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REVIEW: BABOR - The Ultimate Must Have Make-Up for the Holidays

The BABOR line of products has been a brand I have had my eye on a lot recently. BABOR has a long standing presence in the skin care and beauty industry and each new product that they develop exceeds what they already have created. It is with such honor and excitement that I tell you about three truly divine BABOR make-up products that are perfect to enhance your look throughout the holiday season as well as into the New Year! Let me introduce you to the outstanding BABOR COMPANY.

{Adapted from the BABOR Website}

About BABOR BABOR - the German beauty pioneer. Founded by renowned biochemist Dr. Michael Babor in 1956, the company has been steadfastly focused on innovation and has established itself as a true pioneer in the field of professional skincare.

The BABOR Research and Innovation Centre has been transforming the secrets of nature into natural, high-tech products for over 55 years. These products combine nature and science to create synergetically optimised quality. The research department has been a pillar of the company since the very beginning, and has helped BABOR to establish a leading position amongst its international competitors.

Interdisciplinary teams of scientists and collaborations with renowned universities, other leading research institutes, as well as massage specialists, ensure that BABOR achieves groundbreaking research results and that all BABOR products and treatments achieve the highest level of efficacy and performance – for a visibly improved, lasting, healthy skin tone. Many of the select active and other ingredients are from the natural world of plants, and are obtained from fair-trade sources and organically grown. Each product is a consistent symbol of “Beauty, Made in Germany”.

Each individual product range is subjected to an exhaustive quality control process: from the development of the products in BABOR's own laboratories, to the manufacturing process, to dispatch.


The wonderful folks over at BABOR sent me three make-up products they think are exceptional for the holiday season, essential "must haves" to make you look and feel glamorous for all your holiday events and parties. Classic products that are going to enhance your skin and your lips so you look radiant and glowing and feel confident about yourself throughout this festive season.  Here are the best of the best from the BABOR Make-Up Collection:


Price: $42
Available in three Colors: (2) Light, (3) Medium and (4) Dark
Natural day make up with anti-age effect

•Suitable for all skin types

•Visually conceals fine lines and light wrinkles

•Complexion appears bright and fresh

The Anti-Age Foundation fluid regenerates all skin types with live pumpkin and retinol cells. Light dispersing pigments visually conceal lines and give natural UVA protection.


I  was given this product in the LIGHT color.  I am typically in between a Light and Medium shade.  Surprisingly, this color was perfect for my skin tone!  As a blogger I have the opportunity to test out all kinds of foundations, and in my opinion this is one of the finest I have used!  I say that with such certainty, because it features all the elements I look for in an outstanding foundation.

The texture is lightweight, yet rich and creamy.  I need more than a sheer coverage, I admit I have uneven skin tone and some rosacea, so I want a foundation that is going to naturally cover all my imperfections without feeling heavy and caked on!  This foundation glides on smooth and silky and effortlessly covered the areas that bother me the most.  A little bit of product goes a long way and worked magic to my skin's appearance!

The like that the light shade had no pink hues in it, it is a pure light beige tone with a hint of yellow to it which I feel is almost identical to my own natural skin color.  It also has brightening capabilities and it did brighten up the tone of my skin!  I hate when you see someone who has one shade on their face and when you look at their neck it is a totally different color, you know what I am talking about, right!? So I am pleased this turned out to be a great match for me.

I love that it is a foundation and treatment product in one and it also offers UVA protection. It is all about a product that multi-tasks for you, making this foundation a real winner!  The holidays are quickly approaching, I am going to get busier and busier with holiday preparations and festivities, and I am going to need skin care products and make-up that are going to get me though these upcoming days.  This product will continuously keep my skin glowing and looking radiant with little effort.  Apply the product sparingly, in the areas you want to smooth out and cover up and you are going to look gorgeous and feel amazing!

Next it is all about the Lips!

Price: $25
Available in a Variety of Colors!
Long lasting lipstick with visual lifting effect

•High gloss, long lasting colour

•Protects, treats, regenerates

An innovative new formula with a visible lifting effect. It creates a thin film without sticking or just lying on the surface. High gloss, long lasting and very true color. The lifting complex protects the sensitive skin of the lips from environmental stress while treating and regenerating it.


Well, if the couture matte gold sleek BABOR lipstick container is any indication of how outstanding this product is, you are sure to fall in love with this luscious lip product.  Talk about eye candy!  The decorative container and the lipstick are breathtakingly beautiful.  I feel so glamorous pulling this elegant product out of my handbag to refresh my lipstick ~ something I typically don't do in public, but made an exception because this lipstick case is something to show off to others and the color is equally as alluring.

The first thing I noticed about the lipstick was the vibrant, rich, royal red color, it is gorgeous!  Think of classic Hollywood movie stars who always had these lush, plump, perfectly shaped red lips, and that is what you will be able to transform your lips to look like with this lipstick.  Smooth and creamy, hydrating and nourishing ~ you will turn some heads when people see your pretty pout with this stunning product on them.

The lipstick gives a nice high gloss shine to your lips, but it is not gooey or gunky feeling.  It feels comfortable on your lips and I was glad to see it did not expand outside of my lip area as some lipsticks I have used before have absorbed out of bound and looked messy and embarrassingly gross.  The quality is clearly apparent in this product.  And the color lasts for hours!  Imagine as you are wearing it your lips are being treated as well, protecting them against the environment and regenerating them.  How cool is that!?

I also love the soft sweet scent!  It reminds me of a delicious vanilla fragrance. It is barely detectable but just enough that it pleases your senses and adds that extra element of desire to this product. This classic red color is ageless, timeless and will work for any skin tone.  And, so appropriate for this festive holiday season!  But, if classic red isn't your thing, the BABOR Ultra Performance Lip Color is available in a wide range of lovely colors!

Price: $15
Long-Lasting and waterproof lip pencil for expressive lips


•Contains vitamin E

•Great coverage and staying power

Long lasting, water-resistant lip liner has excellent colour delivery and great coverage so that the lip line remains precisely made-up the whole day. Carnauba and candelilla wax make the lip line soft and provide moisture. Vitamin E protects against free radicals. Comes with a handy lip brush.


Even if you can't draw, this lip liner pencil  will become your favorite artist tool!  It is perfect for defining the shape of your lips and bringing out their beautiful natural shape!  I received a Classic Red Maxi Definition Lip Liner which is the exact companion to the Classic Red Lipstick.  This lip liner allowed my lips to remain perfectly shaped and made up all day.  It glides across your lips with ease and extreme precision.  You can almost feel the moisture in the product because of how easy it was to apply.  The attached lip brush made it a breeze for me to smooth out the lines because I did make a boo boo here and there.  The brush allowed me to give that softer definition to the lines.

Again, if classic red isn't your color of choice, this BABOR Maxi Definition Lip Liner is available in a variety of really pretty colors.

You can visit the BABOR Website directly by CLICKING HERE.  You will be amazed at the wide selection of luxury skin care and beauty products that they offer. I will be reviewing three of their sensational BABOR Skin Care products next week and I am so excited to share my experiences with them with you all

This concludes my Review.

A very special thank you to BABOR for providing me with the 3 products used for this review.

Disclosure: I received the three BABOR products outlined in this review from BABOR for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with BABOR in any manner.

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