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REVIEW: nanoblur High Definition Skin in Seconds!



Women from Canada, the UK, Australia and all the way to Hong Kong have discovered the magic of nanoblur™ and now nanoblur™ has landed in the United States.  Welcome to the launch of nanoblur™ !  I was browsing down my Facebook timeline one morning and I saw one of my favorite companies posted about nanoblur™.  I thought the name nanoblur™ was really cool, it got my attention, but what really intrigued me was what nanoblur™ claims to do ~ which is to take 10 years off the appearance of your face in just 40 seconds!  Have I got your attention?!  This product is fabulous, already a success around the globe and now America can get in on this revolutionary new product.  Let me introduce you to nanoblur™:

{Adapted from the nanoblur Website}

What is nanoblur™

Developed for on-camera talent to 'blur' out HD-visible imperfections, nanoblur™ uses the latest advances in skincare to smooth and refine skin's appearance. Within seconds, pores seem to disappear, fine lines seem to vanish. The result - skin appears nearly flawless. nanoblur™ is perfect for any time you want your skin to look better than ever.

How it works

nanoblur™ is tomorrow's high technology, today. A suspension of millions of particles reflect light perfectly in billions of directions. Within seconds pores begin to disappear, fine lines seem to vanish, giving your skin a flawless finish. The skin texture appears nearly perfect. With one application on any skin surface (even your hands), you will be convinced. It's just that simple.


The most gracious folks over at nanoblur™ enthusiastically and quickly sent me a tube of nanoblur™ to review.  They are so extremely excited to now be in the United States and they are confident women and men are going to fall in love with this product, and I think they are 100% correct!

I watched the video on the nanoblur website and found it to be a quick and informative way to learn exactly what nanoblur is and how it works.  It is a ground breaking scientific innovation.  In one word magic... nanoblur™ is tomorrow's high technology, today. A suspension of millions of particles reflect light perfectly in billions of directions to make the skin's surface appear flawless. In seconds see your fine lines, enlarged pores and imperfections blur away, revealing a smoother, softer skin tone. With one application on any skin surface (even your hands), you will be convinced. It's just that simple.

Price:  $19.99

My tube of nanoblur arrived within 2 days of my requesting it, speedy delivery was a great first impression.  I was so excited to try nanoblur that in spite of the fact my face was totally made up, did not stop me from putting this fascinating cream to the test.  So after I read over the directions and informational pamphlet, I anxiously applied the product to specific target areas of my face:  under my eyes, inbetween my two eyebrows, my forehead, and up and around my frown lines.  Then I stood in front of the mirror, waited and watched!  Oh yes, indeed I watched, saw and was amazed!  In less than a minute, and applied over makeup, I literally saw my face being transformed into a better version of myself!  It was as though someone had come and taken a wand and erased the subtle signs of aging that have discreetly started to appear on my skin.
I kid you not, in a nano second, pardon the pun, I saw time being erased from my face.  I was shocked, excited, happy, and wow'd by this product.  And now, after using for well over 2 weeks, it has become a product I cannot live without.
Since the first time I used nanoblur, I have discovered how to work with it to best suit my skin needs.  I mix half of my daily moisturizer with half of the same amount of nanoblur and apply it to my freshly cleansed skin in the morning.  Within a minute my skin looks 100% better!  I have noticed that I am using half the amount of foundation as I used to apply, and some days I don't even need the foundation at all!  This is so incredibly terrific, there are no words to describe the difference one product has made in my life.  My skin looks fabulous, I feel sensational and I feel much more confident going out in public with very little makeup on!
I have tried other products that claim to give my skin similar results but there are two things I have consistently noticed negative about those products.  One, they tighten my skin up so much it hurts, and two you can see the product on my face, it looks like a white film on my skin and when I smile you can see the tightness of it pulling at my skin, yuck!  I promise you, this does NOT happen with nanoblur.  It is undetectable on your skin, and you will not feel it pull or tug at your skin.  It does not change the softness or condition of your skin, it merely makes your skin appear flawless in a natural manner.
I love that nanoblur will work well with any skin care routine that you have going for you.  It is fragrance free and untinted, so even those of you with the most sensitive skin will be able to benefit from using this product.  I have mild rosacea and my skin is really sensitive and I did not experience any negative reactions from the product.  It reduced shine, reduced my redness and enhanced the areas of my face that have the start of fine lines and wrinkles making them seemingly disappear.  It gives my skin that soft airbrushed effect, how wonderful is that?!
So if you have oilyness, large pores, redness, uneven skin tone, crow's feet, frown lines, you know, all those issues that make you feel bummed out about, then you really should give this product a try.  It is a no nonsense solution to helping you look your personal best, in a matter of seconds and you will feel so much more confident about yourself and the way you look.  You can use it on your face, but don't stop there if you want to smooth out and mattify other areas of your body like your neck, hands, and so on.  At $19.99 it is worth every penny!
You can visit the nanoblur website directly by CLICKING HERE to learn more about this revolutionary product, how it works and discover the magic of it.  You will see before and after pictures of women from around the globe who have already experienced the results of what nanoblur can do for them.
This concludes my review.
A very special thank you to the USA nanoblur team for sending me this incredible product to review.
Disclosure: I received a tube of nanoblur from nanoblur for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with nanoblur in any manner. Registered & Protected

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