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REVIEW: Gem Atria Jewelry

What comes in a pretty gold treasure chest fragranced with the beautiful scent of lavender {via a mesh bag filled with lavender} and elegant silk bags and unique silk cases? The answer my friends is JEWELRY when you place an order at Gem Atria Jewelry! I have received all kinds of jewelry, either from placing an order online or as a gift or when I receive jewelry to review, and never before have I experienced such a more couture, gorgeous presentation as when I just received my order from Gem Atria! They say first impressions are everything, and opening the package from Gem Atria Jewelry was a FIRST CLASS, 5 STAR EXPERIENCE. A most memorable moment that I won't soon forget.

Opening my package from
Gem Atria Jewelry was such a special treat for me, and made me feel so excited, that it is an honor for me to write about the jewelry I received and my experience with Gem Atria Jewelry. Every woman deserves to feel special and to have an exceptional moment where she feels joy, and so it is with such enthusiasm that I include Gem Atria Jewelry and the stunning unique designer jewelry offered there in my 2011 Holiday Glamour & Gift Giving Guide. Let me introduce this amazing company to you:

Adapted from the Gem Atria Jewelry Website}

Gem Atria Jewelry offers a wide array of beautiful, fashionable designer jewelry to suit a variety of fashion styles... from classic elegance, contemporary chic, simple mysterious, to vintage romantic. Nestled around our store are premier designer's who create jewelry that is timeless, affordable and can be passed down from generation to generation.


Gem Atria Jewelery
We Think Outside the Jewelry Box... It's All About You.

Designer jewelry from around the world. unique, timeless, and a universal sophistication. We think outside the jewelry box just for you. The website that I have created gives consumers a chance to see what beautifully handcrafted, unique jewelry designers from around the world create. Most of the items you will review are NOT massed produced. My desire is for everyone that shops at my store to feel confident that their purchase is finely crafted and will showcase their individual style

Some of the items will only be one of a kind or only less then 10 made in a lifetime. Others, are just beautiful! Enjoy. If you have any questions or suggestions at all, please feel free to contact Customer Service at 303-847-5585 or Thank you for shopping with us. Respectfully, Nicole Halpern - Owner

Think outside the Jewelry Box! We specialize in unique and limited designer pieces from around the world that you can actually afford.

New Items Weekly!



The most generous and gracious folks over at
Gem Atria Jewelry sent me a beautiful Ring and Necklace to review. I also placed an order for a pair of Earrings. This gave me the opportunity to experience first hand the entire online purchase procedure when placing an order from Gem Atria Jewelry. It was easy, effortless, quick and positive from start to finish. I love being able to take my time shopping, in the comfort of my home, at hours that are convenient for me right from my computer and know that the products I am purchasing are going to arrive to me safely, quickly and they are going to be just as described and seen from what I visually saw and read on my computer. I can assure you that when you receive your jewelry from Gem Atria Jewelry, you will be satisfied beyond your expectations and what you see will make you coveting more and more of the enchanting pieces you see on their website. Let me show you some very sleek, chic, classy, spectacular pieces:


Many Circles Neckace - Designer Betty Carre 18K Matte Gold Vermeil
Price: $76

Many Circles Neckace - Designer Betty Carre 18K Matt Gold Vermeil. Delicate, Divine, Daring


•Betty Carre Jewelry Designs are a collection of elegant designs which are bold and known for using precious stones and fashionable metals. The unique line of jewelry is greatly influenced by the designer's environment in Brazil and is designed in a way in which they can be worn daily.

•The collection is vast offering jewelry lovers the perfect choice in jewelry fashions with which to create your signature look from the collection of Betty Carre Jewelry Designs.

•Length: 18"
•Width - Largest Circle 1.5"
•Metal: 18k Over Sterling Silver

MY THOUGHTS: The pictures speak for themselves ~ this is the most magnificent necklace that is both glamorous and couture and simple and elegant. You can easily wear it by day with your most casual white teeshirt and jeans, or use it to enhance your favorite black dress for a night on the town! This is the most versatile sleek necklace that is going to work with everything from casual slacks to your more formal apparel by day or by night!

This necklace is exquisitely rendered with the most impeccable quality of craftsmanship. You notice immediately how perfectly constructed it is, and you can feel confident that it is going to stand the test of time with its obvious durability. This is a necklace that transcends time, it is fashion forward with that timless, classic elegance and it will always be chic and stylish. It offers that modern twist that will give your outfits that complete polished look.

I love that this necklace is also ageless, anyone can wear it. It is super easy to take on and off and it feels so very comfortable wearing it because it is so lightweight.

The second item I was sent is:

Matte Hammered Gold & Crystal Oblong Shaped Ring
Price: $18

Color - Matte Gold Tone and Clear Crystals
Height - 1.5"
Width - Stretchable


•Real Pretty Ring, Very Unusual. The Crystal Are Embedded Into The Gold Making It Look High Fashion and High Cost (wink, wink)

Unique Matt Hammered Gold and Crystal Ring is Perfect For All Occasions - Makes Your Finger Look Long and Sleek.

•Color - Matt Gold Tone and Clear Crystals
•Height - 1.5"
•Width - Stretchable

MY THOUGHTS: I am a gal that loves that subtle touch of bling. I enjoy dressing up my right hand with rings that are distinctive and striking and will be remarkably different than my traditional wedding rings on my left hand. So I seek out rings that are sophisticated and dynamic and have that touch of trendiness that will add some pizzazz to my hands to spice up my look. Receiving this ring was such a delightful surprise. A better choice for me could not have been made, it is perfect! I've been adorning it on my pointer fingers, and it just looks so fascinating and intriguing there! It is clearly a couture design, and has the bling factor to it, but it is designed with such class and marvelous detail, that is look expensive and high end at the same time.

The ring has so many high caliber design elements to it and they have all been executed with such high quality. The fact that the band is a stretch band is barely discernible, but makes the ring so easy to get on and off and it is makes it so comfortable to wear. The ability to have a band that stretches so I can wear it on any fingers I choose makes this ring so versatile! You would never know that such a rich expensive looking ring was not custom made for my finger!

The ring has that dreamy magical flair to it, and it does make an obvious bold fashion statement, yet it is lightweight and airy feeling when you wear it. It is just supreme in every aspect of style and I find myself drawn to wearing it everyday now!

The next item is what I purchased from Gem Atria Jewelry:

Hammered Leaf and Crystal Hanging Earrings - Matte Gold
Price: $17

Color: Matte Gold and White Crystal
Metal: Gold Toned
Length: 2"
Width: .75"

Hammered Leaf and Crystal Hanging Earrings - Matt Gold- Perfect For All Occasions - Light Weight, Delicate and Pretty

•Color: Matt Gold and White Crystal
•Metal: Gold Toned
•Length: 2"
•Width: .75"

MY THOUGHTS: These earrings are breathtaking! I think the pictures depict them vividly and perfectly! They are big and bold, yet lightweight and feel glorious on your ears. Honestly, they make me feel so feminine and sexy and confident! I have long hair so I need to wear earrings that sparkle and twinkle and this pair of earrings offers just the right amount of "punch" to make them stand out and make such an elegant fashion statement. I am one who wears glamorous jewelry even if I am just dressed in a tee shirt and jeans. It makes me feel stylish and chic and adds an element of excitement and glamour to my daily appearance, which is important to me.

These earrings are so stunning and constructed with such excellence! Not only do they look like a million bucks, and make you feel like a million, but they are so divinely rendered they will last me forever! I love jewelry that encompasses elegance, grace, sophistication and a touch of trendiness and these meet all those desires. They are truly divine on every level!

The subtle design of a leaf combined with soft texture to the gold tone metal makes them so very artistic and unique. Then the touches of crystals so delicately placed in all the right places makes one look so radiant and glowing! These are a keeper for sure!

NOTE: I want to comment that I went through the ordering process on the Gem Atria Jewelry Website. It was quick, easy and flawless. I did have one question during the ordering process, I sent an email to their customer service people, and within minutes I had an answer. They are a company that truly cares about their customers, and satisfaction is their number one goal. Believe me, you will be satisfied beyond your wildest expectations, and so full of joy when you receive your exquisite jewelry! The jewelry arrived within a few days and the entire experience was one I want to keep on coming for more of.

This concludes my review. I am sure by now you have captured the essence of how very splendid the unusual pieces at Gem Atria Jewelry truly are. So head on over to their website, have some fun browsing around and take advantage of shopping for couture designer jewelry in the comfort of your own home at your leisure! Also, to further entice you, they offer FREE SHIPPING with NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIRED! With gas prices these days, how can that not be alluring to you?! I wish you lots n' lots of fun browsing around gazing at all the elegant items. You can quickly visit Gem Atria Jewelry by CLICKING HERE.

A very special thank you to Gem Atria Jewelry for providing me with the jewelry to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received the jewelry detailed in my review from Gem Atria Jewelry for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not affiliated nor employed by Gem Atria Jewelry in any manner. Registered & Protected

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