, peazy thanks to the genius wand and machine Luminess Air has created in conjunction with their line of air brush makeup. It is with some major excitement that I include Luminess Air in my Alluring Autumn 2010 Guide and also offer you a special Luminess Air Giveaway! Here's some background about this exceptional company:

{Taken from the Luminess Air Website}


Luminess Air was developed by leading makeup artists from the fashion, print, television and film industries along with leading cosmetic chemists and colorists. Our Luminess Air formulators and cosmetics designers have a minimum of 15 to 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry and have run the research and development departments of some of the leading cosmetics brands in the country. Our formulations are rated amongst the best makeup in terms of quality, result and design.

Luminess Air never tests products on animals. We believe in making our cosmetics as simple, holistic, organic and natural as possible. And you will never find us sitting still; our designers and formulators are constantly working on the next generation innovation to revolutionize cosmetics.

Today, Luminess Air is the leader in airbrush cosmetics with the most advanced airbrush cosmetics formulations and airbrush innovations. Chances are that you have seen our product on Hollywood A-listers, films, TV shows, covers of major fashion magazines, runway shows and network television anchors and celebrities for a while now without ever knowing about Luminess Air. We were once only available to the trade by word-of-mouth and now, today Luminess Air is available for everyone.

Furthermore, Luminess Air and its founders have a strong sense of responsibility and giving back to communities, organizations and causes which help those in need. Luminess Air strongly supports UNICEF and other children’s causes along with various breast cancer and women’s health causes. We believe that everyone should have one more chance!


We don’t want to sound brash but airbrushing on makeup is light years ahead of conventional makeup systems like dry powders and liquid foundations systems. You may have heard of someone who spent up to $500 for a single airbrush makeup session. You may have heard of airbrush makeup for brides, you may have heard of airbrush cosmetics for the stars. Airbrush was once for the elite, and now is available for home use for anyone. Airbrush systems are versatile, you can airbrush on your foundation, blush, bronzer, body makeup, and body sprays. And then you can also airbrush on temporary hair highlights, tattoo cover cosmetics, skin tanning and so much more.

Airbrush systems in the past have been very difficult to use, expensive and hard to get. Luminess Air changed everything with the innovation of the first Pro-consumer based airbrush system. Luminess Air™ airbrush systems feature a highly precise airbrush stylus, air compressor and makeup. Many systems in the past could cost over $1,200 each. Luminess Air™ broke the price barrier by introducing everyone to Airbrush cosmetics at about 1/6th the cost compared to the past. One use any you will instantly know that this is not a “fad” or “gimmick!” It really is better than you can imagine, and you will understand that the amazing value Luminess Air brings to you.


Originally Airbrush makeup was developed for the film industry as conventional makeup would look harsh under dramatic lighting. Conventional powders and liquid makeup could not keep up with the flawless smoothness produce by airbrush. And recently, airbrush makeup has become the standard with the advent of High Definition TV. HDTV is so incredibly sharp that wrinkles, laugh lines and even brush strokes from conventional makeup show up on television. Naturally, airbrush cosmetics came to the rescue as the results of airbrush makeup looks like natural flawless skin and not like “caked-on” - “baked-on” makeup that was the result of powders/minerals and conventional liquid makeup systems.

How does airbrush makeup work?

Airbrush makeup is sprayed on through the Luminess Air styles as a fine mist of color that gently covers the skin, giving the appearance of a flawless complexion. Spraying micro-dots of Luminess Air makeup on the surface of the face looks more natural than traditional makeup because it isn't rubbed into the skin and doesn’t exaggerate the pores. This process allows the Airbrush makeup to conceal better while enabling your skin to breathe.

How is airbrush makeup different?

Traditional foundations can look obvious, caked-on or thick and always feel like you are wearing makeup. Airbrush makeup leaves a light, seamless blend of color over the skin, creating the illusion of a perfect face because it is misted on, allowing your true skin tone to show through without masking your face. The ability to mix Luminess Air Airbrush foundation colors for individual custom blends is unsurpassed, resulting in a most natural look that covers skin imperfections.


Price: $309.00

The very kind and generous folks over at Luminess Air sent me a complete Luminess Air Pro PC-100 Kit to review. When I received the Luminess Air package I was seriously shocked when I opened the box and saw how exceptional it was packaged, the presentation was one of the finest I have seen, and how professional the products all appeared. I knew I was going to be in for a special treat. Inside the box was the Luminess Air Pro PC-100 System with Stylus along with a Luminess Air Instructional DVD, Getting Started Guide, and a complete Luminess Air Costmetics Starter Kit. There was also a stunning metallic silver case to store everything in, which makes keeping everything perfectly organized. I am not saying I was overwhelmed, but you receive everything you need to insure that you can effectively give yourself a perfectly matched airbrushed look, that to a beginner like me I was a bit apprehensive on whether I was going to be able to pull this off without making my face look like a Halloween mask!

I decided to take it slow, and the very first thing I did was watch the Instructional DVD that came in the box. I figured that would be able to give me step by step instructions on how to work this fabulous device and maybe I would be a natural at it.....

I watched the entire DVD and after felt I had a pretty good understanding of what I needed to do. The DVD is so comprehensive and detailed, that it made it very easy to understand and learn. I believe the video lasted about 10 minutes. So it was not a long drawn out lesson. Very quick and to the point, which made learning fun and effortless.

I then brought everything into the bathroom, spread all the equipment and makeup onto the counter and using the Getting Started Guide that also came with the kit, I began trying everything out. I used the Getting Started Guide as a reminder in case I forgot something from the video, it came in very handy.

In the Airbrush Cosmetics Starter Kit were 8 different bottles of makeup. They consisted of 4 different varying shades of foundation ranging in tone from light to a darker medium, a Moisturizer & Primer, a Bronzer, a Pearlized Shimmer, and a very pretty coral-rose shade of Blush.

To be honest, I love to experiment with blending different shades of makeup so having the flexibility to mix and match different shades of foundation was something I really enjoyed. I am always between a Light and Medium shade when it comes to foundation so to be able to customize my shade was a welcome task for me. I found that when I blended shades 3 & 4 into the stylus cup and applied then to my face, the result was my perfect shade. So far that is what I have been using. Once they are finished up, I will work on blending Shades 2 & 5 together and hopefully have similar success with it being a good match for me.

Three Simple Steps is all it takes:

Turn on the airbrush

Place a few drops of makeup into the Stylus

And gently apply to face or body

It took me a few days of using the stylus and practicing applying the makeup using the technique I learned from the instructional video. Finding that right distance from the stylus to your face and putting just the right amount of pressure on the stylus power lever is key to achieving that perfect flawless airbrushed look. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can!! After a couple of days of using this system I was able to get my makeup on in less than 3 minutes. It may sound like this is a lot of hoops to jump through just to get your makeup applied, but really all in all it takes just a few minutes once you practice a few times. I also am now using the blush and applying the blush to just the right spot was much easier than I initially thought it would be. Just getting used to where to aim the stylus is all you have to learn and it is smooth sailing.

I really don't have any trouble spots on my face that I am trying to conceal, no scars or acne, but I do have mild rosacea so my skin tone does get a little red and uneven as a result. I found this Luminess Air Pro PC-100 Kit was an easy, effective way for me to achieve a perfectly flawless looking complexion that looks natural and dewy, like I had my own personal professional makeup artist come to my home to give me a makeover!

I have been having so much fun airbrushing my Mom's face and my a few of my girlfriend's faces. They are equally as impressed with the end results as I have been and they too want a Luminess Air System of their own. I was able to teach them how it works so easily that when they select the Luminess Air System that will work best for them, they won't have to bother watching the instructional DVD, it is that simple to use.

The wonderful folks at Luminess Air also sent me two different Luminess Air Airbrush Eyeshadow Kits. The colors are so pretty but I have not tried them out before. I am a little hesitant on spraying the makeup at my eye area. So far I have been very stable with the stylus and not getting the foundation in my eyes, or on my eyes for that matter, and I am not sure how to attempt to spray the eyeshadow onto my eyes. I need to do this when I have a lot of time and patience to learn to master this technique, but I wanted to let you all know that there are Luminess Air Eyeshadow Kits available to use with this system and according to the packaging the makeup is Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist Tested.

You can visit Luminess Air by CLICKING HERE to learn more about this spectacular Airbrush System and all the other magnificent products that they offer. There are Airbrush Kits available to fit all kinds of lifestyles and needs, and you don't have to spend a small fortune to get this kind of professional results. There are very basic kits that will allow you to achieve beautiful flawless results as well.


The folks over at Luminess Air want to give one of my readers a chance to experience using their cosmetics. Luminess Air doesn't just offer airbrush systems, but they have an extensive range of professional quality cosmetics to make you look your personal best. One of their top sellers is the Luminess air Eye Kit Available exclusively at HSN! It Retails for $29.95 and you have the special chance to win it right here!

Price: $29.95

Make your eyes stand out with the Luminess Air Eye Kit. Inspired by the ancient art of calligraphy, the flex felt-tip eyeliner gives you the control of a pen to create a perfect lined eye with ease. The mascara's whipped formulation lets you build layers for lush lashes, giving you depth and dimension in the blink of an eye. Get ready to bat those beautiful babies!

Luminess Air Eye Kit Includes:

- Luminess Air Calligraphy Eyeliner Pen - black
- Luminess Air Calligraphy Eyeliner Pen - brown
- Luminess Air Infinity Long-Wear Mascara

The winner will receive all 3 of the above mentioned products, just the ideal tools to use to really dramatize your eyes!

I am going to make entering this giveaway so super easy! In order to enter all you need to do is make sure you are Following my Blog Publicly. If you are already a Follower, then just leave me a comment telling me you are following my blog and that's it! If you are not already Following my blog, the Google Friend Connect Widget is located along the right hand side bar. Just click on the link and make sure you are Following me Publicly and leave me a comment telling me you are following.

I am not going to make you jump through hoops to enter. I am so very appreciative of your support and this is my way of saying THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

This giveaway begins on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 and ends on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 11:59 PM. As always, I will use the True Random Number Generator to select the winner on Wednesday, October 27, 2010. I will email the winner and they will have 48 hours to respond. Best of luck to you all!

A very special thank you to
Luminess Air for providing me with Luminess Air Pro PC-100 Kit to use for this review and for providing the Luminess Air Eye Kit for the Giveaway.

Disclosure: I received the Luminess Air Pro PC-100 Kit from Luminess Air for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with Luminess Air in any manner.

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