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REVIEW: pluggz Ballet Flats


I am bursting with excitement as I introduce the pluggz brand to you.  pluggz is the most innovative brand of shoes for both Women and Men that I have discovered in a very long time and a truly unique brand as well.  pluggz proves that their shoes are not just shoes, they are so much more!  pluggz is where fashion + science + comfort + well being join together to equal one magical pair of footwear!  They are shoes that are going to make you feel more energized, provide you with a more balanced sense of well being and focus, calm you down and minimize your aches and pains. What other brand of shoes can claim all this?! None that I am aware of. That is what makes pluggz so special and why I am choosing them as one of my top picks this holiday season for a perfect holiday gift!  pluggz has styles for both Women and Men. Can you imagine the thrill and pleasure someone you love will feel when you present them with a unique gift that is both stylish, functional and will improve the way they feel both physically and mentally. Here is the science behind the pluggz brand:

{Adapted from the Pluggz Website}

What pluggz Do

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to walk barefoot on grass or sand? It's because we are all standing on a natural energy source - the earth. When we walk barefoot on the earth we absorb the earth's energy in the form of electrons. These electrons enable us to get grounded -- and being grounded makes us feel better.

Pluggz reconnect you with the bounty that lies right beneath your feet. That’s no idle claim. There is plentiful research behind it. Science has shown that we have too many free radicals floating around our bodies. These free radicals can cause discomfort, pain, inflammation, listlessness and all sorts of havoc. Electrons also make you feel happy, which in turn boosts self-confidence and a positive outlook. They help neutralize these nasty free radicals and by doing so begin to heal for us from the inside out. Fortunately, the earth has a plethora of electrons that it is more than willing to share with us. All we have to do is connect. And that’s what pluggz do. The proprietary technology in every pair of pluggz has an actual rubber and carbon plug which acts as a conduit, allowing the electrons to flow into our bodies and start performing their magic.

How pluggz work...

Each pair contains black plugs made from a custom carbon and rubber compound that sit under a weight bearing part of our feet ensuring electrical contact between the earth and us. These plugs are designed to conduct a flow of free electrons from the earth to our bodies. This proprietary technology allows us to get grounded when we walk on grass, sand, soil - or even concrete.

People say they feel better when walking barefoot on grass or sand or earth. According to modern science that’s because being barefoot enables the body to efficiently absorb earth’s abundant electrons. The very same electrons that make us feel good. Traditional shoes interfere with this absorption. Not pluggz. Every pair of pluggz has a black plug - the round circle towards the front of the shoe, beneath your metatarsal that is particularly adept at allowing the free transfer of the electrons, naturally giving your body what it needs to help heal itself, and stay balanced and happy. In a way, the earth is the one releasing the healing. All pluggz do is let it happen.

How pluggz make you feel...

The first time you wear pluggz you might feel a small sensation coming from the ball of your foot. That’s our plug going to work. As you wear them you’re likely to start feeling what other pluggz wearers have reported feeling: more balanced, more energized, a sense of well-being, or calmer or fewer aches and pains. You may even feel all of the above.

Most shoes create a barrier to grounding. But pluggz helps ground us and reconnect us to the bounty that the earth has to offer. Step down onto our plug and earth’s energy will begin its journey into your waiting body. Pluggz are made of 100% high quality, comfortable rubber soles. People love the way they feel. And, each time you purchase a pair of pluggz you’ll feel good knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting inspiring organizations dedicated to improved health for people of all ages. After all, pluggz is more than a good-looking shoe. It’s a good-looking shoe that does a lot of good.


The generous folks over at pluggz sent me a beautiful pair of pluggz Ballet Flats to review. I was not aware of the pluggz brand prior to be contacted by the company and once they reached out to me, and I visited their website to learn about them, I was blown away by the science of pluggz and the exciting benefits you gain from wearing these most innovative shoes. They are not only ultra chic and stylish in design, but they are going to make your feet and body feel so good!

GAIA Ballet Flats in Bronze Leather
Price: $129
Available in Sizes: 6 - 10.5
Available in a Variety of Colors: Black Leather, Bronze Leather, Bordeaux Leather, Pewter Leather and Camel Suede


pluggz Ballet Flats are made of supple full grain leather with patent leather toe caps and slip resistant rubber soles, features include contoured arches, padded heels, and trampoline soles with anti-microbial lining.


The first thing I noticed with I opened the pluggz shoe box was how meticulously crafted these shoes are.  They are made of the finest leather, and you can feel the outstanding workmanship that went into creating this exceptional shoe.  The attention to detail in all the design elements is quite impressive.  I had spent time learning all that I could about the shoes before I received them, so when they arrived I did not waste a second before putting them on.  They fit me perfectly and so incredibly comfortable on my feet.

The wonderful folks over at pluggz sent me some very helpful tips about how to gain the most benefits from wearing the ballet flats. For example, I had inquired as to whether you can wear socks when wearing the shoes, because I was not sure if socks would detract from the ability of my body being able to experience all the healing capabilities of the shoes. And, I was told it’s okay to wear socks with pluggz. They suggest either cotton or wool socks since it is a natural fiber.

The very first thing I did was try a little experiment that the folks at pluggz recommended. First I walked outside not wearing the pluggz. I paid great attention to how I was feeling walking outside before wearing the pluggz. Then I went inside, put on the pluggz without socks and I went back outside and took the dogs for a nice long walk. Since the sun was still out, the ground was not as cold as it had been earlier in the day. The carbon plug located on the bottom of the shoes connects with the earth's energy and even if you do not feel anything noticably different, they are still working. Whether you are walking on grass, dirt, concrete or sand, you will gain the benefits of pluggz. I also wore the pluggz for several hours last night, as I ran around the house doing all kinds of tasks.

My experiences wearing the pluggz after roughly 6 hours was a definite increase in energy and focus. I did not experience any tingling or noticeable unusual sensations. I am not sure I was more calm, as it was somewhat chaotic here last night, but I felt more stamina and alertness. Everyone is difference and no two people will experience pluggz quite the same. But one thing is for sure, you will love the comfort of them and the positive energy you will feel while wearing them.

I am wearing them today and my mood is quite different today than it was last night. I am in a much more relaxed zone, a quieter mood yet I feel more energized and motivated than I usually am when I get in these mellow mental zones. So I am continuing to feel the magic of these fabulous shoes. I am trying to describe the shift in levels from how I felt before I put on the pluggz and where my levels are at after wearing the pluggz. If I had to rate myself today on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of energy with 1 being no energy and 5 being lots of energy, I would say prior to my wearing pluggz I was at a 2 and now I am at a 4. On that same scale in terms of overall well being and improvement in pain level, I was at a 3 prior to putting on the pluggz, and now I am at a 4. So I am seeing improvement from these sensational shoes.

I want everyone to learn about these truly innovative and unique shoes. I want to get on the rooftops and shout out to the world how amazing they are.   I hope I was able to capture the essence of these shoes and convey all the features they have to offer.   

If what I have shared with you has peaked your interest, then head on over to the pluggz website and check out the other styles that are available and learn how you can get a pair of these for yourself.  And, don't forget about the upcoming holidays!  Why not purchase a pair for a family member or friend as they will make a one of a kind holiday gift! CLICK HERE for more pluggz.  

This concludes my review.

A very special thank you to Pluggz for sending me the Ballet Flats to review.

Disclosure: I received the Pluggz Ballet Flats from Pluggz for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affilated with Pluggz in any manner. Registered & Protected

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