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REVIEW: BY TERRY Christmas 2012

One of my favorite things about the holidays is getting dressed up for holiday parties and get-togethers with family and friends.  And that means, a chance for me to glam up my look by adding extra special touches of shimmer and sparkle to my entire look, and that includes the makeup I use.  I have so much fun playing with makeup colors and using colors and textures that I may not typically use on an average day.  How does the idea of an elegant Face and Decollete Anti-Wrinkle 24-Carat Pink Gold Restructuring Rose Cells Oil sound to you?!  Pretty unique and fascinating, right?  It is with such excitement that I introduce the latest creation from BY TERRY called OR DE ROSE HUILE ABSOLUE.  Let me first introduce the extraordinary BY TERRY cosmetics company to you:
{Adapted from the BY TERRY Website}
Journalists have dubbed her "The genius of make-up, the guru of color..." Women from all walks of life can't live without her advice, her products, and her revolutions.

The mother of 4 children, TERRY applies her talents and imagination in the world of luxury products. After refining her ingenuity, creative spirit and expertise for 20 years in collaboration with the greatest names in fashion and beauty, in 1998, TERRY launched the passionate adventure of her own signature label, BY TERRY.

Growing up in a family of scientists, it was natural for her to begin her studies at medical school, but she abandoned that for the world of art and creation.

She decided to pursue university-level art studies, but first, rather by curiosity and as a challenge, she took the very prestigious courses in aesthetics taught by the Carita sisters, Maria and Rosy. That summer session was the turning point of her life, where TERRY assembled the elements that would become her life work.

Through another unexpected stroke of luck, she became a Studio Makeup Artist. One day when no one else was available, Maria Carita sent her to take charge of the makeup at a photo session: not only for Vogue magazine, but the Haute-Couture issue!

Not knowing precisely what was expected of her, she went straight to the honest essentials, concentrating on what she was best at, with perfect success. “An impeccable mouth, an invisible complexion, full, separate lashes… I focus on my know-how!” says TERRY.


"My idea was to offer the same criteria of excellence, the same standards of perfection and expertise as are found in Haute Couture. I had been recognizing this phenomenon of personalization for a long time. I watched the world of luxury products slip toward a kind of standardization, of globalization, which essentially offered the same product for everyone. In the wake of the overconsumption of the 1980s and the minimalist, revivalist spirit in the early 1990s, I was sure that the next century would begin with people seeking pure creation and individualization."

~ Terry de Gunzburg


Whenever TERRY talks about makeup, luxury is foremost in her thoughts. As she puts it, “luxury is what is rare, made with conscience and passion, founded on know-how”. TERRY expresses her values and her beauty expertise in the image of Fashion Houses that produce ready-to-wear versions of their Haute Couture creations. She conceives and concretizes her creative strategies in her "Haute Couleur" laboratory, located above her original Paris boutique in the Galerie Véro-Dodat. From the doors of this laboratory emerge cutting edge, innovative formulas, products based on today's most sophisticated techniques and purest pigments.


Just as in the world of fashion, BY TERRY offers three lines:

The "Haute Couleur Revolution": comparable to Haute Couture, TERRY creates makeup products custom-made for a specific customer. This extremely luxurious service is only available at the Paris boutique, 21 Galerie Véro-Dodat.

The "Chromathèque": extraordinary textures handmade from rare, pure pigments, unlimited ranges of color that stretch out to infinity. This unique product allows each woman to compose her ideal color palette, with total freedom to choose colors and textures for her complexion, eyes and lips. An exceptional service, available at all times in the three Paris boutiques, and at certain times as special collections in the department store boutiques.

The Makeup Range: easy-to-use products, ultra high performance formulas, extraordinary textures of the highest quality, rare and precious pigments, and an extended choice of colors to fit any need.

Baume de Rose: adored by stars, a darling of the press, this healing balm with its ultra rich texture has been the "must-have" product for TERRY addicts since 2003. Its little jar decorated with mercury metal is filled with nourishing treasures that intensely replump, shape, protect and repair the lips.

Eclat de Teint: the essential accessory for flawless skin, this instant radiance-boosting base can be used alone or applied under a foundation. It has become the best-selling "light-trap" product from BY TERRY.

Light Expert: known as the "foundation that makes anyone an expert", ultra practical and perfect for women on the go with its built-in brush that guarantees impeccable one click application without even trying!

Eclat Opulent: a high-powered blend of skincare and makeup, this multi-active foundation has won over fans of "invisible" makeup. The first foundation with a universal shade that adapts flawlessly to all skin tones.

How that you have learned a little bit about BY TERRY, let me share with you my experience using four of BY TERRY'S latest products which came out for this very special 2012 Holiday Season:


I have had the fabulous opportunity to review four splendid products from BY TERRY as part of my annual Holiday Glamour and Gift Giving Guide.  These four products could not be more perfect for adding some elegance and radiance to my holiday look this season.  These products are exclusively available for sale at Barney's stores nationwide and online as well as at

The first product to showcase is a real show stopper!  It is so extraordinary and the results will leave your skin looking breathtakingly beautiful!

Price: $124
Lumi-Lift Nutri-Glow
Face and décolleté
Anti-Wrinkle 24-Carat Pink Gold


A highly nutritional two-phase oil brimming with Pure 24 Carat Pink Gold with anti-aging benefits, rose cells that activate the youth matrix and nourishing-lifting absolute rose extracts. When shaken, it transforms into a beauty elixir that illumonates the face and décolleté in “rosy-light” sheen. This ultra-nourishing skincare oil replenishes and enhances even the dullest, most devitalized skin.


Pure 24 Carat Pink Gold - Rose plant cells - Muscat rose oil - Black rose oil extract -White rose and rosa centifolia oil extract -Provins rose and dog rose oil extract -Pure micro-prisms


-Shake the bottle to mix the precious particles and rejuvenating active ingredients together. Apply a few drops of oil to thoroughly cleansed face and décolleté -Mix with foundation or skincare cream to boost your natural radiance


The very first thing you notice about this divine oil is the alluring rose scent.  It smells so glorious!  It arrived to me in a lovely rose colored faux leather pouch that was such a couture bonus!  Using just a teeny tiny amount of this magical oil goes a long way. The product is called an oil, but it does not leave any kind of greasy or sticky feeling to your skin.  Rather, it makes your skin feel silky soft and smooth!  I have been adding a few drops of the product into my foundation and it has been giving my face such a luminous, dewy glow!  The soft pink sheen makes my skin look so youthful and perky!

There are six, yes 6, prodigious roses with powerful anti-aging potential in this most innovative product.  Black rose, white rose, rosa canina, rosa centifolia, provins rose and muscat rose.  How incredibly amazing is that?  The oil extracts nourish your skin and the anti-oxidants of vitamins A, C and E catalyse hydration, comfort and cell vitality to your skin.

There are light perfecting rejuvenating filter in this product that work thru this multi shimmering oil, which is a blend of pure prisms, sparkling microparticles and corrective nano-beads that adorns the skin with "pink" gold waves and illuminates the face and decollete without giving the appearance of a "mirrored disco-ball".

The subtly shimmering dry oil texture penetrates the skin quickly leaving a deep comfort protective veil on the skin.  Oh so feminine and sensual, its ecstatic rose freshly picked fragrance leave an unforgettable fragrant trail.

I have been smoothing a few drops into my body moisturizer and then onto my neck and decollete area and the effect is so subtle and sexy.  It gives that slight gold and pink shimmer to my skin.  It makes me smell beautiful, I feel blissful and my skin just glows with radiance!

This product does everything it claims to do and I just adore it!  I love that the ingredients in this product are nourishing for my skin while at the same time add an element of glamour and vibrance to the look of my skin. 

Next, moving on to the Eyes!

Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow - 9: Velvet Orchid
Price: $43
Available in a Wide Variety of Beautiful Colors
Melting Eyeshadow
Smooth-Reflect Color
Smudge-proof Hold
Multi-Active Black Pearl Extracts

I was sent the spectacular Velvet Orchid shade which is a deep vibrant purple, so magnificent!

This melting eyeshadow with its pratical pen format, concentrated with ultra-smoothing Tahitian black pearl extract, lights up eyelids with radiance-trapping multi-reflective shine. Its “tattoo-hold” stretch texture evens out eyelids with a waterproof radiance-lift reshaping film.
For more radiance : Tahitian black pearl, rich in fortifying calcium, anti-aging proteins and antioxidant tocopherols, smoothes and perfects eyelids.
For a better hold: Adhesive polymers present an unifying and color fixation action for a waterproof effect.
Apply OMBRE BLACKSTAR n°3 « Blond Opal », n°7 « Fizzy Jade » or n°8 « Paradise Island » at the roots of the lower eyelashes for a “catch-light” look.
They call this the melting eyeshadow because it literally melts onto your skin upon application.  The expertly designed pen applicator allows you to glide the shadow on effortlessly.  The color is so rich and vibrant that you do not need to press down hard at all in order to color your lids with this sensational color!  The color is truly long lasting, in fact, I applied it at around 10 am this morning and now at almost 5 pm it looks just as fresh as it did this morning!
This is a product that has nourishing ingredients in it that is going to be healthy to use on my eyelids as well as bring out my eyes to make them "pop".  This is a no fail eyeshadow, you can't make a mistake in applying directly to your eyelids to make them look dramatic and sultry for the holidays.
Next for the Eyes,
Crayon Kohl Terrybly - Oplaine Flash
Price: $34
Available in a Variety of Outstanding Shades

I was sent the unique and oh so pretty Opaline Flash Color.  It is so soft and feminine and really add some subtle highlights to my eyes!


- The ultimate in high-precision waterproof eye pencils for bold and glamorous eyes, to create a look that’s either ‘demure’ or ‘very shimmery’ but always stunning!

- Its soft tip with excellent glide-on action defines the contour of your eyes and applies deeply intense matte and ultra-iridescent color.

- Very long-lasting with excellent hold, it guarantees an exceptionally precise line that can be applied as khôl or eyeliner.

- Crayon Khol Terrybly is supplied with a pencil sharpener for a permanently precise tip.

Direction to use:

Apply to the inside as kohl or use to draw a line along the lashes.


- Emollient wax provides softness, comfort and glide-on action.
- Color-Slide Pigments guarantee intense and long-lasting color


- First, draw a dotted line within the eyelashes (before applying mascara), then draw right along the eyelid to create a full, deeply colored line.

Depending on the shape of the eye, adjust the thickness of the line towards the outside of the eye to lengthen, even out or accentuate your look.


This is definitely an eye liner that is giving my eyes that shimmery look, which is so appropriate for the holidays!  Even when my eyes feel and look tired, applying this soft, feminine color make my eyes look brighter and more awake!  The eye liner glides on so smoothly, it does not pull or tug at my gentle eyelid.  It is waterproof, however, to remove it is a breeze.

I have been applying this product just above my eyelashes on my upper lids.  It seems to bring out the whites of my eyes, which make me appear more youthful.  I have been applying the Velvet Orchid eyeshadow just above this liner, it makes for such a pretty effect!  I can wear this look by day, and apply it slightly darker for evening outings, parties and get-togethers!

And last but not least, the Lips!

Rouge Terrybly - 201: Terrific Rouge
Price: $49
Available:  In a Wide Range of Gorgeous Colors

Age Defense Lipstick
Nutri-Replenishing High Color
Lumilip® Technology

I was sent the stunning Terrific Rouge Color which is so festive and classic for the holidays.  It brightens up the entire look of my face and makes my lips "pop" and my smile sure does get noticed wearing this ageless, timeless color!

The first volume and firmness lipstick enriched with the BY TERRY exclusive and anti-aging Lumilip® Technology to rejuvenate and embellish every smile with silky colors. An extra-comfort and « push-up » lip elixir, wrapped in its satin bag for a beauty touch-up at any time.

Direction to use:

  • Apply directly with a lip brush (Lip Definer Brush Précision 3).
  • For perfectly drawn lips, outline their contours with CRAYON ONCTUEUX.

  • For A “Push-Up” Effect : Kiss Me Quick Extract
  • For A Hydra-lift Effect: Hyaluronic Filling Spheres
  • For A Tensor – Firming Effect : Ceramids
For a glossy, high care result, apply BAUME DE ROSE to the center of the lips and blend with PRECISION BRUSH 3.
This is one luxurious moisturing lipstick!  I am so in love with its rich, hydrating texture.  It goes on so silky smooth and the color is so deep and vibrant!  A small amount applied to my upper and lower lips goes a long way.  I prefer a thinner amount of product than a thicker application which give my lips just the right amount of color while maintaining a natural look.  The lipstick stays on and lasts on my lips for hours.
This lipstick works to keep my lips firm and plump while providing me with gorgeous color while working its magic.  I'd love this lipstick in every color,  so my lips will always look beautiful and they will always be healthy.
This concludes my review.
BY TERRY is a magical, most enchanting brand of luxurious cosmetics, skincare, perfumes and so much more.  You can discover all the exceptional products available by visiting Barneys Stores nationwide or online by CLICKING HERE or visit SPACE.NK.apothecary by CLICKING HERE.  Have fun browsing around!
A very special THANK YOU to the folks at BY TERRY for providing me with the four products outlined in this review.
Disclosure: I received the four products from BY TERRY for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with BY TERRY in any manner. Registered & Protected

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