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It is no secret that I am totally smitten with FRAAS Scarves. FRAAS Scarves are by far superior in quality, ultra chic in design, and the gorgeous, fascinatingly stunning patterns that encompass each scarf are always unique and so splendid! When you wear a FRAAS Scarf, you are sure to turn heads and gain the attention of everyone around you. Visually, they are so magnificent in comparison to other scarves, people can't help but take notice. So it is with such excitement that I share with you some of the latest creations by FRAAS for Spring/Summer 2012. Come on, take a look:

{Adapted from the Lipton Publicity Press Release}

The escalating interest in the scarf and wrap/stole category is evident everywhere, as witnessed by looking around at fashion-savvy women. And no collection is more on target for this chic look than the luxurious line up of lightweight options that FRAAS is offering in its Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

More than 30 new Fraas brand styles are debuting in the upcoming season--many in multiple colorway options. Three pretty palettes and themes are apparent--Sun Kissed Summer, Powder Box and Gentle Voice.

“Our aim at FRAAS is to give consumers great choices of fresh products at affordable price points,” says Aimee Zucchetti, the company’s Brand and Sales Manager.

“These new styles—which are part of a far larger collection that includes an extremely comprehensive choice of scarves and wraps in many materials, sizes and shapes— allows them to renew their wardrobes and accessorize like fashionistas without spending a fortune!”

“Whenever a woman wants to add a finishing touch to her outfit and add pizzazz to her entire look—she can reach for one of our FRAAS styles and be 100% confident that it will produce the right effect,” says Ken Krieger, the VP of Sales for the innovative international manufacturer of woven and knit scarves, stoles, ruanas, wraps, capes and related accessories.

{Adapted from the FRAAS Website}

Let the summer begin with FRAAS!

FRAAS – The Scarf Company. No other name stands the way it does for scarves and shawls that reflect the individual character of those who cherish them.

The new range for spring/summer 2012 inspires dreams of faraway places and creates the feeling of the Southern Seas by interpreting 3 key trends.

"Fresh Breeze" – Immerse yourself in a sea of bright colours.

Gentle refreshment on hot days, water droplets that evaporate in the sun and feeling incredibly alive: We associate the colour blue with freedom, the vastness of the heavens and most of all with the sea. FRAAS has captured this aquafeeling for us and created scarves and shawls that inspire dreams of faraway places and awaken in us a longing for the sea.

The design team faced the challenge of searching for a unique shade of blue and using all the tools of their artistry to recreate a bit of the sea. In "Fresh Breeze" soft shades of water colour on light cotton coalesce with expressive digital prints on precious silk or silk-modal blends. Stripes or floral optics seem washed out by the intentionally diffuse digital prints and look as if they've been painted on the surface of the water. Aquatic shades such as turquoise and light blue flow smoothly into washed azure or navy blue. Accenting colours such as flamingo, fuchsia, emerald and apple green intensify the natural ease of the designs.

In "Fresh Breeze", lacy avian motifs catch the eye and, either boldly or tone-in-tone, capture the feeling of freedom and wide open spaces and are carried off into the element of "Air".

"Sunkissed Summer" – a fruity summer is on the horizon.

This summer FRAAS dares to show colour. Shades of bright yellow, orange, hot pink and green are combined with wildy overflowing motifs of fruits and animals. Blocks of colour and design are an absolute "must",

FRAAS transports the admirers of its scarves and shawls into the exotic world of the Southern Seas and animal instincts. Hand-rolled silk with all-over floral prints point the way to distant destinations. Tropical floral prints and wild animals such as giraffes, parrots, butterflies or elephants are brought to life on a backdrop of brilliant colours such as orange, poppy red, flamingo pink and emerald green and radiate in all their glory in a fruit cocktail of oranges, limes, melons, cherries and pineapple on summery cotton-silk blends.
With "Sun-Kissed Summer" FRAAS creates the perfect setting for moderns prints on soft, flowing materials– abstract or realistic – and creates miniature works of art in which one can discover again and again new details reminiscent of the Southern Seas.

"Powder Box" – Frills are what we do best.

Delicate powdery shades combined with playful appliqué provide a gentle counterpoint to colour blocking. The impression is light, romantic and feminine. The pastels range from warm shades of nude, faded rose and crème into the cooler shades of white, lime green or delicate petrol blue. The use of summery cotton and cotton-silk blends emphasizes the elegance of this theme and underscores the delicate romantic look. Playful details such as butterfly or paisley prints, dots, billowy tone-in-tone blossoms and maidenly lace provide the finishing touch.

In conclusion:

The accessories from FRAAS – The Scarf Company are an essential part of spring/summer fashion for 2012. The captivating designs on the finest, most precious materials used simply belong to the trendy woman and fashion-conscious man.

Like the sea to the summer.


The always gracious folks over at Lipton Publicity sent me this absolutely luxurious Animal Print Scarf from FRAAS to road test and review. With animal prints leading as a classic fashion look that is on trend for Spring-Summer 2012, nothing could be more timely than the introduction from FRAAS, long time category leader, of a refreshing and very versatile style within its collection. It can be worn as a wrap or a versatile scarf with three spot-on color way options. It is an ideal accessory and wardrobe enhancer for yourself. Better yet, it would make a terrific Mother's Day or Birthday gift for your discerning family members and friends!


The Spring/Summer 2012 Powder Box Collection of Scarves is a range of flattering mid tone and neutral shades, and included in this collection is a Contemporary Leopard Print scarf which is a winning choice for savvy consumers. This style (393085) in its three color palettes is suitable for every complexion and can accessory varied looks from casual, daytime, business and even dress up. 3It measures 28 x 80 inches, retails for $40 and is easy care, comprised of lightweight acrylic. This style can be folded into a scarf or worn as a wrap. Perfect for travel, since it is so diverse and is extremely packable requiring little space and unpacking wrinkle-free. Wraps are ideal for chilling evenings and over-cooled rooms. Many savvy females are never without one.

MY THOUGHTS: I cannot express enough how super soft and plush this scarf feels to the touch. It is super lightweight, yet the quality of the fabric is so superior, you instantly sense how divine it is going to feel against your skin. The gauge of the fabric is so fine that it actually has a cooling sensation against the skin, so fun and flirty for wearing in the warmer summer months to add that touch of couture pizzazz to your outfits.

The scarf is large and airy, you could even wear it tied like a sarong around your hips over your bathing suit, just another way to show how versatile this scarf is. Wrap it around your neck, drape it over your shoulders, tie it in any creative fashion it inspires you to want to adorn it. You will feel carefree, sexy and oh so chic with this or any one of the sensational Spring/Summer 2012 Scarves in the latest FRAAS Collections.

This concludes my review.

A very special thank you to the generous folks over at Lipton Publicity Inc. for providing me with the awesome FRAAS Scarf detailed in my review for the purposes of my review.

Disclosure: I received the FRAAS Scarf detailed in my review from Lipton Publicity for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with the Grandoe Corporation or Lipton Publicity in any manner. Registered & Protected

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