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REVIEW: Holiday Skin Care Solutions from BABOR SKINOVAGE PX & DOCTOR BABOR


Wow, it is hard to believe that next week will officially kick off the 2012 Holiday Season!  All the festive activity is glorious, but your skin is going to take its toll on all this decadent activity!  Then, add climate changes into the mix and oh my!  There are a lot of products that can camoflauge dry, tired, damaged skin, adding some vibrance and spice to your look and so it was exciting for me to introduce you to some of my top make up picks for the holidays from BABOR a few weeks ago.  Now I am going to share with you a few of my top skin care picks for the holiday season from BABOR that are going to add radiance and glow to your skin almost immediately.  I am so sure you are going to fall in love with these ultra luxurious skin care products you are going to want to use them over and over again well into the New Year!  Or, give a first class, 5-Star BABOR gift this holiday season as I promise you the BABOR packaging is equally as impresive as the products themselves.   BABOR offers skin care solutions for all kinds of skin types and applications.  I am going to introduce you to just a few of them. 

{Adapted from the BABOR Website}

BABOR - the German beauty pioneer. Founded by renowned biochemist Dr. Michael Babor in 1956, the company has been steadfastly focused on innovation and has established itself as a true pioneer in the field of professional skincare. The BABOR Research and Innovation Centre has been transforming the secrets of nature into natural, high-tech products for over 55 years. These products combine nature and science to create synergetically optimised quality.

The research department has been a pillar of the company since the very beginning, and has helped BABOR to establish a leading position amongst its international competitors. Interdisciplinary teams of scientists and collaborations with renowned universities, other leading research institutes, as well as massage specialists, ensure that BABOR achieves groundbreaking research results and that all BABOR products and treatments achieve the highest level of efficacy and performance – for a visibly improved, lasting, healthy skin tone.

Many of the select active and other ingredients are from the natural world of plants, and are obtained from fair-trade sources and organically grown. Each product is a consistent symbol of “Beauty, Made in Germany”. Each individual product range is subjected to an exhaustive quality control process: from the development of the products in BABOR's own laboratories, to the manufacturing process, to dispatch.


The wonderful folks over at BABOR sent me three incredibly exceptional products to review.  These are some of the creme de la creme of BABOR'S finest products.  As if every product from BABOR isn't amazing, they are all equally deserving to be featured here because BABOR has raised the bar on what is typical out in the skin care industry marketplace.

BABOR transforms the power contained within the finest natural active ingredients, into luxury skincare. BABOR products deliver the greatest possible visible results and skin compatibility for a lasting, healthy looking complexion. For over 55 years, BABOR has worked with Estheticians to create individualized professional skincare ranges of the highest quality, delivering luxury, innovations and results. BABOR, proudly “Made in Germany”.

I asked BABOR to select a few items they would like to recommend for this holiday season, so women and men alike can look fabulous and glamorous this holiday season.  Products BABOR feels will transform your facial skin into healthy, radiant, glowing skin so you can shine throughout the holidays.  BABOR made some very fine choices.  So without further a-do, here are some of BABOR'S outstanding products for the season:


SKINOVAGE PX - Advanced Biogen

Let your skin radiate shine. A skincare range for tired skin in need of regeneration. Is your skin tired, strained and in need of new energy? The ADVANCED BIOGEN care system offers regeneration and revitalization. The skin's functions are activated and cell regeneration stimulated. The skin looks more youthful and appears rosy and fresh.

BABOR SKINOVAGE PX Advanced Biogen Complex C Cream
Price: $76


A Rich 24-hour care for vitalization of the skin with the beauty vitamins A, C and E

- For tired and stressed skin
- Activates and strengthens skin's protective functions
- Reveals a vital, radiant and fresh complexion...

This cutting edge 24-hour cream that features encapsulated, concentrated vitamins C, A and E to help beautify and energize the look of your skin while strengthening its resistance is outstanding!  Alpine stem cells protect against premature  skin aging and Osmo Tec, a molecular catalyst, helps optimize the skin's ability to process active cosmetic ingredients.  It leaves the skin looking fresher and more youthful! 


Oh my goodness, this is one rich, thick, luxurious face cream and so much more!  This is like a vitamin filled drink for your skin and you will immediately feel the ingredients going to work on your skin to provide it with the hydration and nourishment that it needs.  I love a nice thick cream, my skin cries out for it.  This is one of the finest face creams I have used, ever.  It has a soft fresh clean scent that is pleasing as you apply the cream.

A little bit of this highly effective cream goes a long way.  I like that it is a thicker consistency cream yet it leaves no greasy residue or sticky feeling to my skin.  It absorbs quickly leaving just a slight trace of moisture to the surface of my skin.  This jar is going to last me well into the new year.  In just a few short weeks I am already noticing a significent change in the texture and look of my skin.  It has a youthful glow and dewiness to it.  A luminous sheen that looks healthy and alive.  I am so pleased with this product and I want those of you who are looking for an exceptional face cream to consider adding this product into your daily skin care routine.  I've been using this morning and night and it goes on silky smooth and leaves my skin feeling that exact same way!

Next I want to tell you about:


DOCTOR BABOR cosmeceuticals offer precise solutions for every beauty concern. With innovative high-performance formulations combining the latest botanical and high-tech active ingredients, DOCTOR BABOR sets the highest standards when it comes to effective and immediate results. The result: visibly improved, youthful, fresh-looking skin.

DOCTOR BABOR DERMA CELLULAR Ultimate Perfecting Eye Cream
Price: $126


Rejuvenating eye cream with immediate effect Intensive eye cream effectively reduces bags, puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes...

This ultimate perfecting eye cream combats all problems in and around the delicate eye area.  By incorporating the latest research results, Dr. Babor's research team has succeeded in developing an active complex that truly does reduce bags under the eyes, puffiness, those dreaded dark circles and wrinkles around the eye contour with amazing results!


First off, you will love the way you can quickly and easily apply this eye cream.  With the push of the button at the base if the pen and just the right amount of eye cream will dispense onto a sleek silver ball and you can roll the ball around your undereye area and apply this eye cream effortlessly.  It is a breeze to use, and will instantly brighten the look of the skin around your eyes.  The eye cream is rich yet lightweight and it immediately sinks into my skin.  I am applying it to my eye area morning and night and I am beginning to notice that my undereye puffiness is gone and although I did not have dark circles, I am getting them either!  I do have the start of wrinkles around the corners of my outer eyes, and those are diminishing more and more with each day of continued use.  I am hoping this product will protect them from ever forming!  I have high hopes for my continued skin improvement in the New Year as I give the product time to work its magic.  Anyone who has skin care issues around the eyes will benefit long term from using this outstanding eye cream.

And last but not least:

DOCTOR BABOR DERMA CELLULAR Ultimate Wrinkle Filler Effect Balm
Price: $89


The ultimate solution for demanding skin with wrinkles and expression lines.

- Innovative formula with unique applicator
- Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles
- Complexion appears smooth and even...

This ultimate wrinkle filler effect balm effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to triple-active hyaluronic acids and high tech peptides.  These relieve microtensions in the skin and minimize annoying expression lines.  In addition, an innovative formula fills wrinkles with an instant visible effect leaving the skin looking smoother and youthably fresh.


Again, another highly effective product that is going to instantly transform the look of your skin.  If you have fine lines and wrinkles, especially those darn expression lines, then this is the product you will want to always have with you.  I know for me, when I am stressed and tired, the wrinkles that I do have look even more noticeable and pronounced and that is when I want this product the most.  I will especially want to use it for occasions when I am going out to socialize and be with family, friends and people in general!  Using a small amount of this product quickly and easily fills in the areas around my face that has wrinkles and you won't even notice the product is on your skin when you are done.  It dries invisble.

Applying this product is a piece of cake because of the expertly designed applicator.  As with the eye cream, you simply push the button at the base of the pen, and just the right amount of product comes through the flexible spatula-like application enabling you to be able to precisely apply the product directly in the wrinkle area and spread it in like spackle on a wall!  It dries almost instantly and voila, your wrinkle is gone!  Well, ok, not forever, but for the time being!  You can apply this on plain skin or over makeup, your decision.  I actually applied it over my foundation and it worked it's way through to fill in my wrinkles with just one sweep.  I highly recommend this product and again, as with all BABOR products, a little bit goes a long way and works wonders on your skin.

This concludes my review.

You can visit the BABOR US website directly by CLICKING HERE.  There are so many categories of products, depending on your skin type, and what issues you want to address.  I can guarantee that you will learn so much from spending time browsing through the sensational line-up of categories and products within each category.  Your skin is precious and as a special holiday gift to yourself, buy the gift of health and treatment for it.  You will be able to transform your skin so it looks better than ever before.  Enjoy!

A very special thank you to BABOR for providing me with the 3 products used for this review.

Disclosure: I received the three BABOR products outlined in this review from BABOR for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with BABOR in any manner. Registered & Protected

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