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REVIEW: Elizabeth Arden New York

It is with such excitement that I kick off my annual New Year, New You Guide for 2013 with some gorgeous new colors from Elizabeth Arden New York's make up collection.  The colors are absolutely beautiful and are sure to brighten up and give your face a fresh new look for the New Year.  Out with the old colors and in with the fresh new vibrant colors that are going to bring out your best face in the glorious New Year.
I have been a long time user of Elizabeth Arden products.  My grandmother used the brand, my Mom continues to use the products, and now I am a third generation user.  The makeup colors are always impeccably created to flatter and enhance the faces of women of all ages and all skin tones.  These ageless, timeless products are always of the utmost fine quality.  The colors are always contemporary and desgined to make women look radiant, and you receive a lot of product for a reasonable price.  These elements are what keeps me a loyal and returning customer.  I am sure once you read my review, and see all the most enchanting new colors for 2013, you will understand what makes Elizabeth Arden New York such an outstanding company that women have trusted to keep them looking beautiful decade after decade.
Starting in 1910, an age when it was rare for women to wear make-up much less run their own businesses, Elizabeth Arden opened her first spa on Fifth Avenue and began to build one of the the world's first global beauty brands.
As an advocate for women's rights she once marched past her Red Door Salon on Fifth Avenue alongside 15,000 fellow suffragettes, all wearing red lipstick as a symbol of strength. During WWII she developed cosmetics for the women who served in the military. And in 1946 she became one of the first women to ever be featured on the cover of Time Magazine.

Not only was Elizabeth Arden among the first to apply scientific innovation and rigor to the beauty industry, she was world-famous for her holistic approach to beauty. As far back as the 1920's she was encouraging women to hydrate, avoid the sun, and practice yoga daily.

As an entrepreneur, a women's advocate, and a champion for holistic beauty, Elizabeth Arden was in many ways a 21st century woman, whose beliefs seem more relevant today than ever before.
The always generous folks over at Elizabeth Arden sent me some truly fabulous products to review.  As always, it is a thrill to see the new products and colors coming out for the New Year, and this time they have outdown themselves with some sensational ones.  I was sent make up items and skin care products, so this review will focus on the make up and I will give you a sneak peak at the skin care products which I will cover in a separate review.
Without further ado, here are the delightful eye shadow colors for 2013:
Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Duo
Price: $28.50
Available in a Variety of Color Combinations

I received the Precious Metals Duo as shown below:


A beautifully blended eye look starts with perfectly paired colors. Our Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Duos are precisely matched to work together seamlessley. Instantly smooths and brightens the look of eyes while delivering luxurious skincare benefits. Vitamin enriched. Oil-free.

How many beautiful looks can two eye shadow colors create? When the colors are as perfectly paired as these, the answer may surprise you. Our Beautiful Eye Shadow Duos combine longwearing brilliant color with luxurious skincare benefits. Each Duo was precisely matched to take the guesswork out of blending and delivers results women are raving about.

Our crease-free formula also helps improve the appearance of signs of aging while protecting your skin from environmental damage. Each sleek, gold and silver mirrored compact includes two dual-ended applicators. You'll love that there’s a bit more of the lighter, highlighter shade so you don't run out.

The buildable shades provide strong color saturation and outstanding wear. The smooth texture of the luxurious new formula is crease-proof, allowing for a multi-finish application that smoothes, brightens and lifts the look of eyes. First, smooth the lightest shade of the duo across your entire eye lid, Next, create some contour by using the darker shade in the crease of your eye lid. For added dimension, use the lightest shade again to highlight under your brow and in the inner corners of your eyes.

Beautiful New Packaging

The Beautiful Color Eye Shadows are encased in a new sleek, gold and silver compact with a mirror and a dual ended sponge and brush. The iconic Elizabeth Arden Red Door embossed into each powder for a sophisticated look.


I received the shadow duo in the Precious Metals color combination.  I have to say, the duo colors are gorgeous, and the colors will compliment any eye color on women of all ages!  That is one thing I have always loved about Elizabeth Arden cosmetics, they are created with all women in mind, any age, any skin color, any preferred style trend, the products will work for you to bring out your best face.

The shadows are so luxurious, they glide on so soft and smoothly and you instantly feel the extreme fine quality of them.  I put them on in the morning and by lunchtime, the shadow is still where I placed it, and it does not fold into the creases of your eye lid.  In fact, four hours later the shadows still look as they did when I first applied them.

The variety of eye shadow duos Elizabeth Arden has teamed together are indeed perfectly paired and you cannot go wrong with any color combination you select.  You will love how they feel on your lids, you will be amazed at how natural the colors look when you apply them, and you will appreciate how the shadows stay in place and will not crease on you.  And, there are ingredients in eye shadows that are going to work behind the scenes to keep the gentle skin of your eyelids healthy, now how incredibly innovative is that?!

These are definitely some of my top picks for 2013!


Beautiful Color Eye Shadow
Price: $18.50
Available in a Wide Variety of Colors

I received two colors of the single color eye shadow compacts as shown below:
Bronze Lustre
Rooted in NYC with more than 100 years of beauty expertise, Beautiful Color Eye Shadows were developed in shades that are trend driven and in a formula that is good for your skin. The outcome: smooth, crease-free shadows that combine long-lasting color with luxurious skin care benefits. Vitamin enriched. Oil-Free.
The buildable shades provide strong color saturation and outstanding wear. The smooth texture of the luxurious new formula is crease-proof, allowing for a multi-finish application that smoothes, brightens and lifts the look of eyes.

Now creating fresh, brighter looking eyes is easy.

Just smooth a shimmery neutral shadow over your lids with your fingers. Dab a sheer silver or pearly white shadow on the inner corners. Finish by contouring the crease of your eye with a deeper shade to accentuate the look.

As with the comments I said about the duo shadow compact, my experiences with the single eyeshadow compacts are exactly the same.  These are buildable, blendable shades that are formulated to mix and match perfectly together.  The colors are beautiful, the texture is magically dreamy smooth.  These shadows are perfection at its finest!
The shadows provide outstanding wear, they can be applied so smoothly to brighten the eyes and provide lifting benefits!  These shadows will make your eyes look better over time, who knew wearing makeup could do this?  Leave it to Elizabeth Arden to be so innovative as to create these multi-tasking eyeshadows!  They are exceptional!
 Last, to define the eyes, I received:
Beautiful Color Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil
Price: $18
Available in a Variety of Colors

I received the Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in the lovely Mulberry Color as shown below:


This long-wearing pencil in rich colors gives your eyes definition and drama. Smudge tip creates a smoky look. 


Begin applying the liner to the outside corner of the lower lash line and draw small, feather-like strokes, connecting each one as you move to the inside of the eye. Use the same trick on the upper lash line. Color intensity should face as you move inward from the corner. Use the smudge tip to create a smoky look.


Applying these magnificent eye liner powder pencils is a breeze!  They are probably one of the softest eye liner pencils I have come across ever!  To define my eyes, using just a light sweep across my upper lids and along my lower lids was all I needed to make my eyes pop!  And, the Mulberry color is so pretty!  They brought out the hazel color of my eyes so nicely.

You do not need to apply any pressure to your hand when putting these liners on.  If you get that somewhat shaky looking line, no problem!  The opposite end of the pencil is a smoothing tool that you can use to give your line that smoky smoothed out look.  I love it!  This is a mistake proof eye lining pencil with the ease and comfort of a powdery texture.  You will want one in every color once you use it for the first time. 

You can create a natural eye lining look for the day time and create a deeper more dramatic look with these pencils for night time.  The liner stays in place for hours and you will be able to enjoy defining and highlighting your eyes round the clock with these gentle, silky enhancing eye pencils.  They are also my top picks for 2013.

This concludes my review.

Next week I will be reviewing a few of Elizabeth Arden's latest skin care products for 2013.  I have been using the skin care products for almost 2 weeks and I am so pleased with them.  I cannot wait to share with you my experiences.

Elizabeth Arden products are available at fine department stores nationwide, as well as directly from the Elizabeth Arden Website.  You can visit the website directly by CLICKING HERE.  Have fun browsing around the extensive selection of fine products.  I know you will discover so many that are perfectly suited for you!

A very special THANK YOU to Elizabeth Arden for providing me with the products to use for this review.

Disclosure:  I received the products outlined in this review from Elizabeth Arden for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Elizabeth Arden in any manner. Registered & Protected

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