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REVIEW: STEPHEN KNOLL NEW YORK Beautiful Hair from the Inside Out

I am so excited to share with you my experiences and results with several of Stephen Knoll New York hair care products. Ladies and Gents, you will want to read on to learn more about this luxurious, innovative line of products that will work with a variety of hair types. Whether your hair is long, short, straight, curly or frizzy, color treated or non-color treated, etc. there is a product in this line that will bring new life and healthy results to your precious locks! First, let me introduce the brand to you:


{Adapted from the Stephen Knoll New York Website and Promotional Brochures}

Stephen Knoll New York is a collection of the finest quality hair products, implementing the exclusive Re-Cuticle Technology to cleanse, condition, nourish, restore and protect your hair, leaving the hair healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Elevating the Craft of Hair Styling to an Art Form

Artistic and original, empathetic and intuitive, Stephen Knoll is one of the most celebrated hairstylists in today’s beauty industry.

As defined by one of the most important magazine editors in the United States “A wonderful professional like Stephen is unbound by the framework of a hairstylist, and is currently working as an image maker.”

But Stephen has done more than create sensational styles for celebrities and personalities. Frequently referred to as "America's Master of Hair Design," Stephen has earned celebrity status himself.

Stephen's energy, creativity, skills, and extensive technical knowledge are complemented by his unsurpassed sense of style.

His art is inspired by each individual client's face – not by a preconceived "look," or a current fad. For Stephen, each face becomes a canvas he frames flawlessly.

The Stephen Knoll Experience

Because Stephen treats each client as the unique person she is, there is not any standard or recognizable "Stephen Knoll cut." Instead, every Stephen Knoll cut and style is an original classic – with an edge.

“Just by taking a glance at any women, Stephen can create a style capturing the natural beauty of that person,” once said one of his many celebrity clients.

But regardless of whether his client is a celebrity, or simply a woman who wants to look her best, Stephen's goal is to hear each client say, "I've never felt better about myself!"

An appointment with Stephen Knoll begins with wet hair slicked back and Knoll studying face structure and hair texture, while conceptualizing the look he wants to achieve - then the design begins.

The results? An easy to care for, natural shape reflecting movement and fluidity that, in Stephen’s words is "an accessory that complements, not overpowers."

The most gracious folks over at Stephen Knoll New York generously sent me several products to review. I have been using them regularly for almost 2 months. I waited to write the review because I was sent so many products I wanted to be able to have the time to use them all consistently, so I could honestly give you all my thoughts about them. The reality is, I noticed a difference in the look and feel of my hair almost immediately. Within the 3rd time of application, my hair was noticeably softer, smoother and overall healthier in appearance. Reading Insider Tips from Stephen on how to best use each product on my hair made me feel like he was right there with me, walking me through each step towards achieving ultimate results for my hair. Let me get into the specifics:

Add Volume and Shine. For All Hair Types and Chemically Treated Hair
Price: $19.50


Deep Cleansing Shampoo is a light and gentle cleansing formula that removes residual build up of styling products, chlorine, hard water minerals, and other hair dulling impurities without stripping or causing any damage.

Formulated for daily use for all hair types, this shampoo invigorates your hair and scalp, restoring the hair to its fresh, natural state. Enriched with Shea Butter, it quenches damaged caused by harsh chemicals and conditions both hair and scalp. It will leave your hair with enhanced volume, luster and shine.

MY THOUGHTS: This is an amazingly effective shampoo. The smell is very fresh, not floral sweet, not fruity, just a crisp, clean scent that is pleasing to use, for both women and men! The texture is not too thick, not too thin, it's a clear gel shampoo and a little bit goes a long way! It lathers up so quickly and easily and when you rinse it out your hair feels clean without any leftover residue feeling to it. My hair is quite long, colored, highlighted and I style it all the time. The texture of my hair is coarse and somewhat dry with some damage from styling. I love that my hair is versatile, in that I can create those silky smooth sleek looks with it, or I can leave it more natural which is a rather wavy, curly look. But when I do that my hair also show some frizz, so I typically dry it very straight. This shampoo left my hair feeling instantly softer even before applying conditioner to it.

For Dry and Damaged Hair
Price: $21.50


Formulation developed to ensure moisture penetration into the hair core, Deep Moisture Conditioner restores suppleness and manageability even to the most unruly hair. Leaves hair with exceptional body and shine, making it easier to untangle and more manageable.

The exclusive formulas of Deep Moisture products are extra gentle and safe for chemically treated hair.

Insider Tip from Stephen: "Apply a small amount of Deep Moisture Conditioner on hair lengths and tips, as they are most prone to damage. Avoid applying to the scalp, especially with fine hair."

MY THOUGHTS: This conditioner is wonderful! I am so in love with it. This is again another product that both women and men can benefit from. It has a different scent from the shampoo, but an equally alluring one. It is a refreshing fragrance that leaves your hair smelling incredible and clean. The texture is a white lotion like one that is again, not too thick as to leave your hair feeling greasy or over moisturized. It is a perfect blend of hydration and substance that you can quickly and easily apply it through your hair and again, a little bit of product goes a long way! I left it in my hair a few minutes, I always think doing that insures for optimal moisturizing, and I was so pleased at how effectively the product rinses out leaving my hair feeling repaired and nourished! This conditioner is a real keeper!

For Extra Dry, Damaged or Over-Processed Hair
Price: $42.50


Deep Treatment Hair Mask is an at-home deep treatment that brings out the natural beauty of hair from the first application.

This exclusive formulation works deeply into the hair core, reinvigorating and repairing strand by strand, without weighing down or leaving your hair greasy.

Deep Treatment Hair Mask intensely nourishes you hair, leaving it improved texture, more body, and easy to manage and with luminous shine.

Insider Tip from Stephen: "The days of thirty-minute deep treatment are over – with Deep Treatment Hair Mask you only need 5 minutes (7 at the most) to have soft and lustrous hair without seeing your hairstylist. The formula is extremely rich, so a little less than a tablespoon of product is enough for an average amount of hair."

MY THOUGHTS: This Deep Treatment Mask is a miracle worker! It will last you forever, and will be the best investment you can make for your hair. Stephen's Insider Tip says it all, you need only a small amount of product, for me because my hair is so long I probably used more than a typical user, but still I needed very little as the product is luxuriously rich in texture! After the very first application my hair was transformed as if it were brand new! I felt all the damage from styling was gone, the hair had new life to it, and shined brilliantly! This product is worth its weight in gold!

Moisturizing Styling Lotion
Price: $23.50


Hydro Repair Mist is the perfect tool for conditioning and styling your hair transforming even the wildest, most difficult hair into soft locks. Its unique formulation seals in moisture into the hair’s deepest layers, protecting your hair strands from external abuse and damage.

Hydro Repair Mist relaxes and smoothes, taming frizz and leaving your hair soft to touch and with beautiful shine, for a look so luxurious it is as if you have just come from the salon.

Insider Tip from Stephen: '"Always apply Hydro Repair Mist to clean hair – wet for styling or dry if hair is extra dry or damaged. Let the hair dry naturally or style and blow-dry section by section using a styling brush. If your hair is extremely frizzy, spray a few times to control the frizz during hot, humid summer days."

MY THOUGHTS: As I mentioned earlier, my hair does tend to have some frizz to it, and this is the perfect product to use to tame that frizz down. I have used it both on my hair when wet, as well as to eliminate frizz during the day when my hair is dry. The more consistently I use this product, the less over time I find I need to use it, so I know it is working! Incredible!

For Curly, Coarse Hair
Price: $23.50


Super Smoothing Lotion is an extraordinary styling tool to create salon-quality hairstyles at home, transforming the most difficult curls and frizz into sensuously sleek and shiny strands of hair.

This amazing formulation moisturizes and conditions hair, allowing you to effortlessly blow dry hair straight. Super Smoothing Lotion protects hair from external humidity for a long-lasting smooth style, leaving hair natural and soft to touch, with luxurious, radiant shine.

Insider Tip from Stephen: "Always apply over clean and wet hair for an easy and even distribution. Use an extra dab for specially trouble areas. Blow-dry hair section by section with the help of a brush or let is dry naturally. The lotion also helps to cut down blow-drying time."

MY THOUGHTS: I love, LOVE those ultra sleek silk smooth hair styles that you see many of your favorite celebrities adorning. That is how I typically enjoy styling my hair. What I love most about this product is that it enables you to achieve that look almost effortlessly! Instead of my having to use and over use heat to get this look, the product does the work for me. That means less damage to my hair from heat, and less time spent styling! In addition, it is a treatment product for my hair too, this is a multi-tasking product that we all need to have in our hair care arsenal!

Transforms Straight Hair into Luscious Curls
Price: $23.50


Curling Lotion transforms straight hair into luscious locks. It quickly curls hair, creating the curls you want without hardening for a natural supple and touchable style.

This new formulation, with Hawthorn extract, conditions hair cuticles and creates a shiny finish, at the same time protecting from thermal damage, leaving hair with a soft, silky texture, and the most extraordinary shine.

This easy-to-use lotion creates lasting curls on even the straightest hair: Just apply section-by-section on dry or slightly damp hair and choose a hot tool (dryer, curlers or curling iron) to create the size and shape of desired curls.

Insider Tip from Stephen: “Curling Lotion does not have to be applied right after shampooing – it can be applied anytime, making this product a fast way to completely change your look from straight to sensuous curls. And the best part, the curls will last and remain soft for days until washed out.”

MY THOUGHTS: I am lucky in that my hair can easily go from straight to wavy naturally, or so I thought! But after using this product, I realized that the wavy curls my hair can transform into were not half as pretty or luscious as they are when I use this product to enhance and bring them out! It does take a bit of effort on my part, but only an extra 5 minutes or so, and the results are so worth it. If your hair is straight, and you want transform it into sexy, wild, alluring curls for a change, then hurry on up and get this product. It will enable you to create new looks for yourself and bring out a side of yourself that will surprise your friends for sure!

Volume, Shine, Form and Control for All Hair Types
Price: $20.50


Developed for all hair types, Shape Memory Gel leaves the hair with full body, extraordinary shine, luster, and the ability to be touched and re-touched while still maintaining original style even after exposure to the elements

Shape Memory Gel uniquely leaves hair feeling absolutely clean, as though no product has been used. The versatile formula will not build up or flake off, making it great for sleek and slick styles, as well as enhancing natural curls.

Insider Tip from Stephen: “Use a little at the crown or base of hair when styling; this will provide extra lift and volume."

MY THOUGHTS: Pure magic! Ever wonder how some people can start the day with absolutely divine looking hair and by the end of the day their hair still looks as though they had just had it styled?! This is their little secret.....Use just a small amount of this product when styling, and your hair will maintain it's style from dawn to dusk!! Or longer......

Flexible Hold for Total Control and Beautiful Shine
Price: $20.50


This unique pomade gives firm, flexible hold for total control and beautiful shine. The non-greasy formula builds volume and fullness while it adds great texture. Solid Wax is easy to use and will help create a piecey, modern style.

Insider Tip from Stephen: “The Solid Wax is great for transforming day-hair into evening-hair. Apply before leaving the office to give conservative hair a great night-look with lots of texture and chunkiness.”

MY THOUGHTS: I really had no experience using a pomade prior to doing this review, so I had a lot of fun experimenting with this product. I had to test it out and play around with it a few times before I felt I had a gauge on how much to use and where to best apply it, and I have come to really enjoy using this product to create some "special effects" to my style. Stephen's Insider Tip is right on in that it is fabulous to use when you want to take a day look to an evening look without re-shampooing and doing your hair all over again. This pomade works wonders in adding new texture and dimension to your hair. You need to experiment with it and test it out to discover what it can do to add pizzazz and spice to your unique hair style!


I cannot convey enough to you how thrilled I am with this entire line of products from Stephen Knoll New York. My hair has never been as healthy as it is right now, nor has it ever looked so beautiful! I can now transform my hair from sleek silky smooth and straight to wild wavy and curly, depending on my mood and vision I want to create for myself on any given day! My enthusiasm and belief in these products is genuine, and if you want to make your hair your best asset, give the products a try! I give them my highest recommendation!

You can sign up for the Stephen Knoll New York Mailing List here: LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE You may even receive some free samples!

This concludes my review.

A very special thank you to Stephen Knoll New York for providing me with all the sensational products to use for this review.

Disclosure: I received the items detailed in my review from Stephen Knoll New York for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with Stephen Knoll New York in any manner. Registered & Protected

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