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REVIEW: baggallini

Bags and accessories designed with style and thoughtful function for the woman who aspires to a well ordered life ~ order is beautiful

The above is the baggallini tag line.  Simple, straightforward from a company that designs luxury bags and accessories where so much attention to every design detail has been made in order to stand by their tag line.  baggallini strives to help you keep your life organized while making you to look ultra chic and stylish at the same time! And easily said, they do indeed succeed!  Take it from one who knows, me!  The "desktop" of my laptop is perfectly arranged...... I can find an electronic file without blinking twice, the actual physical desk I work at, in impeccable order so I can find anything I need in an instant....... the same goes with my handbag.  If I need an "on the go" essential, all I have to do is open my handbag and with the snap of a finger I can grab whatever it is I need, because everything has a perfectly planned out spot in there.  A little OCD, ummmm yea, but an organized gal is a productive lady!  And companies like baggallini want us all to be just that and more!  Organized, productive and our personal best in every aspect.

So, if you have not had an opportunity to discover the exceptional baggallini brand, then you are truly in for a special treat because once you have experienced one of their bags, your life will forever be changed!  Let me introduce this outstanding company to you:

ABOUT baggallini
{Adapted from the baggallini Website}

Born, in 1995, from the idea that women need a stylish way to stay organized while traveling, we have evolved as our consumers found order to be even more valuable in their daily lives.

We design handbags and travel accessories for women who embrace personal style with thoughtful function that enables and inspires a well ordered life, lived fully and beautifully. Order is beautiful.

Our bags are sold in thousands of specialty independent stores and boutiques in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, and China, as well as on-line. Soon to be worldwide.

There are five Collections within the baggallini brand.  I have about a half dozen favorites within each collection, so hard as it was, I narrowed it down to one favorite from each collection so I could give you a taste of what each one has to offer, all magnificent:


The Tokyo Mini
Price:  $64.95


The Charm Tote
Price:  $139.95


The Rome
Price:  $224.95


The Audrey Satchel
Price:  $149.95


The Uptown Bagg-Print
Price:  $84.95


The generous folks over at baggallini sent me the sensational elena tote in the marvelous Auburn color to review. They could not have selected a more perfect tote for my busy lifestyle, and the color Auburn is such a versatile color for me. The elena tote, as well as all the baggallini bags, are designed to bring a sense of order to your busy life, in bag designs that make sense, that are functional, that pay attention to the needs of woman and what they want to bring with them when they are on the go.  It is with such excitement and enthusiasm and sheer joy that I share with you the details and specifications of the elena tote:

elena tote
Price:  $179.95
Available in a Variety of Dynamic Colors

Front View with Crossbody Strap and Leather Handles:

{Note:  See that brown leather strip decorating the center of the tote, well shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but there is a hidden zipper located under the leather that opens up a large storage pocket!}

{See all those silver circles embellishing the leather handles and side tabs?  Well, the picture doesn't show the detail of these striking silver studs that have the designer nail head look, so sleek and cool!  And how about those large baggallini logo zipper pulls, so distinctive!}

Back View with Crossbody Strap and Leather Handles:

{See that long zipper?  Well, you can transform the entire look of this back by tucking the handles into the open zipper pocket to easily hide them as show in the picture below, how quick and neat is that?!}

Front View without Crossbody Strap and Leather Handles hidden in zippered pocket:

Side View:

View of Inside of Tote:

{Even the most organized gal will be in seventh heaven when she sees all the well thought out organizational aspects of this tote, it will make her do a happy dance for sure!}


  • Leather shoulder straps
  • Removable crossbody strap
  • Secure, zippered top opening
  • Hidden zippered pocket under leather trim
  • Back pocket converts to slide securely over suitcase handle
  • Interior credit card slots and lipstick holder
  • Removable leather-trimmed wallet included


My very first impression of the elena tote when I first saw it fresh out of the box was how abundant and large it is and how expertly constructed it is, and I knew right away that this tote was going to be durable enough to handle my rugged busy lifestyle for a long time.  Those two thoughts were memorable and first impressions are everything!  Once a positive experience has been made, it is always a trend for the rest to come!

I say I have a rugged lifestyle because I can't worry about being gentle with the things I own.  I work hard, I play hard and I don't have time to worry about straps breaking, pockets ripping and zippers getting stuck.  You get the idea.  I am a girly girl, YES, I want to look pretty, feel glamorous and look like I stepped off the pages of a magazine, but I want the accessories I wear to be able to handle the bumpy roads that my journey in life takes me on.  The elena tote has been meticulously constructed to do just that. 

The elena tote has been serving as my daily handbag.  It is large enough to hold the wide variety of items I need with me when I leave the house everyday.  I carry items for myself as well as my necessities for my children so this handbag multi-tasks as my handbag/tablet/duffle bag.  It has truly been like a personal assistant for me.  It has a spot/slot for all my "little" things like my grocery store discount cards, my library card, my gas card, insurance cards, all neatly lined up on one side of the bag.  Then there are perfectly proportioned pockets for my lipstick, my keys, and pens.  So when I hurry to grab something like my tablet or my wallet, my fingers do not get caught up on those annoying little things that used to hide in the bottom of my old handbag.  And, a matching wallet comes with this tote as an extra bonus and it matches the handbag to a tee.  I am using that to store my cell phone in.  So, when I need to make a call or answer a call, I know exactly where my phone is at all times.  Love it!

I am totally feeling organized, in control, and yes feeling more professional carrying this blissful elena tote.  It looks contemporary and ultra stylish, and makes me look pulled together and confident.  The tote offers all the splendid design elements I look for in a classic, feminine, couture handbag, with the added benefits of assisting me to be more organized and orderly.  A magnificent bag like this is one every woman should have the pleasure of owning and the designs are ageless and timeless so women of all ages and of all professions can reap the benefits from carrying them.  There is a design to fit a wide range of lifestyles.

This concludes my review.

You can visit baggallini directly by CLICKING HERE to browse through the abundant bags and accessories they have to offer.  You will have so much fun!

A very special THANK YOU to baggallini for providing me with the elena tote used for this review.

Disclosure:  I received the elena tote from baggallini for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.   I am not employed nor affiliated with baggallini in any manner.

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