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I am so tired of bundling up all Winter long wearing socks, boots, anything to keep my footsies warm and dry! Yes, the joys of living up north where it is blustery cold, wet and snowy for months at a time has really gotten old right about now!! But alas, Spring is almost here, and the thought of wearing beautiful sexy sandals and running around barefoot is almost a reality that I am so anxious for! How prepared are you to shed your bulky shoes and boots, and thick woolen socks and trade them all in for some sexy summer sandals? I know my feet are in dire need of some TLC to make them look pretty and revived so I can slip them into all my favorite Spring and Summer sandals. Do not fret if your feet are dry, flaky and scaling at the heels. I have an award winning solution for your winter worn feet! It is with such excitement that I include in my Hot Products for Spring Guide the Exuviance Heel Repair, an award winning Exfoliating Cream for the Feet! Here are the details on this fantastic product complete with extraordinary before and after pictures. But first let me introduce you to the revolutionary NeoStrata Company:

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Meet NeoStrata

Discover the dermatology developed skin care collections recommended and highly regarded by skin care experts around the world.

Our Revolutionary Technology

The creators of NeoStrata Company, Inc., Drs. Van Scott and Yu are internationally recognized for making the groundbreaking discovery that Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) have profound beneficial effect on human skin. Their passion and vision led to their subsequent research which established AHAs are not only beneficial in the treatment of dermatological conditions, but are also effective in stimulating prematurely aged or damaged skin to actually rejuvenate itself, thereby revolutionizing the treatment of aging skin.

Unprecedented and unsurpassed in the field, with continuous advancements, scientific innovations, published articles in peer-reviewed medical journals, and over 100 patents.

Science & Beauty

NeoStrata Company, Inc. is located in Princeton, NJ and develops and markets a comprehensive range of clinically-proven skin care brands including NeoStrata, Exuviance, CoverBlend, NeoCeuticals and NeoStrata Therapeutics. Our advanced therapeutic and cosmetic dermatological products feature unsurpassed Polyhydroxy Acid technology to meet the needs of every skin type and are available worldwide throughout consumer outlets, physician’s offices and spas.


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of testing out the NeoStrata Sensitive Rosacea Prone Protocol as well as the Exuviance Hydrating Eye Complex from NeoStrata. I was so impressed with the effectiveness these products had on my skin, that I jumped at this opportunity to review the Exuviance Heel Repair. High performance products like these are exciting to find, and I love to share noticeable results that I achieve with them with you all.

Feet that are smooth as silk, pedicure-perfect and sandal ready was on my mind when I took a look at my feet and thought about wearing all my sandals. Yikes, I needed to address the condition of my feet, and fast, as they were looking so, well to put it bluntly, ugly! My feet looked unattractive because they were dry, flaky and the bottoms of my feet were not soft, but rather rough and hard, almost to the calloused point. So let me tell you about the product that transformed them back to the pretty feet I know and love:

Exuviance Heel Repair
Price: $38
Size: 3.4 oz

Do your heels need rescuing? Exfoliate, soothe and smooth dry, cracked and calloused skin on feet with Exuviance Heel Repair.

- High strength Alpha and Poly Hydroxy Acids
- Exfoliates and repairs dry, cracked, scaly skin
- Pro-Vitamin E and conditioning oils soothe and refresh tired feet
- Amphoteric formulation to reduce irritation

*2010 Shecky's Beauty at its Best award winner*


Exuviance Heel Repair contains high strength Alpha and Polyhydroxy Acids (AHAs/PHAs) in an amphoteric formulation to gently yet effectively exfoliate and repair dry, scaly, even calloused and cracked, feet. Pro-Vitamin E and skin conditioning oils instantly soothe and refresh tired feet. Feet are smooth as silk, pedicure-perfect and sandal-ready. Dermatologist tested and fragrance free.


Apply once or twice daily to feet as tolerated. Daily use of sunscreen or sun avoidance is recommended with use of this AHA product, and for one week after, to minimize the risk of sun sensitivity/sunburn.

Check out some of these dramatic results!!


After seeing these incredible before and after pictures it is no surprise that this is an award winning product! The results are amazing and the beauty of it is there is no need for files, blades or any kind of buffer! You can rescue calloused, cracked and dry heels quickly and easily with this high strength Alpha Hydroxy and Polyhydroxy Acid cream in a matter of days! I found that the rich amphoteric formulation ensures gentle yet very effective exfoliation. There are Pro-Vitamin E and natural conditioning oils that work to soothe and revive my feet. I was able to tolerate using the cream morning and night-time, but some may find they can only use the cream once a day. Although the creme is gentle, some skins may initially be more sensitive to the ingredients in the beginning. I saw noticeable results on my feet within a few days and achieved my goal of "pretty feet" within 10 days. I used the product faithfully and I am sure being consistent plays a huge role in being successful as well.

The cream is fragrance free and very thick and emollient. You can feel some very slight tingling upon initial application, and for me this sensation disappeared within minutes. I am very impressed with the fast acting results this product boasts it can achieve and I am now a believer!

This concludes my review. You may visit the NeoStrata website directly by CLICKING HERE to learn more about the brands that they offer and the high performance innovative products within each brand. There are sure to be effective products that will work wonders for your own unique individual skin type.

A very special thank you to the generous folks at
NeoStrata for providing me with the product to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received the product outlined in my review from NeoStrata for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with NeoStrata in any manner. Registered & Protected

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