Thursday, January 27, 2011

REVIEW: Riders by Lee Tiffany & Ashley Jeans

This is my second of a series of reviews I'll be doing for Riders by Lee. I continue to be amazed at how distinctive and dynamic Lee Jeans have consistently remained over the last several decades! I remember back when I was a teenager I never had to worry when I tried on a new pair of jeans and then had to look at myself in the mirror to see how they looked on me. That's because back then I didn't have to count calories, watch my carbs, or exercise on any kind of regular basis to maintain a healthy body and keep the pounds from adding up. But now as an adult alas I must do all those things in order to keep the weight off, so I do agonize over my body when I look at myself in the mirror, a battle I think many women struggle with when trying on clothes for the first time.

Leave it to Riders by Lee to create lines of innovative exceptional jeans that will fit you perfectly and instantly slim you at the same time! It is this innovative genius mentality that keeps Riders by Lee in the forefront of the denim world today and has Style and Fit Expert Stacy London enthusiastically coaching women of all body types on how to select the style of Riders by Lee Jeans that is most suitable for them. Women across the Globe are feeling confident and happy with the way they look in their Riders by Lee Jeans. So let me share with you a few of the latest styles and designs Riders by Lee has created.


My love affair with Riders by Lee continues with two more delightful styles of jeans I was sent to enjoy wearing. Besides such alluring features like impeccable quality, fashion forward styling, body slimming properties, just to name a few, you can always count on the consistency of Riders by Lee to stay true to their sizing. You are always sure to get the perfect fit for your size! For me, once a Size 6, always a Size 6 in their brand. There is no guessing, no worrying, no stress when ordering jeans online from them. You know if you check their Sizing Charts, and you find your perfect match based on your measurement with their chart, you are sure to get the correct size that is going to work for you. Also, please keep in mind, Riders by Lee Jeans are priced so unbelievably reasonable that even the most budget conscious person can afford them. You will not, I promise, make a dent in your wallet when you invest in a pair of these jeans!! Prices will vary from style to style, but they are within the range of $16.00 - $30.00!! So without further ado, here we go!

Here is the first style I'd like to share with you:

Slender Stretch Ashley Bootcut Jean - Indigo Fade
Sizes: 6-18
Lengths: Petite 29", Medium 3o" and Long 34"


5-Pocket Jean Bootcut Jean. Slimming Tummy Control Panel. Lean Thigh And Leg. Slender Stretch Denim, Holds Its Shape. Flap Back Pocket With Embroidery. Size Selection Varies By Retailer. Check With Your Local/Online Retailer For Availability.

MY THOUGHTS: How adorable are these? They don't get any cuter and enchanting as this! I find them to be sexy and sassy, classy and darling all at the same time! This style has become one of my very favorite because they are not only a versatile style, but they are super comfortable too! I have washed them at least 4 times now, and if I follow my simple rule of thumb when I wash my jeans, they will come out looking like new each and every time! My rule of thumb is, wash them inside out, gentle cycle in warm water. I then line dry them overnight. Voila, they are good to wear the next day!

This style of jeans will transcend time, I can wear them all year round because the "wash" shade of the denim is slighter lighter than a medium wash, and the "weight" of the denim is slightly lighter than some other pairs of jeans I own. So they can be worn in the dead of winter or on a cool summer day. I love jeans that will work for me season to season so I get to enjoy my favorite pairs whenever the mood strikes me!

I love that this style is a flirty stylish design, yet the cut of the jeans is classic. No low rise, no overly flared bottoms, just a nice chic streamlined style that has that touch of elegance to it. They can be enjoyed with the most casual of tops and shoes or easily be dressed up with a more glamorous shirt and pair of heeled pumps! You can make them work with all the clothes you love for almost any type of occasion.

The second style I'd like to tell you about is:

Slender Stretch Tiffany Bootcut Jean - Niagara
Sizes: 6-18
Lengths: Petite 29", Medium 30" and Long 34"


5-Pocket Jean Bootcut Jean. Slimming Tummy Control Panel. Lean Thigh And Leg. Slender Stretch Denim, Holds Its Shape, Pieced Back Pocket. Size Selection Varies By Retailer. Available at Kmart and Wal-Mart. Check With Your Local/Online Retailer For Availability.

MY THOUGHTS: Talk about a pair of jeans that makes your "booty" look fabulous!! I rarely say things like that, but honestly they do!! They have that special magic in them that seems to lift your body up in all the right places to flatter what you have and enhance your physique so you look marvelous! Again, I've worn this style numerous times and they make me feel really good about myself. I sometimes lack confidence when it comes to my body, and these are "feel good jeans". I think we all want to bring out the best in ourselves and need all the help we can get, no matter what our body type is. This pair of jeans works for me!

I also love the gauge and heathering to the denim. The denim is an exceptional medium thickness denim and the wash has this slight heathering effect to them. It has that down to earth look and feel to them that I really am drawn to. I find I have that extra bounce to my step when I strut around in these. I have been wearing them with lots of my favorite winter sweaters and you will almost always find me wearing 2-3 inch heels with all my jeans. Heels makes my legs look longer and leaner and they also make me feel a bit more dressy than when I just wear a pair of flats. So these jeans are the perfect length for me to wear all my favorite heeled boots and shoes with.

That concludes this review! I will be featuring more Riders by Lee products on my blog in the next week so keep your eyes open for them!

You can visit the Riders by Lee Jeans website by CLICKING HERE. There you can find the store located nearest to you to purchase these jeans. You can also browse around and check out there many other splendid styles, there is a wide variety that I know will delight you for sure! Also, sign up for their emails, as you will receive notifications of special offers and promotions.

A very special thank you to the folks at Riders by Lee for providing me with the jeans used for this review.

Disclosure: I received two pairs of jeans from Riders by Lee for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with Riders by Lee in any manner. Registered & Protected


theladya said...

To be honest, I hated the way Lee Jeans fit me as a teenager but now that I'm older and my body and taste have changed, I really need to try them again. The price is right so why not! : )

Womens Jeans said...

I have never tried boot cut jeans. But i like to wear it. These pictures inspired me to buy boot cut jeans. Thanks for sharing the pics.